New York Times: The Radicalization of the Young Right

Funny article.

I haven’t commented on the Nate Hochman sonnenrad or the Hannah Pearl Davis song about the Jewish Question or her recent confrontation with Piers Morgan. I didn’t connect that to the Pedro Gonzalez private messages or to the influence of Nick Fuentes on Kanye West.

New York Times:

In December 2021, the podcast “Know Your Enemy” — billed as a leftist’s guide to the conservative movement — welcomed Nate Hochman, a young man whom the host Sam Adler-Bell described as “the boy wonder of the new right.” At the time, Hochman was a 23-year-old National Review writer who’d already cycled through several of the prestigious fellowships available to aspiring young conservative intellectuals. (He’d later contribute to The New York Times.) Matthew Sitman, Adler-Bell’s co-host and a former conservative himself, considered Hochman a friend, and on the podcast, Hochman mostly came across as thoughtful and reasonable, eager to find the places where left- and right-leaning critics of liberalism agree. …

Several examples from just the last two months show a similar sort of thinking percolating among some of today’s young conservative revolutionaries. Last week, Media Matters for America reported that Matteo Cina, a Fox News staff member and former writer for Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, wrote on TikTok that it’s “hard to talk about the Holocaust and rising antisemitism without discussing Jewish presence in banking.” …

Michelle Goldberg could have also brought up the ADL’s campaigns against Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson. Everyone saw that. Everyone has been exposed to the Jewish Question.

Fuentes and Gonzalez are Mexican. Pearl is a mudshark. Hochman is Jewish. Kanye is a black rapper. Doesn’t that make you wonder how far and wide the truth about Jewish power and influence has spread? How many people know now who were in the dark before thanks to Jonathan Greenblatt?

Note: A few years ago, I predicted that the taboo on the Jewish Question would start dissolving. It would become normalized like the Great Replacement and anti-White discrimination. Unlike immigration which has become a standard Republican talking point, it is still edgy to talk about it


    • @Krafty Wanker,

      You are oblivious that you are telling us that you’re a jew without telling us that you are a jew.

      Is the philosemite Anglo Piers Morgan a Roman Catholic?

  1. This was/is a beautiful, very funny song. I thought the artist handled herself very well on Piers Morgan. I’d hope she’d take the next step and say:

    ” I meant this as just a tongue in cheek joke, but I’ve learned yeah, it’s true. No one at least in the USA, or the UK can talk about the Js… If you want to know what the great minds in Western Civilization thought in a rather negative way about these J people, the place to go is

    The Colchester Collection Grimstad’s Anti Zion

    Hitler was not the only smart person to say some negativing things about these J people – there were others like:

    Martin Luther, Voltaire, HG Wells, Mark Twain, the last Shah of Iran, Richard Nixon and Rev Billy Graham, Frederick Nietzche and Richard Wagner, every Czar and Catherine the Great including the last Czar that got murdered by J Bolsheviks.

    In this worst age of the worst forms of violent gangster Rap Music and the worst forms of hard core porn with fat, ugly hateful 75 year old J ish “Porn Stars” like Ron Jeremy having the freedom of speech to master *** on some poor girls face, why can’t others just talk about the Js, talk about all these endless J Neo Conservative wars, interventions, regime changes in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya, Syria Serbia and now Ukraine.

    Did you Pierce Morgan believe all those David Frum, Max Boot J Neo Conservative lies about Iraq having “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and these wars being for “Democracy and Freedom against an Axis of Evil”? Why Can’t we at least talk about this J stuff?

    • ” why can’t others just talk about the Js,”

      Because they are gods chosen.
      They have a soul vastly superior to ours.
      To find fault with jwz is to find fault with god.

      • Which is exactly why our race needs to cast out all the lies and propaganda that Paul of Tarsus spread to Rome 2000 years ago. I can get behind the idea of consciousness continuing to exist after we die, but as an ex-Christian, it’s time to get behind the kind of teleology that William Pierce was promoting 50 years ago. It doesn’t have to be Cosmotheism per say, but it *does* have to be a view of reality that:

        1. See reality itself as being self-created, as opposed to being created by a fake almighty god, least of all, the Jewish god Yahweh.

        2. Rejects Abrahamism in its entirety, including and especially Christianity

        The Jews are, by and large, an off-white race of ugly inbreds, most of whom have deep hatred for the rest of humanity in their hearts, and who, for reasons unbenownst to me, actually conceive of themselves as “God’s Chosen People” despite having a history of child rape and child sacrifice among their leaders. Their religions are all lies, and their conception of reality is a falsehood.

        • @DP84…

          “I can get behind the idea of consciousness continuing to exist after we die”

          It occurs, whether you get behind it or not.

          Even if you discount the assertions of the major faiths, the experiences of Catholic and Orthodox exorcists confirm the immortality of the human soul.

          But, even if you discount that, there are the countless testimonies of those who have died and come back from death, or those umpteeen zillion cases of recorded past-life regression.

          Dr. Michael Newton’s books on this phenomenon are eye-opening.

          No, you cannot die, however, where you go, after here, is quite another matter.

          • I have. Thanks for noticing!

            Lets just say the words of William Pierce and Revilo P. Oliver ring a bell with me. Reading their content was the first time since 2014 that I felt like I was learning anything new or insightful.

  2. Normalizing discussion of replacement and anti white racism hasn’t solved any problems though and neither will it solve anything to be able to post hitler memes again on X (twitter).

    Without deliberate and persistent White Advocacy, all thats being done is radicalizing people, to no particular constructive end.

    The JQ isn’t an answer to anything. A negative message of any kind is no path forward.

    Its ok to be White was the most important meme ever to go viral because it leads straight to the 14 words as an inevitable therefore, but this was never embraced as a rallying cry for Whitey, because solidarity doesn’t generate clicks for right wing media, discord and bullshit infighting do. This is why all thats left is Fuentes and Ethan Ralph drama.

    • The JQ isn’t an answer to anything. A negative message of any kind is no path forward.

      Not in and of itself it isn’t. But getting some idea of one of the most important forces blocking progress on anything pro-white is pretty important.

    • David Lane who created the immortal 14 Words was an admirer of Adolf Hitler (capital H by the way cunt), as were the other members of The Order.

      Does not being around jews bring about philosemitism in Appalachians?

  3. The Jewish question in time will devolve into the question of “what is the nature of beast”? What are the inherent qualities of Jewish blood that separates and makes the Jews difference from the rest of us? The nature of the beast is predatory, and once the Jews are seen,by all, as they are and how God made them… is over. No amount of screaeching about racism and anti-shem crap is going to work.

    Christ warned them, and still they will not listen.

      • Well if it’s in the past, and no kid was involved, don’t you think it’s a better idea to leave the door open for her to return to the fold? In 2023, can you really afford to excommunicate people for non-permanent transgressions?

        • I didn’t say anything about excommunicating her. I just noted it. If I didn’t mention it, I knew it would come up in the comments.

      • Hunter and others – please don t repeat gossip like “ everybody says she s a mud shark , a whore, or she s really a Je&. “

        She made a best ever music video !

        Promote the video .

        Don t fall down in unsubstantiated gossip .

        Our women who want a little fame and $ in public life know or feel it helps to be linked to Black and gay people and causes and especially linked to celebrity Js .

        That s why we can t keep anyone who wants to be in public life on our side .

        • It is not unsubstantiated.

          I remember her saying she dates black guys in a clip from a stream in which she apologized for having Fuentes on her show. There are also photos of her with her black ex-boyfriend

  4. Talking about jews — the literal Spawn of Satan cf John 8:44 — inevitably leads to them being removed from the population they infest and knowledge of jews leads to Martin Luther saying that they should be prosecuted and eventually run off and sometimes even killed cf. Hitler and Robert Bowers, now undergoing trial for killing 11 of the evil critters.

    Talking about jews lead to goyim knowing anout jews and to know jews is almost never to love jews.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  5. We didn’t really get Pearls response on the irrational national, just him and the Jewess babbling on. Now I’ll have to look for the full interview. I’m sure Pearl can hold her own in a verbal exchange.

  6. “The Radicalization of the Young Right”


    The young Gentiles are not going to allow themselves to be ‘managed’ by International Jewry.

    Name coining and name calling won’t change it.

    That worked on my generation, but, like an overused antibiotic, it’s lost it’ effficacy

    • @TW…

      Because our greatest liability is our intellectual laziness.

      We simply do what we are told, and do not question, and or research, anything, and, given that we have no real political leadership, nor have had any for many decades, we are in very very bad shape – by far the worst condition we have ever been, in our 4 century long history.

      That said, for having attached our wagon to The Jew England Yankee train, we have become rich beyond our wildest dreams.

      Walmart and Victoria’s Secret sensibilities have replaced our erstwhile Honour Culture.

    • “…American South is the most Jew loving place…”

      I don’t think this is true. I’m Southern, and no one would even remotely call me Jew loving. This may be just another one of those things the Jews repeat endlessly to make everyone think that it’s true.

      • @Sam J…

        ““…American South is the most Jew loving place…”

        I don’t think this is true. I’m Southern, and no one would even remotely call me Jew loving. ”

        It is true. You are a bad measure, because you are well-informed, while most of our fellow Southerners are horrendously misinformed.

        You belong to a small select minority of our people.

    • It’s because Christians in the South have not learned the difference between the good figs and the bad figs. They think all Jews are the good figs. And yet when God was on Mount Sinai talking to God what were Jews doing at the base of the mountain? Building a golden calf, they could worship despite being able to see the glory of God via light and lighting flashes and deep audible rumblings! God wanted to destroy them all, but Moses talked him out of it.

    • @TW,

      Because WASPs and jews go together like macaroni and cheese. Simple as. The last three centuries have borne that out.

  7. I happen to have met a lot of Jews in my life and they are not a monolithic people. There are many Jews on the right and even on the left who do not like all the Cultural Marxism which has been going on for years. Yeah, sure, there are a few Jews who fit the stereotype, but there are also fifty times more Whites who behave like that stereotype as well. No sane normal person appreciates a Cultural Marxist.

    • @New England…

      Yes, you speak the truth, yet, International Jewry is the problem, not cumulative individual Jews.

      Moreover, you are also very right to mention how wacked out ot tens of millions of White American Gentiles currently are. In the end you can say what you want about Jewish run media or Jewish influenced academia, White Gentiles have responsibilty for their lamentable state.

      This period in our country is the result of many unfortunate things, not least of which are the longterm side-effects of too much wealth, living in the very artificial Modernity, and the decline of Christian values and practice.

      • “White Gentiles have responsibilty for their lamentable state.”

        The average WHITE is an indolent slug, only moving from one transient amusement to another, TV, McDonalds, beer, sportsball etc. Few strive to advance in anything meaningful.

        That’s the reason we need a merit socialism, something that encourages ppl to be better.

  8. Those two were “the Giants” of White awareness in my book. Nobody currently writing comes close to those two.

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