Supreme Court Rules Businesses Can Refuse Service To LGBTQ Customers

Is this the best Pride Month ever?


“Businesses can refuse to serve same-sex couples if doing so would violate the owners’ religious beliefs, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday.

Why it matters: The court has significantly expanded LGBTQ rights over the past several years, but is now carving out some exceptions. …”


  1. Donald promised that we will win so big that we will be tired of winning.

    Ukraine war is lost and whole Jew World Order is collapsing. NATO is almost demilitarized. EU is near bankruptcy.

    • Again,

      Imagine the ruling if Garland(finkle) had been appointed to SCOTUS.

      Among his many faults, Trump did some good.

      • @Arrian…

        Truer words never said.

        President Obama’s marketing of his judicial appointment of Merrick Garland, ‘as a moderate’, was another in a long line of gigantic canards.

        Credit Senator Mitch McConnell for seeing through that, for he held up that appointment and took all the heat.

        As to President Trump : his judicial appointments are his lasting contribution, and, indeed, the first ray of solid light Americans of European descent have systemically had since before WWII

        I do not want to vote for President Trump again, but, if RFK JR. is not on the ballot, I, and, indeed, my entire family, will show up for him, with bells on.

    • @Juri…

      Yes, The Jew England Yankee World Order is destroying itself, because of their greed to control everything – NOT JUST money and raw materials, but, tradition, world-view, speech, weather, gender, and everything else.

      Their megalomania and arrogance has overwhelmed their formerly extremely savvy and practical judgement.

  2. I admit I’m a pessimist. But could these decisions today simply energize the Left? I don’t think white normies get very excited over how a SCOTUS decision goes.

    • Yes and No, Dear TW.

      Yes, as in it does energize them.

      No, as in they can be more hateful than they already are.

  3. 55 years after would-be Georgia governor Lester Maddox was forced to offer service to Negroes in his restaurant, one great Georgia Negro – Justice Clarence Thomas, leads the Supreme Court to make a ruling that they ought to have been making in the 1950s and 1960s.

    If GOD is anything He IS A PRACTICAL JOKER.

    That said, Justice Thomas understands what his detractors do not – that if you take away a man’s right to free association, you not only do not have America, you have a totalitarian nightmare.

    I support the right of any man to refuse me service, for whatever reason he has, just as I support his right to refuse service to others on any grounds he so chooses.

    I am not entitled to any aspect of another man’s energy, if he does not want to give it.

    No man owes me anything.

    Clarence Thomas for president!

    • “take away a man’s right to free association, you not only do not have America, you have a totalitarian nightmare.”

      a profound truth

      • Thank you, Dear Arrian.

        ‘America’, and everything ‘American’ is struggling for her life.

        Everywhere are ghouls, they, Bloodsucking Orcs, who considers themselves ‘crusaders for light.’

        Nobody is entitled to a single iota of your energy, well-being, mind, body, or aspirations.

        All the best to you and yours!

  4. It’s fine until California finds a way to form such a refusal as a “hate crime”. Mark my words.

  5. The ruling says businesses can refuse to perform services which violate their religious beliefs, and does NOT say businesses can refuse services because the customer is LGBTQ. Ultimately the ruling says nothing at all about the customer, only the service to be performed.

  6. It’s mental health is affected? I’m having another don’t give a shit moment.
    My workplace just had pride flags everywhere for a month, but we weren’t allowed to display or wear our national flag on our national day………a mere day, a few months ago.
    When will the sickness end?

  7. Dylan looks like a perfect wife candidate for Russell Moore or David French- although David, I’m sure, would prefer her(him?) to be black.

  8. I’ve really seen alot of Clarence Thomas worship on this blog, and I hope it’s ironic. But I feel like it’s not.

    While I sympathize with some of Thomas’ views, he has demonstrated before how he is willing to betray the legal principles he espouses when it is of mere symbolic benefit to the negro Georgia Sea Islander slaves from whom he is proud to be descended. See Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

    Now, it’s ironic that the sons of confederate veterans would make use of the doctrine of the incorporation of the bill of rights through the 14th amendment, the most demonic of all amendments. The amendment to end all amendments. The amendment that makes all the rest null and void.

    The SCV did so in order to ask the supreme court to rule in their favor on the basis of the incorporation of the first amendment against the states. That its members had a free speech right to put a confederate flag on their vanity plate the same way some sportsball cuck has the right to support the college team he fapped to during the best part of his life.

    But the basis of Thomas’ ruling is not some arcane originalism, even though Thomas is actually capable of articulating such a doctrine when he wants to. For example, he does not believe in incorporating the establishment clause against the states.

    No. The basis of his opinion revolves around whether a person’s choice of specialty license plate decal is “government speech” or not. And somehow, the government must be said to endorse whatever a person may choose for their vanity plate. Bullshit.

    It’s just naked power. You can’t display symbols that threaten the powers that shouldn’t be. Always has been.

    So originalism is a doctrine that I understand better and have more invested in than Negro Thomas. But it is a doctrine lost to history.

    Clarence Thomas has been faithless in a little, and I presume is capable of being faithless in much.

    • George,

      I agree. It is bizarre that a white nationalist website would support Thomas who is a black man married to a white woman. WN’s are a strange people indeed. Going along with a basic moral decision is one thing but this ridiculous worship of Thomas is another.

      It is rather basic that a business should not support perversion.
      That Thomas and the other judges said so is good but hardly worthy of over praise.

      • @Christina.

        As you once wrote about Putin taking the correct and normal principled opposition the lgbtq agendas as being common sense, but in these current Weimar cultural conditions on steroids, Mr Putin’s resistance to globohomo appears to be the act of a revolutionary maverick.

        • November,

          I am quite glad to hear from you again. If you respond and I do not catch it then remember it is no snub. It is just that I have grown and now have familial responsibilities. No longer can I visit in the USA by always hanging around the swimming pool with friends and siblings or spending loads of time surfing the net-a habit frowned upon in my family.

          I love summer. Barbecue rather goat, pig or beef. Pork seems the sweetest and best tasting with goat next. All opinion of course.

  9. This should be discussed.

    Fortunately, the fake conservative political apparatus that gate keeps the right in the US is also based out of the cities. Its only a matter of time before this kind of rioting happens again here, and they’re all gonna get what they asked for.

    We don’t owe this regime anything. Their exercise of power has been without consent. Times change, power shifts and only the rocks live forever.

    Keep your head down. Balkanization is inevitable.

  10. What could have been done that avoided this whole situation? We should have been a Christian country on paper and I’m talking about making Christianity the official and only belief of the US from day 1. Oh but that never happened because of “Freedom of Religion” aka you don’t have to believe in Jesus. Sad fact of the beginning of this country. Now look at it….the Supreme Court actually ruled on if you can be a business and refuse Homosexuals. None of this would have ever happened if this was a Christian country and we had strong laws against sin. Homosexuality and other sins would have been illegal. ?

  11. HI Hunter,

    I have a blog supporting our French kinsmen ready to go in draft. I think it’s OK. Can you look over? If I don’t hear anything I’ll post for Sunday.

    Thanks Hunter

  12. Mr. Wallace,

    What happened to that beautiful and popular article on the French? I had several comments that were pertinent and now they are gone with the wind.

    • @November…

      Unfortunately, we cannot escape this time in history – and all the lunacy that abounds.

      Every church I have attended in recent years reveals the influence of the last 60 years’ demise.

      Nothing is more ironic, and frustrating, than watching Rural Southern Baptists talk about their frustrations at how The Left is trying to deconstruct people, by, ostensibly, confusing the issue of gender, yet these very same Baptists are clueless as to how they have been racially deconstructed.

      And you cannot tell them anything ,for they any mention of race makes most of them, oh, so very very uncomfortable.

      It’s so bad they, Most Rural Southern Baptists, cannot even identify who they are, unless it is as Walmart Shoppers, KFC eaters, or Carolina Panther’ fans.

      My wife said it best, perhaps 10 years ago – ‘this mess will not be straightened out by us (Baby-Boomers) but by the young ones who did not come up under the hegemonic mass media mind control of ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS.

      • @Ivan,

        I was going to suggest Dr. MacDonald’s magnum opus “Culture of Critique” being left in the pews, but such detailed scholarship of how jews deconstruct their host nations would fall on folks that cannot connect the dots on their own dispossession.

        On the younger generations getting this tech and social monstrosity back on course, well, almost half zoomers polled recently thought it should be a criminal offense to “misgender a transsexual.”

        • @November…

          Thank you for your reply.

          I get your point about how confused many of the 17-30 generation seemed clueless.about some basic points

          That said, it may be a regional thing that, up yonder, you only see Young Clueless Leftists, because down here I see a surprising number of youngsters who are on the Right – many Far Right.

          These Far Right Youngsters are all over the place, down here.

          Generation Z, if that is the right word, is not coming out of the vat like the Millennials..

        • @November…

          And, yes, MacDonald’s writings are far beyond the intellectual ken of many.

          Most Rural Southerners can read, but they only do it at driving tests and the grocery store.

          Most of my fellow Rural Southerners do not suspect that the mind has functions far beyond mere practical things; or that, in the end, practical things, materials, do not make the world, but ideas, particularly ideas held by people.

          It’s really a dreadful state we are currently in – lots of pot-smoking, porn watching – things that tear a person gradually down, instead of engaging in those things which build one up.

    • There is a very small United Methodist church perhaps a mile from my house. About 15 year ago the message on the church’s sign was No Shirt No Shoes No Problem. I swear I’m not joking. This is in Alabama.

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