Axios: Donald Trump Is a Target In 1/6 Probe, Expects To Be Arrested Again

2023 has simultaneously been the most boring year and the most exciting year for me since I started this website. The former president and the leading candidate for the Republican nomination is about to be indicted and arrested by his rival for the third time in less than six months. And yet, I am so bored with the news cycle and so tired of Trump that I can’t be bothered to comment on it!


“Former President Trump said Tuesday that he received a letter from special counsel Jack Smith informing him that he is a target in the grand jury investigation into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Why it matters: Trump’s remarks on Truth Social indicate that an indictment could be forthcoming.

Driving the news: Trump wrote on Truth Social on Tuesday that he received a letter from Smith on Sunday night “stating that I am a target of the January 6th grand jury investigation, and giving me a very short 4 days to report to the grand jury, which almost always means an arrest and indictment.” …”

Does anyone else feel this way?

Objectively, events are moving at a faster pace than ever. If there is ever going to be a crack up of the system, we are closer to that point than ever before. Emotionally though, I am just not there. The news feels repetitive and like a slog and does not hold my attention.

Note: We really haven’t seen this before. Trump isn’t running for reelection with the same mindset he had in 2020. The stakes are much higher. He is facing several lifetimes in prison.


  1. “Donald Trump Is a Target In 1/6 Probe, Expects To Be Arrested Again”

    Yes, and recently those who govern Germany have proposed a parliamentary measure entitled, ‘Verfassungsschutz’, or, in English, ‘Constitution Defence’.

    They who govern Germany, say that this measure is necessary in order to ‘protect Democracy..

    Sounds good, right?

    What it actually means is that they who govern Germany are going to ban the only viable German Nationalist Party – the AFD, or ‘The Alternative For Germany’, or, if you will, the political coalition of conventional Conservatives and the Far Right.

    The reason that the German Government wants to ban the AFD, ‘to protect Democracy,’ is because the AFD is beginning to reach such popularity that it threatens to become the most popular party in Germany.

    Recently Robert Sesselmann, an AFD candidate, won the prestigious Landrat position (district administrator) in the Sonnenberg area of the German state of Thuringia.

    He did this in spite of the fact that all other parties joined against him, just as all other parties in Hungary united to try to stop Viktor Orban.

    Sesselmann won by nearly 10 points, in spite of it all, and, as such, he is the first AFD to win such a prominent local position.

    Those who govern Germany for the benefit of all but Germans know, Sesselmann will not be the last.

    Middle-aged professional German women, who love a country run for the benefit of those who cannot be politely named, since May 7 1945, are wringing their hands in agony, whilst crying, ‘The Nazis have returned. ‘They must be stopped!!!’.

    ‘Not so fast!!!’ say the German Rural and Smalltown men, particularly in Eastern Germany. ‘We will not give away our nation without a fight.’

    And so it goes – those in power in The West, desperate to cling on to their slipping power, resort to a boldly overt lawfare, in the name of Democracy, to preserve their ill-gotten gains.

    Will it work?

    Maybe for a few months or years, here and there, but, on the whole, no.

    No, unlawful and dishonest lawfare is only accelerating their fall.

    • Well yes, the American system is all fake. The mid 20th century civics class Mr. Smith Goes to Washington type crap is all a lie. You only have a choice of which frontman actors our oligarchs put forward as approved choices for you, exact same thing as in Iran where only the mullah approved candidates can run. Well in the West only those approved by the NYC WEF globalist oligarchs are allowed to run.

      And may I ask since when is that 2020 election off limits to question? We all saw it, virtually everyone had finished counting other than the ghetto slugs. Why? Then all of a sudden in the middle of the night things went dark in all these black ghettos across the United States and then in the morning they suddenly reported a different outcome than what had appeared before they pulled down the curtain. Then we were told by our Ellis Island Media Oligarchs to “don’t believe your lying eyes” about what we just saw! Really? Trust blacks who steal non stop from our big box stores, our neighborhoods, crime everywhere and they wouldn’t steal an election too? Not to mention blacks have no business having any input in the political process in our country as they exist as little more than our children, wards of the state, and you don’t let your kindergartener walk into the bank and make financial decisions for your household.

      But I really hope in 500 years that whatever political system exists then isn’t “one man one vote” because this seriously saps the desire for change since people falsely believe they have the power to change the course of the ship headed for the iceberg. When the oligarchs pull the wool over their eyes it’s just wait four more years like some loser meatball fan of some decrepit cellar dwelling sports team, calling in the local AM sports talk with the “wait for next year” crap. Nope, Xi is right, the American political-social system is a recipe for failure, not long term survival. With Kings sometimes you get a good one and sometimes you get a bad one. With this crap we’ve got you get nothing but psychopaths rising to the top out to gorge themselves as much as they can for just four years. No long term vision. And that assumes you get psychopaths of your own people, what kind of a country lets foreigners walk off the boat, buy up their media, own all their banks, take over their schools, and then proceed to demoralize them and take over the reins of political power? America failed just like Rome, much quicker too. Another failed experiment for the dustbin of history.

      • @Night Owl…

        Thank you for your response.

        Yes, I, and, indeed, many tens of millions are feeling precisely the way you do.

        Not just here, however, as my comment attempts to assert, but, all over The West.

        One of the most interesting things, in watching the German news, is how The German Establishment encourages West Germans to think that East Germans are merely totalitarian submissives, because they were traumatized by having had to live first under Adolf Hitler, and then Ernst Honecker of the DDR.

        However, this is a distortion, as one well-watched German bloggist to whom I just listened stated.

        His analysis? …

        …That those citizens of the current German states of the former East German Republik (Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Brandenburg, Sachen-Anhalt, and Berlin) are NOT suffering from Totalitarian PTSD, nor are they desiring to be back in a place where the STASI are watching them day and night, but, rather, are desiring to be in a Republik that makes an honest attempt to maintain stability, with firm borders, and an economic policy for blood Germans – as opposed to living in a ‘Democratic Germany’ that calls anyone a German who they happen to ship in, to please the Internationalist Cabal over us all.

        This German Bloggist furthers goes on to state : ‘So, the erstwhile East Germans are NOT lacking in mental or psychic wherewithal, BUT, to the contrary, have a richer socio-political experience from which to judge.

        Having lived in the former communist East Germany, East Germans seem to have an ability to recognize balderdash for what it is, UNLIKE too many professional urbane West German women, who, though extremely educated and bright, cannot fathom how they are being played.

        As to ‘1 man 1 vote’, it is quite clear that it is completely untenable, if only one watches how the Blue States are currently importing foreigners to outvote us all – and, more and more, overtly moving towards issuing them voting and driving cards.

        But this is what the power elite inevitably do, unless they are faced with draconian circumstances, something most Modern Westerners seem unable to any more do.

  2. The game plan of Those Who Rule is coming into focus. As Michael Anton of the Flight 93 Election fame has wrote, Trump’s enemies will not allow him to become President again. Presumably, they expect him to effectively use his preexisting constitutional and statutory authority to quash their plans for the reinstitution of feudal slavery via the Great Reset and digital currency. I doubt he would be any more able to accomplish this feat the second time through, as his age and lack of focus beyond revenge renders the desire outside his capacity.

    Nonetheless, it is clear now that the myriad legal cases being brought to bear on the God Emperor are meant to trigger Republican party officials in each state to deny Trump access to Republican primary ballots, on the pretense he either will be a convicted felon or a constitutionally-barred insurrectionist. This would allow the selection of Meatball Ron DeSantis as the Republican presidential candidate by said primary voters, as a second best from their perspective.
    At that point, Democrats would face a charisma challenged sitting duck Republican candidate, much like Michael Dukasis was for the Democrats in 1988: a guy who could win as a competent technocrat for a particular vision in a one-party state, but who cannot win over voters outside that state’s ideological cocoon. Combine that with the Steal, as needed in some states, and checkmate.

    Additionally, Trump’s foes know he can be manipulated like a charging bull. The Establishment media, including Fox, will goad him into a pyrrhic third party run, in order to further assure that the Republican candidate loses enough votes in the swing states to reduce the level of fraud needed to secure victory in those jurisdictions, to make it easier for Joe and Jane Normie to comfort themselves that Democracy Works.

    Voila, Our Democracy will have spoken clearly and decisively. Then Joe resigns, Kamala is kicked to the curb, and Gavin takes over presiding over the final looting of the carcass that is American In Name Only, AINO to us in the know. Anyone doubt me?

    • You previously said that lockdowns would be re-instated in January 2023, so yes, we do doubt you.

      • Waiting for a reply, Mr. It’s The Jew’s!!! person. In what specific way is my analysis of the Get Trump machinations incorrect? Let’s hear your contribution to our enlightenment.

    • I’m not sure this has anything to do with them trying to stop him from becoming president again in ’24. The nation now has a majority of bad people, dumb females, blacks, US born kids of legal age from all these 3rd worlders who showed up over the last 30 years. Trump wouldn’t win. That razor thin edge of old people who put him over the top in 2016 have died off. Then there was the white, middle class exodus from those rust belt swing states to the sunbelt since 2020, and the black ghettos have become full on election crime syndicate machines to assure that even with the same 2016 electorate, that result could never occur again. I think the persecution would take place regardless, the jews are really furious at Trump for trying to represent Heritage America’s interests and want to punish him as both example and revenge. These devils have total control of our country and the more people who wise up to this the better. All that “how a bill become law” and “this is your country” patriotard crap from the 20th century is all moot and passe, America is fake, the globalist NYC-DC deep state runs the show just as effectively as the Mullahs run Iran.

      • All good and true points, Nightowl. Perhaps there is a split between factions within the Regime as to resolution of the Trump problem. Some irrationally fear his message will trigger lightbulbs going off in Joe & Jane Normie’s heads, leading a second civil war the powerful are not sure they can win. Others may see him as the more beatable candidate, with less need to expose the Steal, for the reasons you outline.

        In any conspiracy, there are people with diverse genetics and life experiences, leading to differing goals and means for achieving the ends sought. But as Peter Turchin, Neil Howe, J. R. Chloupek, and our OD host agree, the Final Solution is fast approaching. The aftermath of the 2024 election will likely lead to the last battle between alternative ways of living. Be prepared.

  3. The precedents being set here, the corruption in plain view, all of it is toothpaste they will never be able to put back in the tube.

    Those of you frustrated with the current state of affairs and our seeming helplessness to change whats going on need to hammer it into your thick heads. No civilization lasts forever, and there is never any going back to the good old days. Apply your efforts to understanding how to move FORWARD, and stop worrying about what is going on now.

    What comes next, once this viscious cycle rips this country into smaller pieces again? This is balkanization, and it is the destiny of every empire. Their hubris and desperation guarantees it.

    Our responsibility to our children is to plan for the future, not to inflict impossible expectations on ourselves to deal with a mess we didn’t make. What and how can we make something from the wreckage of the current system? What small part can each of us play in that?

    Let them crucify Trump. He was a terrible president. He will be a much better martyr.

  4. Yes, Brad, I feel the same way you do. A lot of theater but what will come of it? Basically, things will continue until they cannot. When they cannot is difficult to predict. Similar to the predictions of another Great Depression (see ZeroHedge for plenty of those types of articles). I recall articles and books along the lines of “The Next Great Depression of 197X” (or 198X). That was almost 50 years ago and while there have been ups and downs, the debt system continues.

  5. Yes I am burned out! I just want Russia to kick ass and NATO to self-destruct. I suspect Trump will be in prison by the tine the election rolls around. Will red states do something or just bitch as always?

    • Quelle suprise!! As noted above: Let them crucify Trump. He was a terrible president. He will be a much better martyr.

      Amen to that. Burn the bitch down.

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