RIP America First

In other unsurprising news, I see that my prediction that America First will collapse in 2023 is well on its way to coming true. How many people have turned on the personality cult now?

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Patrick Casey

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Ye … who fired Nick from his clown car presidential campaign

The Ye fiasco on Alex Jones was truly the end. He has since lost Baked Alaska and Ethan Ralph. Godwinson, Michael Alberto and Big Tech have all either been banned or jumped ship over the last 48 hours. Without Ethan Ralph or Big Tech propping up the corpse, is effectively dead.

The only people who are still left around Nick are Beardson, Andrew Anglin, the pedophile Ali Alexander who he defended to the end and that guy in the cowboy hat from Wyoming. I can’t remember his name. Everyone else is gone. It is like watching Richard Spencer streaming with Ed Dutton.

Anyway, what do you think comes next? Who is going to move in and fill the void left behind by Fuentes? We are due for some movement turbulence over the next two years.


  1. There doesn’t seem to be an ascendant media-appointed WN/dissident e-celeb to take Nick’s place. Although, I’ll be honest that I never expected it would be Nick to take Richard’s place after the latter’s fall from grace either. So, you never know.

  2. It’ll probably be another Fed snitch or a fresh new queer, or some other flavor of sociopath looking for notoriety and ready to stab everyone in the back to make a name for themselves, like its turned out every other “right wing” eceleb has been.

    God I miss Cantwell. A true talent for radio. What a loss. Even if he was nuts, man he was hilarious.

  3. They are trying to make a movement out of that Masonic movie Sound of Freedom. The goal is microchipping all babies, and all placed into a giant dbase.

  4. “””…Who is going to move in and fill the void….”””

    Such things have snowball effect. So next freaks and clowns move goalposts and Overton window further.

    This is why clowns are extremely useful. They dare yo do what normal people are afraid to do.

  5. Who are these people?
    Is normie dullard that starved for leaders?
    Stick a fork in the Kwanstain.

  6. Enough voted for America last and now they can suck on it good and hard.
    They should be first in line for housing the replacements and first in line for selective service draft.

  7. I don’t know who most of these people are. There is no movement, other than a march toward Novo Brazil.

  8. What I want to know is who is the head of this hydra? Who is paying Anglin to promote this garbage?

    • You mean, naming the jew or exposing the holohoax? That gets you totally censored across the internet. Yeah yeah — all this shit about Jesus Christ, Christian, christian, christian, and everlasting salvation Fuentes relentlessly indulges in. None of that ever has helped Whites ever and it’s never going to.

  9. > There is no movement, other than a march toward Novo Brazil.

    That’s kind of how Scheissgeld & D’ormerde’s gaslight media-stand sells it to the stupid cows. The reality is more like slouching towards Gomorrah while guzzling cans of Bud-Lite from Trannheuser-Bush.

  10. this wasn’t a cult. it is a movement, with some mainstream congressional support, that carried on alt right. ultimately, it’s a victim of censorship, like we all experience 2017 on.

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