Tucker Carlson: Ukraine Is Losing

Take this with a grain of salt.

I don’t consider Douglas MacGregor the most reliable source.

Still though, I wonder … can Joe Biden keep Ukraine on life support through the 2024 election? Will the war in Ukraine turn over the next year? What impact will events in Ukraine have on our politics?


  1. I would feel differently about the Ukraine if Putin invaded out of the blue, but Biden had been provoking the Ukraine all the way back to the Obama regime. The US caused a regime change in the Ukraine. So Putin was provoked, he didn’t just randomly decide to invade. My only regret for voting for Biden.

  2. Every vote is a protest vote. It’s always a choice between lesser evils and considerations. My opinion was that Trump deserved a protest vote because he joined the swamp instead of draining the Swamp. But I knew Biden had no chance of draining the swamp. Currently the only thing that I think will matter is if a candidate will actually take on wage slavery and large corporations. Neither Biden nor Trump will.

    • Fair enough. I know if Trump isn’t on the ballot it will only be because the GOP screwed him. In that case, if Trump isn’t on the ballot, I’ll probably vote Biden just out of spite. A samson vote.

      The GOP is currently the largest obstacle to any meaningful reform, as well as an obstacle to open discussion of White interests by politicians and their constituents. If they don’t get themselves out of the way, I’d rather see them burn with the rest of it when the system collapses. Biden is accelerating us in that direction, and thats preferable to curry ramaswami or any other gop shill who will be business as usual for the donor class.

  3. “””..keep Ukraine on life support through the 2024 election….”””

    Only if Russians want that. Ukraine is completely 1out of manpower and the planning total mobilisation. Absolutely all Ukrainan men. No exception whatsoever.

    This is worse than Hitler Volksturm. Hitler called all men from 16 to 60. Ukraine will not set any kind of limit.

  4. As sad as it might be to some, I think this thing will go American boots on the ground at “best”, all out nuclear at worst. No way the J neocons in charge will let this end in a schoolboy playground fight handshake.

  5. “I don’t consider Douglas MacGregor the most reliable source.” – Indeed X 1000.

    I recall seeing MacGregor on Tucker’s Fox show at the beginning of the Ukraine war confidently predicting the Russians would have the whole country conquered in about two weeks. Then, many weeks later, he told Tucker the operation was going slow…really slow, because the soft-hearted Russian Army didn’t want to smash up Ukraine too badly or kill a lot of people. And then, months later, the Russians are ready to get serious and get this thing done in another few weeks. On & on like this for months, now a year +.

    That Tucker still listens to MacGregor does not speak well for Tucker, to put it mildly.

    • The Russians are willing to drag the Ukrainian war out until the US has spent its last dollar. That’s classic Russian strategy. McGregor, and most others, including myself, didn’t pick up on the Russians being so smart. The Russians eliminate both the US/NATO, and their Ukrainian enemies this way.

      • Ahhhh…yes, it’s 4-D chess again! I’m sure only Q-anon & Sidney Powell were smart enough to see through it.

        • The Russians are bleeding us and the west dry. I dont know about 4 d chess but a severe weakening of the west is what is happening. The loss of the Ukraine war is inevitable for the west but i dont know what that means for the U.S.

  6. MacGregor’s estimates of Ukraine’s losses are likely too high, but they are substantial, maybe 10,000 killed in the last 3 months, according to Dreizin. On the Ukrainian side it is WW I, attacking across flat open country without air support or air defense, and with little artillery support.

    Ukraine cannot win. Half the population has fled to the EU or Russia. They have almost no industry. The arms US/NATO have supplied have been largely destroyed, and there is little to send. And there is Russia, the fourth or fifth largest economy in the world, with a larger military manufacturing capacity than all of NATO combined, infinite resources, and 8 times the Ukrainian population.

    At some point Ukraine will collapse, and Russia will dictate terms.

    • . . . when Zelensky gets on his Gulfstream loaded with some exceptionally heavy suitcases and flies to Our Greatest Ally the war will end. Look for it.

  7. I feel so very sorry for the Ukraine – they’ve been bled white and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

    As for The Russians, they could end it all in a month, if they pushed.

    But, mindful that they do not responsibility for the basket case that is now The Ukraine, and mindful that they do not want to jolt the already addled minds of The West, they just keep the meat grinder going, while only advancing in incremental snail’s paces.

    Patience is an Eastern virtue, and just like they use space, the use time.

    They know that, with the passage of every week, the ever impatient West chafes more and more at their impotence to produce any results that they would like.

  8. Douglas MacGregor only makes wildly inaccurate predictions. He’s consistently wrong, which is suspicious.

    Ukraine ran low on Stingers. That means Mordor controls much of the airspace, which prevents blitzes through minefields and fortifications because a chopper can suddenly pop up and take out the front of an armored column. The lack of combined arms makes things a stalemate at the moment. We’ll see if air support changes the equation next year.

    If Ukraine were running out of men or ammo, the avalanche of Putin’s mystery-meat cannon fodder would steamroll our white brothers, and that’s not what is happening right now. Russia as an empire is not what it once was, hollowed out by diversity and corruption.

    • @No, Some Dude.

      Th reason why the Russians are not steamrolling the Ukrainians is because Vladimir Putin does not want to addle and already addled Western Elite, and wind up in a nuclear war.

      Moreover, he has already attained most of his stated goals, at the beginning of this operation.

      And, yes, the Ukraine is critical short of ammo and trained men, and have been unable to achieve anything, but, massive casualties, in the supposed summer offensive.

      The source your are getting your news from are lying infamously to you.

      • Ivan,

        I’m confident that those who told me that the Russian Federation wouldn’t invade, and then that Putin’s orcs would take the country in three days, and then that Ukraine was on the brink of collapsing in spring 2022, etc., are lying to me.

        When you listen to others, please make sure what they say is logically consistent, check predictions for accuracy, and verify that explanations are economical.

  9. I’ve come to realise:- you can’t trust anything the western media tells you.
    Ukraine is winning……..BS.
    Just don’t know what sources to trust anymore.
    You can’t base your beliefs off media propaganda. Either research further, or leave it alone.A colleague at work told me that years ago.
    The media have an agenda, rather than a mere desire to inform.

  10. “Ukraine Is Losing”
    Ryan Dawson has been saying this over a year and more, always punching holes in the media narrative.

    We lose 120 billion, Ukrainians lose over 300,000 dead and the nose behind the curtain makes bank.

  11. Why don’t you consider MacGregor a reliable? I think very highly of him myself. I’ve learned a great deal from him on this conflict. Late Prof. Cohen and Prof. Mearsheimer are also very good.

    MacGregor even named the Jew in this interview.

    • He made some predictions early in the war which didn’t pan out. I think he is overly biased toward Russia. I saw the interview and it was still interesting though

      • “…He made some predictions early in the war which didn’t pan out…”

        I think he based these on what the US would do if they had the power of Russia but what Russia did was different. It appears to me Russia is trying to keep casualties as low as they can while meeting objectives long term.

  12. I like MacGregor, but i have a deep suspicion he’s being funded by some group to press his opinions on Ukraine, to be overly Russo-optimistic.

  13. MacGregor’s points on all other issues are on target,

    Border out of control
    Wokeism in the military
    Banks , Hollywood, lobbyists all controlled by one group
    Outcome based promotions, not merit

    He hits all our main issues, in discrete terms.

  14. It takes at least 6 months to make a competent soldier, even a cannon-cocker humping shells.

    Colonel McGregor is correct in that jewkraine has 400,000 KIA to Russia’s 50,000 KIA. The meat-offensive has failed. The Russians have superior artillery and fresh reserves. The current way of war using artillery with local drone spotters means that a batallion artillery of guns can finish off any Ukrainian offensive within 5 minutes.

    Whereas ZOG has little 155mm artillery soldiers and not enough shells to support the jewkraine. I used to play Army in the Army Reserve in Joplin B btry 3/75 FA from 1986-87 for $104 for a weekend drill. Now the only 155mm tube unit is “Truman’s Own” which Harry S. Truman commanded back in 1918. The 3/75 becum the 414 Military Police back in the 2000 for the Iraq and Afghan wars. Less artillery units less artillery shells made. Now it is all rocket/missile units on computerized trucks costing millions per shot guided by GPS. No more Field Artillery Surveyors to mark off firing points. All GPS, no soldiers other than 3 or 4 in one computerized trucks.

    In any case, why should Tzar Vlad the Bad engage in an offensive and kill a bunch of western jewkrainians in order to establish Greater Khazaristan-on-the-Dnieper as a second homeland for Khazar jews cleaned of the white population?


    Hail Victory !!!

    Doctor Pastor Martin Lindstedt MD (Mad Dog)
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for ZOG Prez-o-dint or Governor of Missery 2024

  15. Colonel McGregor is right in a military sense. Tsar Vlad the Bad decides the strategy, not generals.

    I looked at the video this morning. The present war one of artillery spotted with drones and cellular communications, i.e. WW1 weaponry with post-90s electronics.

    From 1981-83 I was stationed with C Btry 2d Bn 42d Field Artillery (Lance) in Crailsheim West Germany, a nuke unit. The Lance had a dial-a-yield warhead and 75 mile range and inertial guidance sytem. It along with the Pershing was pulled out of Germany by the 1985 Reagan-Gorbachev deal. Now my old MOS of 15J10 is the MOS for the Multiple-Rocket Launch Systems. Instead of having a full section of troops it had the likes of “Emma” the little 5’2″ 120-lb whiggress who was in last years Recruiting ad (with 2 mothers, both lesbian and one of them a niggres) who launches 6-12 missiles costing millions from a computerized GPS truck, replacing a half-dozen tracked vehicles and according to an recently retired artilleryman they phased out the Field Artilley Surveyors who used to set up firing points. All GPS satellite for targetting via a computerized climate-controlled truck.

    Then from 1986-87 I played reservist in a M-109 155mm howitzer unit for $104 per weekend drill. Go to the reserve unit on Friday, load up into the chartered bus with the rest of the battery, draw 4 howitzers from the Ft. Leonardwood motor pool and fire off a dozen rounds per drill. I even got to fire the howitzer three times or so. Pick up a 100-lb 155 shell, put 7-bags of propellant dating from 1963 behind it, swing back the breech-block, put in a primer which looks like a .38 Smith and Wesson shell. Scrub down the barrell before taking it back to the motor pool. A battery had around 120 soldiers and officers did B Btry 3/75. Joplin was Bravo Battery, Jeff City was Charlie Battery, D & E was Springfield. And Alpha was “Truman’s Own” the battery which Capt. Harry S. Truman commanded in WW1.Now this is the only howitzer 155 mm unit in Missouri. B Battery becum the 414 Military Piglice as that was needed to arrest the goat-herders in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    It takes a minumum of six months to properly train a soldier. Basic training takes 2 months, Advanced MOS-training takes 2 months. But it isn’t until you have a few months of learning how to act that you become something simple as an artillery cannon-cocker able to simply pick up a 100-lb projectile and ram it in with either the loader (which can eat arms of the unwary) or a steel with rubber-ended rammer. Setting the fuse requires an experienced NCO.

    Since there were no real tube artillery units left, they were not firing practice shells, thus no real runs were made. The Russians did no such thing. They have guns and artillery shells, 122 mm, and 152mm and 8-inch cannons, thousands of them from 1936 and 1955 and 1968 and 1978. They used their massive artillery to bring the Chechins to heel in the 2d Chechin War. Since the North Koreas, Chinese, and Iranians use 155mm they can simply buy plenty of 152mm shells and ship them in by rail from their common border. Eventually the Russians and Chinese and Iranians and North Koreans will share a common Asiatic market and perhaps tell ZOG that they are to have no interference with the Asia world-continent, like a Monroe Doctrine named after Putin and Xi and whatever little dogeater running North Korea. Maybe Russia can reprocess them nuclear fuel rods enriched to 90% and sell the plutonium to the Iranians or flag carrier-buster supersonic missiles to Transnistra.

    Why the war. I remind the Russians that the neo-khans are Khazars who Alexander III persecuted and so the Vicktoria jewlands are out to set up a new jew homeland — Khazaristan-on-the-Dniper and this new homeland needs to be cleansed of jewkrainians, courtesy of the Russians. Thus the new jewkraine will be broken away of its Russian elements and the Western Bandaristan becum the new Khazaristan without any pesky jewkrainians to serve as anything other than spare parts, adenechrome for Passover matzo, and jewkrainian females for Tel Aviv brothels once this Khazar-War is over.

    So what if ZOG/Babylon Collapses in Civil War 2. Like with the Russian Collapse the new jew elites can becum the next oligarchs over the ZOGland like they did in the 1930s and 1990s.

    So just as I loved Sept 11, 2001 so to I look forward to another war which will weaken and finish off ZOG/Babylon and bring about local theocratic military dictatorships over 20-30 million surviving feral ex-whiggers which I call the Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Colonel McGregor is correct in his military assessment of this war, but not privy to Tsar Vlad’s strategy to turn a Special Military Operation to end the killing of Russians in the Donbass into winning Khazar War 3 into the Asian Hegemony.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


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