Charles Blow: Come Home, Black Man!

I’m sure I am not the only one who noticed that Charles Blow went full Harold Covington in the New York Times last week and no one batted an eye. Well, Auron MacIntyre did.

New York Times:

Charles Blow has a bold proposition for Black Americans: leave the country’s northern cities and move to the South. In this audio essay, Blow argues that becoming a voting majority in states like Georgia and Mississippi could give Black Americans the opportunity to control the levers of state power and influence national politics. …

Come home, Black man!

This brings back so many memories!

Note: The sole problem that these people have with us is that we are White. That’s it!


  1. Yeah. I would be willing to give them California as reparations. Its more than they’ve earned, but if they all had to move there and never return, we’d be well and fairly rid of them.

    California has pretty much everything they could ask for to be successful.

    • Nah. California was conquered and colonized by Aryans. Despite the demographic trends there since 1965, it must be so again.

      I’ve evolved in my racial outlook. A modern day Lebansraum program is both necessary and morally justifiable.

      The entire Western Hemisphere – California, Baja California, Mexico, the Central Aztec states, and the continent of South America – belong to our race. We need to clean up the mess that the Spaniards and Portugese made there. They interbred with the Aztecs, whereas the British exterminated the native savages in North America.

      Whether we actually “need” that land or not is besides the point. I’m not sharing this world with Jews and jealous mud people. Get them the fuck out of North America, then replace them in the Western Hemisphere, then use the tropical zones around the world – which are unsuitable for living – as economic zones. Make Imperialism Great Again.

      California is the most beautiful and splendid piece of land in the USA. We should never give it up.

      • From its formation up until the 1990 recession, California was THE American Mecca.

        Trivia : Lincoln probably would not have won his illegal terrorist war if he had not had access to California (and a lesser extent Colorado) gold fields.

  2. Charles Blow is a mulatto, sure the mulattos want a black majority state. Mulattos, guys like Charles Blow and Eric Holder would be the rulers, and the darker blacks would be their slaves.

    • They want our homelands, no matter where they are, even on the north pole or the moon. They will try to follow us wherever we go, wrecking everything they touch.

  3. Consolidating Black power is not a new idea.

    The Nation of Islam has been asking for a large tract of land, like Mississippi, for a very long time.

  4. “a bold proposition for Black Americans: leave the country’s northern cities and move to” ………..Africa !

  5. “Rising of the Moon” is a good song. I’ve been enjoying “Spencil Hill”, “Ye Jacobites by Name”, and “Marie’s Wedding”. Highly recommend the band The High Kings. Also “Sovay” by Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick. Good music.

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