Tucker Carlson Interviews Donald Trump

After beating around the bush for nearly an hour, Tucker asks Trump whether we are drifting toward a civil war or some type of open conflict. Trump kind of dodges the question. He does acknowledge though the explosion of rage that we saw on January 6.


  1. He doesn’t want conflict. Thats sweet. They sure do though. He’s on trial for his life. He will either get serious or he will get fucked. Whitey wins either way so its no skin off my teeth.

    All hail our great orange boomer scape goat.

  2. One of Trump’s main assigned roles has been to absorb and dissipate the rage that grew up during the W Bush/Obama years. But I believe that is in the past.

    Tucker works for the CIA, always has. He detests the pigdog Trump, but has been ordered to support him. The CIA wants Trump to be the nominee, since he would have zero chance of winning the general election.

    All this talk of a civil war in America. Completely baseless. Who is going to secede? Which State? None of them will. So foreigners will have to do it for us. People like Wagner PMC, which fought and defeated ZOG forces in ten nations around the world.

    • The hero of the White race, Putin himself, likely just ordered the murder of most of the Wagner command, including Prigozin.

      Russia isn’t coming to save us.

  3. I want him to do interviews with Tucker on focuses topics for every debate. This one was hilarious, but too unfocused.

    Tuckers little in appropriate interjections about North Korea and such were hysterical.

  4. “Trump’s assigned roles”
    “Tucker works for CIA”
    “Job is to dissipate the rage”

    I’m so tired of the baseless nonsense I see tossed around in dissident groups.

    What would the world look like today if Trump hadn’t come down the escalator? Anger and unrest? A world full of rage? Would there have been a “storming of the Capitol” if Jeb! Had been elected President in 2016? Or if Billary had squeaked by?

    In 2016 there was a lot of disenfranchisement across the country. There was a lot of “subterranean” dissident activity fomenting, but the internet was free, and THAT was what redirected the energy of the masses. The free internet allowed like minded people to stew in echo chambers and reinforce each others grievances (on both sides).

    But none of it was leading anywhere. It was UNFOCUSED. Trump brought focus to all of it. He brought focus to the right and that in turn brought focus to the hysterical left.

    If not for Trump, all the trannies would still be posting their pronouns on Tumblr and right wingers would be on Facebook planning protests in obscure places where 20 people show up.

    If not for Trump, CVille would not have happened. If not for Trump, summer of Floyd might not have happened. If not for Trump, Jan 6 would not have happened.

    Now does Tucker play a role in softening things a little to pacify boomers? Probably. But none of it is QAnon level 6D intergalactic chess by the establishment to keep us all pacified. That’s utter nonsense at this point.

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