Harry Enten: The Chance of Trump Winning In 2024 Is Very Real

Trump is currently polling better than ever against Joe Biden in the general election and he only lost by a few thousand votes in the swing states which he should have lost decisively.


Donald Trump is facing two indictments, with the potential for more. Political wisdom may have once suggested the former president’s bid for a second White House term would be nothing but a pipe dream. But most of us know better by now.

Trump is not only in a historically strong position for a nonincumbent to win the Republican nomination, but he is in a better position to win the general election than at any point during the 2020 cycle and almost at any point during the 2016 cycle.

No one in Trump’s current polling position in the modern era has lost an open presidential primary that didn’t feature an incumbent. He’s pulling in more than 50% of support in the national primary polls, i.e., more than all his competitors combined. …

To put that in perspective, Trump never led in a single national poll that met CNN’s standards for publication for the entirety of the 2020 campaign. Biden was up by high single digits in the late summer of 2019. Biden is up by maybe a point in the average of all 2024 polls today. …

As things stand today, we are looking at Trump winning the Republican nomination and being convicted by a DC jury of multiple felonies and being sent to prison during the 2024 election cycle … and when that happens, he might be tied with or ahead of Biden in the polls!

Matt Taibbi:

Meanwhile Trump, indicted in multiple jurisdictions and the recipient of a target letter two weeks ago about a new January 6th-related charge, was by late last night reading headlines about a pending new indictment, coming as early as today (Trump just posted that he believes it’s coming). Prosecutors keep applying new charges to him like leeches on a medieval convalescent, and news audiences need a CNN case tracker to follow Trump’s charge count (76, with more on the way). The punchline? The man facing death in prison is in the strongest position of the major candidates. …

It’s written on the faces of Democratic politicians that no one expected a multiple-indicted Trump to be competitive in polls with Biden this late in the game. This is causing messaging paralysis. No one knows what to say or think. …

This is on track to becoming the biggest election clusterfuck in American history … worse than 2020, worse than 2000, worse than 1876, worse than 1824. No one who is behind has ever had his rival incarcerated. No one who is ahead has campaigned from behind bars.


  1. If RFK Jr. is not on the ballot, and it is Biden vs Trump vs. West, Trump will overwhelmingly win the popular vote.

    He will, however, lose the electoral count, because, as Kari Lake so correctly said the other day : ‘We cannot save this nation until elections are reformed.’.

    Yep, because nothing has been done in Milwaukee, Atlanta, or Phoenix, I have every reason to believe that those Swing States will be carried by Biden, through vote-doctoring.

    If RFK is 4th party, and on the ballot, I predict that he will win the presidency.

    RFK JR. is the only candidate who will receive very substantive support from The Right, The Left, and the unaligned muddled and pissed off – folks like me.

    Yes, just as Bill Clinton did, in ’92, RFK Jr will become president by a plurality, which, if we are going to continue as one nation, (not necessarily a good thing) would be the very very best thing.

      • @TW…

        My current odds are the following

        1-3 in favour of the cheaters.

        1-1 odds no one ever comes up with a 2024 Georgia presidential election result that a majority can accept.

        3-1 odds that the Georgians currently campaigning for an honest election get what they want, because they neither have the money nor do they close enough resemble the Georgia Klan of my childhood to be concerning enough to cause Fulton County into thinking twice. being on the level.

        8-1 odds that whatever happens in Georgia, it causes the US to split or plunge into a civil war.

        SPECIAL BOOKMAKER NOTES – Governor Kemp is key, and, right now, he makes me suspicious that he favours the World Economic Forum over his fellow Georgians.

        The Georgia Republican Party seems run by The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and they seem to be with the WEF.


        The South does not work well without a prominent Klan presence, because not only do young Negroes feel free to act without thinking, (mostly to the detriment of their own kind) White Southern politicians think their are no consequences for their treachery.

        Though people harp on the interaction between the KKK and Negroes, they often miss something very key – the affect of the KKK on White Southern politicians.

        People do not know that the Klan always went over to have a talk with a White Southerners who was out of line, starting with men who beat their wives or did not support their children.

        Even if you do not like the KKK, each society needs local groups who act as a buffer to unacceptable behavior.


        If you were the bookie, TW, ow would you set your Georgia odds?

        • A 50/50 toss up. Btw, when I was a kid, I asked my father, who was born in 1929 and grew up on a farm in Geneva county, Alabama, if there was any Klan activity. He said they went after white men who mistreated or refused to support their families, as you alluded to. Nothing about causing harm to darkies for sport.

          • @TW…

            Thank you for the confirmation and good reply.

            I think that The South was pretty uniform 75 years ago.

            Come to think of it, it is still pretty uniform today, though it’s been meddled with to such an extent the sense of unity is pretty much gone.

            Maybe adversity will reawaken it.

            All the best to you and yours

    • You can just assume every single black area will have 99% turnout 99 to 1 for the democrats. This is what the GOP will have to overcome. Such loyalty is why the left choose to double down on blackness as their response to the 2016 election which had been all about the little girls who would grow up to be STEM astronauts, firemen, cowgirls, etc without a glass ceiling. The thought the thing was in the bad and the blacks didn’t show up. Next time they made sure every single hood rat had a ballot harvested for them.

  2. I know a lot of people here hate Donald Trump, but whatever your feelings are about the man, know that he is a victim of corruption and enemy number 1 of every liberal who holds power. He has my vote just because if he loses, they win. I cannot handle 4 more years of Bidenomics and Biden’s borders. Homeless illegal aliens are now sleeping in super rich areas like Midtown Manhattan because everywhere else has run out of space for them. My savings have been wiped out due to inflation.

  3. I’m so looking forward to Biden having a McConnell moment on stage.

    * oh, I’m not suppose to do that, now.
    Will someone wipe me ? *

  4. Trump is becoming for both parties like what was said about slavery, like a wolf held by the ears, the situation is impossible to maintain, but you don’t dare let go. My own opinion is that the whole thing will end up breaking both parties in different ways. I just don’t know how yet. This is all so ridiculous and stupid.

  5. fourth party cannot win in politics. kennedy cannot win the primary because of the super delegate corrupt reform of 1984.
    Trump will win the primary, the republican TM leadership has too much to lose in a splintering, but Trump will be screwed out of the election again by the same handful of corrupt counties with mail in ballot stuffing in a handful of swing states.

  6. Sorry, but no 4th party candidate can ever win the Presidency. Sure RFK could receive much support from dissenters like us, but most Americans are stupid and lazy and still bound to the mass media and the Uni-party.

  7. Here is the thing about Trump I do not get, if e-voting is subject to fraud, manipulation and cheating and Trump was cheated last time, how does he expect to win in 2024 with the same system in place? And if he does not expect to win and figures on being cheated again, then why is he doing this? To expose everything and destroy it?

    • The thing you’re not getting is that DT is first, foremost and forever a grifter. Indeed he’s one of the most adept grifters in world history. Millions of little marks are sending the manufactured reality-teevee billionaire rail-car loads of their hard-earned shekels thinking doing the same retarded thing they did in 2016 will somehow turn out different this time around. Ol’ Cheetohead is in hock to his bankstains in YUGE way, and bankstains always get paid first. The 2018 election fraud was a practice run for 2020, and it’s only more entrenched now. It would be a true irony if the Jamaican kritarch appointed by Housenigga Hussein (and boosted into her throne with Gay Old Pedobear help) locked his sorry arse up and tossed away the hey as she’s already done with so many of his hapless followers who showed up to “stop the steal” on 1/6/21. He’s just making sure the Kushner crime family is paid so they won’t kill his youngest kid Barron or some such.

    • “Trump was cheated last time, how does he expect to win in 2024 with the same system in place? ”

      Many states have tightened their voting controls, it’s not the same system.

  8. As I said over at Gab, the ‘revenge’ factor is YUUUUGE in this scenario.

    Most White Americans who are “R” or even “I” see the vituperation and overt acts of vengeance on DJT to be DONE TO THE…..PERSONALLY. DJT has become EVERYMAN, and nothing the Jews, Fags, and other antichrists can do, will avail them.

    And, because we ‘normies’ are all supposed cowards, and are told not to ‘fedpost’ or ‘create scenarios’ that would enable the DEMON-RATS to engage their wet dream of a Bolshevik State in perpetuity (Yes, JEWS are to blame!)…

    – the electorate, who KNOW the 2020 was a COUP of LIES and BALLOT FRAUD on a scale not seen since Tammany Hall, WILL RISE UP IN REVOLT…. if Trump is denied either the nomination, or the Presidency. Perhaps even before that. I don’t know…..

    Kari Lake’s comments notwithstanding, however, we are ready for a ‘flashpoint’ on so many levels. The J-Left knows this, fears it more than anything, and have, since J6, made their faggy ass, tranny-loving attempts to ‘keep the deplorables’ in check, by any means necessary.

    But it isn’t working. Social media like Gab are gaining millions of keyboard patriots daily. Musk’s ‘X’ing himself out of the running as a valid platform, as well as all the other losers in that realm, have shown that the governmental censoring at Biden’s behest, by scum like Zucker-JEW, are now infuriating even millions more. All talk is now open- Pandora’s box has been open since Charlottesville, but more and more are seeing it for what it is… the JEWING OF WEIMERICA starting with Rush, moving on to Kanye, now talked about by Tucker, and yes- RFK, the Saxon is awakening. And even that most heinous of symbols in the Kosher toolbox- the image, the IKON of a failed Austrian painter, now no longer is the symbol of evil as they have manufactured it to be. We have reached Peak Jew, and are even past it. Oh, frabjous day……

    When apologies to ADL, SPLC, and other JEWISH SUPREMACIST agencies funded by American tax dollars are not forthcoming…. well. This won’t take long to arrive at a more modern ‘final solution.’

    But it is the Second Amendment, millions of rounds of ammo, righteously angry Americans who no longer give a shit about the SHITHOLE People from the shithold countries invading our homelands, nieghborhoods, schools, and even the genitalia of our children: and the unsure nature of who ‘really’ is a [sic] potential terrorist in trying to put out the fires they stoked themselves…. Well, We are like fire ants all over the corpus of American Politics, and it will only increase. Imagine the righteous anger that is brewing under the surface of these hurrahs the Clarence Thomas court have given us. WE WANT more than judicial decisions, if truth be told.

    Lastly, American Evangelical Millennial fervor for an Armageddon-like scenario was only held in check by the identification of God’s Chosen with the Talmuddied counterfeit in Tel Aviv. With the disgust over the doings (and exposing) of the Yid scum-class (Bankman-Fried, Schiff, Harari, Feinstein, Wasserman-Schultz) and their willing goyim (yes, even DJT, De Santis, etc. ad nauseam) all of these turds have significantly tarnished the bronze idol men like Falwell, Robertson, Graham, and Swaggart worked so hard to erect, like good little goyim, of the [sic] ‘righteous Jew.’

    The times, they are a changing. But they are marching on in an inevitable linear fashion, for the Lord God is not mocked. He will be vindicated, and He will have vengeance on His enemies, those who crucified His son, per John 8:40 ff.

  9. Trump is being persecuted, not prosecuted, for being an apparent enemy of the current regime. Nevertheless, I believe it’s a mistake to think that this means Trump is our guy. The little, if anything, Pro Whites got from Trump last time will be no different next time, if there is a next time.

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