Freedom Conservatism: A Statement of Principles

I should be in better spirits.

For nearly two decades, these people represented “mainstream conservatism” and we were the outsiders and insurgents. Conservative liberalism was the hegemonic ideology of the Right. Today, this stuff just sounds quaint. No one cares about these people or their principles.

Freedom Conservatism:

“On September 11, 1960, a group of young conservatives gathered in the home of William F. Buckley, Jr., in Sharon, Connecticut. For decades, the timeless ideals embodied in the document they produced animated the American conservative movement.

Today’s public policy challenges are different than the ones faced by the Sharon Statement signatories in 1960. Authoritarianism is on the rise both at home and abroad. More and more people on the left and right reject the distinctive creed that made America great: that individual liberty is essential to the moral and physical strength of the nation.

In order to ensure that America’s best days are ahead, we affirm the following principles:

Liberty. Among Americans’ most fundamental rights is the right to be free from the restrictions of arbitrary force: a right that, in turn, derives from the inseparability of free will from what it means to be human. Liberty is indivisible, and political freedom cannot long exist without economic freedom.

The pursuit of happiness. Most individuals are happiest in loving families, and within stable and prosperous communities in which parents are free to engage in meaningful work, and to raise and educate their children according to their values.

The foundation of prosperity. The free enterprise system is the foundation of prosperity. Americans can only prosper in an economy in which they can afford the basics of everyday life: food, shelter, health care, and energy. A corrosive combination of government intervention and private cronyism is making these basics unaffordable to many Americans. We commit to reducing the cost of living through competitive markets, greater individual choice, and free trade with free people, while upholding the rule of law, freedom of contract, and freedom of association. … ”

What good are your “principles” when the current president can simply have his political opponents arrested like in any Third World country?


  1. The problem is exactly this….15-20 years ago there were still a Little bit of liberty, then the global system took Power and started to arrest and censored everyone who disagreed with It. This job was done so well that not only the opponents be arrested but some of them be brainwashed (i refer to the “formers” or traitor or bipolare as you want to call them) and passed on the other side. First years ago you didn’t have all these brainwashed former and second, if you notice, no One on the left or at least very few of them change their beliefs or apolgize for their radicalism and madness…..Why?? because they don’t care to be radical or far or woke, they are without shame and we have to start to stop apologize for our “hate” or because we are radical on our ideas
    Leftists Will never apologize for their hatred toward their enemies ( How many people are former left-wing extremists?? Probably 1 or 2). Fight Is harder but necessary to world a true democracy and not liberal woke “democracy”.

  2. Lol the “principles” of turning America into a bland Economic Zone, giving taxes breaks to Globalist billionaires who’s despite there pandering turn around and support communists, turning nearly every major America city into Detroit ? Caring more about Blacks and Jews then there voters plus blood for that disgusting litter box in the Middle East ???????? ??

  3. It’s all so anticlimactic. I remember when it was edgy to complain about legal immigration. Now it’s mainstream to talk about the JQ and we’re literally living in Weimar era conditions. It should be exciting watching the death of America but after all this time I think those dopamine receptors are burnt out.

  4. We were living in cultural Weimar in the the 60’s. You youngsters thought it all cropped with Obama.

    • @TW…

      Very good point!

      You might even say that Weimar came here in the 1920s, but, if not then, certainly in the 1960s.

  5. “Conservatives” start by opposing the Anti-White left but always capitulate to them in the end.

    “Conservatives” conserve nothing. “Conservatives” are Anti-White controlled opposition.

  6. The conservatives always seem to be more interested in looking and sounding respectable than in winning politically. The left does anything they can to win, they don’t care who or what they hurt, the right never gives them back the kind of crap they dish out. It’s been a problem as long as I can remember.

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