Trump Arrested In DC

As I am sure everyone knows by now, Donald Trump was indicted and arrested in DC for the third time yesterday. The jurisdiction and the judge makes these charges much more serious. Trump is currently facing over 75 felonies and 450 years in prison.

Note: Joe Biden spent the day putting out a Dark Brandon video on Twitter.


  1. There isn’t a thing we can do about it either.

    With the sad under investment in the country’s infrastructure, I doubt there are even enough lightposts anymore.

    • “There isn’t a thing we can do about it either.”

      NO, there are manifold things that could be done, but most American WHITES are too wimpy, spineless, to have initiative.

  2. If you leave aside for a minute the fact you didn’t agree with much of what Trump did (or didn’t) do, he’s a lesson in how the establishment will treat anyone remotely interested in having our backs and doing anything slightly pro white or pro America.
    You could argue that if even someone like Trump receives this treatment, imagine what they’d have in store for someone more right leaning.
    The West is run by mobsters and goons who give but not a shit about you.

    • But Trump killed brown hero general though and that just can’t tolerated if you’re truly pro White.

      • It’s not about assassinating “brown hero general”. It’s about the US government killing anybody it dislikes with impunity. Perhaps you have noticed how Whites have lately been demonized by the US establishment?

  3. The Doris Kearns Goodwin clip.

    The same Doris Kearns Goodwin that has spent a good chunk of her professional career four dimensionally fellating Lyndon Johnson.

    • Democracy is going to die unless Joe Biden has the power to crush his opposition by arresting his political opponent

      • I hope democracy does die, a citizen of the SOUTHERN REPUBLiC, doesn’t need the hyphenated class, running around like a bunch of overexcited Imbeciles, screeching the sky is falling………quit messing with, D.TRUMP, he ain’t did shit……..

      • Yes !

        This is such a farce,
        As low and corrupt as any banana republic.

        I hope Americans have the will, the spine, to vote Trump in by a landslide.

        This has been a total inversion of the facts. All the media slime kept saying “Trump may not leave if he loses the election”. NO, we have to worry if Biden won’t leave.

  4. 2015 Donald had the chance to choose comfortable billionaire retirement. He chose not.

    Or give up right now. The Swamp would agree everything to get rid from their greatest nightmare.

    Our side punishing our leaders for every mistake. The Left never attacking their own and keep their loyalty no matter what. This is one of the main reasong why our side do not have leaders and why we are losing.

    Except Russians. Russians understand that war is serious thing and bitter losses and mistakes are unavoidably. Can anybody imagine, how Russia would look today, if Putin was thrown out of office for some disaster. 20 years ago, Russia was hellhole and every day was some new horror.

  5. This is not democracy. Nothing we do, elect, or vote on has meaning. We are not a sovereign people because we are not in control of our own destiny and hence our future. If you want to see real democracy look at Switzerland. Liberal Democracy is nether liberal or democratic if it is threatened. Instead, it is an anti-white oligarchy! Unlike Switzerland we can never vote on the issues (how would the masses have voted on integration, immigration, or Gay marriage) but only moneyed politicians who have the time and money to campaign for office. That in itself ensures white middle and working class people will never see the light of day regarding actual political power.

  6. The party of Lincoln, don’t seem to have any love or loyalty for the former president do they? Even though the people back him, the republican party only cares about the donor class, unless it’s D.TRUMP, anyone who votes republican, you can turn your REBEL card and n now…..

  7. I very much appreciate Miss Doris’s contribution to the intellectual life of this life

    That said, she is a New York Jew, and, as such, her sentiments are the antithesis of the Flyover states, and, indeed, most of the rural lands in this country.

    She is a part of the Northeastern Intelligentsia which is very unintelligent about where the country is.

    • LBJ shtupped Mizzz Goodwin when she was a White House intern. I think Lady Bird was in the other room having tea with Eleanor Roosevelt.

  8. Zog is determined to keep Zognald in the news and popular enough to be nominated. The arrests will continue until the nomination is secured!! They know he has no chance in November. Zero.

    But the inveterate hero worshippers always need a hero. Zog had chosen their hero for them, Zognald the Dubious. The biggest liar and fraud in American history.

    Our victory will not come internally. The totalitarian genocidal Zog regime is unassailable. Our rescue will come externally. The word for that is war.

    Pray for war. The big one. I do.

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