Poll Watch: Most Americans Favor Restrictions on False Information

In related news, Democrats now believe that it is up to the government to determine what is true and false and to censor “misinformation” on the internet.

Pew Research Center:

65% of Americans support tech companies moderating false information online and 55% support the U.S. government taking these steps. These shares have increased since 2018.

Americans are even more supportive of tech companies (71%) and the U.S. government (60%) restricting extremely violent content online.

Democrats are more supportive than Republicans of tech companies and the U.S. government restricting extremely violent content and false information online. The partisan gap in support for restricting false information has grown substantially since 2018. …

Support for government censorship among Democrats has risen from 40% in 2018 to 70% in 2023.

Note: In just today’s news, Democrats have given up on patriotism while embracing censorship. Also, there were reports last night that Trump is going to be indicted over 1/6 this afternoon, so they have also embraced the belief that they have the right to arrest and jail their political opponents.


  1. This is actually a good news. Their narrative collapsing and so hard that they can not ignore and hide anymore. Our truth is prevailing hard.

  2. The regime media publishes “false information” all the time. But it’s approved by Big Government/Big Tech.

  3. “Most Americans Favor Restrictions on False Information ”

    If that is so, and I will not assume that it is, as all polls are funded by those who have agendae, then it is clear that ‘most Americans’ not only do not know what America is, the genius of The Constitution is lost on them.

    America is in trouble because the anti-Americans run the schools.

    Something, something systemic, must be done about that.

      • @Spahn…

        I support Russia defending itself against the Jew England Yankee World Order which, over the course of 30 years did everything possible to create this war.

        It almost has nothing to do with the Russians, or the Ukrainians – they just happen to be in the way of an evil wind that seems to know no bounds.

        As to the Ukraine, they lost their sovereignty in 2014, when then the US overthrew their democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovich. After that the Ukraine has been a US/EU garbage dump.

        Though I have every sympathy for Ukrainians, our White Brothers, they have somehow allowed themselves to be enlisted in fighting for those whom they regard as their enemies.

        Most idiotic have been those from Western Ukraine – the Galicians and Volhynians – they who hate everything Jewish, and yet what to they do? : attack their Slavic brothers ON behalf of International Jewry

        As to Vladimir Putin – he is doing what he can to defend his land and people, so, I have no choice but to feel ‘supportive’ of that.

        What about you?

        • I have relatives who live in the western part of the Ukraine but unfortunately I can’t visit them, thanks to Victoria Newland/Noodleman and the rest of the usual suspects. Apparently there was more hostility between the Russians and Ukrainians than I thought. And that hostility has been expertly exploited by the bad guys in an attempt to turn the Ukraine into a Khazar/Ashkenazi gangster state.

          I supported Vladimir Vladimirovich’s special military operation at first but now I’m not so sure. Why is it taking Russian forces so long to secure the Donbas-Luhansk region?

          • @Spahn…

            “Why is it taking Russian forces so long to secure the Donbas-Luhansk region?”

            Vladimir has already achieved his objectives, but, he has no one reliable to sit at the other end of the table and negotiate.

            Minsk I & II agreements he now sees were a total waste of time.

            Though the Ukrainian forces are critically weak, at this time, and nearly out of large ammo and equipment, there remains the fact that that Vladimir is mindful of the fact that, if he jolts the American Administration too hard, a nuclear exchange could result.

            He understands that they are operating at the edge of mental reality, and that they are licking their wounds, everything they have tried a failure.

            That said, as I speak, Russian Soldiers are advancing quickly in many places in Donetsk-Luhansk.

            Very little is yet held by the NATO-ites.

            The highly courageous and professional army that the Ukraine had, 20 months ago, is now dead, only the poorly and hurriedly trained in their stead.

            Goal of de-Nazification has been largely achieved, in the military sense, as the most vitriolic of them are now in the dirt.

            That said, Western Ukraine, Volhynia and Galicia is completely untenable for The Russians.

            If they are forced to go there, because of The Biden’s Administration’s inability to concede a demilitarized Ukraine, then I believe Russia will hand these areas over to Poland, and then let them deal with those difficulties.

            I am quite sure that Galicia is unrulable.

            Those people, whatever you want to think about them, are fiercely independent and though, not all of them, their is a spirit among the Galicians that hates Poles, Russians, Slovaks, and, yes, Jews.


          • @Spahn…

            “Apparently there was more hostility between the Russians and Ukrainians than I thought.”

            Yes and no.

            Yes, the US Government worked on fanning the flames of hostility, day and night, for 8 years, this in order to buttress up the regime they wanted to be a sturdy launching pad for their now failed overthrow of Russia.

            One of Czar Vlad’s stated reasons for the invasion was to put and end to this process which was egging on Slavic Brothers to kill each other.

            That said, most of the hostility towards the Russians, in The Ukraine, came from the non-Ukrainians – those who, in Galicia, used to be a part of the Roman Catholic Austro-Hungarian Empire.

            That’s why the Galicians, all around the Lviv area, were put in charge of that country, when the US knock over President Yanukovich – because the US knew their literal 1940 German mentality was best suited to their needs.

            And … to hide this Nazi state of mind, best to get a Jewish president!

            Westerners are so easy to fool, even the best educated of us, as I was just watching Piers Morgan debate Roseanne Barr. other day, and when she said that Westerners needed to stop supporting this war, because the current Ukraine were a lot of actual SS-patch wearing Nazis, Morgan told her that her allegation could not be, because the president of the Ukraine is a Jew!

            Western Ukraine needs to be parceled back to Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, and Slovakia, and Galicia needs to be independent, though, I doubt they will get that.

    • Ivan Turgenev ” The anti-Americans run the school’s ” They are ANTI-CHRIST also, do away with k thru 12 public education, maybe if people have too reach into their wallet’s too pay for their children’s education, maybe, they will demand a return on their investment, these school boards need their feet held too the fire literally, this non-sense of arresting parent’s at school board meeting’s, for speaking their peace, must stop one way or another, we have us one, femmed out, bitched out, half ass country……..

      • @Terry…

        Very good points.

        North Carolina was the last state to adopt public education, because, as those Tarheels against public education said : ‘If your children are raised by someone else not you, they will not believe as you do.’

        Public School are a failure, sad to say, because there is little alternative to them.

        That said, I am for vouchers and school choice.

        Let the parents decide.

        I think this would welp things improve.

        Yes, our country is feckless.

        Many do not know what is right, and many of those who do know, will not do something.

        Though voting and attending school board meetings is praiseworthy, it will take more than that to correct this.

        Be well, My Friend!

  4. I think the people who agree false information should be restricted should also be made to agree on who should be empowered to do the restricting.

    The discord alone from that debate would keep them occupied from ever enacting any such policy.

  5. Trump is the biggest supporter of censorship we’ve ever had in the government. There is less censorship now than there was under Trump. It was all the work of the kikes who pull that Presbyterian’s strings.

  6. That is so cute how taxable unit serf peasants still cling to that they care about my opinion delusion.
    Throw some more jockstraps on the grill, the sporty ball is on.
    You get a free Apple ibuttplug with your 59th booster shot, don’t miss out, comrade!

    • “Most Americans Favor Restrictions on False Information ”

      They’d have to shutter Congress and the White House.

      “Babies in incubators, weapons of mass destruction……etc.”

  7. We live in a world where every profession, field, and government is corrupt to the eye balls while living in constant fear of being deplatformed and cancelled. Anyone who supports this rotten system of censorship is a pussy.

    • @New England…

      ‘Anyone who supports this rotten system of censorship is a pussy.’

      In that case, the country’s number #1 domestic product is the puss … ywillow..

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