2023 Predictions

I don’t really know what to expect in 2023.

2022 was a lot easier to predict and several stunning developments happened that still threw me for a loop: Russia actually invaded Ukraine, the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade and Elon Musk bought Twitter. Joe Biden and the Democrats also got lucky in the 2022 midterm elections. Nick Fuentes ended the year praising Adolf Hitler with Ye in a gimp mask on the Alex Jones Show.

In spite of this, the year otherwise went about as I expected: COVID faded after the Omicron variant, Republicans won the House, gas prices hit a record high, inflation, illegal immigration and violent crime remained high. Polarization increased. Ketanji Brown Jackson was elevated to the Supreme Court. Build Back Better was trimmed into the Inflation Reduction Act. “Our Democracy” remained in peril. Dump also launched the Revenge Tour and Merrick Garland appointed a Special Counsel to investigate him.

What does 2023 have in store for us?

1. The Ye Train Crashes

This is the easiest call.

By this time next year, Ye won’t be running for president anymore as a joke candidate. At some point, he will have a falling out with Nick Fuentes. The America First movement will be severely diminished by this fiasco. Fuentes has torched his own brand and will become the new Richard Spencer. It has been a difficult two years for Nick Fuentes and 2023 will be the year the wheels come off.

The future of America First is the past of the Alt-Right. I’m concerned about blackpilled Groypers going the Atomwaffen route. I anticipate a lot of turmoil is ahead as America First splinters. Fuentes has dominated the Dissident Right scene since Charlottesville and we appear to be nearing the end of his arc. As his more unhinged followers like Latino Zoomer give up on mainstream politics and turn toward Hitler and vanguardism, don’t be surprised when one of them lashes out and detonates.

2. Supreme Court Strikes Down Grutter v. Bollinger

The Supreme Court will end affirmative action as we know it in 2023, but it will be a bittersweet victory as universities will come up with some other way to promote diversity at all costs.

3. Illegal Immigration Hits New Record High

In light of the pending end of Title 42, we can say with a high degree of confidence that illegal immigration is going to get much worse in 2023. It got much worse in 2022 after getting much worse in 2021. We haven’t seen the worst from the Biden administration on immigration because a few Trump era policies have lingered due to federal court battles and have delayed the full impact.

4. The Revenge Tour Fizzles

This is a difficult call.

It is not the same call that I would have made before the midterms, but it looks like Dump is finally losing his grip on the Republican Party. He is boring now. The energy and excitement isn’t there anymore. He also has the stink of a loser now after the last three election cycles. If I had to bet on it, I would bet he loses the 2024 primary because his own voters have grown tired of his act. How will Donald Trump handle losing the 2024 primary? Will he insist the nomination was stolen from him and split the party?

5. Ron DeSanctimonious Runs For President

2023 is going to be dominated by the 2024 Republican primary.

Dump has failed to clear the field and lots of challengers will enter the race. Even though the polls are notoriously unreliable this far out (ask President Rudy Giuliani), this is still Ron DeSanctimonious’s race to lose. There are no other plausible alternatives to Dump. It will be a Dump vs. DeSanctimonious showdown for the 2024 Republican nomination in the presidential debates at the end of the year.

6. Joe Biden Runs For Reelection

Unless he dies in office of natural causes (this is a very real possibility given his age and health), Joe Biden is going to run for reelection and will easily win the Democratic primary.

7. Twitter Remains In Chaos

I don’t know what is going to happen with Twitter. It has been a month since the “general amnesty” went into effect and I still haven’t gotten my account back. I see lots of our people are still getting banned from Twitter for absurd reasons. Elon Musk also plans to resign as CEO. In the end, I suppose the future of Twitter depends on who Musk ends up picking as his successor.

8. Kevin McCarthy Becomes Speaker of the House

I don’t put much stock in the current drama. I think Kevin McCarthy will finally emerge as Speaker of the House because the alternative is too worse to contemplate.

9. The War In Ukraine

I honestly have no clue how this will play out.

I can see it grinding on for another year in a stalemate. I can also see catastrophic Russian military losses and even Putin losing power in Russia given the amount of money the West is throwing into this. House Republicans could sour on funding Ukraine after September, but then again maybe Ukraine ends up as the winner. Maybe a stray missile hitting Poland and another “journalist” causes World War III?

10. The Biden Recession

Most analysts are expecting the economy to tip into a recession in 2023 given the actions the Fed has taken to slow inflation.

Who knows?

I’m expecting a lot of curve balls. I don’t have as much confidence in these predictions. What do you think will happen? Will Dump mount a comeback and destroy Ron DeSanctimonious? Am I too dismissive of Nick Fuentes and Ye24 emerging as a serious force in American politics?


  1. #8 The Speakership is Jim Jordan’s for the asking. Dave Yost needs to give Jordan a little nudge in that direction.

    It might be a re-make of “Heaven Can Wait”.

  2. #9 The Russians are willing to let the US spend every dollar we have trying to destroy them.

    If the Russians get tired of a battle of attrition, and decide to use nukes, there goes our “investment” up in smoke.

    • They’re trying to bring Poland into the conflict and then NATO.

      The jwz want a cataclysmic war, WHITES killing WHITES, so they can establish their kosher utopia.

      • @Arrian…

        I do not know if they are trying to bring Poland into the conflict, or keep it from being there overtly, before they wish to use it to that effect.

        To me it seems that The Polish leadership has a deathwish, when it comes to Russia.

        Please bear in mind that already thousands of Polish soldiers have been surreptitiously fighting in the Ukraine.

        Happy New Year!

    • Doubt that. They are funded and controlled. The war ends when the US government decides it’s over. We have a quite a few refugees in Vegas. When I’m in town I see them in stores. Mostly women that are very loud, they have a way of yelling at each other when talking. Normal for them it seems, not the brightest people.

      No one talks to them, they don’t know English and have a brash attitude. Entitled for sure. Welfare queens. They don’t belong here. Even people in Vegas don’t like them. And we have been around a lot of foreign garbage, a lot. At least the others look for jobs and try to blend in. The Ukrainians are assholes. The arrogance is really shocking.

  3. I don’t Know what’s gonna happen, no one does, but I’ll throw some wild guesses out there for the hell of it.

    China invades Taiwan early in 23.
    The west gets involved in a proxy war with China over Taiwan.
    This causes inflation and all sorts of shortages to skyrocket, far worse than now.
    Now the west is fighting two proxy wars with two superpowers.
    Russia and China strengthen their friendship and collaborate to achieve political economic and military victories.
    The world continues to polarize, Atlanticism versus Eurasianism with the middle east caught in the middle.
    Who will the middle east with their plentiful oil and gas side with?

    Europe freezes due to an unprecedentedly cold winter, Russia diverting more and more oil and gas away from Europe to Asia and the left’s insane climate policies, many thousands die due to frostbite and pneumonia as Europeans have trouble heating their homes, of course the elderly and economically vulnerable people are hit the hardest, but all but the upperclass struggle.

    We could see some false flags, whether it be terrorism falsely blamed on national conservatives, cyber attacks perpetrated by the globalists but blamed on Russia and China, and more fake viruses, in reality it’s people’s rapidly declining living standards/quality of life that’s making them sick, as well as the clot shots and overreliance on big pharma in general.
    All of these false flags will be executed to divert hatred away from the globalists to their enemies as well as consolidate wealth and power over populations, expect more draconianism against populations especially dissidents, perhaps even martial law in places where things are really breaking down, expect protests, riots and skirmishes between populists globalist goon squads whether it be militarized police, or Antifa.

    Hopefully the people of the western world finally turn against the globalists and towards populists on both sides of the political spectrum by the end of 23 so we can have a better world in subsequent years, but like someone with Stockholm Syndrome, it’s just as possible the masses are divided over whether to keep trusting the globalists or that the vast majority of them turn to the globalists and against populists.
    If the masses don’t turn against them than expect civil and world war and dystopian in 23 and subsequent years, possibly even the collapse of civilization (as we know it) or even a mass extinction event/nuclear winter.

    • @Karl…

      China cannot invade Taiwan, because not only are their forces largely oriented towards the defense of the Mainland, they could never get their troops onto Taiwan because of the line of US submarines on their coast.

      A blockade is effectively going on, though, it has not been announced.

      As to the rest of what you’ve said – it is all very probable – if not this coming year, then soon enough.

      Folks, all over The West, have had it, yet, the powers that be seem to either be unaware, or only faintly aware of it.

      • Here’s what I think you guys are missing:

        When all else fails, take them to war.
        America and the west want war with Russia and China right now, regardless of whether Russia or China want war.
        America and the west need big enough boogeymen to distract us from growing domestic problems, but it’s more than that.
        They also want to break up Russia and China, before they can pose a greater threat to American hegemony.
        And so they will just keep poking China until China feels it has no choice but to attack to save face, even if China knows it’s not yet sufficiently prepared to engage the west militarily, this is the same thing they did with Putin.

        The western, woke technoliarchs as I call them are done messing around, they want to annihilate populism at home and all challengers abroad, so they can achieve total political and economic consolidation and supremacy, because that’s ultimately what they want, absolute power over every man, women and child on earth.
        They want a new world order, totalitarian technoligarchy, all competitors at home and abroad must be assimilated, or destroyed, they are not willing to live with anyone who won’t bend the knee economically, and politically to the banks, multinationals and woke ideologues.
        This is what they’ve always wanted, it’s just now because of the growing threat of populism at home and the growing threat of Russia and China abroad they have to rush to fulfill their megalomaniacal neoMalthusian transhumanist vision.

    • @Karl,
      I can’t see China invading anytime soon. There’s the double deterrent of a US military response, and economic sanctions and decoupling from China. China has a lot. That also means it has a lot to lose. The West made China what it is today………and can unmake it. Taiwan has a high end chip factory that the US doesn’t want China getting a hold of:- chips for phones, cars, military equipment, surveillance equipment, etc.
      Not to say Xi isn’t itching to invade, mind you, but he really……..just can’t. I’ll stand corrected if he does, but I doubt it. And Russia’s performance in Ukraine has not emboldened them to try.

    • “If” Taiwan decides to fight, really fight, there’s no way China could take the Island. They could destroy it, kill lots of people but not take it. Have you ever looked at a topo map of it? Mountains and more mountains and very few spots to land. They have dug in caverns and bunkers all over the place in the mountains. Even their aircraft are dug in the mountains. All the Chinese forces could be pummeled by rockets, machine guns, artillery, on the beach heads. It would be a bloodbath. A disaster. And that’s only if they can get to the beach. The whole time they are crossing they could be attacked with missiles, aircraft, artillery, a real disaster. To give you an idea of how perilous this would be, we now have artillery that can fire 43 miles and the strait is only 100 miles across. So almost half the way across they could be attacked continuously with artillery fire. I wouldn’t want to be in those boats. They would be lucky if any of them made it across. Air power could not take out all the artillery dug in mountain bunkers. To even try would put the aircraft in danger of being all shot down.

      Now it may be that they will never fight but if they do, China will be ruined. I don’t think they will invade. The fallout from hundreds of thousands of one child families seeing their sons killed could irreversibly injure the commie party, especially if they lose and they could. They do not want that. The risk is too high.

      • If China doesn’t try to take Taiwan, they’re going to lose it forever, because America is pushing Taiwan to declare independence from China.
        Once that has been accomplished, they will do more things to crush China politically and economically abroad and in its own backyard, because the western establishment in America, Britain and Israel can’t have any competitors, if they put a stop to China’s growth now, China will probably become the most powerful state on earth in the near future, and so they will sow the seeds of China’s stagnation or destruction without attacking mainland China directly preferably.
        It’s not just about Taiwan but the waters Taiwan has access to, I think they want to frustrate China’s ability to trade and search for oil, they will do whatever they can to frustrate it now and perhaps sow the seeds of revolution among its people so they can install a western style government in China or break China up into smaller units.

  4. I was suspended from ( the supposedly Musk free speech ) Twitter this week for using the term “Yid” to deceive the president of Ukraine .

    • Lots of people are getting suspended who weren’t even banned under the old regime. I haven’t bothered to create a new account. Seems like a waste of time

      • How about investing, promoting Gab accounts in our community?

        I know I’m repeating myself, but I do think OD, TPC and related dissident Right, Southern Nationalists, immigration patriots need to do a better job of fundraising.

        There are lists available regarding who’s giving money to related causes.

        Merry Christmas everyone

    • Photos of Elon Musk sitting and chatting with Jared Kushner at the Qatar World Cup football matches – near when Musk announced quitting as Twitter CEO – are notable. These follow up on the photos of Musk vacationing in Greece with Ari Emanuel, Hollywood star-maker who led the destroy-Ye campaign, and brother of Obama’s associate Rahm Emanuel.

      Per ZeroHedge, Twitter was losing money for some time, and it’s now saddled with an additional 1.5 billion a year in interest and debt-service costs from loans to make the Musk Twitter deal. Only 140k $8 a month people signed up, bringing in a paltry $14 million a year.

      Musk made some savings from firing 5000 of Twitter’s 7500 employees – with little downside, it seems – but Musk forecasts Twitter in 2023 will spend $5 billion and maybe earn only $3 billion if more advertisers don’t leave. Seems ripe for handover.

    • I noticed with the initial Musk take over I picked up several hundred followers in a matter of weeks which used to take months. Things have tapered off lately though. Many Pro White accounts I know of are still banned.

  5. 6. Joe Biden Runs For Reelection

    Unless he dies in office of natural causes

    If Dementia Joe ends up face down in the mashed potatoes, it’s Cackling Kamala, Come on Down! You won the booby prize, you are now Mr. President, like it or not.

    I guaranfuckingtee markets will crash in response as well as other bad effects that will cascade from the very idea of Cackling Kamala as Mr. President. The Cackler in Chief as Mr. President will be a first class test of the ludicrous idea of equality with a threefer in charge: black, Indian (dot, not feather) and stooopid.

    Even though the Deep State will be calling the shots with the loathsome Republicans going along for the ride there won’t be an ounce of confidence left in the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire. The Cackler in Chief will make Dementia Joe look like Prince Metternich by comparison.

  6. The groypers are just a bunch of weak Zoomers who are too scared to talk to women let alone harm someone. I wouldn’t worry about them too much.

    The only prediction I have is DeSantis won’t run till his final term as governor is over. Most people see that he is more useful there.

  7. I mostly agree on your predictions. I hope you are right regarding Dump being defeated by Desanctimonious, but if that happens he will certainly go the Samson route, and peel away enough would-be Republican voters to bring back Biden or another Democrat. I don’t see things going badly for Russia in 2023, as every contingency that could cause this has an estimated likelihood (my estimates) of no greater than 5% likelihood.

  8. The bottom line is, while our ruling class isn’t entirely monolithic, by and large they have an agenda.
    No they do not passively react to events like we do.
    The woke technoligarchy Carrol Quigley wrote about want to consolidate power both domestically, and internationally.
    They’re getting fed up with incrementalism, and pretending to care about civil liberties.

    Basically what they want is to import a woke version of the China model here.
    They control both parties but may have lost a bit of control over the republicans.

    And so they will keep pushing, the only question is, what will be the next current thing, will it be more viral lockdowns, climate lockdowns, false flags or austerity measures for the lower classes and bailouts for the upper?
    Will they continue to push China like they pushed Russia?
    Up against the wall with no choice but to concede, or respond militarily?

    Or will it be more chipping away at taboos?
    After trans what’s next?
    Schaub’s boy Trudeau is already pushing decriminalization of hard drugs and euthanasia in Canada, meanwhile Jacinda Ardern is banning tobacco for the next generation of people, I shit you not look it up.
    Will it be antiageism/pedophilia?
    Cannibalism/soylent green, ‘for the earth’?

    You see these guys want to completely replace religion, traditional values and civil liberties with woke technoloigarchy.
    50% isn’t good enough, if people want to continue practicing Christianity it has to be 100% pro-LGBTP, I mean it’s now illegal for preachers to preach against homosexuality at church, we don’t have free speech here in Canada, and the pope recently went to ‘Mount Sainai’ to receive the 10 woke climate commandments, that’s how bat shit these people are, yes they really are Satanists.

    And so they will continue pushing, and no doubt there will be some pushback, the question is will the pushback be enough?
    We are heading for global dystopia if we don’t pushback against these people, but if we pushback, and it’s not enough, then there will be civil and international conflict, but some pushback is still infinitely better than none at all.

    Gone are the years where not a whole lot happened, the only question is what will the new current thing(s) be and how will the people respond to them as well as ongoing agendas from prior years?
    I don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen but I will be surprised if 23 is a dull year, it will probably be at least as interesting as 22.

  9. 10. All of the spending of the last few years by the Federal Government precludes any serious threat of recession. Plus, State and Local spending is being done on an expansive scale, 6 1/2% sales taxes are common, so are local wage taxes. No fiscal responsibility by anyone. Rising energy prices will only make things worse, as these crazy Roman Catholic and Jew politicians push the religion of Green energy and climate change.

    The Federal Reserve will be forced to raise rates.

  10. I do agree with the host of this blog that President Biden will run again, whether he be alive or dead.

    Reminds me of the last years of the Soviet Union, when Brezhnev was shown as leading, but, was already a year or two dead.

    And, if the GOP candidate is President Trump, and in consideration of how elections are run in Swing States, I think Biden will win.

    Inflation will be a growing issue.

    I think the dominant issue of next year will be the war between The United States’ Government/Britain (World Economic Forum) and all who support Vladimir Putin

    In fact, even cats in Russia may be targets, if they want to cling to the idea of being Russian.

    In spite of the fact that some heavyweight WEFers, like Henry Kissinger, are not in favor of the current direction, it seems to me that the WEF is determined to wager it’s major holdings in The West against Russia, come what may. That so, I would be very surprised if, by May, the battlefield did not very openly include Nato and the US Army.

    A longterm prediction is that the very regime change the WEF is seeking in Russia and China will bring regime change here.

    Thus, I would be surprised if the United States were here by 2030, but, if it is, it will be predominantly homosexual, godless, and, therefore, very very depressed – with suicide rates way beyond what they are now.

    This time in history, in this part of the world, is not for the ungrounded..

    • @Ivan Turgenev:

      I’m not sure about regime change in the USA and the West being imposed by a foreign power but by the authorities due to civil unrest due to mass food and energy shortages.

      China’s Potemkin Village is crashing down around its ears thanks to the Wuhan Virus and its own draconian lock downs.

      A lot of its production is being moved to India which may not have mastered indoor plumbing but is not carrying a lot of debt.

      Russia has not gotten much richer since the oligarchs stripped most of her assets and has been dealing with American sanctions ever since. Moreover they have fuel of their own and aren’t facing what Europe is and the USA will be thanks to these ridiculous Green New Deal policies.

      The result will be that the West, including the USA and Canada, will sink into the same poverty we see in poorer Eastern bloc countries who are used to deprivation and scraping by. The adjustment will be painful, to say the least for those who survive.

      • Adjusting to this country already IS painful, My Dear Clytemnestra, and, I do not doubt what you say – that more adjustments are to be made.

        Until some political organization comes that is prepared to deal with oligarchs, not much is going to improve.

        Thank you, again, for your commentary.

        Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. I just swung by to say that there is not a sufficient vocabulary of abuse to express my hated and loathing of the “united” “states” and all its symbols and the sooner it collapses, the better. Yankeedom delenda est.

  12. I agree 2023 is hard to predict other than it looks like tough times ahead.

    Merry Christmas Brad and commentators of OD

  13. The only prediction I feel safe making is that Musk will be replaced by a jew at Twiddish. Maybe Jared Kushner?

  14. It would be pretty funny if Batshit Biden defeated Zion Don a second time, especially considering the fact that Biden will be even more unfit for office two years from now.

  15. Ukraine-Russia war info is not easy to parse, given levels of propaganda and wishful thinking from both sides

    But even mainstream media articles increasingly talk about Ukraine running out of manpower, despite all the money flowing. Mathematics of attrition.

    Mainstream media blurts out items on how increasingly green, untrained Ukies have 70% casualty rates in combat … and are psychologically folding under pressure whilst they think of family members freezing without power back home.

    Plausible scenario –

    Ukraine starts to buckle with its energy grid half down.

    Polish and other Nato troops start to go in to protect Western Ukraine – global war panic gets dialled to 11 – but this is covertly welcomed by the Russians … given that Poles are eager to re-acquire former Polish territory in Ukraine, with smaller pieces available for recovery by Romanians, Slovaks and Hungarians.

    Ukraine is carved up, Eastern Europe Nato countries get enlarged, armistice declared. ‘Best we could do …’

  16. #7 Steve Sailer has already been re-suspended from Twitter by new regime for politely pointing out some hate facts from an official FBI crime stats chart.

    • I think there’s a bunch of hangers on still at twatter and Musk is afraid of firing them all lest he lose all advertising and financial support. He pushed, and (((they))) pushed back. Maybe that’s why he wants to bail. Knowing he can’t really hire and fire as he would like.

      • Spahnranch1970,

        Mexico liked it better in the 19th century since we calculated that we had a better chance of taking Texas back. Once it became part of the United States then we thought we would never get it back.

        As for now? An Anglo dominated Texas would probably be way less lenient on being invaded than a Texas part of the United States. Then again Latins are slightly more numerous than anglos in Texas nowadays.

        So a modern Texas Republic would essentially be Mexican again unless Texas were to encourage mass Anglo immigrants from other parts of the United States. That might not be possible with more Mexican voters in Texas than Anglo ones.

        Also would Texas wish to be more heavily populated and lose more of it’s land to masses of more people?

        My personal belief is that we have Texas back again rather it is part of the United States or an independent Republic. I predict that an interracial Texas more and more dominated by Latins is the fate of Texas.

        Other racial groups will not enjoy a Latin dominated Texas I suspect. With the United States weakened Mexico would not have to worry about catering to the obsessions that the modern USA has.

        • The date listed for my comment is way off. I was not here for Christmas. I left a day or so earlier and I will not access this site in Mexico.

      • @Spahn…

        Though you have asked the question of our young friend, I hope you’ll forgive me for interjecting.

        In my view, Mexico is hot on our heels on the path of deterioration, in some respects, even, racing ahead of us.

        I tell you that I am quite shocked, because, having known many Mexicans, for a long time, as I have, I considered them to be a nation of very solid and traditional family-oriented Christian people.

        Of course, there is still much of that, but, many problems are on the horizon.

        The reason why I mention this is because I do not see the current Mexican leadership as being positioned to take advantage of any changes up here.

        Hope I am wrong, for their sake, but, I think the best that Mexico seems to be able to project is to try to shore up the glaring dilemmas in their society by sending millions up here, for untold periods of time.

        It’s not a strategy for success, no, not of any kind.

        That said, I do see California and New Mexico as likely targets to be a part of Mexico at by the end of this century.

        How Arizona goes I am less sure.

        Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

        • Ivan,

          A parting shot and then I have to leave. I commented on this once before but it is worth a repeat.

          We have all heard and perhaps observed how calculating and scheming politicians are.

          Well I say you should see how scheming, manipulating, calculating, and flirtatious Mexican girls can be in any school where there are males and we outnumber them heavily.

          The competition for them can be furious. Perhaps politicians and others should take notes from our behavior. I am under no illusions concerning the strengths and weaknesses of my sex.

          • Thank you, Dear Cristina.

            Apparently the politicians of The United States are merely offspring of Mexican prep-school girls!

            God bless you!

      • Flax,

        I leave again tomorrow morning for a few days and then I should be back until around January 6 when my vacation is finished. I appreciate the song and I give you one in return about….Tijuana of course.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      And a Merry Christmas to you as well.

      My friends and I think about guys and marriage all the time. I also know we are more desirable now than when we will be older.

      A couple of years ago friends and family were at a park in Texas and there were some men in their 20’s flirting with women their own age. They saw some of us and came and started flirting with us instead.

      My grandmother was with us and just said–Men! They are goats. But she said it with humor not derision. My great grandmother was married at 16. Most of my aunts married before they were 20.

      I would wish to go and finish at an University first. I have interest in Accounting. Then I will support the family business.

  17. Okay, here are my prognostications:

    In 2024, Joe Biden will retake the White House after defeating the Republican presidential nominee who will not be Trump.

    Trump will be defeated in the Republican primary. Whether he runs as an independent candidate or not will probably depend on if any investigations, indictments and/or convictions go away after he is formally ousted from the GOP.

    The Republican presidential nominee will be Mike Pence and Nikki Haley will be his running mate. Pence (who was probably the mole leaking all kinds of dirt – real and fabricated – during Trump’s administration) is so disliked and distrusted by all but the most Beltway Republicans that he will be resoundingly defeated.

    If the harassment and punishment by process of Trump ends with his Republican primary defeat, Trump would be better off not running as an Independent than to give Pence a face-saving excuse for practically zero turnout/support for his Presidential candidacy. But Pence will lose not matter what Trump does.

    None of the popular Red state governors will be running in 2024, knowing that the Deep State will be engineering Biden’s re-election just like they had in 2020. Each of those contenders, including Glen Youngkin and Ron DeSantis, will bide his time until 2028.

    Biden will no longer be president by the 2026 Mid-Term elections. Either he will resign due to or succumb to health problems and die – probably from another Covid variation. He seems to get a lot of them. Thus ending any investigations into the influence-peddling all of them are guilty of. Because two more years of Biden and his cronies and their antics, will force Americans to put in Republicans in hopes to rein in their excesses.

    When Heels Up Harris becomes president, she will name Gavin Newsom as her vice president. He is vying to be the 2028 Democrat nominee to run against any Republican hopeful.

    China will have its hands full with Covid. The enforced lock-downs they imposed will make their population much more vulnerable to its ongoing variations. Not to mention the anti-Xi protestors. Russia’s difficulty taking the Ukraine will make them too hesitant to make any kind of move on Taiwan, especially if the USA arms Taiwan to the teeth like they did the Ukes. Which, aside from the money-laundering operation over there, was the purpose of all these blank checks to the Ukraine.

    Enthusiasm for helping Ukraine is already rapidly waning and will accelerate with the passing of yet another blank check through the Porkulus. (Which the Senate Republicans passed to give future presumed House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy ass cover from having to either endorse or oppose funding it). Europe is already over it.

    It will not end well for the United States even if Nuclear War Armageddon is avoided. The USA empire will end up like Great Britain after WWII; broke and marginalized. Even more importantly resented and despised by all of Europe and any other of our former allies. This will definitely be a Pyrrhic Victory for the USA in the end.

    Not seeing a formal de jure national split up, because there is no system to replace our current institutions set up, but SCOTUS will have its hands full listening to lawsuits pursuing/fending off intrastate secession movements by redder counties in blue states petitioning to be annexed by red states like certain Virginia counties were planning when it looked like McAuliffe might beat Youngkin.

    Ukraine is going to end off a lot worst off thanks to Volodomyr Zelenskyy’s intransigence. Both Hungary and Poland have historical claims to parts of Ukraine and will probably get them back. If anything remains of Ukraine after this exercise, it will be a miracle

    • @Clytemnestra…

      The thoughfulness and depth of knowledge in your commentary predictions are outstanding.

      If only more people in this land had such a grasp as you.

      Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

    • @Clytemnestra…

      “Ukraine is going to end off a lot worst off thanks to Volodomyr Zelenskyy’s intransigence”

      Actually, I must take issues with you on this : Zelensky, though I am not at all fond of him, has tried to negotiate with Putin numerous times, but, it is always sabotaged by Washington and London.

      This is why Russia has essentially given up on anything less than a military solution, for the realize that they have no reliable partners across the table.

      Certainly Minsk I & II agreements demonstrated that, as have former German chancellor Angela Merkel’s comments about that, but, the last year has put a ribbon on all that.

      For this reason I have changed my mind about the likelihood of Russia charging all the way to Lviv and Transnistria this Winter, but, instead, to pushed gently west and take Odessa and Kiev.

      I believe that they believe that a longterm war is now to their benefit, this as it gives the impatient West to grow yet more that, thus weakening those edifices which are attempting to conduct a regime change at red Square.

  18. Here’s something I rarely hear people consider.
    Both Biden (80) and Trump (76) are old.
    The former has Alzheimer’s/dementia and the latter is obese.
    Trump’s two brothers are deceased, they both died of natural causes well before reaching 80.
    The American male life expectancy is 78.
    I say it’s probable that by 2024, at least one of them is either dead, or waaay too far gone to run for president, no matter how much the technoligarchs may want Biden in there so they can maintain full control, he may not even be well enough to stand and read from a teleprompter or answer the simplest and most basic questions with a semblance of coherency.

    Also, both parties are turning against them as more boomers who vote for stability over change are checking out of this world.
    I think it’s probable one or both of them won’t even be running.

    Myself I prefer DeSantis for reps, and Newsom for dems, not because I like Newsom, I hate him, I think he’s a psychopath (not unlike many if not most politicians), but because I think the ‘American Psycho’ would make for an entertaining adversary for DeSantis, + the whole gen x governor of California versus gen x governor of Florida thing would be entertaining, each one trash talking the other’s state.

  19. This is why Gavin Newsom would make a great president:


    Of course I want DeSantis to win, he’s by far the lesser of two evils, but there are no half decent dems anymore, Tulsi and Yang are gone, and Bernie sold out, dems are 100% owned by woke technoligarch psychos now.
    One thing I didn’t like about Barack Obama is he was really good at hiding how full of shit he was, but with a Biden, Fetterman or Newsom, everyone with half a functioning brain knows how corrupt they are.
    ‘I like my bullshit way out in front so I can get a good whiff of it’.

  20. Here’s a really off the beaten track prediction for 2023 relevant to the United States. One that I made specifically for the year 2023 all the way back in 2009.

    In 2007, I started seeing the name “Shaq” and “Shaquille” show up in crime blotter news. It didn’t take me long to figure out why. It was that, back in 1992, one Shaquille O’Neal turned pro, with his curious first name. Therefore, lots of black women gave their newborn sons at the time that first name. So, by 2007, 15 years later, they were 15 years old and were starting to commit crimes and get publicly identified in certain circumstances.


    2008 plus 15 equals 2023.

    The names “Barack” and “Barack Obama” starting to show up in the crime blotters.

  21. I’m much more sanguine regarding Ye.
    Fuentes far from imploding is exploding into new realms of relevance and audience. He has done remarkable. They lose the optics war, admitting Hitler and Race politics are optical and yet somehow ended up measurably more famous. Can Fuentes go mainstream?
    Of course, I’m sceptical of celebrity having a large effect on voter turnout, issues are everything.
    Ye is a creative genius, he is also just a tourist to our politics. He likes Hitler and Nazis for the aesthetic, which he wants to use in his campaign. The YE24 swastika iconography is really based and on that basis alone he deserves the support of the further right.
    On the jews, he’s just pissed about what they did to him and his family. To his credit he seems much more upset over the family stuff then the financial raping the jews gave him. Ye going on Jones in a balenciaga gimp mask and praising Hitler was the peak political event of 2022 and it’s really not even close. Next to eternal boomer Jones, Fuentes semi-fascist schtick seemed reasonable.
    Trump is not finished, I see Trump getting railroaded out of the GOP by Fox and Desanctimonious for his refusal to fully (meaning repeatedly) denounce Ye or Fuentes (he still has not specifically denounced Fuentes!). The GOP will also want to avoid a risky nomination process, risky means including Trump. Trump liked what he saw in Fuentes. Trump king of the racists.
    Trump will run third party.
    Trump Ye together are the only two candidates with a viable chance of doing an anti-establishment third party political campaign.
    On their own, neither can bring enough votes. But together, against an electorate divided on DeSantis or Biden/Newsom, maybe?
    White Black working class alliance against our jewish oppressors.
    Name the jew, blame the karen, rekt the groomers, sounds pretty fun tbh fam.
    Progressive populist economic policies, racialized conservative social policies (race laws).
    Massive stadium tour Ultra MAGA Whites + Ye and the Blacks.
    Could be worse.

    Otherwise, accelerationism ftw
    fuck zog amirite

  22. Cristina Romana: We assume Texas is the best, strongest example of American conservatism and national spirit, but I think it is illusory. As you observe, many more Latins are there now. My Mexican friend, when I visited him in 1988 in Houston, introduced me to his wife, who was Colombian. She didn’t speak English, nor saw any point to it…”everyone here speaks Spanish”, she said. And I went through whole sections of Houston that were completely Mexican, and they weren’t slums, but very stable, prosperous areas.
    Probably a national breakdown in America could easily send Texas into a semi-Mexican state again, perhaps with Anglo leadership at the top who simply accepts demographic reality but waves the flag and goes cowboy to keep the facade going. The Bushes would happily do that, and people like them have no allegiance to any kind of racial unity for whites, although they know how to play for it during elections.
    In America it’s all showmanship and shilling. We are devout in our hypocrisy.
    I wonder if the upper class and its attendant deep state agencies are getting impatient with all of this pandering to a republic. If there is any prediction of the future that will come true, it is that America will continue to be a facade and geographic expression rather than a viable national entity. There is simply too much third world invasion and nothing really has been done, nor will.
    I agree with Karl Logan at how Obama’s b.s. act sold, but no one can sell it anymore. The political/corporate leadership has no interest in pretending anymore. They feel they don’t have to, and they’re not skillful enough to try it. White America will continue to become large rural islands in a multicultural sea, and will probably keep shrinking.
    I’m not calling for “patriots” to take action. No one has, will, and this is where we’re at.
    Clytemnestra has a good view of possible outcomes.
    I see Biden as a kind of ventriloquist’s dummy Caesar. There is no more republic, and instead of a Julius Caesar, a sleaze bag like Biden is what we have. it’s all we’re capable of. To show that Trump is the only “reform” candidate says a lot about what we’ve become.
    I laugh at a Pence/Hailey ticket. Or, God help us, Jeb! The GOP is just dead, as is any kind of republican system, and really, more than a few people are probably happier with a dictatorship. I’m not really bitter, I don’t want to play anymore.

  23. What do you think about Andrew Anglin claiming retroactively after every passing event that he had predicted it well in advance ? He claims to have predicted the Ukraine-Russia war also.

  24. Actually, much of what he says was predicted by him when you keep up with his site. He has an ability to foresee things, but he’s been wrong as well. However, much of what we have now could easily be seen twenty years ago. I wrote a novel about an American civil war in 1995, and a lot of it actually has come to pass…except the war to restore freedom. No one’s going to fight for anything. Just not going to happen.
    You guys dump on Anglin. I like his sense of humor, and he offers some thoughtful advice on morality. I go to a lot of websites, and take them or leave them.

  25. Yea 2023 is probably not gonna be just another year, terrible things are going to happen this year, maybe even Armageddon.
    We’re not in Kansas anymore, usually something terrible would happen every decade or two, like a stock market crash, or a new war, now multiple terrible things are happening every year or two, like the scamdemic and Antifa/BLM riots of 2020, or the new cold war with Russia and soaring inflation of 2022, which may devolve into a hot world war between NATO and, let’s call it Eurasia (Russia, Belarus, China, etcetera, maybe North Korea and Iran) in 2023 or 24.

    None of this crap is a coincidence in my view.
    It’s all happening because our elite’s hegemony got challenged somewhat domestically and geopolitically.
    Everything that’s happened in the 2020s is their response.
    Our elite were exposed somewhat in the 2010s, people woke up a bit to how malevolent they are, resulting in the election of leaders from Trump to Bolsonaro, from Brexit to Salvini, then Meloni.
    I’m not saying any of these leaders were populist heroes, just that much of our elite were shaken up by them to some extent.

    In my view our elite aren’t just crony capitalist war mongers.
    While the elite aren’t entirely monolithic, they have occasional disagreements and conflicting interests, I believe by far the most powerful faction of our elite are a kind of Marxist.

    Marxism didn’t die, it just mutated.
    To this day Marxism survives in 5 countries, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba.
    But the Marxism of China today isn’t the Marxism of the cold war, it mixed with both capitalism, and nationalism to produce what we may call national corporate Marxism.

    Marxism survives in the west too, it was present in academia in the 60s and has also mixed with capitalism, but unlike China, which is monoracial and austere, because the west is multiracial and decadent corporate Marxism has taken on a different flavor here, you could call it global corporate Marxism, or woke for short, it’s what woke is.

    And so by and large our elite are hell bent on building a NeoMarxist global dystopia, but there are other factions of our elite the masses have taken a liking to, like Trump, DeSantis and the faction they represent, which’re basically in favor of keeping America largely as it is or was a few decades ago, civic nationalist, a bit socially conservative and fiscally crony capitalist.

    By contrast eastern Europe and Russia seems to have largely rid itself of Marxism, and is more like the west was in many respects in the mid 20th century before the cultural revolution we had in the late 60s and 70s.

    So that’s what all this is about in my view, two competing sorts of NeoMarxism, one in the more urban areas of the west and the other in China, and two sorts of national conservatism, a weaker one in the more rural areas of the west and a stronger one but by no means fascism in Eastern Europe and Russia.
    Those who achieve victory will be able to shape what the rest of the 21st century looks like, what sort of world order we’re gonna have.
    The competition will likely intensify until victory has been achieved.

    A left-liberal like Bill Marr, or a left-populist like Jimmy Dore represent what the left used to be like, before it went full on TechnoMarxist, it was somewhat compatible with conservatism, the new left isn’t.
    The left moved from left-liberalism to Marxism, but the right didn’t move from right-liberalism to fascism, merely from right-liberalism to right-populism, a bit.
    It’s the left who went insane, not the right.

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