Portland Jury Finds Antifa Not Liable In Andy Ngo Attack

I’m not sure what Gay Andy was thinking.

Did he just want to make a point about our social justice system?

The Post Millennial:

The jury has reached a verdict in the trial of investigative journalist Andy Ngo v. Rose City Antifa and its alleged affiliated members, in which they found both defendants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter not liable in the civil case brought against them.

Ngo filed a complaint in Portland, Oregon in 2020, claiming assault and other injuries over alleged acts of violence carried out by members of Antifa, which began in 2019. Defandants John Colin Hacker and Elizabeth Renee Richter have been accused by Senior Editor of Post Millennial Andy Ngo of assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, which was argued before a civil jury for more than a week at the Multnomah County Courthouse.

Defendants Hacker and Richter, who allegedly work as Antifa’s “doxxers,” which after identifying Ngo had led to a series of physical beatings on May 28, 2021, were found by the jury on Tuesday not liable for all of these claims. Evidence provided during the trial, along with testimony given by both defendants, asserts Ngo’s claims in the complaint. …

Smart people are getting out.

Willamette Week:

Multnomah County lost population in the year ended July 1, 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau said in its annual report on county-level changes, marking just the fourth decline in four decades.

The county’s population stood at 795,083 on July 1, 2022, down 1.3% from 805,593 a year earlier. Multnomah’s population fell by about the same amount in 2021. …

FOX News:

Multnomah County, where Portland, Oregon, is located, reportedly lost more than $1 billion in income between 2020 and 2021 as a result of residents fleeing the state amid surging crime, homelessness and safety concerns.

Data analysis conducted by Oregon Live showed that 14,257 tax filers and their dependents left Multnomah County during the first year of the pandemic in 2020 and took a record $1 billion of income with them …

Portland is one of the whitest metros in the country, but it is full of shitlibs who have wrecked the place and made life intolerable for everyone else.


  1. Is it not abundantly clear that, while Blue State capitals constantly make poses about equity and inclusion, in actual fact, they have precious little regard for any such application of the law?

    Antifa only understands a fist, as many videos of their unfortunate forays into Yankee smalltowns demonstrate.

    I will credit Antifa with this : they have the good sense not to make forays into The Rural South, for the only benefits the system would extend to them, here, would be that of the hospitals or morgues.

    • “Try that in a small town” nonsense.

      TDS’ video in regard to Jason Aldean’s song made an excellent point about that narrative being bullshit. They brought up the case of the McMichael’s and their friend in Georgia “jogger” case. That occurred in a small town, and thanks to jury intimidation by BLM terrorists, them ‘good old boys’ will die in prison.

      Has the millionaire Jason Aldean contributed money towards a legal appeal to that judicial malfeasance in Dixieland? Nope, and he will not.

      USZOG’s unofficial militias can raise holy terror wherever they want, with the exception of jewish enclaves.

      If by some bizarre happenstance that Zion Don is elected POTUS in November of 2024, fagtifa will try that in a small town. Let’s see what happens.

      • @November…

        Thank you for that reply, but, wheresoever I see that there have been incursions into smalltowns, up North, it has not gone well for Antifa.

        As to the McMichaels case; unnecessarily executing a local Negro, for pilfering a construction site, has nothing to do with this.

        The unofficial militias, as you so aptly say, will not fare well in the Sleepy South.

        • Hello Ivan,

          I know you are a proud son of the South, but correct me if I am wrong; didn’t all the Confederate monuments and statues get removed with nary a protest from Southern Nationalist after C’Ville? Not a single lone gunman. After all the huffing anf puffing that I read about Southerners being veterans of the armed faction of the jew SA military, one would have expected at least some pushback, but none was to be found.

          In 2020, BLM tried to intimidate a few smaller Northern towns, and SOME, not all of the locals came out armed, and showed a silent resistance and resolve. One of those infamous Weinstein brothers (Bret, I believe) told black nationalists in a Skype or Zoom chat to avoid rural areas for the time being, but in 2020, the DOJ was under half-jew and full swamp creature William Barr’s control. Currently, the DOJ is under the complete control of 100% ashkenazi jew Merrick Garfinkle, and he is doing his best Lavrenty Beria impression.

          As I wrote, If Zion Don somehow gets elected in 2024, I expect the genetic misfires of antifa to take their act to place that before would have seemed verboten. Don’t forget this is the second jewish bolshevik revolution that is being planned and financed by the same tribe as the first.

          • Good point, Dear November – yes, monuments have been removed, no doubt.

            It’s a sad thing.

            However, many monuments have not been moved – the majority.

            Moreover, civilly removing a monument is not the same as a visitation from a government- militia.

            That said, I respect your right to feel that The Smalltown South is going to be utterly passive.

            Outside of university towns, however, I respectfully think that you will be surprised.

            Yes, of course, what is going on is the same stuff as in Russia 100 years ago. That said, some things are different – White rural Americans are armed to the teeth, fully mobile, and can communicate with itself.

            The Russian peasant only had Napoleonic weaponry, was not mobile, and could not communicate.

            Moreover, The Russian peasant had no one advocating for them, and we have a whole host of counter media, that has grown strong, doing so for us.

            Also, we are divided into states, and Russia was not.

            To be clear, I do agree with you that we have been lamentably weak and feckless.

            What I am telling you is that there is a line, and if that line gets stepped over, in The Rural South, in most places that will be to the woe of the Steppers.

          • “The Russian peasant only had Napoleonic weaponry, was not mobile, and could not communicate.”

            If anything went down the deep state would hit the kill switch on the internet and nobody would know what is going on without ham radio or CB, shortwave, stuff few people are into anymore. Just like in the USSR when there was bad news the radio started playing a classical music marathon while the politburo sat down an thought of how to spin the disaster, here in the US we’ll probably just get sit com reruns or stale old reality show marathons.

            Biden wasn’t joking when he talked about using F15’s to attack any revolt in flyover country by the was so in effect it is “Napoleonic weaponry.” By the way, I lived out in the Portland metro area and everybody was from somewhere else. It was a mecca for transplants and the inner southeast part of that city was a magnet for oddballs nationwide. So forgetting actual foreign immigration, stuff like this shows how internal migration can steal control of a state from their heritage citizenry. Sort of how like in Washington carpetbaggers on the voter roles have screwed over the heritage rural population’s logging and forest products livelihoods so these city slickers can get a warm and fuzzy feeling from looking at the trees…and to cement their victory over flyover country their ideologues in DC just declare vast swathes of the country to be various “monuments” so no economic activity can take place and allow people to actually live there instead of these nasty urban hellholes they want everyone to live a bus and bicycle lifestyle in. In other words they want to turn America into Mao’s China with everyone packed into cities like bees in a hive, where your transportation options are riding a bicycle, and everything is political.

          • @Nightowl…

            Thank you for your reply.

            To it’s overall tenour, I think of this – when Ulysses S. Grant took command of The Army of The Potomac in 1864, the senior veteran officers of that command spent a long time trying to explain to Grant just how brilliant Lee was, and how a victory was not in the cards against such a genius.

            After listening politely, and twitching the cigars in his lips which would kill him with throat cancer, Grant said : ‘Why don’t y’all start thinkin’ less’ ’bout what Lee is gonna do to us, and start thinkin’ more about what WE ARE going to do to him!’

            And so I say to you – do the math and think it through.

            All the best.

  2. “full of shitlibs who have wrecked the place and made life intolerable for everyone else.”

    Unless you’re well off, then everything is unicorns and lollipops.

    • > Unless you’re well off, then everything is unicorns and lollipops.

      You forgot the fancypants.

  3. “jurors reported Antifa was trying to dox them ”

    ‘Bronx jury’
    Every major city DA knows this routine.

  4. My other senator seems to be having alot of coincidentally bad stuff happening around him lately.


    Somebody torched his office in Bowling Green a couple weeks ago.

    This sort of intimidation, harassment and gangsterism is precisely the MO of organizations like Antifa. In any other generation they would have been smashed by law enforcement years ago. They are being protected.

    It will not surprise me in the least to see this sort of thing become common place for “conservative” politicians. Political assassinations are a likely future feature of the democracy as well.

    • Oh yeah.

      There is another example of it. There is so many to choose from. The FBI just killed a man in Utah for fed posting about Joe Biden

    • Antifa are the regime’s street thugs. That’s why the regime doesn’t defund them, something they routinely do to “right wing” groups and individuals.

    • @Ironic
      Re: political assassinations. The Spanish civil war really got going following a series of tit for tat assassinations. The lead up to this took a while and today’s America is eerily reminiscent of this process.

      • Assassinations in America have pretty much completely stopped for two generations because modern technology and security training has made the high elites virtually invulnerable. That’s why you see nutcases go postal at shopping malls and high schools. If antifa starts to get to conservatives it’s because someone in the system is allowing it to happen.

      • Yes English Tom it was the assassination of the conservative MP Jose Calvo Sotelo that convinced Francisco Franco to join Emilio Mila and the other rebel nationalist generals to rise up against the republic. That and the fraudulent election of 1936 and the leftist street violence that accompanied it.

  5. The first Sino-American friendship center will open in the glorious peoples republic of Portland.
    The comic of the comradette with purple hair facing the equality of results for all firing squad wall asking about healthcare with a red star soldier holding an AK-47 in the background comes to mind.
    Useless idiots get what they deserve.
    Forward, si se puede!

  6. I remember reading 15 years ago that Portland had the highest percentage of atheists in America. So these godless heathens have messed Portland up bad.

  7. The public Right is trying to get into lawfare about 100 years too late, and sympathetic optics 30 years the same.

  8. Times have changed, keep your personal life and political views separate. Otherwise you’re just putting a target on your back to be doxxed, harassed, fired, blacklisted, assaulted, ostracized, threatened, sued, or even face jail time. And the state will side against you under all circumstances.

    Find a decent piece of land and home away from all the craziness going on in the world and guard your loved ones. Respect your local law enforcement and keep away from troublemakers. The far left are getting crazier by the year and unfortunately for everyone, they call the shots because they control every major institution. Best to just ignore them and do what you need to do.

  9. This is why in the Bible, God told Lot to get out of Sodom with his family, why we are commanded to leave Babylon, etc, these places are spiritually rotted. They can’t be fixed, judgement is coming to such places, as they self destruct. Naturally God doesn’t want his people there when it happens. It’s not going to be fire from Heaven, it’s worse, they rot into a sewage pile, and people have to live with the folly they voted for.

  10. Education is probably the only route where the masses of the people can be de-brainwashed. There needs to be courses on Cultural Marxism or at least have the subject injected into curriculums so people understand it. “Naming the Jew” will only result in getting you and others blacklisted, de-platformed, jailed, etc. Naming the Jew is also counter-productive, there are 100 times more Whites and people of color promoting Cultural Marxism than Jews. For every one Jew you can find promoting Cultural Marxism, you can find 100,000 Whites and people of color also promoting it. Whites are just as much, if not more, in the game of leading Cultural Marxism as any other ethnic group you can name. Single women seem to be the ones who are the most susceptible to Cultural Marxism, probably because it plays on their fears, desires, and offers a safety-net against men.

    If people do no understand the very basis of the system that is oppressing them, then they cannot learn how to not get sucked in by its tentacles.

    • n Cultural Marxism or at least have the subject injected into curriculums so people understand it. “Naming the Jew” will only result in getting you and others blacklisted, de-platformed, jailed, etc. Naming the Jew is also counter-productive, there are 100 times more Whites and people of color promoting Cultural Marxism than Jews. For every one Jew you can find promoting Cultural Marxism, you can find 100,000 Whites and people of color also promoting it.’

      But where did this insanity come from and what were the motivations behind it? It’s important for those with a brain to understand all this was done so the jewish minority could feel “safe” in their new home. That’s the true motivation behind it and while you shouldn’t say this publicly, you definitely should inform any close friends and family who share anxiety and unease over the direction of the country just exactly who did this and why.

      I also think your 100,000 to 1 ratio is not accurate, the elite circles are somewhere from 25% to 50% jewish and the smattering of others pretty much have to take on the attitudes of this very verbally dominant component who sets the tone. It’s basically Stockholm Syndrome from the cultural milieu they set.

  11. “No justice. No peace.”

    The blade cuts both ways. Fagtifa spiteful mutants can’t avoid their comeuppance forever.

    To paraphrase General Sheridan, “The only good anarcho-marxist that I have ever seen was a dead one.”

  12. Lest we forget that Churchill and FDR’s BFF “Uncle Joe (Stalin)” has a granddaughter that lives in Portland.

    How appropriate.

  13. Hacker was involved in a car accident. GM pickups with side saddle gas tanks are blamed. It was a corporation that did that to him, not a racist cracker.

    John Hacker was in his early 20s when he fell asleep behind the wheel of his Chevy pickup on his way to work. He crashed into a guardrail and the car exploded in flames. He was rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns. His recovery was slow and painful. That earned him a steady supply of prescription painkillers. But when doctors began to curtail his refills, he sought out heroin, a cheaper and easier-to-find alternative. That was in 2003. He would spiral downward and land in jail, where, in January 2007, he began his road to recovery.


  14. How many of those fleeing refugees will alter their voting patterns to more sane positions?

    • Why would you think it’s leftists that are fleeing? It’s not 100%, the state used to be Union Democrat types because of the dock workers, forest, mining etc. It also elected Packwood as a Republican Senator a generation back. This craziness didn’t spring up from those descended from the pioneers who came down the Oregon Trail, it’s leftists from all over the country, including southerners who “hate” their daddy and the conservative southern baptist culture who migrate to the west coast. Bums from most of the country eventually end up drifting up and down I-5 between LA-SF-Portland-Seattle due to the mild climate and friendly pro homeless policies. Had you needed a Visa to leave your own state and settle in a different one the country would be a very, very different place. When I lived in the Portland suburbs during Bush Jr’s regime 2/3rds of the people I worked and interacted with were from somewhere else far away. You want to find a place where most people are “from” there, it’s the midwest. No transplants move to Mattoon, Waterloo, or Manitowoc. The sunbelt and west coast are nothing but transplants since the mid 20th century. There’s nearly two million people living in that Mars like Desert around Las Vegas. My uncle took a professorship at UNLV in the early 70s and said there were only about 150,000 there at the time, already 20 time more than before the war. This didn’t happen from the people in Nevada having 12 kids apiece starting in their teens. The state was overwhelmed with migration.

      • Speaking of Mattoon, Trump MAGA congresswomen’s district, the Biden regime landed a plane full of Central Americans there last summer hoping to gradually flip the district. Something they also do by shipping the Chicago project underclass downstate to low cost housing in Danville, Decatur, Rantoul, Urbana, etc. However the locals said they were selling the free phones the feds gave them and pretty much all caught a bus up to Chicago and elsewhere. None of them wanted to stay in Mattoon.

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