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It has been a busy weekend.

James Edwards, Jared Taylor, John Friend of American Free Press and many others are here in the Montgomery area for the Southern Cultural Center National Conference. Naturally, we met up and were all on The Political Cesspool last night where we talked about how crazy and radicalized our politics have become in recent years and how the charges against Trump are destined to throw the 2024 election into chaos.

I gave a special shout out to Thomas Main and Evan Osnos of The New Yorker. Main lives in an East Coast academic bubble among the minority of establishment liberals in the Democratic Party who do not believe the system is rigged. Osnos was here eight years ago when the forces that Donald Trump was about to unleash in our politics were still marginalized and largely contained within the building. White identity politics, Christian nationalism and support for a National Divorce are all gaining traction now.

Could Trump pull the system down with him like Samson by shattering faith in elections and the judicial system on the Right?


  1. “””…Could Trump pull the system down with him like Samson ..”””

    Yes. This was plan from beginning. Big men thinking big and Draining The Swamp was not meant firing some third rank Government employees but getting whole system permanently gone.

    Trump did stategic retreat and now The Swamp is so deep in the problems like Napoleon was in Moscow and The Swamp also can’t get out anymore. There is no way back to pre Obama normality.

  2. (S)elections?
    Barry Soetoro is preezy of the steezy for life.
    Please make a note of it.
    Historic Big Mike might get a term and it will be so historic, you’ll hear all about it.
    External enemies won’t wait that long and the abomination of desolation has earned it.

  3. Was David Duke absence intentional?

    My bet is that Tidewater Virginian Jared “Jews look White to me” Taylor wouldn’t participate in the conference, if Dr Duke was included.

  4. “Could Trump pull the system down with him like Samson by shattering faith in elections and the judicial system on the Right?”

    No, Sir, I think not.

    Why not?

    Because President Biden already did that.

    Yes, few in the mainstream political right have any faith in either courts or elections, after the debacle of the last presidential election.

    No, I am not projecting here – just reporting on what I see and here.

    The presidential election of 2024 stands a big chance of being our last.

    Already the efforts to interfere with it are immense, and everyone, on The Right, see that and thinks that.

  5. Would have happily been there but last Monday my wife and I have proudly welcomed a new member of the family. A healthy little baby boy.

        • @Joe Rebel:

          Congratulations to you and your wife. I hope your beautiful little boy grows up to be a happy and healthy young man.

          All new parents get advice. Here’s some from yous truly.

          A Johnny Jumper is a wonderful way to deal with a fussy baby. You can suspend it from the ceiling. It looks like a little chair suspended on a line and it has a spring. The effect is like a trampoline. It supports the baby while he jumps.

          Some people hang it in the closet door opening. In my case, we put up a beam in our archway and suspended the JJ that way. When the little ones got fussy, trying to fight sleep, we’d put them in there and put some music on for them to dance and swing and twirl to until they wore themselves out.

          It’s a great investment and their legs develop beautifully.

  6. Trump can still do a lot of damage. The left is completely united behind him (for the nomination only). And the great mass of retards support him. His mission is in part to destroy what is left of Christian morality in the Republican Party. And he is succeeding.

    With the total support of Zog media and the democratic party along with the mass of worthless ‘alt media’, Trump is likely to get the nomination. Of course his chance at winning the general election is zero.

    Things will be a lot different soon. Kirillov’s famous speech was bone chilling. He believes that Zog has a a promising new virus, and the White House set up a task force in July to go with it. It is 2019 all over again.

    Biological teams will already be seeding this virus around the country, same as 2019. Then the masks and lockdowns again.

    So the general election is probably going to be entirely mail in, by federal decree.

  7. I listened to this program and enjoyed it very much.

    Edwards’s upbeat hosting, plus the testimonies and evidences given by Jared Taylor and our Mr. Griffin, plus hearing how Mr. Wharton has soldiered on, was a pleasure.

  8. The Southern Cultural Center is a great organization that I’m happy to be a part of. I’m currently the chairman of a chapter a few guys and I are setting up on the East Georgia side. Slowly and surely, we’re focused on building a base there.

  9. Hunter, you were spot-on in your early critiques of Trump, even before he took office in late 2016 & began hiring people who hated him (and us) for key jobs in his administration. Your sometimes acerbic assessments only increased in accuracy as his ineffective presidency sputtered & staggered to its pathetic conclusion, & the Deep State brought the hammer down on racially conscious dissident whites beginning with Charlottesville. But now you seem to have developed a strange new soft spot for Trump, as the potential wrecking ball to “our Democracy,” who will finally open up opportunities for pro-white whites. It’s not just you, either. Jared Taylor, James Edwards, & many of our other leaders seem to be almost giddy with excitement anticipating the “Trump effect” in 2024. But to achieve anything significant that will help us, Trump is going to need more than a monstrous ego; he’s going to need strong character, one that understands the risks he’s taking, including the distinct possibility he’s going to prison for the rest of his life. When has Trump ever demonstrated such character? I think – eventually, after many twists & turns & bombastic rhetoric & macho breast-beating – he’s going to cuck. He will make deals to avoid prison & will either drop out of the race or run a stunted, emasculated campaign that will result (of course) in a Democrat victory, perhaps a sweeping one in which the Democrats retain the presidency, strengthen their majority in the Senate, & regain control of the House. Along the way, he will babble about birthright citizenship & deportations & Ukraine to keep people like us in line, but it will be insincere drivel, as it always has been. As for the inability of the Left to stop pursuing Trump even if it means civil war or secession or some other outcome, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Although you & James & Jared accurately perceive the Deep State’s fanatical hatred of Trump, & it’s potential to create national chaos, I think – in the end – cooler heads will prevail. Admittedly, based on daily news reports, I don’t have the evidence to support that prediction, yet. But the wild card here is Trump’s fundamentally pusillanimous character, & I predict those who are prosecuting Trump will eventually play it. There may be scattered outbreaks of violence, but nothing organized, nothing serious, just more Jan 6 buffoonery. The Empire will go on.

    • I don’t.

      By that I mean, I don’t think cooler heads are going to prevail.

      If our enemies weren’t blinded by self righteous rage, they never would have pushed it this far and created such an explosive situation. As a president, Trump was a dud. What did he do? Tax cuts? Appoint conservative judges? The First Step Act?

      There is no exit ramp for Trump. He has no choice but to go all the way. He obviously wasn’t inclined to go all the way. He vowed to “lock her up” only to turn the other cheek and do nothing to “heal the nation.”

      There is no turning back now. Also, Trump isn’t going to remembered by history for anything he did in his first term. Instead, he will be remembered solely for the ordeal the country is about to go through

      • Mebbe so. I kinda hope you’re right & I’m wrong. Kinda…personal comfort, you know!

        Anyhoo, got my popcorn ready & bunker defenses updated. Let her rip.

        • I’m actually dreading it.

          I have a 9-year-old and a baby on the way around Halloween. I’m not looking forward to going through what I expect to kick off next year. I just don’t see it getting this bad and calming down. Politics is feverish right now. People are deluded.

          • @HW,

            AmRen attendee and speaker(?) Mark Weber has Just said the same on GTK’s Weekly Week in Review.” Weber believes that the political/ideological volcano is going to erupt.

            Fastforward to the 12:00 mark. Weber covers Oliver Anthony, and the irreconcilable differences in America,


  10. Right. At least you’re (presumably) in a somewhat safer area than some. I’m 71 & my reaction times aren’t what they used to be. Good luck to us all.

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