Sending True French Our Full Support

Unlike most dumb as*, ZOG TV addicted, SEC and NFL (Negro Felon League) Amurikuns – I love all things real French.

I send our full support to the true French during these terrible migrant riots, mass looting.
I love:
Great French cuisine – c’est bon!
French Mediterranean architecture – I love those orange tiled roofs

Thank heaven for not so little French girls

And I salute real French history like – the Germanic tribe Franks (France is named after the Franks) fighting back the Islamic Muslim Moor hordes. The French Franks were led by Charles “the Hammer” Martel. The best of France and French speaking Belgium (Leon Degrelle) fought on the side of their/our German kinsmen the Germans against the twin evils of J Bolshevik Communism and international J and Anglo international debt slavery finance.

Here’s a beautiful French nationalist music break featuring the extremely beautiful French Canadian model and singer Isabelle Boulay. The original song references the (White European) French war against nastiest Arab terrorists in 1950s French Algeria. For the dumb as* Amurkun TV addicts who say “the French never fight” – the reality is French army, and counter terrorists killed close to a million Arab Muslims and yeah, the French used torture and are ready to do so again.

“Non – J’ne Regrette Rien” – Isabelle Boulay link

And here is another beautiful, inspiring patriotic French anthem from pro Europeans in Vichy France

Marachal, nous voila! Link


  1. Just like US, they didn’t vote for the Great Replacement.
    Trying to turn turd worlders into first worlders is the real racism.

    • They voted for that many times. Every last anti immigration politician was voted down last 60 years. Marine Le Pen lost as recently as 2022.

      Immigration is one of the most voted issue in the entire West and every single time anti immigration parties lost. Uncle Donald was also voted out of office with his yuuge Wall and remain in Mexico policy.

    • “Trying to turn turd worlders into first worlders is the real racism.”

      It’s an absurd cover story, to conceal the true design to mongrelize all WHITE nations, as we know.

      Too bad the mass of WHITES are too dull to see it

  2. The situation in The West will not sort itself out, until, that is, we can bring ourselves to think what too many of us currently seem to think is now unthinkable :

    And that is?

    OUR LANDS belong to those of us who are, by blood, linked to centuries of it’s settlement, and that though we will protect the rights of those minorities native to our lands, we will neither agree to be a minority on our lands nor feel the need to import large batches of those alien to us.

    In essence, we need what Viktor Orban refers to as, ‘The Hungarian Migrant Plan’

    However we get there, there will have to be many deportations … starting with those who arranged this attempted replacement, and those who wholeheartedly supported it…

    • “…there will have to be many deportations …”

      They will tell that it’s impossible to this. Never, ever, ever, ever let them get away with that.

      I was told once that we had all these rapeugess and illegal aliens here and so there was no way to get rid of them. Here’s what they said and my reply.

      “…But it’s all over now so you’re feeling blue–but it’s much too late…”

      No it’s not. I hear that,”We can’t do anything about the illegal aliens here or the rapeugees or any of the immigrants that have moved here since 1965 but are public charges and are just fucking the country”, so I decided to do a little math.

      Let’s say we decided to deport all the of the above named.

      Let’s call it 100,000,000 aliens or public charges or rapeugees or whatever we want to get rid of.

      wikipedia,”…747 carries, With a typical three-class configuration, the Boeing 747-400 can hold 416 passengers. With a typical two-class configuration, it can hold 524…”

      Let’s call it 500.
      1,554, 747’s built
      So we only use 1000 keeping in mind there’s a shit load of other planes we could also ship people out on.

      cargo area of a 747
      Cargo 3,900 cu ft (110 m3)
      500 passengers\3,900 cu ft = 0.1282 passengers\cu ft

      We have,
      131 C-5 Galaxies
      We use 100 planes.

      I used the cargo area of a 747 to get passenger capacity if we built some sort of cheap plywood seating to cram people in the same capacity as a 747 in the C-5 cargo bay. C-5 cargo compartment was 17.2 ft (5.24 m) wide by 13.5 feet (4.11 m) high and 100 ft (30.5 m) long with front and rear access doors.
      17.2 x 13.5 x 100 = 23,220 cu ft
      23,220 cu ft x 0.1282 passengers\cu ft = 2,977 passengers

      747, 500 passengers x 1000 planes = 500,000 passengers at one time.
      C5, 2,977 passengers x 100 planes = 297,700 passengers at one time.

      747(500,000) + C5(297,700) = 797,700 alien passengers at one time.

      100,000,000 aliens/ 797,700 passengers at one time = 125 trips to get rid of aliens.

      Say we have two days per trip for each plane then in less than a year we could ship out every single alien, rapeugee or public charge. Copy this and save it somewhere and next time someone says we can’t deport these people. Tell them we can. Cut and paste this in the reply and see what they say. Knowing something is possible is the first step and now we know it is.

      Of course someone will say we can’t afford it but, I have that covered also.

      Ok I looked it up and I figured 100 million aliens deported at $2000 a piece, could probably be less, would cost us $200 billion and could be done in less than one year. It would be a godsend to the US airlines and I bet they would give us much cheaper rates as they could pack them in and be assured of full planes lowering cost to the very least. I see links that say this $200 billion is exactly what the total cost of illegal immigration alone cost us every year. It’s much more because this is only the money put out in taxes. The cost in wage losses for Americans is high as hell. Even if you dispute this number we have solid numbers for public schools cost, $59.8 billion to educate the children of illegal immigrants so the whole thing would be paid for in 4 years. Also I’m figuring the very worst at 100 million deported. Assuming we attempt to get these cost from the aliens and deportees by confiscation many of them, maybe most, would self deport and not cost us anything.

      It confounds me why everyone believes that all the problems we have are completely unsolvable and when I look at what we are spending on a lot of theseproblems, with no direction and no result it seems I always find if we use a clear direction and cost it out it’s always cheaper to meet the problem head on with a single minded direction and scope.

    • “Gonna all be lead by a Jew messiah,”

      That’s the kosher plan, it’s always been the goal.

        • Not at all. You’ve been believing the “Left Behind” American “Evangelicalism” is valid religion. It is not- it actually is rank heresy. It is utterly something other- for understanding Jesus, the Church, Heaven, and the Kingdom of God.

    • @GGMG
      Zelensky will be murdered the minute he either doesn’t cooperate or knows too much or when the kikes are done using him
      Even though he’s a joo himself, they will get rid of him.
      Obviously the guy won’t be alive in 10 years.
      We all know this.
      Someone on Twitter, or somewhere in the social media world ,just made a funny 10 minute mashup video of how he’s always snorting and playing with his nose obviously all coked out of his mind
      I guess you’d be on drugs too if you knew the evil you were forcing on the world and how, inevitably, you are going to be slaughtered by the (((machine))) after being its useful tool to destroy whites.

      Are kikes even human?

      I am under the impression that Ephesians 6:12 applies to most of this…

      I mean what human logic dictates that powerful people ,say like the Rothschild family ,would make a plan to enslave humans or profit via some dishonesty or some social agenda in 300 or 400 years?

      What human has a 400 year foresight into the way it manipulates the world for power and or profit ???

  3. A few years ago 150,000-1,000,000 Frenchmen demonstrated against homosexuality. I can not imagine that many people in the United States or Mexico emulating them. In most ways the French are not that bad—and yes French food is very tasty including their pastries which are sweet. Mexican pastries are in general not sweet.

    The variance in the amount of the demonstrators was because the French police probably on orders from the establishment downplayed the numbers.

  4. You’re right about the French being unfairly blamed for cowardice. There were exceptions of course but the truth is that nobody fared very well against the Germans until they were overwhelmed by superior numbers. The Soviets could trade huge casualties and loss of land until the Wehrmacht and luftwaffe were bled white and the Brits had the English Channel, but the French didn’t have these options. And the French fought bravely in viet Nam.

      • @Arrian…

        Good point, Dear Arrian, if you mean by ‘Germans’, the Prussians under Blucher.

        On the other hand, most of the other German municipalities and states were aligned with Napoleon, who, when he invaded Russia in 1812, had a fully European army with a French core.

        The French did not have good military leadership in the 20th century, and, resultantly, people had discounted the value of the French fighting man, but, one thing is sure – The French Redneck is as tough a fighter as any and better than most.

        • Ans so are the Anglo-Saxon’s … but have most their way following a jewish messiah thinking he is god to their destruction!

          • Christ is not a “Jewish” messiah, as you so lustingly wish to believe.
            That is, if by ‘Jewish’ you mean today’s imposters, the Talmudics…..

            Actually Jesus is the antithesis to their satanic race and creed.
            That’s why they crucified Him.

            “… the passage [in Gospel of Matthew] suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account … (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

            “Fundamentally, Judaism is anti-Christian!”
            – The London Jewish World, 1923 (Issue 337)

            Saint John Chrysostom said it best:

            “Are they not inveterate murderers, destroyers, men possessed by the devil? Jew are impure and impious, and their synagogue is a house of prostitution a lair of beasts, a place of shame and ridicule, the domicile of the devil, as is the SOUL OF THE JEW. As a matter of fact, Jews worship the Devil, their rites are criminal and unchaste; their religion a disease; their synagogue an assembly of cross a den of thieves, a cavern of devils, and abyss of perdition!”

  5. Thank you from France for your kind words.
    I’ve given up trying to explain the real situation on all the English-speaking websites because they know better.

    The truth is that racially conscious people like me who don’t want to live and socialize with Afro-Maghrebis continue to have a peaceful life . It’s the leftists who live next door to them as they found it enriching who suffer. Très bien !
    In Marseille, ALL the shops have been burnt down, all of which belonging to the Jews who imported these savages, and we’re having a good laugh.

    Take care. Continue the good work.

    Bons baisers de France

    • @ Lady Strange:

      The French were warned FIFTY YEARS ago by Jean Raspail, in The Camp of the Saints.
      The only difference between that novel, and today’s reality is that it didn’t happen at once.

      Sad that you keep on electing open border globalists to lead you.
      But the same is true here in America. (Sigh).

    • “Unlike most dumb as*, ZOG TV addicted,….”

      One major thing we’ve never been taught, is the amazing contributions the French have made in science and math.
      All that will vanish as they mongrelize.

    • The same France that outlawed the residency of blacks in 1739, then totally outlawed even the temporary entry of blacks in 1769.

      Our ancestors were far wiser.

    • “continue to have a peaceful life ”

      For how long ?

      Marseille, the city with over 1200 gated communities. Must be fun, living as a prisoner in your own nation……and paying for it.

      Racism is just too vital a concept for the average mind to grasp. Like oxygen, not noticed until it’s absent.

      • @Arrian…

        “Marseille, the city with over 1200 gated communities. Must be fun, living as a prisoner in your own nation……and paying for it.”


        Is that our future here?

        • Ivan,

          I do not believe that is your future. Americans are starting to get a backbone. Also most of your invaders are latins of various kinds. We in general do not hate you as the Infidel does.

          Also, I am mostly in agreement with your situation.

          As an aside I asked the officers in my family and relatives and they said there was something called the French Foreign Legion that is well trained and quite good in combat. My brother told me to watch a movie called Beau Geste with Gary Cooper. It was really good.

          We have a high proportion of military officers and policemen in our family since such institutions have proportionally more power among Mexicans than among the Anglo.

          In short I seem to be more optimistic about the Anglo than many of you.

          • Thank you, Dear Cristina, for your kind and, as always, thoughtful response.

            Yes, there seems to be a stirring across the land, though, if that actually translates into some sort of consistent political policy is unclear to me, because Americans do not hold the reins of power, or, more accurately put, those Americans who do, seem mostly inclined to implement the policies in line with the Word Economic Forum/Bilderburg Group.

            It will take more, much more, than voting and boycotting products, to get a handle on that situation, something which I am absolutely sure most of my fellow citizens do not realize.

            Most of them are angry and very very dissatisfied, but, just think if they can get Trump in for another 4 years, things will sort themselves out.

            I regard this point of view as optimistic to the point of being some sort of New Age science fiction.

            As to Latins, no, they certainly do not hate us, or anyone else, for that matter.
            I have had too many dealings with Latins, in their own language, to think of them as folks filled full of spite.

            That said, the situation of the Jew England Yankee United States’ Corporate government ruining, and keeping ruined, Latin countries, and then having tens of millions of them wish to be here is completely untenable.

            I think I speak for tens of millions of Americans when I say :that a small Latin minority is fine, but, it must remain that.

            I bridle when I see signs in Spanish all over my state, for, in essence, this means that, out of a blighted sense of kindness, our authorities are basically turning over our Anglo-American sovereignty to them. not to mention all the African Arabs we are seeing now.

            Yes, Beau Geste is a fine film, if not a difficult one to watch, or, at least, that is my childhood memory of it.

            Yes, you are more optimistic than most of us, about our prospects, because, though you are exceedingly bright and well-informed, you have not seen how weak we have become, as a people.

            Each generation of us has been more spoiled, more weak, more mentally addled, more selfish, and more distracted and impatient.

            If the those in charge ever make the mistake of putting our our forces against those of Russia, the full measure of our weakness will come home to us.

            Also, we have no appreciable manufacturing, it having been shipped out by the WEF.

            Just watching them try to overthrow Russia, in the Ukraine, while not having more than a 1/10 of the shells that do the Russian artillery, is chilling, indeed.

            Even our authorities, so long accustomed to achieving things with a pen or a credit card, seem little able to undeestand that this world is built out of powerful men and women, those willing to forcefully act to protect their families, communities, and countries.

            It is not built out of a generation of those so psychoptropically and pornographically riddled that their only remedy seems to be hacking themselves up to be something they can never be – another gender.

  6. I have always admired the French (and this coming from an American of German descent). Of course, there’s their cuisine but in all things, French culture displays good taste and class. I’ve been to Paris twice and was always treated nicely even though I don’t speak a word of French – totally contrary to the “common knowledge” that tourists were treated poorly. That was over 30 years ago and all the people I ran into, including on the subway, were true Frenchmen, not third world Moslem hordes at that time.

    The animosity between the French and Germans always saddened me. Hitler made a mistake in trying to cozy up to the English and should have worked harder trying to bury the hatchet with the French. The judaized English elite were always good for stirring up trouble on the continent and pitting one nation against another. It may well be the French who will have to save Europe as the Germans are too cucked and under the American heel while the Hungarian nation is too small.

    • @Casper…

      Yes, indeed, the French have an amazing culture. Why, the lute music of Charles Mouton or the viola da gamba music of Sainte Colombe are justifications enough for their culture, and that’s before we get to fashion, painting, gastronomie, landscape, architecture, et al…

      The French are having to deal with something that only one Western Gentile nation has found a way to deal with – prearranged peace-time invasions.

      As to the Hungarians, they are fortunate to have Orban, at this time, because, if they Peter-Marki Zay Ferencs Gurcseny, Katalin Cseh, Anna Donath, or Clara Dobrev (all those who have tried, and continue to to try, to put Orban to pasture, they, A Magyarorszag,, would be overrun, too.

  7. The French government doesn’t take official statistics on demographics. It’s banned. Not only is this being dishonest with the French people, whose country this belongs to, but it also means they have no idea who is in their country, or what the resulting impacts will be.
    Most actual French likely voted for Le Pen, but because the immigrant segment is so large, their vote, along with the leftwing French vote is larger than the right-wing French vote. Without the migrant vote, the right would easily win, but WITH the immigrant vote, they’re outvoted. This is exactly how the left wants it to play out.
    We can blame the French for voting for Macron, but what percentage of real French actually did that?
    By the way, the lady at the top is a stunner!

  8. Leon Degrelle is one of my heroes,thanks for mentioning him.Also Julius Caesar murdered around a million of the Germanic Franks or we would have tens of millions or more Germanic peoples than we do now.To me many French look exactly like the Romans of that time and the current Italians look like North Africa(not counting the Germanic Tyrol stolen from Austrian which is small in number but provides 90 percent of the Italian GDP).Notice the short Frenchmen with the noses like Macron,thats what the Romans looked like and the Franks were very tall with blonde hair and blue or green eyes.As we get farther from Eden our precious race is destroyed and degraded but this proves our home is not this Earth.God bless you and your family and all here in good faith.

    • The Franks didn’t even exist at the time of Julius caesar, you imbecile
      No wonder even your elites despise you and prefer to serve.the Jew. What a bunch of moronic losers

      Ane let a space after punctuation, Dwayne

    • what a fucking moron,,,… your so called jew messiah/lord/god/ and so called savior (of what I’ll as you ignoramus (ie, means lack of knowledge) what’s exactly that you “just only believe” that bullshit—->

      “our precious race is destroyed and degraded but this proves our home is not this Earth”

      idiotsaboundamongmybrainwashedkinfolk you too “Brad” you fucking propagandist liar!!

  9. The jews genocide program against whites, called “immigration” is almost complete.
    Even if ALL immigration to most western countries (not nations anymore by standard definition) stops today, whites will still inevitably become minorities.

    Many reasons for this , but the sheer number of nonwhites is the most damning.

    Feminism doesn’t help.

    I just read an article on a pretty trusted website that claims that 67-75% of men ages 16-49 in America are “sexless” ….

    Even a larger % of them are ‘unhappy’ or addicted to something….even if its “just porn”..
    These disgusting subhuman blood thirsty child raping spawns of satan kikes have sure done a number on the white race…

    Oh yeah, and overpopulation is a BS lie…

    The only places in the entire world where population is increasing is in 3rd world hellholes where they cant even feed themselves or maintain the 1st world technology that was handed to them by “evil” whites.

    Where does everyone think the estimated extra 1 billion africans that are going to be born in the next 20 years will go?

    They most certainly wont be expected to stay in their failed nations.
    That would be racist.

  10. What’s so petty and absurd about the German/French problem is its roots in the competing ambitions of the Grandsons of Charlemagne, the three sons of Louis the Pious.

    At the treaty of Verdun they divided the empire of Charlemagne into three and of course the middle part got swallowed up by the other brothers/their descendants.

    So the middle part that Lothar got in 843 is some of the same territory contested over and over between the Germans and French. And it plays a part in WWII, but certainly not something I would emphasize as the main cause. But an irritant nonetheless.

    Aren’t brother wars the most irritating? When you go back far enough, the Ukrainians and Rus are indistinguishable, just like the Franks and Germans. The Hebrews of the OT found their ethnic cousins to be beneath contempt. I attribute it to the narcissism of small differences.

    The lesson is that we must not be divided in the presence of our enemies. Even the greatest of the Carolingians succumbed to this narcissism, but were in spite of it able to defeat the African barbarians.

    We possess no such leaders in power today, but we have plenty of narcissistic posing while “Rome” is burning.

  11. Let’s inform the hillbilly luminaries around here that France moved huge numbers of Magreb and sub-Saharan roops at the end of the WW2 that ravaged and mass raped german civilian women and even german men in the French Occupation Zone (Baden Wattenberg and Saarlannd) in 1945-49.

  12. Hola, I am from Mexico but I fully support the right for white people to preserve their own lands and culture.

  13. Ivan,

    I agree with you of course that illegal immigrants/invasions are immoral. Mass legal immigration is the same just with official government complicity.

    Both political parties wish your destruction for they are controlled by the same internationalists. Get rid of the United Nations and quit meddling in the affairs of other countries!. The world is not an American planet. You have enough to do with your own problems.

    By the way I always cringe when I see Trump with the communist clenched fist raised in defiance. The IQ or at least the wisdom quotient of most conservatives must be very low.

    At the last two schools I have attended all of this is analyzed in detail in history/religious classes. We do more than memorize dates. We are also taught to be young ladies of distinction. To be future wives of the best.

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