Poll Watch: Youth Sour on America

Are we headed toward a waterfall moment?

If you look around, the evidence is really everywhere.


By the numbers: Overall, 39% of U.S. adults say they are “extremely proud” to be American in the most recent poll.

Meanwhile, only 18% of those aged 18-34 said the same, compared to 40% of those aged 35-54 and 50% of those 55 and over.

By comparison, in 2013, 85% of those aged 18-29 said they were “extremely” or “very” proud to be an American. …

What were these numbers like just a decade ago?

In 2013, 85% of Americans were either extremely or very proud to be Americans. 57% were extremely proud.

In 2013, 71% of Republicans, 56% of Democrats and 50% of Independents were proud to be Americans

Among 18 to 34 year olds (the people who would be called upon to fight in any foreign or domestic war), only 12% of Democrats, 25% of Independents and 42% of Republicans are now proud to be Americans. 85% of 18 to 34 year olds were proud to be American in 2013. It is 18% now.

Note: Unsurprisingly, the military is struggling to find people who are willing or eligible to serve. The social contract is broken.


  1. I have no idea who this is, but its funny AF and on point here.


    What that fucker Morpheus never told Neo, was that the red pill was a suppository. They had to show him choking on the magic mirror in the movie cause Keanu said “hell no, no way” when they originally pitched that part of the script to him. But its there between the lines, they just didn’t straight up say it.

    I don’t try to red pill people anymore. If folks are smart enough to figure it out on their own, they win a cookie. Otherwise, why bother them. It only causes grief and autism when it isn’t an organic process.

    Overdosing on red pills is a real thing.

    • Me neither.

      There is nothing that I could possibly do or say with this website or with social media or through any IRL activist event that would radicalize more people than is already happening on its own under Joe Biden. We are long past the “red pill” stage. It is in the rear view mirror about a decade ago

  2. This is bad news for the war mongers running GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire. Der Staat needs the 18 – 34 YO cohort of males to show up for their next war but they are unlikely to rally ’round the flag next time. Good for them.

    The Lügenpresse will be baffled why their Ministry of Propaganda style bullshit finds no takers next time the U.S. Government tries to implement conscription.

    • Trust me, they know. They’ve known since the 1970s and Reagan years that they gave the working class the heave-ho. Now they have a majority.

      They act hurt if you SAY it, which is a different deal altogether.

  3. Its a good thing that American Patriotism is collapsing among the young. Sure, many of them dislike America because it’s not anti-racist enough or not socialist or whatever, but whether young people dislike America because of left wing or right wing values, either way, the post-1945 Order is collapsing. Colorblind Liberal Democracy is not long for this world.

    The post-1945 Order was poisoning our race to death. Leftists, to their credit, injected Race back into the public consciousness, and now Whites worldwide are forced to pick a side: Life or Death. There is no future for conservative colorblind boomers. There is also no future for moderate liberalism. The future belongs to whoever wins the struggle between Pro-Whites and Anti-Whites, which I believe manifests as the struggle between Fascism – an eternal idea, not a historical period – and Social Democracy, which is to say, Libtardism. That was the case in 1923 and remains the case in 2023.

    • @DP84,

      I am in total agreement with you. The cost of making England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland into a Chernobyl Exclusion Zone would be ‘chump change’ to save Western Civilization, and our homogenous homelands.

      The only addendum I would have made is to pull an Operation Paperclip of the best scientists in Great Britain.

      The God damned judeo-Anglosphere are responsible for this existential crisis we face.

      • Hi November. I unfortunately haven’t gotten email notifications from OD in some time now, so I have to bookmark the links of the comments I make, and I delete the bookmark if I don’t see anything within three days. Hence why I missed this comment.

        Anyway, I think its obvious in hindsight how naive Hitler and the Third Reich leadership were to just how far gone Britain was by 1939. Winston Churchill, if he wasn’t yet an unironic anti-racist, was, at the very least, a philosemite. So far as I can tell, the NSDAP falsely assumed that because Britain technically still had a “White Supremacist” empire in Africa and India, that they would be “Natural Allies” of Germany in its struggle against Global Jewry and its coming struggle with the Soviet Union. This turned out to be as fanciful as the idea that a homosexual castizo could be the “leader” of the White Nationalist movement.

        I think if Hitler was wise to how far gone Britain really was, he’d have not hesitated to turn Britain radioactive, and clean up the mess later. The Nazis, as they are derisively called, were effectively fighting for the whole of Europe by the time the Battle of Stalingrad happened in 1942. Everything mainstream normies hate about libtardism began when America and Britain chose the wrong side in 1933. The reckoning for that is coming.

        In order to save our race, its a cold necessity to isolate those among us who are ideological fanatics for anti-racism and for the myth – the vicious lie – that Jews are innocent angels who “did nothing wrong.” Jews are hostile predators, and the vast majority of nonwhites on this planet are hateful of us and jealous of us. What they say to my face and how they act in public means nothing to me. Until we collectively acknowledge as a race that the entirety of the post-1945 order is an abomination, and that anti-racism as a morality must be spit on and cast out from thoughts, then more bad things will continue to happen until we are destroyed and completely humiliated.

        Saying “No” to Abrahamism after 2000 years of swallowing its poison is a damn good way to get that process rolling.

    • That’s the big question but the ruling class believes that they just need to pass a bill of conscription next time they want a big war and people will just fall in line. They are willfully blind to the effects of the changes the Left and their essential allies, the good “Conservatives” have wrought over the last 65 years or so. They are in for a shock.

    • National ways ” why fight for a government that hates us ” It not just the government it’s everything, a poisoned culture, demographic’s of death, it’s either police state or jungle and, academia, the media their Evil, fight for your family and friends, that’s all we really have…..

  4. The social contract is broken across the entire West. All institutions are now suspect, and with good reason.

  5. We live in a communist country. The good aspects which remain of the United States can be found in small pockets lingering to the distant past and the “far right”. The New World Order is real.

    • This is beyond communism. Communism was concerned with class, not race. The enemy tribe and their traitor-helper-whores running the show have specifically marked Whites for extermination.

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