End Times


I’m bored.

It feels like nothing much is happening except the unbearable, suffocating, enervating heat wave here in the South. I can’t be bothered to do much of anything after working outside in it.

I look around at the political and cultural landscape … and I am unimpressed. It feels like we are just meandering through another calm summer. Sure, there are separate fires everywhere and smoke everywhere and we seem to be sitting on top of a smoldering volcano, but it hasn’t exploded yet. We aren’t engulfed by fire yet. It is still possible to tune out and enjoy the last few months of normalcy. If Neil Howe and Peter Turchin are correct in the forecasts, that’s really what we should be doing.

Why now?

Let us count the ways:

  • If past is prologue, then we are due for a major upheaval, which tends to happen roughly every 75-80 years in American history, which is the span of time between the American Revolution and the War Between the States and the Great Depression and World War II
  • The sheer radicalism of the social atmosphere and the paranoia and the deep distrust of government has reached a level only seen in the 1760s/1770s, the 1850s and the 1930s. Sure, nothing as spectacular has happened as the riots of the late 1960s and the bombings of the 1970s or the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 or the Red Scare under Woodrow Wilson or all the labor violence of the 1880s, but all that happened under a government which was perceived as legitimate
  • As bad as the riots, bombings and assassinations got in the late 1960s / early 1970s, the voters were still World War II veterans. The media was powerful enough to bring down Richard Nixon. The government was trusted in a way which just isn’t true anymore.
  • It can’t be stressed enough that the Greatest Generation is dead now and the Silent Generation has nearly died off and their moderating effect on our politics is disappearing. No one alive today has experienced a major war which makes such a thing far more likely to happen.
  • The people around Joe Biden who are running his administration are reckless and playing with fire both at home and abroad. Whether it is the war in Ukraine or arresting Donald Trump, the people in charge are taking stability for granted.
  • War is cyclical. We are due for a major war, not a sideshow like the War on Terror. The people in charge of the Biden administration have already started a war.
  • The lack of trust in institutions. As recently as 2005, most people trusted the government. Even the media and universities were considerably more trusted in 2015. Trust in institutions has collapsed and is simply vanishing among large swathes of the population.
  • The country is more polarized than at any point since the War Between the States. The states and the political parties are sorting over their irreconcilable differences. Millions of people are open to secession. Most expect to see a Civil War in their lifetimes. The public has begun to accept this. Once again, this is a far cry from any other point in the postwar era whether it was the 1970s or the 1990s or the 2010s. It is no longer unimaginable.
  • How late is it? We’re at the point where huge swathes of the population are losing confidence in 1.) the military, 2.) federal law enforcement, 3.) the judicial system and 4.) elections
  • Donald Trump is about to be arrested and indicted for a third time over 1/6. There is no precedent for this. The country has never had to confront a situation where the incumbent president is trying to take out his leading political opponent.
  • The invasion of Ukraine reflects Russia’s bullish assessment of our internal politics. Foreign adversaries have made big moves like this before like when France under Napoleon III occupied Mexico or like when Germany and Japan made big moves before World War II.
  • America’s deteriorating fiscal situation with the mounting national debt and de-dollarization led by foreign adversaries.
  • Popular immiseration is getting worse especially among Millennials and Zoomers who are embracing radical politics.
  • A surplus of frustrated elites which is only going to get worse after the recent Supreme Court decisions on affirmative action and student loan debt relief
  • The telltale signs of social instability – riots, mass shootings, other bizarre acts of violence like 1/6 – which precede major happenings. Congress itself was stormed by normies
  • The sheer number of people who have been radicalized under Joe Biden. The Great Replacement has now gone mainstream. Normally, radicals are overwhelmingly outnumbered by moderates and this was true through the entire Trump administration. Trump’s victory in 2016 was a major breakthrough, but our numbers were still low. The number of radicals in a population has to hit a critical mass for the system to destabilize.
  • Donald Trump himself has been radicalized. Again, this wasn’t true in 2016 or 2020. He ran on tax cuts and the Platinum Plan. He was content to be in office. He squandered his presidency. He didn’t take the vindictiveness of his enemies seriously enough.
  • If you buy into Neil Howe’s theory of generational change and personality types, the stars are aligned now with the Greatest Generation and Silent Generation in their graves and with reckless Boomers in charge

There are a lot of other reasons that escape me at the moment.

Basically, the population has never been this primed for a major war or upheaval at any point in my lifetime or my father’s lifetime. The people in charge are taking social stability for granted. They can’t imagine how bad things can get and how fast because no one in power today has any experience or memory of that. For a variety of reasons, the timing just wasn’t ripe in the 2000s or the 2010s.

It is only a matter of time before one of these idiots – I am betting it is a woman – sets in motion a chain of events with unintended and unforseen consequences and lights the spark and unlike last summer with the Ricky Shiffer meltdown and attack on the FBI it sets off a conflagration. It could happen either here around the election or abroad with the war in Ukraine.
Both scenarios are in the cards.

Note: I’m more impressed with Peter Turchin’s model than Neil Howe’s more mystical theory of generational change. Maybe both are just capitalizing on the current mood. I think the two are definitely on to something though. It just seems like we are building up to a climax. There is going to be a confrontation and one side or the other is going to win out.


  1. It is a calm summer because this is not an election year. Since Obama was elected the USA experiences race riots starting in May of every election year. The Dem base is too stupid and lazy to get off their welfare dependent asses and vote unless worked into an Anti White frenzy. Wait 10 months. The burning and looting will resume while the police stand by and protect the rioters and looters who are the Democrat’s private army.

    • I have a feeling this is going to be the last calm summer for a while. I am trying my best to enjoy it.

  2. So the Silent Generation was c.1935-1945, the generation that gave us Jack Nicholson, Frank Zappa and Jane Fonda?

    Before we become too excited at the prospect of imminent imperial collapse let us remember that the Western Empire continued to exist for decades after Rome was conquered by the Vandals in 455.

    • “unbearable, suffocating, enervating heat wave here in the South.”

      Is that new ?

      Southern heatwave in July, next the oceans will turn wet.

        • You Southern folk are made of tougher stuff. I like to move around without being drenched in sweat.

          • @Arrian…

            If you think we’re tough, down here, you have not seen us scream and cry, this as we jump in our car and go wipe out the bread and milk supplies at the local grocery store, just because the weather forecaster told us that snow flurries might drop 3-4 inches on us!

  3. I wonder if the breaking point is when enough normies decide maintaining civilization just isn’t worth it. We have to be close. The parasites are constantly rewarded for bad behavior while heritage Americans are punished mercilessly for the smallest infractions. Who wants that to continue? And reform seems impossible. Those seem like the ingredients for a lot of chaos.

  4. My formative years were in the aftermath of the berlin wall, Waco and the embarrassment of the Clinton years.

    I grew up feeling like the other shoe was about to drop, any minute. Its 20 years later and with all thats happened since, I’ve been humbled by my own inability to accurately prognosticate the direction of macro social events.

    Empires fail inevitably, but on a long timeline. All that you say could have happened at any number of points in the last ten years, especially the Covid thing, and haven’t.

    Never underestimate the sheer force of societal momentum to hold stuff together. If enough people just live oblivious with the expectation of stability, it manifests.

    It will take time, or something massive to change the arc of that natural progression toward balkanization.

    I’m content to know the fuse is lit, and humble enough not to pile fuel on what will inevitably be a catastrophic implosion when it happens.


    Yes, my fellow Rural Southerners are all abuzz about impending doom and The Lord to return.

    To that I say : ‘But, yes, it’s a bad time here, but things are better in Russia than they have been in decades, probably a century or more, and in China things are definitely going better than they have in many many centuries..Things are looking up in India and Africa, as well.’

    So, what gives?

    People think that this country is indicative of the entire world.

    Well, I got news : it ain’t.

    So, why all the gloom and doom?

    Modern angst, which, if you are Left, means that you likely suscribe to an angry planet about to destroy us, or, if on The Right, you think we are all about to be raptured out of here in Gloryland..

    Maybe things would not be so bad, however, I say to my fellows on The Tight, if we would do more than moan and pray prayers of words.

    Yes, I say to all Christians : God does not ruin your life, and God will not run this country for you.

    Why not?’ you ask?

    Because He loves us and lets us live out our choices.

    Simple as that.

    God does not choose what you will eat for dinner and God does not choose your wife or your work.

    God gave us to ourselves to do all that.

    Stop waiting for the sky to break and get involved.

    Isn’t that what you supposedly celebrate on the 4ht of July? : —– the can-do spirit of The Founding Fathers?

    Find one, a Founding Father, in you, I say, and get involved.

    Run for city council, join an advocacy group, organize a boycott, but, whatever, stop praying words and pray prayers of honourable/ethical actions, and stop telling everybody that, all in all, this nation is still good.

  6. Don’t forget the economy. Current stability both in the US and down here in Europe is only because reckless money print allows The Swamp keep their prasants feeded.

    As hyperinflation kicks in and our 50 million strong diversity can’t afford food and bling bling anymore, they will burn down Europe to the last hut. Probably US diversity will do the same.

    Our current rulers will discover the same thing Soviet ones did. They can print money but they can not print food, fuel and commodities.

  7. The systems is protected my the morally true now matter how few in numbers they may seem to be. It is only when those few, the hardest to corrupt have sold out, given into temption and have been corrupted, then that is the hour of destruction.

    No One Is Honest

    The Lord says, “Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem.
    Look around.
    Think about what you see.
    Search through the market.
    See if you can find one honest person who tries to be truthful.
    If you can, I will forgive this city.

  8. Add to all of rhe social cycles the cycles of the sun & earth’s climate. Declining solar activity in each successive sunspot cycle has many predicting major cooling or even a grand solar minimum. Of course the Left will blame this on human activity & double down on green communism population reduction.

  9. ” The people in charge are taking social stability for granted ” , perhap’s good sir, I would hope that, the leading SOUTHERN intellectual of this generation, should consider, it is the common folk, who take, ” social stability for granted “, the people in charge are protected, my concern is with common folk, that’s who we interact with, when the wall’s come tumbling down and they will, our people will need too be led, that’s where we come in, so be ready, the LORD may call upon you, the REPUBLIC may call upon you…………. Be ready…………

  10. Excellent post, Brad. In case you guys didn’t get the word, he now have both a black Secretary of Defense and a new black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Affirmative action is dead my ass.

    • TW:

      AFAIC, the Affirmative Action candidates holding the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs position are a blessing in disguise. They both have huge chips on their shoulders and are enthusiastically implementing Anti-White policies which should be a HUGE deterrent to any young White men joining the military.

      If you think about it, there hasn’t been a single war during at least the past two centuries that America hasn’t been lied into or dragged into by false flag attacks. This country culled the best, the bravest, and the brightest of our White men. Leaving the the weak, whiny nebbishes behind to spread their seed.

      I swear to all that’s HOLY if TMFIIC even TRY to reinstitute a draft, I will be one of the first to be up in their grill and raise Holy Hell like no tomorrow. Let a BIPOC military be their cannon fodder, not OUR children!

  11. We are due for a war?? Dang hot out here, dang hot here in Dallas, worser that Alabamy, it takes it out of you. But I ain’t a forgotten the little bit of World War 3, raging in Europe, and in Syria already.

    General Spartacus (popov) was fired, but he rebounded and emerged as Supreme Commander of RU forces in Syria What is with that?

    And Wagner is now training the White Russian forces on the Polish border. Wagner could break through to the Baltic in a few hours. Nato has zero hope of holding Finland

    Yessir, a big war. It is our only hope.

    • Finland has a capable defensive military. It can handle itself, and has always done so.

      Getting Finland into Nato, with sweden not far behind and Ukraine already moving that way, was in and of itself a massive win for the empire, and all the proof in the pudding you need to know Russia isn’t seen as the strong horse in this, especially with china paying its bills.

      15 years ago Ukraine was to Russia what Belarus is now, a wholly owned subsidiary firmly stuck in the old soviet orbit with a hand chosen puppet government beholden to Russia.

      Fast foward to today, and Russia is declaring victory over the empire because they managed to retake a city thats 150 miles from their own border in eastern Ukraine… after a year and a half fighting ukraines cold war era military hastily re-equipped with our military surplus goodies.

      Any way you slice this, Russia has already lost an enormous amount of ground. If their plan was to break the nato encirclement, all they’ve accomplished is to make it official now that every other country with an arctic presence is now hostile to them, and they can now be blockaded on their north flank, somthing that has pretty much never been the case in the history of Russia. Look at a globe. If Nato doesn’t want them to have shipping out of the arctic, they won’t.

      The empire has been stepping on every red line Putin has drawn. His legacy would have been better served by continued rapprochement and economic integration with European countries. Now Russia is isolated and a wholly owned subsidiary of China (a historical adversary), without whom Russia is trully encircled.

      • @Ironic…

        Yes, Finland is capable, but, they are miniscule against Russia.

        The leaders of these countries are either stupid and or are being bribed because, instead of accepting that their eentsy-weentsy nations are living next to a peaceable Russia, that has no designs on them, they are allowing themselves to be incorporated into an organization that is likely to use them as a pawn against Russia, which means that, sooner or later, Russia will have to recolonize them.

        I mean, this situation is so simple to comprehend, you just have to marvel at the idiocy at the top end of the bureaucracies in in Riga, Warsaw, Helsinki, and Vilnius

        Of all the countries that border Russia, only Hungary, led by the ever pragmatic Victor Orban, seems to comprehend this situation and has a policy perfectly attuned to it.

        You know that the Jews are in charge of the governments in The West, because they are the only group that has so many hankering for the end of Czar Vlad.

        I mean, Richard Dreyfuss, the famous American actor, is actually proud that he is related to a woman who assassinated Czar Alexander III in 1894 ?!?!?

        Can you say Victoria Nuland?

        Don’t know the name?

        She’s the Jew in charge of this war that has emptied the Ukraine of half of it’s population and gotten hundreds of thousands killed.

        As to Russia being seen as the strong horse, i respectfully disagree with you.

        China is helping Russia, but, is not ‘paying it’s bills’.

        The people in Thew West, like Victoria Nuland, are simply hoping against hope that, after 18 months of failed proxy war, they can throw a flea flicker into the endzone – no matter what the cost.

        It’s not going to happen.

        As the Prussian general, Von Clausewitz said, you cannot control Russia by military means.

        Our leaders, however, are poorly educated and do not know history.

        Nor do they know that Russia’s economy is not a mere ‘gas station’.

      • @Ironic…

        “The empire has been stepping on every red line Putin has drawn. His legacy would have been better served by continued rapprochement and economic integration with European countries. Now Russia is isolated and a wholly owned subsidiary of China (a historical adversary), without whom Russia is trully encircled.”

        The people you are getting your news from are shameless liars.

        Russia is far from encircled, but, rather on very good terms with all the nations that end in -stan, not to mention Iran.

        How have you missed that most of the world, from Brazil, India, China, Saudi Arabia, all of Africa, and so many other countries, are either aligned with Russia or tacitly supportive of it.

        How have you missed that the world is de-dollarizing?

        How have you missed that the Ruble has been the hottest currency this year?

        How have you how high Vladimir Putin is rated among the peoples of the world.

        How have you missed that Europe and the US is awash in inflation, while Russia is not?

        How have you missed that every attempt the Jew England Yankee World Order has made to get the large countries I have already mentioned, on board with it’s Russian overthrow attempt, have been publically rebuffed?

        No, Sir, if anything .it is The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, and it’s militarily insignificant NATO satellites, who are isolated, either strained or breaking, not to mention that it is nearly out of ammunition.

        Whose people on closer to revolt? – Russia or this country?.

        Your comment is well written, but, your sources should be ashamed of themselves.

        • How did you miss that Finland willingly joined Nato? And early on after ukraine was invaded. Anybody leading those countries in the baltic is old enough to remember soviet rule, and I guarantee you they aren’t like the right wing in the US, getting all wet over Putin and thinking of white girls in wheat fields because deus vult and stuff.

          None of those countries take it lightly that Russia invaded Ukraine. If they saw joining Nato as their only obvious choice, as bad as you and I both know that is, that should tell you something about the news you are reading.

          What I listed were facts. Finland joined nato, almost immediately. FACT. Iran? Almost no Gdp. India…. about as craven and fickle as China. South Africa, meaningless now. Brazil? Meh. So isolated down there in South America.

          Geographically, the rebel alliance (muh non white hero states of the BRICS) has no chance against the empire. Currency follows reality. Its not for no reason that war is breaking out in most of those “stan” countries.

          The BRICS states all hate white people every bit as much as the jooz do. I wouldn’t get too caught up in the plot you miss the reality. Whitey loses this war regardless who is victorious.

          Vladimir isn’t coming to save us.

          • @Ironic…

            “How did you miss that Finland willingly joined Nato? ”

            You mean, how did I miss that those appointed to currently lead Finland, by those who appoint our leaders and policies, required them to ‘volunteer’ for NATO?

            No, of course, Vladimir is not coming to save us.

            He has enough problems on his hand taking care of Russia.

            This mess is ours, and ours, alone.

          • @Ironic…

            It is clear that you are a very thoughtful and artioculate who person who is devoted to being well informed.

            The problem is that the bulk of your sources are systemically lying to you and others simply omitting the truth/

            Though I could spend a long time giving you sources I have developed over the years, open sources that are not only extremely knowledgeable, but, tell the truth, no matter who likes it or not, I will, instead just provide you with one.

            This site is the best for overall English-language European event analysis.

            Run by two Greeks, one from the US, and the other from England, if you listen daily to this site, what really is going on, why, and who is doing it, will be in your possession within a couple of months, maybe less..

            The site is called The Duran, and though you could access it on YouTube, I give it to you here on Rumble.

            Also, it’s two hosts, Alex Christoforou and Alexandre Mercouris have their own solo sites at Rumble, as well, if you want to dive deeper quicker.

            I have followed these guys for 6-7 years and they are the best…

            Speaking of ‘the best’, all the best to you!.


          • Do Finns and Swedes control Finland and Sweden? Who controls their borders? You do understand that Norway’s coast reaches Russia, don’t you? Sweden and Finland have nothing to do with control of the Arctic.

            Iran has almost no GDP? As evaluated in ZOGbux?

            As for Ukraine, that state may not even exist soon. And the people who style themselves as ruling the Western world may not be alive as long they think they’re going to live. You sound like a government shill.

            We don’t have to like Putin and his groveling, but the people who started this Ukraine war are destroying Ukraine, they are not destroying Russia. They intend to destroy the Western world. States run by women like Finland and Sweden have adopted a suicidal policy for no rational reason.

          • @JPS…

            States run by women like Finland and Sweden have adopted a suicidal policy for no rational reason.”

            Yours is an excellent comment, being the hallmarks of sources that are not lying to you.

            As to these women you mention, they are, unbeknownst to those rulers of The West who appoint them, the most indicative fingerprint that they have usurped a nation.


            They who rule The West tried to get Katalin Cseh and Clara Dobrev elected to replaced Victor Orban, earlier this year.

            In Moldova, a few years back, they installed Maya Sandu – a Yankee educated lesbian now in charge of what is arguably the most anti-LGBT Orthodox country in Europe.

            Until her recent resignation, Sanna Marin of Finland was another glaring example.

            Of course there are plenty of male puppets, as well – ranging from the non-Romanian ruler of Romania, Klaus Johannes, to the non British ruler of Britain, Sunak, to the non Irish ruler of Ireland, to man who currently runs France.

            Oh, yes, and dare I forget Ireland.

            I can’t count them all, and yes, I did forget my own country – run by a man who, never leaving his garage during the whole of 2020, we are to believe received a record of 81 million votes!.

            Oh, yes, I forget how they knock off Sebastian Kurz of Austria and installed Neuhammer.

            As to Meloni, she looks more and more like a Trojan Horse.

            Really, there are so many puppets ruling countries, it’s amazing that those who install them think it goes unnoticed.

            And yet, they carry on about Russia being ‘undemocratic’.

            ‘Tis a comedy of wild distortion,

  12. HW

    I’m of an age where I have mixed feelings about the future that seems almost certain to unfold. I feel that I’m probably too old to adapt to a new order, and in the last 4-5 years, I’ve started to covet stability more than revolution. Believe me, I was as radical as most anyone who posts on this site just a few years ago, and my opinions haven’t changed. I’m just getting less and less enthusiastic about watching the unraveling happen. Older people desire certainty, and as I’ve transitioned into the later stages of middle age, my eyes are on what I feel is due me in retirement. A collapsed economy and social order just doesn’t sound fun.

    My children are also getting older, and my concerns are quickly changing for concern for their future. This is a dilemma, because either fork in the road will be harmful to their future. The thing is, if things kind of restabilize, and a course correction is made that allows for a livable future for them, My sense of reason as a father says that this would be better for them than war, collapse, and upheaval, even if the final outcome of all of that is better than what we currently have.

    So anyway, the point of this is to say, please take heart that what you do with this site is important. We need people like you to document what is happening and what is to come. Think of yourself as a modern day Pliny or Tacitus. What you do is important.

    If all we have is the establishment to document the events as they unfold, there will be no truth nuggets for future men to piece together. Samizdat everything we can, and let history unfold.

    • I feel the same way.

      I’m not thrilled by the thought of the world going to hell with a newborn. We will see.

    • @Memebro…

      Like you I am old, and, like you, change is discomforting, at the least, and, at the most, jus’ plain frightening.

      That said, the states will pick up social security, when a dissolution of the union occurs.

      On that you can rely, because the social security mentality is deeply embedded in most people.

      That said, we cannot pass this tyrannical and lawless situation up to our grandchildren and children.

      It cannot be our legacy.

      No, Sir, we have an obligation to discomfort ourselves, and face the prospect of ruin.

      If George Washington can do that, as wealthy band well-off as he was, and if Robert E. Lee can do that, and he was just as well off, then we, too, have it within ourselves to do what is right.

      Doing what is right is never easy – not for you and not for me.

      The world is oriented against it, most particularly that part of the world we refer to as ‘self-interest.’

    • ” too old to adapt to a new order,”

      That’s all in the structure of nature.
      Age doesn’t have the resilience of youth or as many options.

      Those are the very reasons that these social ills should have been corrected decades ago. The longer these problems build, the more violent the correction.

      • @Arrian…

        “The longer these problems build, the more violent the correction.”

        Yes, absolutely.

        The problem is just like the weight problem so many Americans, eventually leading to Diabetes II, kidney problems, amputations, and on and on – meanwhile, the weight problem does not get addressed.

        That is this country in a nutshell.

        We want to do what we want to do and we want to avoid tie consequences with a pill or a distraction.

        Corrections we do not make, ’till death do we part.

  13. Burning it all down is feature and not a bug?
    Sad trombone on that rule of man utopia and conquering of human nature.
    Always so sad.

  14. The late Christopher Hitchens has a brother who has turned conservative and according to his thesis, all these mass shootings and horrific crimes we see are mostly the result of widespread marijuana abuse. Not really caused by any political agenda. Most of these shooters were heavy users which is known to cause depression, irritability, suicidal ideation, selfishness, anger, etc when their brain gets strung out on that stuff. There is a reason the term “assassin” came from the root term of hashish.

    Some woman conservative recently wrote about her walk around Manhattan and seeing gay rainbow flags everywhere! Not just gay bars as you did just a few years back but dozens of them gracing the storefronts of major banks, mainstream hotels, etc. Leftist political slogans everywhere too from formerly “normal” institutions. Her conclusion is that everything is political these days like a totalitarian regime. My brother sent me a text the other day heaping scorn on some junk mail flyer he had just received in his mailbox from a local major car dealership touting their car maintenance operation. He said the mechanics depicted in the add holding a bunch of tools were all a multicultural cast of FEMALES! He noted that everyone knows that people who work as auto mechanics are going to be male. EVERYTHING IS A LIE IN THIS NEW FAKE AMERICA! Everything. And when everything is a lie, it also means that the money is a lie too. How long until that little fact dawns on even the thickest skulls? When the everyone finally realizes this new Fake America’s money is a lie too, that’s when it’s all over.

  15. Hi, Hunter:

    You wrote:

    “It is only a matter of time before one of these idiots – I am betting it is a woman – sets in motion a chain of events with unintended and unforseen consequences and lights the spark and unlike last summer with the Ricky Shiffer meltdown and attack on the FBI it sets off a conflagration. It could happen either here around the election or abroad with the war in Ukraine.”

    I think the culprit you are looking for is Victoria Nuland. She was behind the overthrow of a Russia-friendly government in Ukraine by staging the Maidan Revolution, famously saying “F— the EU” when faced with the fact that the EU opposed

    Of course, Hillary did not help matters with her Russian Collusion Revenge on the American people who put Trump in office by either a) voting for him or b) staying home rather than vote for her.

    Then there’s Janet Yellen who further mismanaged the Federal Reserve. I remember sitting in a history class where the professor stated that prior to the outbreak of WWI, all the countries in Europe were up to their eyeballs in debt. The circumstances in Ukraine – especially the trench fighting and the landmines is like deja vu all over again where that war is concerned.

    So, AFAIC, it is still slow-moving, but the chain reaction has already started by these three witches and when it finally explodes, it’s going to happen very quickly.

    Wanted to add that, like you, I follow the news and am pretty sanguine about what is happening. It’s weird but I notice the normies are very agitated these days while I feel this preternatural calm. Not apathy, but fatalism, really.

      • Again, I re-post that in a history class covering WWI, the professor said that all the nations in Europe were drowning in debt. That’s why the Treaty of Versailles was so horrible. How Germany alone was scapegoated for a Serbian anarchist killing the Archduke of Hungary, which triggered the whole damned thing, is beyond me, but England definitely wanted to stop Germany from having a navy AND France who had centuries of territorial dispute with Germany over Alsace-Lorraine hosted WWI. France still has lots of territory that is a no man’s land due to mines that are still live.

        BTW, for all the Germans are demonized since both World Wars, it was Germany who offered to effect peace during Yugoslavia Breakup by having the feuding ethno-nationalists meet and divide their territories and then pay for any who needed to relocate to the new territory. NATO turned them down and chose to bomb Serbia instead.

        I think the United States alone wasn’t carrying massive debt, so of course the good ole USA had to be dragged into WWI to help Great Britain fulfill its Balfour Declaration, but I still strongly suspect that dragging America into deeper debt was the top priority.

        Today, a country drowning in debt is almost the entire world on steroids, thanks to the Covid lock-downs and the countries having to print more money (take on more debt) to keep their populations from revolting. Even China which is why she is being so bellicose about taking over Taiwan.

        There is one thing and only one thing that would stave off WWIII and that would involve a global debt re-set; where all debts across the board are “forgiven,” i.e. written off. The Bible used to refer to it as The Jubilee, I believe. But I fear the money-changers will see this entire planet nuked before they will allow that.

  16. All you can do is prepare and try to enjoy the time we have left in “the good ol days”.
    Those who are prepared will fare better that those who didn’t.
    And not a single soul will be laughing at the “preppers” anymore.

  17. @Nightowl

    It may be cannabis abuse but Peter Breggan wrote a book called Toxic Psychiatry and he identified SSRI’s as a major cause of suicidal/murderous ideation.

    We are definitely in a Grand Solar Minimum (see: Adapt 2030 YouTube channel). If correct then we are in what will be called, the General Crisis of the 21st century. See the general crisis of the 14th century and the general crisis of the 17th century for how history will rhyme.

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