Viktor Orbán: World War III Is Coming

As I said the other day, it feels like we are sitting on a smoldering volcano and there are all sorts of reasons why I feel this way. The shift in the global balance of power away from the West and toward China, which is being accelerated by the fallout from the war in Ukraine, is another major reason why the demise of the post-World War II liberal world order is inevitable and why war is increasingly likely.

The Economist:

Talk of civilisations is no accident. President Xi Jinping recently unveiled a Global Civilisation Initiative. That builds on his argument that China’s growing strength and prosperity demonstrate that “modernisation does not equal Westernisation”. Under Mr Xi, Chinese officials and state media have taken to arguing that a declining West’s insistence on defending an “international rules-based order” amounts to a form of chauvinism. Chinese officials and scholars compare Western governments fussing about multi-party elections, independent courts or free speech to missionaries, as if the West is telling faraway peoples which god to worship.

China is now applying that argument—in effect, that “universal values” are a form of racism—to the war in Ukraine. At the forum Chinese officials praised countries of the “global south”, meaning Africa, Asia and Latin America, for assertively questioning an international order crafted in 1945 by the winners of the second world war—before, they claim, most modern states even existed. They were echoed by speakers from the developing world, among them Dilma Rousseff, a former president of Brazil. She now runs the Shanghai-based New Development Bank, a multinational lender founded by the brics grouping of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Accusing America and “the global north” of hoarding wealth and of seeking to contain such rivals as China, Ms Rousseff condemned Western powers for dismissing diversity and trying to impose one model of democracy. “If you don’t accept this imposed value system, you will be punished accordingly, or face measures such as war, coups or sanctions,” she charged.

Viktor Orbán recently gave a speech in which he predicted that the United States will go to war with China to preserve its hegemony. Speaking of historical patterns, one of the strongest is the unwillingness of a dominant hegemon to cede wealth, power and influence to a rising challenger.

Wrong classification, unexpected consequences. But what happened has happened, and now the fact is that there has never been such a rapid and tectonic shift in the global balance of power as the one we are living through today. Remember – or note – that the way in which China is rising is different from that in which the United States rose: the United States emerged; China was, and is. In other words, we are really talking about a return: we are talking about the return of a 5,000-year-old civilisation of 1.4 billion people. And this is a problem that needs to be solved, because it is not going to solve itself. China has become a production powerhouse. In fact it has already overtaken the US – or is overtaking it at this very moment: car manufacturing, computers, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, infocommunication systems; in the world today it is the strongest in all of these areas. What has happened is that China has made the roughly three-hundred-year journey from the Western industrial revolution to the global information revolution in just thirty years. As a result, it has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, and today humanity’s combined prosperity and knowledge is greater than it was. But if this is the case, what is the danger? The danger, the reason the situation is dangerous, Dear Friends, is that the gold medal already has an owner: after its own civil war, from the 1870s onwards the United States grew to be the preeminent country, and its inalienable right to world economic supremacy is part of its national identity, and a kind of article of faith. And whenever that position has been challenged, the United States has always successfully repelled the challenge. It repelled the Soviet Union. And, let us remember, it also repelled the European Union. A few decades ago the European Union’s plan was to promote the euro as a world currency alongside the dollar. We can see where the euro is today. And we also had a plan, which we expressed as the need to create a great free trade zone stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok. What do we see today? Today, the free trade zone stretches from Lisbon to the outskirts of Donetsk at the furthest. In 2010 the US and the European Union contributed 22 – 23 per cent of total world production; today the US contributes 25 per cent and the European Union 17 per cent. In other words, the US has successfully repelled the European Union’s attempt to move up alongside it – or even ahead of it.

In other words, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Summer Camp, the situation we are living in today is one in which day by day we are moving towards conflict. The question – the 1-million-dollar question – is whether this conflict can be avoided. There are ever more studies and books on this, and I am also working from them. One notable work says that in the last three hundred years there have been sixteen occasions when a new “champion” has risen to pull alongside – or overtake – the world’s leading power. The bad news is that of the sixteen instances thus identified, twelve have ended in war, and only four were peacefully resolved. In other words, Dear Friends, we are at the most dangerous moment in world politics today, when the leading great power sees itself sinking towards second place. Experience shows that the dominant great power tends to see itself as more benevolent and better-intentioned than it really is, and attributes malice to its challenger more often than is – or should be – justified. Consequently, the starting point for each opposing party is not the intentions of the counterpart, but its capabilities: not what the counterpart wants to do, but what it is capable of doing. And thus war is already in the making. This is what is called the “Thucydides Trap”, named after the man who wrote the history of the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens, and who first identified the problem.

A war with China could solve another of problems.

First, we should have no doubt that America’s political class on both sides is dumb enough and reckless enough to go there, as Kevin McCarthy’s recent grand standing with the president of Taiwan illustrated. Saber rattling against China is one of the few issues that unites our elites.

Second, America’s domestic politics could soon get bad enough that our liberal elites might see a war with China and Russia as a way out. This is the road that FDR took when he got into the war with the Axis Powers because his policies had failed to get us out of the Great Depression.

Third, the liberal rhetoric of the global struggle of “liberal democracy” against “authoritarianism” is already being used to describe both domestic groups and foreign adversaries.

Finally, such a huge shift in global wealth and power rarely occurs without a major war and the war has already started over a year ago in Ukraine.

Could Joe Biden pull an FDR and start a war with China to get the GOP off his back after sending Trump to prison?


  1. The war is between neo-liberalism and regulated market economies. Xi Jinping is running China to serve the best interests of the Chinese people, and the Jews and the Irish over on our side of the fence find this policy unconscionable. They want China to be run for benefit of big business. When are these obnoxious Jews and Irish going to learn to mind their own goddamned business? I will tell you when, when they get their heads handed to them.

    • @Robert…

      “The war is between neo-liberalism and regulated market economies.”

      Yes, absolutely, but, ‘the war’ goes far beyond that.

      It’s like these folks who come in an say that ‘The Civil War’ was about slavery.’

      Uh, no, it wasn’t – economics was just a part of it.

      And so it is here – The Jew England Yankee United States of America wants to tell everybody not only what to do, but, how to be, and China and Russia, for starters, are not going to allow that.

      No, Sir – they’ll decide for themselves, as is their right.
      One thing they’ve clearly decided is that they are not joining the Yankee Republic in the homosexualification of their lands or in the removal of their own history and traditions.

    • @Memebro…

      Yes, but, I’m shocked to see that they still acknowledge that she is a woman.

      A woman running the ,military is like a man running a daycare establishment.

  2. “”””….Could Joe Biden pull an FDR and start a war with China to get the GOP off his back after sending Trump to prison?….””””

    No. Best they can do is pull up coup similar to what Soviets had in 1991. And similar to the Soviets, this will be the end of Jew World Order.

    Nuclear war with Russia and China is much different from slaughtering tiny Germany without risk to elite whatsoever. Soost of elite will not support war.

    West is not economic powerhouse anymore. China can arrange total chaos and collapse by just stopping cargo ships.

    Killing or imprisoning Trump is not enough. Lot of other people people must go to prison for getting country back in line. In the economic disaster this might be difficult when EBT cards stop and diversity will start enrichment procedures.

    Europe is scared like hell. We also have 50 million muslims who are waiting Kadyrov and Assad command to go jihad. Probably scaring EU leaders was the whole point of Orban speech.

    Jew is also scared like hell and whole mess of WW III is act of desperation to scare enemies to back down and get rules based order back. Now Jew fighting with whole world, starting from Trump supporters and ending with Russians and Chinese. They are Nazis now with whole workd against them.

  3. Start a war with China? I honestly believe Joe and his handlers like Vicky Nuland are just mad enough to do so. But the normies don’t have a clue what this would mean for them, up close and personal.

  4. ” World War III Is Coming ”

    With all due respect to Mr. Orban, I do not see it.

    No, The Central Powers, Germany, Austria, and Hungary, want nothing to do with this war.

    England does, but, it has no effective military left. Have you looked at their military inventory numbers? Pathetic.

    France already has a war – with it’s native Frenchmen and the ones imported.

    Italy will pay lip service, but, it is already de-dollarizing, as we speak.

    So who would want war?

    Poland and the Baltic States might want a bigger war, against Russia, but what they are going to get is a lot of warlike words from Victoria Nuland, this as she bends a submissive Lindsay Graham over her knees, while ordering Secretary Blinken to take a ping-pong paddle to the South Carolina’s senator’s butt, under a top secret portrait of Vladimir Putin in drag.

    Even the incredibly evasive Chief of Staff Milley tried to explain to reported how the whole F-16 thing to Ukraine is a thing of fiction.

    So, yes, if the ping paddled Chicken-hawks want a world war, they’ll have to do it without the world.

    Can they manage that?

    Stay tuned…

  5. If it is true that 99% of living organism both great and small have gone extinct since the first single-celled organism, and we do not survive out nuclear adolescence, my hope is that some other species remaining will have time to reach the apex of consciousness and sentience before our sun becomes a red giant, and scorches and engulf all four rocky planets of the Solar System.


  6. Could Joe Biden pull an FDR? The real Joe Biden cannot change his own depends. The guy in the mask, the lookalike, has the same power as the real Joe. None. They have set up a politburo the the White House. Joe Biden isn’ t even part of it.

    One thing is for sure. Xi Xinping has them stymied. They really did not plan on him. The Lord Jesus knows how to raise up enemies.

    In 2006 Russia and China created a 20 year agreement that by 2025 they would be free of Western technology. They seem to be getting there. Russia is increasingly dependent on China, but that seems not to concern them.

    Presumably, by the end of 2025 they will be free of Western technology, at least for military and strategic areas. The recent government supported desktop Linux release in China is a late stage accomplishment. This version was built from scratch. Every single line was written by 5,000 approved Chinese.

    So all the NSA/CIA backdoors have been removed. They are almost ready. Another year or two.

  7. The short answer to your question is “yes.”

    All of these “wins” we’ve been given—and I do mean GIVEN—are explicitly done to convince whitey that this country is still worth fighting for. The military staff is full of non-white men, put in positions of power because the elite genuinely thought America’s army was unstoppable after being in a protracted war with goat farmers for a decade. They realize now, thanks to Ukraine, that America is weak. Russia didn’t need to take Ukraine, it only needed to show America’s weakness. China is now primed to strike, having laid dormant while American production went to directly to them, and the Chinese could broker our technology to catch up to us in mere decades.

    They will try to coerce white men to enter the military in droves because they know only white men can fight off hordes of enemies with few numbers. They did it at Thermopylae. They did it in Rhodesia. They did it at Agincourt. And they’re hoping that stupid dumb white men will do it again.

    • If any white man is stupid enough to fall for these half-assed “wins”, he fully has earned his Darwin award with Kosher klusterfucks. Death to the Empire of Lies, truly the Great Satan on Earth. The mullahs might be crazy most of the time, but they’re right about that one.

  8. Our best move as dissidents is to loudly proclaim that this is not our war, and that ZOG can get fucked. We won’t be dying for jews, plutocrats, or faggots. Be loud, and make people lose faith in this system. This time is ripe for dissent.

  9. The U.S. Government loves war. It has been encouraging and provoking wars (below the nuclear threshold, so far) since 1945. War is the health of the state.

    It has not been important to the U.S. Government that it wins the wars it gets into, only that it participates. When war becomes politically untenable domestically, the Government simply abandons its erstwhile “allies”, like it did in Vietnam and Afghanistan. In neither case was the U.S. defeated though, the U.S. Government just walked away.

    A real military defeat at the hands of China will have enormous consequences. The current ruling class would be completely discredited by defeat and get replaced. The ideology of equality and diversity would also go on to the ash heap of history as the gross incompetence of the diverse, homo military would be blamed for the defeat.

    This has happened before in history. Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo resulted in the Bourbon restoration. France’s defeat in 1871 led to the fall of the government and the commune. WWI toppled the Romanovs, Hapsburgs and the Hohenzollern dynasties, never to return. A U.S. defeat where China dictates terms to the U.S., such as recognizing Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan and the South China Sea would wreck the current U.S. ruling class.

    The ruling class in the U.S. is unteachable. They are credentialed idiots. Full of hubris, corrupt and self-serving to the core, on the take to China and The Usual Suspects, they are willfully blind to the catastrophic outcome of a war with China they are stumbling into, a war the U.S. Government can neither win nor just walk away from.

    • @12AX7…

      “The ruling class in the U.S. is unteachable. They are credentialed idiots. Full of hubris, corrupt and self-serving to the core, on the take to China and The Usual Suspects…”

      Truer words could not be written.

      Either they are taken out to the woodshed or else we will all be driven to ground.

      • Hello Ivan;

        My understanding is that the summer of 1914 was unusually warm with great weather in Europe. Life seemed to go on without a care until the guns of August put an end to the greatest civilization ever built.

        It seems as though things are building up to a breakdown now although it’s still possible to enjoy the warm weather with friends and family. Enjoy it while it lasts and prepare for hard times, they are coming. There isn’t anything anyone reading Hunter’s fine blog can do to prevent the train wreck so look out for you and yours, no one else will.

        • @12AX7…

          Interesting that you think of this as the Summer of 1914.

          Though I have thought we have been in 1860, for nearly ten years, I have to give your analogy some thought.

          Thank you for admonishing to look out for me and mine. Sadly, it’s difficult to do that, as being human is being vulnerable.

          That said, like you, as I imagine, we live in a very out of the way small town, which does give us some protection.

          The downside is that White and Negro relations in this area are at an all time low point.

          I have tried a great deal to help correct that, but, I have to confess that I have not been at all successful.

          It’s beyond the efforts of one man or many local men. Until The South is free of this toxic current situation, things won’t get better here.

          That said, I know my Black & White neighbours well, and one thing I can tell you – none of us are pining to shoot each other, for any reason, much less political.

  10. No Great Reset Leap Forward without it.
    Ape Lincoln set the precedent of never letting a crisis go to waste during WAR.
    A fat soft weak queefy society will get it good and hard during TOTAL WAR.
    Bugs and pods shanties, CBDC, no rights remaining, all part of the aftermath.
    The hive borg dullards will beg for it after the SARMATs fly.

  11. “Gradually the great powers coalesce into two hostile camps, and the side which considered time was running out initiates a war which is now considered ‘inevitable.'”
    A hegemonic clash theorist quoted in, Long Cycles and War by Joshua Goldstein.

    The banksteins need this war to bring down the West. The talk of a Chinese economic miracle is balderdash. The banksteins, who own all the large corporations, merely moved manufacturing to China and hollowed out the West. They have squeezed to death the debt creation in the West and so will be looking to raise hundreds of millions in the East to middle class status, by putting them all in debt.

    This is an ancient strategy they have been using for the last 5 thousand years.

    Nothing is ever what it seems.

  12. November the Earth is an Ark

    Many other Arks exist beyond this solar system!

    We may meet in person on one of these Arks



    • @Sunburn…

      Without a doubt.

      Christ said that they are many mansions in our Father’s house, and, obviously he is not talking about cabins, shacks, and Frank Lloyd Wright bungalows, but, realms for the soul to inhabit.

        • @Father John…

          I knew when I was writing that comment, Dear Father, that you would not like my view of it, because it does not reflect the historic Orthodox view.

          That said, it’s okay.

          Maybe I am wrong.

          It would not be the first time.


  13. I’m not too worried about China.
    They’re using debt to grow their economy, just like us.
    They have a central bank, the PBOC, that backs up the debt, just like us.
    The only difference is that China, so far, can grow their GDP faster than their debt growth.
    America no longer can.

  14. Also, Know that Miss Tsai’s Govt. of Taiwan is closely aligned with feminists, globalists, LGBTQIA+ perverts, etc. They are forsooth the offshoot of the Leftism from the U.S. which wills the imposition of democratic tyranny upon every country of the earth, in which those who differ from them should have no place.

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