Axios: Donald Trump Will Skip The Republican Debates

We’re going to spend some time checking the pulse of Our Democracy this morning.


Former President Trump confirmed on his Truth Social account Sunday that he will not be participating in this week’s Republican primary debate.

Why it matters: Trump has for months hinted that he would skip the Aug. 23 Republican primary debate, but this is the first time he has categorically stated he will “not be doing the debates.

“The New York Times reported on Friday that Trump was planning to skip the first Republican primary debate and instead sit for an online interview with Tucker Carlson.

Driving the news: Trump wrote on his Truth Social on Sunday that the “public knows who I am & what a successful Presidency I had.” …

Donald Trump has announced that he is skipping the debates.

The GOP candidates like Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek, Mike Pence and so on will be left to flail around at their kiddie table on FOX News. There is no point in debating the issues. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is and what the issues are these days and the stakes of this election.

Zealous partisans aren’t interested in debating the issues facing the country anymore. They are championing one side or the other. It is also highly unlikely that there will be any presidential debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden next year. Trump will probably be in prison by that point. It is unlikely that the mainstream media networks would “give him a platform” either because this might potentially “normalize” Trump. The whining went on for months after the CNN town hall.

We’re not living in normal times. This isn’t going to be a normal election. The demise of the televised presidential debates is yet another example of a long established norm that is crumbling. Sure, the candidates were always owned by the donors and the system was always rigged and debates normally took place within an extremely narrow center-right liberal vs. center-left liberal consensus. It is still significant that the system is breaking down to that point where that no longer works.


  1. They wouldn’t allow him , too participate with n a normal debate, I could imagine the DOJ serving him a warrant, while he is on stage, none the less though, DON JOHN TRUMP, is the ” WHITE BOY CANDIDATE ” I will vote for the ” WHITE BOY CANDIDATE ” despite the letdown’s, the disapointment, his flaw’s whatever, so why vote? Like DAMIEN kushner said, where else we gonna go, thing is DON JOHN TRUMP, has no one but us, maybe he will get it this time, their is no way, I would for the Bolshevik/ democrat’s or the Bolshevik/ Lincolnite’s……..I really believe this satanic administration, will be who start’s CIVIL WAR 2, Once again, the host of this site, did a excellent job on political cesspool Saturday night, I really enjoyed the program…….

  2. “Are debates becoming a thing of the past?’

    Yes, as are national elections.

    In fact, all things national, ‘American’, are now things of the past, this because the pollitical class neither upholds the law anymore than we, The Citizenry, insist on the supremacy of our beliefs and traditions

    If you believe in equality, than you are either an active colluder in this or an accessory to the act.

  3. “Trump will probably be in prison by that point. ”

    Don’t you think he can delay any potential incarceration with appeals ?

    • @Arrian…

      One legal advisor, on CNN, today, said that the racketeering charges in Georiga, against President Trump are so weak that they will be thrown out of court.

      His reasoning?

      The president has immunity against legal redress for any and all criminal endeavours, while in office.

  4. The last debate wasn’t a real debate. It wasn’t between Trump/Biden, but Trump/Chris Wallace. It was so obviously fake and biased, Wallace not SHUTTING UP. When, after ignoring issues such as the street riots, foreign policy, economic solutions, and Covid, then Wallace announces “white supremacy is…” was when I threw a book at the TV.
    I don’t care about any of this anymore. The question is, if they seriously want to imprison trump during the election, will he, as Harold Covington said, raise his standard? Will the red state leaders?

  5. I would be surprised if Trump’s numbers didn’t go up after the debates. I am sorry for the people who are going to have to cover it, it’s going to be a neocon suckfest + Ron and Rama pretending to be populists.

  6. I’m not convinced this is anything more than political theatre.
    Trump is just another kosher con who occasionally says radical things but never follows through.
    Until they lock him up for years and there’s video of him sitting in a cell wearing an orange jumpsuit, I won’t be convinced any of this is real.
    I put Trump alarmism in the same category as climate, covid and UFO alarmism.
    The MSM lies, lies and lies, deflects and distracts.
    I’m not holding my breath, this could all just be more WWE.

    • “…Trump is just another kosher con…”

      You may very well be right. I have said as much myself, then flipped and thought different many times. Never before have I changed my mind so much. I can not come to a definitive conclusion about Trump. One thing he has done is flush our enemies out of the bush. They are forced to deal with him. My conclusion is that whatever Trump is we need to run this to it’s conclusion and see. If he is a Judas, then we’ve lost nothing. All the rest are just as bad, but…if not. Then some sort of reckoning will happen. Good or bad.

  7. Sad trombone at Grand Old Politburo headquarters, they had Candy Crowley on the phone.
    Washington General Juan McCain taught them how to lose but they aren’t lovable.

  8. President DON JOHN TRUMP, should skip the debates,why should he waste his valuable time, why allow himself to be mocked and insulted, it’s seems like it would a political trial, not a traditional debate……

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