Poll Watch: Biden and Trump In Dead Heat

Four indictments.

91 federal and state charges.

At last count, Trump is facing 717 years in prison.

Meanwhile, the race is tied and Trump is leading Biden by 8 points with Independents in the latest Marist poll. He never polled this well in the 2020 election. I don’t think he polled this well against Hillary Clinton either in 2016. Even if you believe he was cheated in 2020 and lost due to massive election fraud, it was still a squeaker. The polls had him losing by a landslide, but it was close.

If anything, Ross is downplaying what a clusterfuck this is going to be when Trump is convicted next year and sent to prison. So much could happen between now and then. Ukraine could really start losing the war. The economy or stock market could get wobbly. Putin and the Saudis could drive the price of oil through the roof. Trump could be AHEAD in the polls when he is sent to prison!

If you think the country is just going to accept that as “the rule of law,” you are dreaming. Trust in elections will be toast. The credibility of the justice system will be toast. Millions of people already believe the system is rigged against them. Sending Trump to prison will confirm this assumption.


  1. “I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me” should be Trumps motto. Between the useless GOP, never Trumpers, and his own die on this hill, no matter what he does, supporters, and the evil stupid Democrats, I don’t Know what’s going to happen. Catastrophic fires in Canada and Hawaii, stupid wars, a president with brains like rotten potato salad, mass invasions on the southern border, politicians so old that they were born before or during world war 2. Cities becoming real live sets for Road Warrior movies. A balladeer rises up from nowhere, and everyone listens. Even killer whales are attacking boats. And I’m sure I’ve missed many more things than these too. They say those who live thru history often don’t notice the importance of it, till long years later. I don’t know, I’m sure noticing all the crazy now, kinda hard to miss……

  2. That President Trump is ‘even’ in the polls means that, given the normal amount of slack the majority of the polls give The Left, that he is ahead of President Biden by 5,7, or, perhaps, even 9 points.

    That said, Governor Kemp has decided President Trump will NOT win Georgia.

    Meanwhile, Phoenix is still in the hands of the vote fixers, as is Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Sacramento, New York City, and Las Vegas.

    My prediction?

    Trump blows Biden away in the popular vote, but, ‘loses’ the electoral vote by a substantial margin.

    This election year, however, the election, itself, is not the main attraction, but, what comes after.

    • @Ivan,

      Even without malfeasance in NYC and Sacramento, Zion Don would not Win the popular vote in New York and California.

      Michigan, Wisconsin, and maybe Pennsylvania might be in play, but as we have seen in the years 2017-2000, the executive branch has very little control over foreign and domestic policies. The only true power of a POTUS are executive orders that maybe challenged in federal court, and stopped by injunctions.

      The sooner that people understand that this evil empire known as the USA needs to collapse for the 14 Words the better. This talmudic socially engineered abomination cannot and should not continue to exist for our sake and the world’s sake.

      • @November …

        Yes, that’s right – President Trump is a very unlikely win in California and New York.

        And, yes, it all comes down to mass awareness, and we are right at the edge, because even sleepy Mainstream Southerners are looking wide-eyed and discontented about the country.

        This version of The United Stated will be, in the end, short-lived, if for no other reason than it defied practically every canon of this land.

        They would not content themselves to change a few things, but, they had to change it all, and, in so doing, they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

        To boot, the financial situation is deteriorating.

        I remember the Recessions of 1974 and 1979-1981 – people were grumpy and frustrated, but, most people still trusted both the culture and the system.

        Today there is none of that.

        Thank you for your comment!

      • “USA needs to collapse for the 14 Words the better. ”

        You can’t predict that.
        By all current indications it would go the opposite, to something worse.

  3. We must hope that the system will be destabilized as it was in 2016 with Trump’s victory and Brexit……although I have never believed that history is cyclical and repeats itself perfectly…….the missed opportunities are still missed but one must always try again.

    P.s. we often talk about how the system tries not only to take Trump down but also to oppress, re-educate and pressure us “dissident citizens.” In some cases it succeeds with those who are weak-minded or bipolar (McLaren, Picciolini, etc.). For this reason I want to share a nice article, written by Martin Saxlind of the Nordic Resistance Movement, that suggests how to resist the pressure that the dominant culture or system exerts on us.


      • @November exactly, sorry, even Spencer. I don’t undertsand him because he still attend Gariépy, Brahmin and until 2022 Dutton and seems to want create a white cult but continue to endorse the left.

  4. “Millions of people already believe the system is rigged”

    To my mind, this would lead to millions starting a full insurrection.
    I don’t know if American’s have the spine to do that.

  5. I think Trump did all this to himself but from a Machiavellian perspective it makes sense to play the victim. He lost the election, he toyed around with documents, he did January 6th. However playing the victim makes sense because people are dumb enough. My views are against the masses. I’m not a populist. I’m for exploiting the dumb masses. The majority doesn’t make the man. Having written that, Trump is still useless once in power except that he might radicalize millennials.

  6. One thing went unmentioned. Current system is run by holy half dead who have seen the underworld.

    And some of them may see it again before elections. For example, death or incapacitation of Soros alone will bring the political earthquake.

    • Countenance had an article suggesting Soros’ Millennial generation son has been the one actually running the operation for over a decade so him kicking the bucket probably wouldn’t change much other than the mask comes off the real face heading the operation.

      • @Nightowl,

        Indeed. One could also say that Schwartz’s son will be much worse than his father from early reports.

  7. Sorry that you still believe Trump is not with them, although he proved over four whole years that he is. The current farce is meant to bolster Trump so that no room is there for an authentic populist.

    It is an old game, that ZOG mastered over a century ago. As Mandell House said, it is so easy since the people are such “inveterate hero worshipers”, Trumptards in short.

    Obviously that does not describe Occidental Dissent, but it does describe the people, a miserable lot overall. After Trump has finished playing his assigned role, ZOG will simply give them another hero to worship. And the rabble will be happy with it.

    • @Rangewulf…

      I respectfully disagree that President Trump is ‘with them’.

      No , if he is anywhere, other than with himself, it is in the middle – one foot in one camp and one foot in another.

      That said, he, as a symbol, is the symbol of traditional White America, and, as such, he will go down in history as that – no one remembering the other aspects of his life.

      That’s it : Trump will be remembered as what triggered the end of the American 20th century, and the facilitator of what came after.

      • How Trump will be remembered depends upon who wins the upcoming wars. A fearfully corrupt and degenerate Brooklyn shabbis goy. Mainstreamer of faggotry in the Republican Party. 8 trillion dollars of debt in 4 years, and the ensuing inflation. Father of the vaccine, murderer of millions. Father of the lockdowns, the most totalitarian act in American history. The one who built the Ukranian military into the second strongest in Europe, making him the father of the Russo-Ukranian war.

        The one who did absolutely nothing while American cities were taken over by mobs of communist rioters. Absolutely nothing.

        The platinum plan. The massive nationwide crime wave after he released tens of thousands of violent black criminals from prison.

        The appointer of Christopher Wray, and the subsequent reign of terror by the FBI against the people.

        Promising the j6 ppl that he was going to meet them at the Capitol, but going to whack golf balls instead, while the feds terrorized and brutalized them, then tricked many of them into thinking it was lawful to go in. Entrapped, in short. And if you believe Trump did not know what the plan was, you still don’t get it.

        Trump is a world class actor. He plays dumb, he plays the hapless victim. He is always playing a role. And he is always working with them.

        • @Rangewolf…

          There is a great deal of truth in your thoughtful remark.

          Though I plan on voting for RFK Jr. if that is not possible, I will vote for President Trump, though I do not relish the thought.

          As lamentable as he is, in many respects, President Trump is still worlds better than most of those running against him, or previous Republican nominees ,like Romney, Bush Jr. or McCain, or would be nominees, like Jeb Bush.

  8. The Biden administration should be polling lower than Typhoid Mary.

    That Zion Don is even with dementia Joe says a lot more about America in 2023 than anything else.

    • The democrats have nearly 100% support in the black community. It’s astounding and you can predict every single black you run into will mouth something about how they hate the republicans. Even the ones who are open about how much trouble and crime their own people are up are still vote straight democrat. Now ad to this nearly 100% turnout in black areas due to the democrat machine harvesting mail in ballots and 20% black populations in a lot of northern states where whites fail to vote as a block against the democrats like southerners and this pretty much explains how the democrats win over and over again.

        • @November….

          I really do not think that White Southerners are planning on forking over any state, much less three.

          No, Blacks and Whites will continue living together in The South, as we have for centuries, only there will be no forced integration or a system paying mothers not to work or daddies to run away.

          White Southerners will continue to run The South, as, for the most part, we still do, only we’ll get a better handle over our cities than we have now.

          Nothing new or revolutionary, just being who we have always been, and if there are those who do not like it. then they can sell their house and move North, as many do, and have done before.

          As to Latins, I expect our oligarchs will insist that they stay, because they like the cheap labour.

          • @Ivan,

            You have lived in the South for most of your life, so I respect your opinion on things down Dixie way, but I also believe that your POV is driven by a past that no longer exists.

            Should a jewsmedia darling black marxist such as Cornel West get inboard with a reverse migration of blacks from the North to the South, based on the feeble response from Southerners to the removal and desecration to their Civil War monuments, memorials, etcetera that they are more bark than bite.

            Millennials and Zoomer White Southerners that grew up on rap and hip-hop might be more welcoming than their elder would expect, and Southern sportsballs enthusiasts would see an influx of black athletic talent that will make SEC football and ACC basketball untouchable.

            Anyway, as someone who has experienced the negro problem very personally due to the so-called .”Great Migration,” I would be relieved to see the descendants of former Southern slaves to return to sender.

          • @November…

            Thank you for your kind words.

            You may well be right that my point of view is a projection, or not.

            what I can say for sure is this : my take on world history is that, though countries and peoples go through different periods, in the end, they keep evincing the same values and tendencies.

            Case in point?

            Hungary was occupied by The Soviet Union for 45 years.

            Once the Soviet Union left, they reverted back to form.

            The South has been occupied for at least the last 60 years, but, if that occupation ceases to exist, I suspect, from our basic inclinations, that we will, sooner or later, return to form.

            Concerning the return of Southern Negroes, from the North, I can only say that my long tenure living in your New England, leaves me to believe that people who think like you are small in number.

            In fact, before I came to Occidental Dissent, I never met New Englanders who talk or think like you, and several others here.

            So, whatever happens, I cannot see Negroes going anywhere, but, staying where they are.

            Of course, time will tell.

            On a last not,e I will say this – though this country, in this time in history lauds itself for having broken segregation, I see no such thing. Though blacks and Whites now frequent the same stores and restaurants, and play on the same sports’ team, the two races are still almost entirely segregated from one another – by choice!

            This returns me to my first comment – history does not often fundamentally change.

            One last example – Look at Russia today … why, after 75 years of The Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Union, they have returned to what they were in the previous centuries – an autocracy, at the head of which is The Russian Orthodox Church and a Czar.

            Russia did not fundamentally change – despite the most vicious and longstanding efforts to do so.

            Thus, I see no reason for The South not to revert to form, once the Northeast is out of our hair.

            All the best to you and yours!

      • “ad to this nearly 100% turnout in black areas due to the democrat machine harvesting”

        Think again, many blacks register and vote multiple times.
        Who’s going to check ? “That would be raczzzzzist.”
        It’s some number beyond 100%.

        Check against census numbers ?
        Does anyone think blacks honestly participate in the census ?

        • I actually question the census numbers, I read stats saying Champaign is 16% black, yet from my experience in public it seems near 50%. Do whites just sit at home and not go to the store? Are the near death corpses in the nursing homes skewing the statistics? All I know is that when I go to the small cities in Central Illinois they all seem to be black ghettos save Bloomington. Peoria has some black islamic type named mayor now who won in a typical post 2020 style election where the votes keep showing up for a week until the results change, then no more interest in counting… So the old axiom “Does it play in Peoria” now applies to a ‘hood where “youths” go wilding on the riverfront at midnight on a school night. This is downstate, not even taking Chicago and it’s suburbs into account which not only have huge ‘hoods, but the suburbs are crawling with immigrants and liberal white women who make sure the older, decent farmers downstate have no control over their state infested by these childish minds.

  9. It’s Perfect stuff if you wants a race war now…like the US is just a big race war by design.

  10. Nearly all media is using the line,
    ” government charges against Trump make him a weak candidate.”

    Obviously, just the opposite is happening.

    Always inverting the facts, always controlling the narrative, it’s the kosher way.

  11. “The polls had him losing by a landslide,”

    The very reason so many of us are cynically skeptical when you cite poll numbers.

  12. It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

    Samuel Adams

    Useful in third position politics as well.

  13. Zion Donny and the Republicans are worthless fools, but I have no idea why any White person would even think of voting Democrat. At least, not any mentally deficient ones.

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