Rudy Giuliani Arrested

I don’t even like Rudy Giuliani.

I know what time it is though. I know the political class in this country is sleepwalking into a monumental disaster. When one side starts arresting and locking up the other side, conflict is probably looming. This is how Lincoln dealt with his opponents in the War Between the States.

Note: This sick, feverish political atmosphere is not without precedent. Think of how Lincoln arrested the Maryland state legislators and Ex parte Merryman which came out of it.


  1. “the political class in this country is sleepwalking into a monumental disaster.”


    >In 2020, McMillan Cottom was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship

    >McMillan Cottom received the Public Understanding of Sociology Award from the American Sociological Association in 2020.
    >throughout time, black women have been seen as reliable indicators of trends

    I’m understanding sociology better.

    • Thank you. Though it’s 2 AM & I’m admittedly a bit tipsy after a great concert in New Orleans, I haven’t laughed that much in a while as I did after clicking your 2nd Wikipedia link. How low shall the bar go for black authorettes? I feel they can simply type any random words out of the phone book or a pesticide manual and get it printed by a major (([publishing house])) as an act of revolutionary bravery… Bless their thick, fabulous hearts.
      Rest assured that their falls into obscurity can be as rapid as their ascents. About a year ago, I took a pic of dozens of bottles of Black Girl Magic wines (yes, that’s an actual brand) on the clearance rack at Target.
      I’m not sure what your post had to do with Giuliani, but I’m sure he would classify Madam Cottom as a “natural conservative” whom the GOP should court.

  2. This is astounding to be honest.

    I don’t have any particular feeling about Rudy Giuliani, negative or otherwise. To my mind, he’s just another career politician and pundit, an opportunist, but I don’t think of him as someone who is malicious. I don’t think he has an antiwhite worldview. He’s a right of center CivNat who I would agree with on more than I disagree with, despite many of my disagreements being profound. I definitely don’t hate him.

    That aside, Rudy Giuliani was mayor of New York on 9/11. Putting aside all the conspiracy angles, there’s no way anyone will ever convince me that people like Giuliani were in any way responsible for 9/11, and furthermore, to my mind, he did show a great deal of leadership at a time when an entire metropolitan city was in a crisis. A person such as he, in a healthy country, would be of the highest esteem to all but the lowest of scum.

    But this is not a healthy country. Not at all. It is in stage 4 cancer, and it’s just a matter of time that it will die wretched death.

  3. Now that’s gangsta Rudy G.
    BTW-How is Fani Willis worth millions of dollars with Black Panther ancestors?
    I almost feel bad for those who still follow the law in anarcho-tyranny.

  4. The remnants of the NYC Italian mafia must be enjoying this. Giuliani used RICO to prosecute them, same method they are prosecuting him with. It’s all bullshit though. This nation has just sunk to an even lower depth.

  5. “When one side starts arresting and locking up the other side, ”

    Yep, this is like some military junta in Peru, Bolivia or Africa,
    a joke parody of justice.

  6. All this brought to you by some black female district attorney. Exactly what the Southerners warned us about for centuries about letting blacks get power over us. Basically every black ghetto electing some 90 IQ loudmouthed black woman as DA will now find ways to bring petty charges against every single Republican Administration from now on should one ever manage to get through the mail in ballot racket our oligarchs have implemented that are as effective as the Ayatollahs control over Iranian elections. Heck, they will go after GOP state administrations as well as they are blaming the Republican Governor in Michigan for the local Flint city waterworks black management choosing to change the cities water supply from the Detroit Metro water system to the Flint River which was too acidic for the century old pipes. Don’t worry, soon blacks will demand reparations from white people for “inventing aids” in a lab to kill black people. The gays already blame Reagan for aids, not spending every evening in bath houses or at The Blue Oyster Bar, how long until Spike Lee or Ava Duverney makes some full length movie showing Reagan, Bush, Ed Meachem, etc sitting around the white house plotting the virus to take down the blacks? As Albert Schwietzer said, never try to live among them as one of them or they will devour you.

  7. The very first time I saw a video of Sidney Powell after the election (middle row, far left), she actually used the Southern slang expression “fixin'”, meaning about to. As in we’re fixin’ to release some documents.

  8. BLM and antifa are the private armies of the Democrats. Just as The Brown Shirts were the Nazi’s private army in 1930s Germany. The difference is that BLM and antifa are sanctioned by and protected by the fbi nationwide and local and state law enforcement in Democrat states and cities. Law enforcement allows and coordinates riots and looting for BLM antifa. Law enforcement considers any pro trump activity to be terrorism even if the pro trumpers are just standing around at the capitol on Jan 6 or some other event that might become violent. Even if BLM antifa instigate the violence charges against them are dropping while non Democrats are arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent. Ask Kyle Rittenhouse about that. This is a huge obstacle for those who would want to stand up to our Tyrants and demand fair elections and equal treatment under the law.

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