FBI Kills Utah Man Who Threatened Joe Biden

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  1. They better plant a gun on that cracker quick, better yet paint him as a armed to the teeth gun nut, just to play it safe. We know how they think. We know how they are.

  2. So basically the FBI just shot a boomer for saying “ Let’s go Brandon” then they left his body to rot on the street.

  3. The Kabuki intensifies in the steaming third world turd laughingstock.
    Now how could anyone not like dear ol’ Uncle Joe, the most popular preezy of the steezy evarz and winner of the ultra most bestest (s)election of all times.
    Forward, si se puede!

    Presidential Candidate in Ecuador Is Assassinated During Rally
    The candidate, Fernando Villavicencio, was outspoken about the link between organized crime and government officials.” ……. NYtimes

    At the current rate of political decline it won’t be long until this comes to America, antifa, Trump, who knows.

  5. Let’s wait to get all the facts.

    It does look like it’s another Ruby Ridge – the massacre of members of the Randy Weaver family including a 13 year old boy and a young mother holding a new born baby.

    Hey Hunter W – I haven’t asked you about the status of your wife and expected child. I hope your wife and hopefully soon to be mother has a healthy child. If it’s a girl, consider naming her :

    Victoria Weaver G.

    God bless you Hunter/B and all our sincere readers and commentators and God protect us in these terrible times. The (Senile, totally out of it) Biden Administration dominated by the worst BLM, homo, and especially White hating Js is now using the FBI, (In) Justice Department (that ugly J Garland) as thugs, goon squads, to inimidate and sometimes yeah regular Americans like this elderly (LDS Mormon?) gentleman in Utah.

  6. Grotesque and of of course not a whimper about the gross injustice. Never any calls for the abolition of this evil, politician princeling ass wiping organization. I’m getting pretty fucking sick of the hypocrisy.

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