Vivek Steals The Show

Apparently, the GOP candidates actually argued over Our Greatest Ally last night. Vivek won by striking a contrast with the other GOP candidates and appealing to the Trumpy mainstream. Granted, it is a low bar, but he cleared it.

Mona is correct.

The Bulwark:

Everyone knows that Bushies like Mona Charen are 5% to 10% of Republican voters now. They are never coming back to power.


  1. LOL. Irish Jew Brian Kilmeade of #FoxNews claims that Niki “Nikoosh” Haley won the Junior GOP debate last night.

    • The consensus take seems to be Vivek performed well, but is an Indian scammer who mimics Trump and tells people what they want to hear

      • Vivek is running for Vice President. Unless Trump hasn’t learned a thing from the Jared debacle dragging a bunch of rappers into the Whitehouse to pardon he knows that a black VP stunt would gain him nothing. Blacks are extremely loyal to the democrats and that won’t fool them one bit. Had he toned down the “coming here to rape and murder” rhetoric in 2016 he may well have appealed to a good segment of the hispanic and asians living here as he is the type of persona they are used to in their own countries and his macho bluster appeals to them. I actually think by 2016 it was too late run on a “brown immigrants are ruining America” campaign no matter the reality of such rhetoric. The last chance to stop the demographic tidal wave was under the weakling, idiot Bush Jr. and he failed spectacularly. For better of worse these people are here now, and here to make money. A successful campaign to target them is to highlight how the agenda of these weirdo, filthy rich white people on the coasts will impoverish them by subjecting them to black crime, environmental nonsense that will shut off their electricity and take away their mobility from affordable car ownership, devalue their dollar, try to turn Miguel Jr. whom papa hopes to inherit the roofing business as a tough guy into a transvestite, etc. Put a white face on the democrats too and show how they use black criminality as their private army to terrorize the nation.

    • @Orange…

      In that case, Mr. Kilmeade is very probably receiving renumeration from the same gang of invisibles who send such to Miss Nikki.

  2. I could never vote for an Indian, Latino, or any other recent non-white immigrant, no matter what. To do so validates demographic change. My guess is that Vivek is just another slimy Indian who thinks he’s at the top of the “meritocracy,” and will say whatever he has to say to rule over whites. We represent the British to him. And Nikki Haley is moron who does what’s she’s told. Both should be in Bombay doing something else.

    • What was that stench? Oh, Curry….from two diferent stoves.

      Yeah, NO. GO BACK TO INDIA, the BOTH OF YOU. Too Low Caste. Not White.

    • Todd,
      You could have you’re most conservative, right wing candidate saying and doing all the right things and looking like he could generate real change for the whites, but if he’s a Jew, a trannie or whatever……I don’t want to know about them. We need to just take charge of our destiny without the need to join forces with those we’d otherwise despise in ordinary circumstances. They can just go away. They’re a pest.

  3. The Indians (dot, not feather) are wildly overrepresented in Medicare/Medicaid frauds. He is just running another fraud here, probably counting campaign donations from suckers in the back room before he bows out of this pathetic dog race.

    This Vivek wog has his finger on the pulse better than the Nimrata wog but it’s pathetic that a wog is the only one who will kind of say what needs to be said (in the mildest way possible, too) about Our Greatest Ally. Think of it as blowback against those who pushed the so-called “immigration reform” legislation back in 1965. No doubt Trump is enraged by this even though The Usual Suspects just stabbed him in the back. He never learns.

    • Those who come from ancient 4000 year old empires, overpopulated since as far back as history can record seem to have been developed by evolutionary pressures into something very similar to the Ferengi on Star Trek. Super greedy, super money oriented. The welfare state is something new created in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. For most civilizations throughout history people depended on the extended family clan to support them and needed to bring money into this collective by any means necessary. For thousands of years this was the selective pressure. As a result you will be astounded by the level of greed and money lust you find in your typical immigrant from east of Byzantium. Behaviors you only find in pathologically greedy whites seem commonplace in the Chinese, Hindoos, Middle Easterners I encounter running these tax evading small business in the new America the left created with the 1965 immigration act.

  4. The Indians are replacing the Irish as henchmen for the Jews.

    Population of Ireland—–5.033 million (2021)
    Population of India——1.408 billion (2021)

    The Jews purpose in getting behind Indians is to use them to agitate against and to attack China.

    • Its an easy problem to overcome if you realize they both hate us and act accordingly instead of accepting a false dichotomy of fanning the balls of one group or the other.

      I’ve know alot of Chinese and Indians from college. I can unreservedly say Indians are overall less shitty than the Chinese. Many are more than a bit White, but not really. About like the Irish, with less alcoholism and faggotry.

    • It’s surreal to read anglos – the most slavish and fanatical shabbos goy that there have ever been in history by far – having the nerve to accuse others of being tools of the Jews

      The lot have no shame or no mirrors

      • Yes there is certainly a lot of Mr. Pot taking note of now black Mr. Kettle is. The Anglos – on both sides of the pond – have been the absolute worst Shabbas goyim in world history. They’re still at it now with all of the shit they’re up to in Jewkraine. Someone needs to get a nice pile of Scofield Bibles and burn them.

  5. We can have our own Rishi Sunak?
    Rashee Sanook in Brandon speak for those without the gibberish decoder ring.
    Who will pull all the rickshaw carts, the replacements or auto rickshaw?
    He could Pajeeta Haley as the VP or will COV-LARP redux fortify muh demockracy so there is no need for all that dirty germ infested voting?

  6. “Appoint a king from among your brothers; you are not to set over yourselves a foreigner who is not one of your brothers.” Deuteronomy 17:15
    Thanks to Obama, I’m never voting for anyone outside of my tribe again, regardless of any pretty words they may utter.

  7. No fan of Rama-salami but he said something that’s been almost completely ignored in most coverage. He said everyone on the stage (except him) was “bought and paid for” and that Climate Change was a “hoax.” Pretty bold and honest, yet almost no coverage of it.

      • I wonder which will end up being the greatest master of the ‘Art of the Con’? The God-Emperor of Grift, or the Moghul of Mountebankery? It’s like WWE on steroids with hot-air of 100% kayfabe removing all oxygen from the continent, so the incontinent will end up being the only ones voting. Biden-Fetterman 2024: It’s a no-brainer!

  8. Yea but, fundamentally the republican party is still living in Reagan’s America/the 1980s, dems in Clinton’s America/the 1990s.
    America’s political class has Alzheimer’s/dementia, literally and figuratively.
    We’re never going back to the 80s, 90s or even the 00s, it’s over, we will have to figure out how to rebuild in the ashes of this dying civilization in the coming years and decades, and nobody knows for sure what that’s gonna look like.
    If we’re still alive then, we’ll look back on these debates and laugh hysterically.
    They don’t matter, America and the west are already falling apart at the seams.
    What we’re seeing out of Vivek and Trump, them taking jabs at a political establishment they’re still fundamentally a part of, is a bit of the paint peeling off the cadaver.
    We’re already dead, the seeds of our destruction were planted long, long ago all throughout the 20th and early 21st century.
    Nothing can stop it now, merely slow down or hasten it a bit.

  9. If you’re a serial Putin fanboy, as many in our dissident sphere are, you gotta be scratching your head at how Putin could have allowed, or even ordered this at what has to be the worst possible time from the standpoint of morale.

    If you don’t have your head buried in the dirt its not hard to figure out. Putin is a strongman, and his hold on power is via the military, and his appearance of competence on the global stage. Given the military has been competing publicly with Wagner and being regularly embarrassed, its not hard to imagine them demanding his head and the decapitation of Wagner PMC. The excuse of him having badly overstepped with his march on moscow is just gravy to wash down what had to happen to settle this in the least destructive way possible.

    In short, this was a lesser of two evils decision by someone more concerned with holding power, than getting the results that would most benefit the Russian people, which right now would be decisive victory in Ukraine.

    More concerned with holding power, and saving face.

    He’s just another man. Like so many in our world.

    • @Ironic…

      If you have been following Vladimir Putin from Russian sources, for many years, you’ll know the following : he overlooks and forgives everything except what he regards as treachery to his person and or treason to the country.

      Everyone in Russia, even the discarded vodka bottles, know about this rule, for he has not only demonstrated this, he has said it in numerous interviews, over the years.

      In that ill-fated attempt to drive on Moscow, about two months back, Prighozhin became guilty of both capital offences..

      Moreover, flying into Russia, Prighozhin violated the ostensible terms of his probation – remain in Byelorussia, though, I think his violation on count one was sufficient to seal his fate.

      This is nothing about holding power, in any of this, as there is no one in Russia, or any combination of people, who could effectively challenge that, not that anyone would, for, at this time during his tenure, he is wildly popular.

  10. Hi Hunter – I send warm greetings from super hot Chicago.

    It must be even worse in Alabama!

    I have a blog in draft ready to go – its about avoiding the fixed, terrible, never ending American Presidential campaign and sharing some of our recollections of the worst moments in White US presidential elections in close to our lifetime.

    I’d like to make this and also a related, worst Pop, Rock, Country & Western songs in our lifetime – make it the subject for an entertaining and funny TPC radio show?

    Can you look this blog in draft mode over? I spell checked it, think it’s looking good. If I don’t hear from you by this time tomorrow Friday and have you say “Nay” I’ll post it.

    Take care brother.


  11. Quick early life check on Mona. Mona Charen is a Jew.

    Not surprising she is viscerally disgusted by “anti-semitism” I suppose. Maybe Vivek can do us a favor by cooling Mona’s co-ethnics on the idea of letting millions more Indians into the country.

  12. Non-Whites are the figuehead ‘leaders’ in jew kay, Wales, and Scotland. Why wouldn’t they believe they could take the the Oval Office is “Die-versity is our strength” jewmerika?

    The entire Anglosphere could have non-White pajeets, and a M?ori ceremonially acting as president or prime minister by 2030.

    Was your pyrrhic victory in WWII worth it?

  13. Hindus now dominate American hotels and in many small southern towns are taking over the medical field with Indian doctors and Indian nurses. Need I remind everybody Nikki Haley started the whole take down of Confederate flags.

  14. Ah, Brian Kilmeade…a big Hailey groupie. The day after the election, 2020, he was almost jubilant, saying that the “new” party had the perfect team for 2024: Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. “That’s the team,” he said, “come onnnnn; Nikki and Scott, that’s the winner! 2024!”
    Really sounded like a cheerleader. he’s so infantile.

    As for the debate, I don’t like Indians and how they seep into the government; Haley, Jindal, and now Veraswamy. For all their “Americanism” they’ll just import thousands of their own in. Andrew Anglin said people like Yang and Veraswamy succeed because they’re entrepreneurs who come here to make a fortune and essentially become the new elite. They haven’t the guilt baggage of whites, so they simply look at problems and tell people to fix them. They sound very innovative, but I still don’t trust them.

    I see the GOP as…well, as I did in 2016. Trump did a corporate takeover of a decaying and stagnant firm, juiced it up, and infuriated the fossils who were on the board and the shareholders.
    I agree with Karl Logan’s pessimism. Everyone is stuck in their own time warp.We are in the grips of fossils. Odd how they came from the boomers. Biden and Covid were the boomer’s last gift to us…from Woodstock to here.

  15. I would vote for Vivek over Christie, Hutchinson, Haley, Pence or Burgham, but not over Trump or DeSantis

    • Voting will change nothing as long as voting goes on in an Anti-White system. If a candidate isn’t explicitly Pro White, he isn’t worth voting for. The late Bob Whitaker ran in 2016. His slogan was: If I were electable, I wouldn’t have to run.

  16. Everyone agrees that ZOG is headed for the ass-heap of History and is in decline. Gotta love how Jewdas Pence claimed that he just loves that CONstipation well over Trump.

    Last night’s debate was between maggots over who gets to drule this hollowed-out turd, nothing more.

    Time to simply give no more credit to keeping the clown world intact. Every man to his own tent, O Aryan Christian Israel !!!

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  17. Are the Hindoos going to replace the jews as our new hostile alien overlords? I thought it was going to be the Chinx!

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