Brion McClanahan: Why Are Young Conservatives Adopting Identity Politics?

If you are a young conservative, you have spent your entire adult life being attacked for being White, Southern, Christian, male, etc. It is not just the firehose of propaganda in the schools and universities. It is not just the monuments coming down. It is not just the endless tidal wave of millions of people moving across the border. It is not just the shifting frontier of cultural degeneration that we have to put up with. No one chose to live in this world. It is what we inherited from previous generations.

Here in Alabama, Mobile has moved east, Montgomery has moved north, Birmingham has moved north and south because of the race issue. Entire metropolitan areas are constantly being rebuilt because of the civil rights laws. If you are a parent, you have to navigate around the public education system and pay for private school tuition. In the corporate world, a single politically incorrect remark on the internet can be used to torpedo your career. Marriages are fragile because of changes to the law that were made a generation ago. These radical changes were set in motion between the 1950s and the 1980s.

How much does it cost to live with all the mainstream lies on race, sex and gender? In taxation? In health care? In education? In housing? In employment? In security? In politics?


  1. ” Entire metropolitan areas are constantly being rebuilt because of the civil rights laws. ”

    That’s the very genesis of ‘suburban sprawl’.

    • @Arrian…

      “That’s the very genesis of ‘suburban sprawl’.”

      In other words – White Flight, which is what happens when we refuse to fight – for decade after decade!

  2. “Marriages are fragile because of changes to the law that were made a generation ago.”

    And a decades long media barrage of demeaning men and implanting toxic ideas into women’s minds.

  3. “Why Are Young Conservative Adopting Identity Politics?”

    A larger question is, why has it taken so long ?
    Because of a lack of foresight and empathy.

    Anyone with clear sense could look at everything from Brown vs. Board of Eduction forward and see the current consequences of those laws and worse.

    • @Arrian…

      ““Why Are Young Conservative Adopting Identity Politics?”

      A larger question is, why has it taken so long ?
      Because of a lack of foresight and empathy.”

      Fair enough, but, my answer, having lived through these times would be…

      Because Organized Jewry worked tirelessly, both in overt and covert means, to convince White American Gentiles that, if they valued living up to the Constitution, and the Reconstruction amendments, that we would have to cease thinking of ourselves as a group.

      New England Yankees, the authors of the 13th, 14th, and 15th, amendments, were whole hog on this, and, as a group, still are.

      However, given that all the other minorities in this country, above all Jews, were not, as a whole, in on this ‘grand experiment in Democracy’, it has proven to be a pointless gesture of generosity which, now that Whites are close to being just another minority, many realized has to be reeled back.

      That, My Dear Arrian, is why it has taken so long.

  4. (Timestamp 9:00)

    Brion said: “The problem is centralization.”

    The Ironic Sock Account retorts: The problem is not centralization per se. You don’t get it and I can tell less than ten minutes in.

    Centralization is a function of real and practical considerations to do with efficiency and economies of scale. It is neither good nor bad in and of itself and this is why Libertarianism and Leftism are both gay as ideologies, as they insist upon extreme conclusions about centralization, with no regard for reality or economy. Conservatism is just libertarianism for people that take showers and don’t do drugs or call themselves sovereign citizens when they get pulled over without a license driving 95 in a school zone. So we really aren’t talking about different ideologies when conflating conservatism with libertarianism. So put that to bed from the outset as a necessary disambiguation of terms. Conservatism is an evidently and clearly failed ideology. So young “conservatives” are looking for answers.

    The problem is the scale and extent of centralization relative to the real power distance between the governed and those who govern. In modern Imperial America, we, the common White man recognize our ultimate disenfranchisement from this thing that was supposed to be our inheritance, now stolen like Esau’s inheritance by a hook nosed thief that pretended to be our brother but only gave us a bowl of soup for our trouble.

    Libertarianism is gay. We don’t need smaller government at all costs. We live in a complex world. Some government is essential and efficient. Leftism is insane. There can never be one world government because the peoples of the world are fundamentally incompatible in many ways.

    This is biological racial and ethnic reality, the result of natural law acting on humanity over time and distance. This is Gods law.

    This is how we have come to an understanding of identity, as a disaffected rump polity. A remnant of a dying race, under siege from all sides, and hollowed out by spiritual despair and knowing fully that our god blessed the thief, and our boomer father let it happen through his ignorance of his own children, while our bitch mother, who liked the other kid better let it happen.

    We are Esau. History’s red headed step child who exist now as a punchline to a cosmic joke we don’t even get and desperately don’t want to believe.

    Don’t condescend to us about not understanding economics. They stopped mattering the moment we lost a say one way or the other. I’ve got more than a rudimentary understanding of ecomonics, and its all about as relevant as legal and constitutional theory. They hold all the power over policy, the money supply, the methods of exchange, the value of the currency, the interest rates, all industrial and consumer production, food supply, transportation, EVERYTHING that determines price, and everything that dictates supply.

    You can have a tired and dry discussion over economic theory and the merits of this or that and if they don’t want to hear it your life can be over in the blink of an eye.

    Because we are Esau. Our damn bowl of soup keeps getting smaller every year from inflation they control all the factors and drivers of.

    We dont need a smaller government. We need our OWN government. Balkanization. It will indeed take action at the state and local level. Or it will happen organically when the system collapses.

    Economic policy is irrelevant so long as we have no control and no say in the system.

    • “White man recognize our ultimate disenfranchisement from this thing that was supposed to be our inheritance, now stolen like Esau’s inheritance by a hook nosed thief that pretended to be our brother but only gave us a bowl of soup for our trouble.”

      Honestly this was extremely profound

      The chosen gave away all the secrets to their very own nature in their religious lore. I’m a Christian person, one who has wandered at times, but one who always comes back home to the values I was raised with. But sometimes I lament that other Christians really don’t have a clue as to what the chosen were really telling us about themselves.

  5. Hopefully McClanahan will ditch his paleolibertarianism in the near future but I don’t think he will. He is too old and set in his ways.

  6. We’ve had neoliberalism/smaller government since the 80s, it’s over.
    And we will never go back to classical liberalism/smallest government unless modern civilization completely implodes.
    Brion is living in the 19th century.

    More socialism is coming, sooner or later, the question is, what sort of socialism?
    Will it be culturally leftwing, centrist or culturally rightwing socialism?
    International or national socialism?
    Extreme or moderate?
    Perhaps all of the above in different places and at different times, but socialism is coming, we’re not going back to the 1980s, and we’re most definitely not going back to the 19th century, there will be a new, new deal, the only question is what sort of new deal?
    Neither the left, nor the right has any intention of going back to the 1980s either.
    Even Trump wants ‘fair trade’, not free trade, he wants tariffs.
    This is a small step away from neoliberalism, more steps away from it will likely follow.

  7. Neoliberal capitalism has got us to this point.
    In the long run it made some very wealthy, 10 or 1%, but most destitute, 90 or 99%.
    That’s just the way capitalism is and always has been in the long run, after you remove the safety net and unleash people’s greed.

    Capitalism and crony capitalism go hand in hand, especially in our modern age, when you’re dealing with enormous wealth disparities, the wealthy buy the courts and politicians, that’s part of the reason why classical liberalism can’t work in our modern age, the other reason is individuals, families and communities aren’t rugged and self-reliant like we used to be, sometimes we need the state, or you end up with mass starvation, followed by mass murder/revolution.

    Brion is a fossil fantasizing about the good ol’ Victorian era.
    The only way you get back to the 19th century or earlier is via some cataclysm like nuclear WW3, and no one sane wants that, 99% of us will not survive that.

    In the late 19th and early 20th century classical liberalism got challenged by depressions and famines, just as neoliberalism is getting challenged by poverty today.
    The solution is some form of socialism, and/or protectionism.
    Reducing or eliminating immigration, offshoring, outsourcing, these are all forms of protectionism.

    There are many ways to do socialism.
    Socialism can be executed in a centrist, or rightwing way.
    Do some research on all the different forms of socialism, as well as fascism, which overlaps with socialism.

    Both the left and right are already starting to back away from neoliberalism, it’s only a matter of time.
    Modern economies need modern solutions, not 19th century ones.
    Modern doesn’t necessarily mean leftwing, but it does mean sophisticated, some degree of centralization/coordination.

    There’s a time for decentralism and centralism, it’s a balancing act, now is the time for increased centralization, and so if conservatives want to stay in the game, they have to offer their people something other than boneheaded ideas of 0 taxation/cut all social welfare, that is a losing, totally idiotic strategy.
    The working class will abandon conservatism for the green new deal inevitably if all you have to offer is tax cuts for the wealthy and poverty/starvation for the many while you prattle on about God and family values while they face starvation and homelessness, they will turn on you, and rightfully so.

    Brion is obviously middleclass or upper.
    Brion obviously hasn’t had to struggle in some time if ever.
    He’s not living in the real world, he’s living in books, in 19th century literature.
    I’m not saying the 19th century has nothing to teach us about what to do today, that’s there’s no continuity between then and now, but don’t conflate the 19th century with today.

    • We go through cycles fiscally and socioculturally.
      Since the 60s we’ve been increasingly socioculturally liberal/permissive, and since the 80s fiscally liberal/permissive.
      And this is where it’s gotten us in the long run, broken homes/families, drug abuse, obesity and a low birthrate, and wild disparities in income.

      And so people are fed up with smaller government.
      The solution is not even smaller government, the solution is bigger government.
      And we’re seeing it happen a bit both on the left and the right.
      The left is more socioculturally authoritarian, it’s exchanging sociocultural liberalism for sociocultural Marxism/woke.
      Conversely the right is more socioculturally authoritarian, at least in rhetoric.
      The right is pushing back a bit more against woke.
      It criminalized abortion in some states.
      It’s at least talking about reducing immigration, white and Christian nationalism.

      The left can at least see where things are heading, they know people want government, but the right is still stuck in the 1980s, it’s the 1980s forever, for them, and guys like Brion want to go even further back to Grover Cleveland, which in a modern context is insane.
      If the right wants to remain relevant it has to forget about the 1980s and tax cuts for the wealthy, they have to completely do away with that, and fully embrace identity politics, don’t just be anti-anti-white, be pro-white, pro-white, pro-Christian and pro-working class.

      But apparently, we have a long, long way to go before we get there, if ever.
      The rich conservatives who’ve done well, who’re making lots of money, their families are doing well, they don’t give a shit about poor conservatives, they don’t want to part with their money, they say pull yourself up by your bootstraps like we did, and so the masses have to turn on them, they have to abandon them, say I’m not voting for you until you get serious, or things will never, ever change.
      Mainstream conservatism is still the conservatism of the upper 10-1%.
      And so it’s not worth supporting.

    • Upperclass conservatives have done well under neoliberalism, open borders and free trade.
      They live in predominantly white neighborhoods, and the few nonwhites who live there are all well to do, they have assimilated.
      They’re healthy and fit.
      Their families are strong.
      They have lots of money in the bank.

      The experience of the working class couldn’t be more different.
      Our communities and families are broken.
      Our rents and cost of living has skyrocketed, well beyond our ability to keep up.
      Our neighborhoods look like 3rd world slums.
      We have not prospered under neoliberalism to say the least.
      To hell with neoliberalism.

      If conservatism has a future, it has to remove itself from neoliberalism, open borders and free trade, otherwise, what good is conservatism for working people?
      It isn’t any good at all.
      And so we must abandon mainstream conservatism, which’s ran by upperclass conservatives.
      Don’t vote republican, vote 3rd party or not at all, that’s the only way these rich conservatives are gonna get it.
      As long as they’re guaranteed your vote they’re not going to change, why would they?
      Again they’re doing fine, the system as it is, is working great for them.

  8. Brion’s position or rather his opinion on this issue of identity politics being bad inherently is so ice-cold and wrong that it boggles the mind. I simply cannot understand how he got to this point unless all those videos critizing “West Coast Straussians” by name for the cultural rot and badly done historiography they have injected into conservative politics were seen for what they were by powerful interests. Maybe this latest video is Brion saying “Yessuh, Massa,” and he did it to save his channel. Bad enough but I can understand since that also could be saving the Abbeville Institute people’s combined reputation – somehow. Maybe he really is just this out of touch. Either way, I don’t have the energy to watch or read things just for the hatred and anger it makes me feel, so Brion is at least about to lose one subscriber over this. Whatever happened to Southern partisans sticking together? Our thought leaders sell us out to the “Redlegs.”

    • I will have more to say about it later.

      I saw your comment and put the video up on the site last night, but was so exhausted from work that I crashed

      • No trouble at all, HW. Glad I could bring this video to your attention. Glad it is also generating some thoughtful discussion here.

  9. “Why Are Young Conservative Adopting Identity Politics? ”

    Because if you do not know who you are, or do know, but, cannot say it, people might steal you blind

    Come to think of it – this country, and, indeed, all The West, has been relentlessly pillaged, by the same cast of characters who, what do you know, pilfer the rest of the world.

    In fact, Identity Politic is not a ridiculous premise, but, any politics that is identityless – you know – like Modern American ‘Conservatism’.

    How can you can ‘conserve’ anything – if you cannot name it?

    • All politics is identity politics. Everyone identifies with a group whose interests they hope are advanced politically. The Jews say “but goyim, your group already has all the power in society and is fully represented by GW Bush, Sen. Romney and Trump and these minority groups are just reacting to your mistreatment of them, they are seeking restitution!”

      Anyone trying to disclaim “identity” politics is either dumb enough to take drug addict Jordan Peterson with his house full of Communist “art” and his whore daughter for a “conservative” or someone with a similar agenda.

      • @JPS…

        “All politics is identity politics”

        Yes, in theory, but, with American White Gentile voters you cannot get them to correctly speak their own identity.

        Hell, they will not even speak it to themselves!

        As to ‘disclaiming identity politics being dumb’, I agree.

        The problem is that tens of millions of American White Gentiles voters are, as you say, ‘dumb’.

  10. In Texas I have met the Brion types. They are clueless. Educated beyond their wisdom and intelligence. When I ask them if they believe in integration they say yes and then when I ask them if they would live with their family in a black neighborhood they stutter but say no.

    Americans have traditionally believed and practiced racial separation and politics. The liberals are far more honest than “conservatives”. Among those like me our belief is outside of God–The family is everything. You begin with immediate family and then work outward to who is closest to you.

    The Brion types are always shocked when I express no interest but only contempt for their modern so-called values. If their values were good then why is their world crumbling?

    Only whites are like this in large numbers.

    • @Cristina…

      “They are clueless. Educated beyond their wisdom and intelligence. ”

      You are extremely genteel and generous in your assessment, Young Lady!

      The hard truth is that they, American White Gentiles like Brion, have been purposefully subverted by an academic system that has been largely directed, like practically every other institution or system in this country, to make this country more comfortable for Jews.

      Yes, I agree that American Conservatives are fundamentally dishonest, though, I would put it a different way : they have accepted the conditioning to never overtly think of themselves.

      Your point of view is correct – immediate family first, followed by your cousins, then distant cousins.

      Yes, our world is crumbling and assets being redirected, but, again, this is no accident.

      As far back as The Scofield Bible, they were at work on this.

      American White Gentiles, generally speaking, have no idea how much effort has been expended to manipulate them.

      It’s been a herculean endeavour, which has now borne enormous fruit.

      • Ivan,

        As always I thank you for your response. I leave late today and will be gone for a while but until then I love to read articles and comments on this website. You have been so kind to me on this site.

  11. McClanahan managed to make the approx. half hour video without mentioning white people even once. Bravo.
    This is why whites are being outflanked by their enemies.

  12. There is a middle way between Capitalism owning a few mega-corporations and dominating the economy (think Blackrock) and Communism owning the factors of production in the name of the working class. I speak of workers and employee-owned cooperatives. The best example is the economic policies of the Italian Social Republic. (Look for a book called Revolutionary Fascism by Eric Norling. It explains in minute detail how it works.) But critics will say its unworkable on a large scale. They evidently have not heard of the Mondragon corporation in Spain! As regards conservatism what is conservatism but yesterday’s liberalism? What is liberal today will be conservative tomorrow. Imagine future conservatives fighting for the sanctity of Gay marriage.

    • Yea there’s many ways to do socialism.
      Real socialism is ultimately about workers, and consumers owning and democratically controlling what they produce, and consume, one way or another.

      When Anglos hear the spooky word socialism they immediately think authoritarian, state socialism, where an autocrat takes over large sections of or the whole economy, but there’s also market socialism, like what you describe, where workers, with or without the assistance of government, nonviolently or violently, takeover the means of production from capitalists, converting businesses, and apartments into cooperatives.
      And so private property is maintained, it’s just owned and directly controlled by the people who work and live there.
      And of course market socialism already exists within capitalism to an extent, as there’re many cooperatives successfully competing with capitalisms today.

      Then there’s welfare capitalism, which’s the form of socialism we have now by and large, where most of the economy is dominated by capitalists but government intervenes a bit to protect workers’ and consumers’ rights, and redistribute a bit of the wealth to the poor.
      Thanks to neoliberalism, corporations have been deregulated and there’s little-no help for the poor, but there’s still a ton of corporate welfare.

      The way I see it is socialism is more compatible with traditional western values than capitalism, at least when socialism is executed properly.
      Capitalism, particularly without restraints, impoverishes the people.
      Impoverished people and families don’t function well obviously, so you get low birthrates, broken homes/families, sickness, despair and inebriation.

      I compare monogamy to socialism and polygamy to capitalism.
      In socialism everyone who works gets an adequate piece of the pie, some pieces may be a bit bigger than others but everyone has a stake in things, whereas in capitalism you get the few with most or all of the pie and the many with little or none.
      When wives on the one hand, or money and resources on the other are hoarded, eventually you get crime and civil unrest, then you have to find something for all these young angry men without a future to do, like medicate them, castrate them, put them in prison, get them to kill each other in a civil war or get killed overseas and so on.

      But in socialism, as in monogamy as opposed to polygamy, everyone’s invested, everyone who contributes gets their fair share.
      And so socialism, when done right, is the most compatible with traditional values.
      And so rather than sticking with capitalism, the right oughta come up with a better way of doing socialism, one that promotes working families instead of degeneracy and Malthusianism, otherwise the left will win.
      At the very, very least capitalism has to be restrained.
      As long as the right clings to neoliberalism, I will no longer support it, I’ll either not vote, or vote for the radical left instead.
      As a working poor person I have nothing to lose, no piece of the pie, but thanks to unfettered capitalism, and corruption, the percentage of working poor people is growing, which means I’ll at least have some company, millions to commiserate with.

      Is capitalism biblical?
      Jews were forbidden from charging each other interest on what they lent to one another.
      There was no intellectual property.
      There was the year of Jubilee, every 7 years when all debts were cancelled.
      The poor were permitted to take food from the fields of farmers so long as they didn’t bring a vessel to put it in.
      Later, Jesus practiced communalism.

      The truth is capitalism isn’t biblical, but neither is socialism, because wage slavery and landlordism were permissible, they just happened on a much smaller scale than today because it was a preindustrial/financialized economy, the bible had a unique set of property norms.
      And so we got to get over this stupid idea that capitalism has something to do with traditional family values, on the contrary they’re antithetical.
      Unfettered capitalism promotes consumerism, materialism, covetousness, envy and greed.
      If an economic system undermines the health and wellbeing of working families than what good is it?
      If it can’t grow and strengthen the next generation of human beings, it isn’t worth a damn.
      Capitalism is a dead end.

      • >the right oughta come up with a better way of doing socialism

        Right on.

        When the automobile was invented and became widespread, the government got involved in infrastructure, and also introduced many regulations from stop lights to maximum trailer size on a rig. The same has yet to be done for cyberspace and its monopolies. There is a difference between a smart, limited use of the state to mitigate, if not solve, specific problems, thereby improving our quality of life, and a Bolshevik takeover.

  13. McClanahan doesn’t grasp that you can be a free marketer or a traditionalist in the Current Year, but you cannot logically be both.

    First, vast disparities in wealth give the Pritzkers and the Bloombergs of the world a green light to reconfigure American culture to their whims if they so desire. Since conservative judges believe bribing politicians is free speech, concentrated financial power immediately translates into political power, which in turn becomes cultural power. Again, you can believe in markets or culture but not both. They exclude each other.

    Secondly, modern technology creates winner-take-all phenomena. In the face of free-market censorship and de-platforming, is it reasonable to tell people to build their own payment processor, and build their own DDoS protection service, and build their own web hosting company, and build their own domain registrar, and build their own App Store, and build their own bank, and, and, and, and, and, and? It’s what Thomas Jefferson would have wanted! Ok, Boomer.

    Our situation is far worse since the combination of inequality, technology, and freedom has corrosive cultural effects. As an example, just as no one wants to use the second-best search engine or the second-best online retailer if it can be avoided, no woman wants to date the second-best man. When you see hordes of boss babes crying on TikTok about how their umpteenth situationship didn’t work out, they’re not crying over software developers. Even Plain Janes squander their youth shooting their shot at elite men, devastatingly impacting our race’s demographics. Boomers must become more knowledgeable about this. Dating has become a market. With markets, there are few winners and many losers.

    Freedom gives corporations a veto over who can participate in the public square. Why isn’t Jared Taylor on Twitter? He’s conscientious, well-mannered, agreeable, and doesn’t break any rules. Well, under freedom, Twitter is a private company that can do whatever it wants without explanation. Bans don’t even have to be company policy; it could be some low-level blue-haired feminist going rogue. Faceberg has an army of 15,000 content moderators, TheirTube employs 10,000 moderators, and Twitter has 1,500 moderators. That many people ought to be a single government regulatory agency. That way, everyone knows the rules, and when someone is banned, the business legally needs to explain why, and then both parties need to follow the legally established means of redress. Then, if a company doesn’t follow the rules, it can get sued by a trial lawyer. But right now, there are no rules. There is only freedom.

    Too many Boomers are still fighting the Cold War and just don’t get it. Their freedom is the freedom of Kronos to devour his own children. It’s grotesque. It isn’t that we’ve given up on taxation and regulation; it is that cold, hard experience has taught us that taxation and regulation are the solutions to most of our problems.

  14. I think the problem with neo-libertarianism conservativism is the idea that public servants will voluntarily pursue a limited constitutional republican government. The set up of the Supreme Court, the President, and the Congress have changed little since America’s inception, but they have “ceded their power” to an unelected bureaucracy that pursues every agenda the donor class wants.

    Whites fell for and, unfortunately continue to fall for the okie-dokie and wonder why more savvy ethnics and minorities keep pushing us to the back of the bus.

    Until Whites drop the libertarian nonsense and focus less on limiting government rather than taking control of it, we are going to continue to see our children dispossesed and disenfranchised.

    I suspect that practically every member of Congress is a figurehead. The left has its own silliness on display like the Squad, John Fetterman, Diane Feinstein, but the right has its own cavalcade of clowns. It isn’t just Biden.

    We really have to spend less time NTJ and more time watching and learning from him. The Jew’s accumulation of power through the millennia even in the Bible as captives exiled to Aryan countries was to infiltrate their government bureaucracies and become advisors to the putative rules. Mordechai in the Book of Esther was one example. Henry Kissinger during Nixon’s administration is another. The title is Court Jew.

    With their networking abilities, this ethnic group has managed to accumulate a lot of power even as they pose as a persecuted minority. Their contacts in the political bureaucracy know where all the bodies are buried. That’s why.

    Really, with the way the borders have been broken, the majority of the population will probably be Hispanic. We have to train ourselves to be less upset about a brown-skinned Mestizo holding the office and more concerned about forming a tight network of very competent Whites to staff it. Whites should worry less about running for office and populating bureaucratic positions throughout every level of government.

    • “…Until Whites drop the libertarian nonsense and focus less on limiting government rather than taking control of it, we are going to continue to see our children dispossesed and disenfranchised. …”

      Exactly. This is the point.

      • @Sam J:

        We have to rewire our thinking about how to take control of a government by memorizing that mantra about Personnel Being Policy.

        Even a corrupt billionaire donor like Donald Trump that one would think would know better totally bought into that Frank Capra movie, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington nonsense.

        Contrary to popular thought, despite their perks and their titles, politicians don’t exercise any tight-fisted control of the government. They have to spend half their time raising money for their war chests and the other half of their time campaigning for re-election.

        Again, I am convinced that every member of Congress is a figurehead on both sides of the aisle whether they sport the red or the blue tie, just like Biden is. That’s why these hearings on the Biden Crime Family amount to All Sound But No Fury.

        So who runs things? Unaccountable bureaucrats who don’t stand for election and spend decades setting policy, fixing potential scandals and blackmailing the politicians whose offices they staff, because they know where the bodies are buried.

        We want to run the bureaucracy, not run to be the elected candidate of the Duopoly. And I mean staff every government bureaucracy in the country no matter how of little consequence it appears to lend us.

        • @Clytemnestra and Sam…

          The lynchpin to everything that has happened is this notion of ‘equality’.

          With people wishing to believing that all people are the same, you can justify taking down every nation, every tradition, faith, and value, and, thus, any people.

          And, yes, ‘equality’ is how the LGBT and Transgenderism is soldiering on.

          Americans face a clear choice – give up on equality, and preserve yourself and your kind, or carry on with it and destroy every distinction.

          The choice is that stark.

          If the Constitution is to be preserved, it is the first 12 amendments.

          The rest are what has produced this, and ‘this, does not work.

  15. “There can never be one world government because the peoples of the world are fundamentally incompatible in many ways.”

    That is why the new religion of “Diversity” exists. The goal of it is the exact opposite of the real definition. You can’t have actual diversity by mixing all the races together. The end result will be a rootless mocha colored mongrel menagerie, which is exactly what they want. A controllable, expendable, exploitable mass of rootless, atomized, materialistic NPC’s.

  16. “…Revolutionary Fascism by Eric Norling…”

    I really, really appreciate you commenting on this. I have often wondered what we can do to dig ourselves out of this mess. The present globalhomo financial capitalism is eating the see corn of the country. One thing I’m not sure what to do to spread ownership around or at least stop them preying on everyone is the banks and their structure.

    The best plans are ones that do not do to much meddling or require incessant control.

    I have a few that would stop a great deal of the predatory corporate behavior.

    1. All corporations that sell import goods or imported manufactured goods or outsource production, the management can not earn over 20 times what the lowest paid workers earns. So effectively this means minimum wage. The goal is that the interest at the top is congruent with the interest of the middle class. So large corporations would have to make things here in the US. You could start with some lesser percentage of made in USA or it may be that cold turkey would be better. They want to outsource, fine, give the extra profits to the shareholders not to line managements pockets.
    2. The supreme court ruled that corporations are people, so they can give a such money as they want to political campaigns. Fine. Make them choose. If they are people then they can give money but they pay “people” taxes, not corporate taxes. No tax breaks that a person couldn’t get. For example, they get subsidies or tax breaks from cities or States, then that’s income. They pay tax on it. If they choose “people” they also lose limited liability. After all people can not just say that they are not responsible. Corporations do this all the time. Killing people then, they pay a fine. No more of that.

    Banks…I have no idea. It’s tough to regulate “who” gets the gains from banks. Maybe we could just cap the wages. They would be good wages but not what they have now.

    • >the management can not earn over 20 times what the lowest paid workers earns

      This is an excellent idea. It would solve soooooo many problems. Private equity douchebags wouldn’t be able to buy a company, gut its workforce and replace it with cheap labor overseas with the intention of flipping it before the low-skilled rot sets in. If management’s total compensation is maxed out at X times the lowest paid worker they employ anywhere, the people at the top would need to take a pay cut by doing unethical stuff, or even myopic stuff that does not have the long-term health of a company in focus. It would reverse many of the consequences of Reaganism and financialization, which made everything a digit on a spreadsheet; people at the top and bottom would have a shared fate again.

      • “…buy a company, gut its workforce and replace it with cheap labor overseas with the intention of flipping it before the low-skilled rot sets in…financialization…”

        YES! There should be limits to this. Sen. Romney took over a bunch of companies with Bain capital. They borrowed a ton of money and ruined the companies. Small companies that had no debt and decent average profits were driven into the ground by them. Of course as they did so Bain charged them millions of dollars in “consultant fees”. Mostly I suspect the consultation consisted of,”pay us or we will fire you and get a manger who will pay us”.

        I want to point out,

        “…They want to outsource, fine, give the extra profits to the shareholders not to line managements pockets…”

        This means that people can still import and assemble things in the US with imported parts or sell them. But to do so, it will likely be smaller units of production. So this means the big chain stores will NOT have the monopoly on this. At the same time, it keeps competition alive. This is one of the consequences of Japans laws. They have a lot of small shops run by families. I think this is good, small stores could sell cheap made overseas goods in competition with the chains.

        We should talk about economics and laws that pertain to how the economy is run. As noted by many here, this, no government, business will not get us anywhere. The left will take over commerce and ruin us. Here’s a link of how the Nationalist won the civil war against the Commies by using sane, stable laws to run the economics of the areas they controlled. It also recommends a book on this. Not too long and a good overview of what can be done.

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