Donald Trump Arrested In Georgia

We’re about to go to a very dark place.

Donald Trump is taking us there. No one is getting off this ride.

Note: We might not even make it to 2024.


  1. I dunno Herr Griffin. The Trump Train might be stopped and fizzle out. Personally I hope he gets elected again but I have learned to expect disappointment from American politics.

  2. Donald Trump is the elite’s scapegoat for America’s woes.
    None of this really matters because America’s standard of living will continue to decline, no matter who’s in charge.
    Woke neoliberalism + imperialism and mass immigration is a failure, long term.
    Neither party is offering any real solutions, just tweaking the details.
    The whole system is rotten to the core, our elite are confirmed child traffickers, that’s how bad it’s gotten, our institutions are utterly bankrupt.
    We need a fresh start, to wipe the slate clean and start over, this civilization was built on sand.

    Western collapse followed by massive civil unrest, reformations, revolutions, balkanizations and civil wars is inevitable, we just don’t know how much time we got left, can we hang in there for a few more years, another decade or two?
    We can’t be sure but what we can be sure of is, we’re over the hill, we peaked and we’re well into decline, things are going to get a hell of a lot worse before they get better, if they ever get better.

    Each generation’s standard of living is worse than the last, that is totally unsustainable.
    Generations are starting to get sicker now too, physically and mentally, autism, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, they’re all skyrocketing.
    Big pharma isn’t helping, all the junk food and poisons in the air, food and water isn’t helping, kids being raised by computers and phones isn’t helping while both mom and dad work two jobs to keep up with the rising cost of living.
    Birth rates are plummeting, infidelity and divorce are commonplace.
    Mass immigration is breaking communities down, prices are soaring, working people can’t buy homes anymore, it’s over.

    All of this is a recipe for disaster.
    Our leaders sold us out a long time ago, they continue to sell us out now, that’s what republicrats are there to do, that’s their job.
    What we’re doing now is we’re playing the blame game, passing the buck.
    The political class as a whole failed us, and we failed ourselves because we kept supporting them, we were asleep at the wheel while they looted the country.

  3. He has arrested many times now! You know, the only way leftists deal with their opponents is arrest, censor, beat, kill them. Yes i even put in this list kill because if these people have the occasion they would kill all their opponents in a second

    • It should be clear to everyone, democrats have become crypto-communists.

      This is nothing other than a Stalinist show trial.

      • THey’re all Jews. That’s what they did in Russia. Jews jewing the Goyim. Even murdering the Czar, the sin of regicide. But then, THE JEWS CRUCIFIED CHRIST.
        What makes you think they won’t do worse to His followers?


        “… the passage [in Gospel of Matthew] suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account … (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)-

  4. Now Trump know what it feels like to be a common every day run of the mill white guy. It ain’t easy being white Don and you ain’t making it any easier.

    • “Now Trump know what it feels like to be a common every day run of the mill white guy.”

      Maybe he will, if his gigantic ego doesn’t block his vision, “I’m just so special, no one suffers like i do”.

      Better yet, it may open the eyes of millions of somnambulistic Americans.

  5. Just showing the whole planet that Murika is the biggest Banana Public of all. As Kunstler likes to say: Clusterfuck Nation. The ‘debates’ of the official “opposition” part consisted of two pajeets arguing over how much we should fund ‘muh Izrael’. A total joke. Burn the bitch down.

    • “Murika is the biggest Banana Public ”

      This lawfare may have dire economic consequences.
      The world may start looking at American dept and currency as worthless Banana Republic paper.

  6. This tactic isn’t working for them. They gotta know that.

    The question really is, when will they escalate and to what level. I hope Trump has reliable security between him and the secret service, and around his family, because he is definitely a target for assassination now, as is his family.

    Kennedy was killed in broad daylight by our own government and nobody even missed a step in Washington. LBJ was one of if not the most destructive president to ever serve. Trump better pick a more reliable VP than Pence this time.

    So long as we have a split government, impeachment will not work to remove him. The nixon gambit is off the table I think.

    Trump survived their Covid gayop. An even more destructive sabotage of the economy will be easily attributed to them as well.

    They are really running themselves out of options. Everyone will blame them no matter the outcome. Its a real pickle for them. This is a true inflection point in the arch of history for the US.

    My guess is they will convict and actually imprison him, holding him hostage against a revolt. It will be up to the American people to decide how to react. This is their safest bet. Its not a good option but its their best one. “Conservatives” will be forced off the fence or exposed as the ineffectual frauds they are.

    Any outcome will only radicalize young people further.

    • “LBJ was one of if not the most destructive president to ever serve.”

      Gospel truth!

      Worse yet, he set the tenor for leftism among demoncrats and the nation.

      • I’m about to read Roger Stone’s book about LBJ’s involvement in the JFK assassination. Maybe he had something to do with killing RFK as well, since RFK’s 1968 presidential campaign was probably one of the reasons Johnson decided not to run again.

  7. Trump was a lifelong liberal democrat, from Brooklyn, the HQ of Hasidic Jews. His close friends were Roy Cohn, Epstein, the Clintons, and various Jewish oligarchs in Russia. And of course, Goldman Sachs and other Jewish bankers, there to bail him out from time to time.

    He is still a liberal democrat, he just successfully co-opted the retard wing of the Republican Party. A group of people he has zero respect for.

    But I have to admit, that is a great “mug shot”. Just look at those photoshopped eyes!! Well done, CIA.

    Don’t worry about 2024, Hunter. There will be an “election”. Trump’s assigned role seems to be the same as 2020, win the nomination then lose in November.

    This op is easy for them to pull off. Nothing Trump can do to alienate the retards. Inveterate hero worshipers.

  8. HW may be right. Trump either goes to prison for the rest of his life or he wins the presidency but is physically barred from re-entering the White House. Either way tens of millions of Trump fanatics will have no choice but to respond with violence.

  9. Trump never lost one minute of sleep over his promotion of Operation Warp Speed or the incarceration of his supporters in the January 6th protest. So I feel no pity for him. But when he contemplated a run for the presidency ten years ago did he ever think it might come to this?

  10. Hi Hunter,

    My election blog (let’s mostly sit this one out) is ready to go in draft mode.

    Can you look it over – it should be OK. Ready to post.

    Thanks B


    • Wile E. Hibernigger is going to totally cuck your blog with its passive agressive ZOGtard shit.

      I wouldn’t let him run wild and if you do, please try to hold the cuckery to just one idiotic post.

      I remember back in 2012 where Wile E. was on Axis Skanky’s blog and attracted a doppleganger. Couldn’t tell the difference except that the NIM-Buster poseur was far more manly than Wile E.

      Well, at least it was funny — except to Wile E. Hibernigger.

      Hail Victory !!!

  11. Yes, I love the mugshot of Trump. Boston’s Howie Carr said its surliness recalled the famous Churchill portrait. The Trump T-shirts are already on the market. As Howie said, not even president again, and he’s already boosting the economy.
    I agree with the disparaging comments about Trump from all of the above. Yet, as I’ve said before, he’s all we’ve got…more a reflection on the decline of the electorate than anything else. It’s like we were back in Rome, and the one man to save our republic, freedom, and free enterprise is…Marc Anthony.

    Yes, Trump was always a Democrat, but his success only shows how dead and withered the GOP became. it was in effect abandoned by GW Bush…really, he wasted much of it and just walked away. “Bye now.” That there is any kind of Republican Party left is due to Trump, and the GOP heads can’t wait to destroy him. Reminds me of the musical Fiorello, where the 1910 Republicans are preparing to run a hopeless campaign against Tammany Hall and they sing “gentlemen, knock it off, it’s time to choose/some qualified Republican who’s willing to lose.”
    And I note Glenn Beck opines about things, and three times in two days whined: “Where can we find a Martin Luther King? We NEED a Martin Luther King.”
    God, Beck…
    So this is where we’re at. Let’s have Ft. Sumter. PLEASE.

  12. Cheeto-Jesus the ZOG Emperor wouldn’t have been in this position if he had crossed the jewbicon, marched his fat orange ass at the head of his mob and dissolved like Cromwell the Congress, then pardoned every single one of the ZOGtards stupid enough to listen to him.

    Now what is inevitable is the 2d Civil War, hundreds of millions dead, and eventual rule by The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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