Another Fixed Presidential Election

As “Hurricane Hilary” (America’s worst bitc*, witch) slams the West Coast, another American presidential election is now in full swing. It’s only a year and a half until the actual election, but the powers that be have forced … permanent presidential elections (we’re still disputing the results of the last four presidential elections) – realizing the evil J*W Communist terrorist Leon Trotsky/”Trotsky”/Lev Bronstein’s satanic plan of … PERMANENT REVOLUTION

Trotsky/Bronstein – “Permanent J Revolution/Elections”

Back in the day, there were some real opportunities to present our issues, challenge the Deep State system in presidential primaries:

1.) George Wallace Independent Party 1968, George Wallace winning Michigan primary (won against forced racial busing) in 1972.

2.) Not senile yet, California governor Ronald Reagan’s challenge to President Gerald Ford in 1976 (Reagan got 45%)

3.) Serious populist challenges to system Harvard and Yale, AIPAC, Fed Reserve puppet masters – Ross Perot (1992), Pat Buchanan (1992, 1996, 2000)

4.) Then there are the golf country club Republican presidential campaigns – the Koch Brothers (apparently not Jewish), Steve Forbes, Yale Skull and Bones WASPs, Duke and my alma mater Vanderbilt University pink and green fraternity boys and sorority girls … it’s enough to make a regular person go … yeah SOCIALIST.

The Leftist Take Over the Private Golf Courses After our Idle Rich Flee

5.) On the Democrat side, there were some principled, honest liberals like Jimmy Carter, George McGovern, Walter Mondale and Tulsi Gabbard. They were competitive, but the system pushed them aside or they got slammed by “conservatives” (yeah right) for being “liberals”, “soft on crime”, “Soft on Communism”, “Gave away the Panama Canal, betrayed Taiwan”, “didn’t support the troops hard enough in Iraq,” etc.

6.) No reason to waste much time on the “Old Believers” trying to turn back the clock to “the good old days” before LBJ’s Great Society, before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, before porn and women’s rights, gay rights, before uppity Blacks started rioting in Watts, Detroit, Compton CA, before environmental laws and laws against children working in coal mines. These Libertarian Constitutionalists are always lurking around our events, trying to spread “THE TRUTH” but their “truths” and really bad presidential candidates never win even 1% of the popular vote. They end up having to profess their deep love for Saint Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks or even BLM martyrs (criminals).

7.) Don’t forget – no let’s try to forget all the pointless American conservative “Christian” presidential campaigns/crusades. In the 1960 presidential campaign, Rev. Billy Graham, Southern Protestant Christians were obsessed that John F. Kennedy was a Catholic Christian. JFK would supposedly be taking orders from … conservatives Italian Popes and Mel Gibson’s father Hugh Gibson! OMG!

Then there was Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell’s “Moral Majority”, the “700 Club”. They anointed Arkansas Gov (“I look forward to the time when White Southerners like me are a minority in the South”) Mike the Huckster Huckabee chosen to stop Mitt Romney from getting the GOP nomination. Why? Because Mitt Romney was LDS Mormon Christian who weren’t… “REAL CHRISTIANS LIKE US”. Did these old fools think Barack and Michelle Obama were real honest to God American Christians? The Obamas who were in Rev. Jeremiah Wright Black Liberation theology, hate Whit People cult. Sigh.

I almost forget these idiot holier than thou dumb a#* Religious Right, Christian Zionists came within one vote of impeaching then President Clinton.

The Presidential election for the next 1 1/2 years is fixed – a fixed horse race where we don’t have a competitive horse in the race.

I recommend that we mostly sit out this presidential race and concentrate on state and local races, culture – we’ve pretty much lost all major cities and all our college towns like Berkeley, CA, Charlottesville, VA. We’ve also lost most state capitals like Jackson, MS, Madison, WI, Saint Paul, MN. State teachers unions and Black congressional caucus dominate our State Capital cities. Let’s do like we did in the 1970s and regroup, organize in working class suburbs, White flight places.

Let’s try to have some fun and not give in to the forces of gloom and doom – oh and kill your ZOG, Blackish boob tube TV sets.

Breaking the Zio TV Addiction

I’m starting a contest here – hope to make it the subject of some TPC radio shows:
What are the worst American Lib Leftist White, anti White, Cuck, patriotard movies and songs?

The categories include:
Worst Country and Western patriotard songs
Worst feminist Country songs/pop songs
Worst homo pop songs
Worst, most annoying J pop songs
Worst Lib globalist, unite the world pop songs

Here are some of my nominations. For the worst patriotard, cuckservative, “we’re not racists” movies: “Red Dawn”, “Rambo III”, “Grand Torino”

Worst feminist country song: “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her”. Worst globalist idiot lib pop songs: John Lennon’s “Imagine”, The Police “One World is Enough”, USA Aid for Africa “We are the World”. So much competition for worst, patriotard cuck Country song. Let’s hear what our readers think are the worst.

Stay strong and stay sane brothers and sisters.


  1. “Breaking the Zio TV Addiction”

    If only.

    The vast majority are too lazy.
    It’s easier to parrot the media narrative than to question and risk social ostracization.

    Realising the value of race is just too deep for most minds, in spite of limitless examples and history.

  2. “have some fun and not give in to the forces of gloom and doom ”

    It’s difficult, but you’re absolutely right.

  3. U.S. Presidential elections run on proprietary, closed-source software nobody is allowed to audit.

    Every time I bring this up =

    Americans are getting exactly what they deserve. I recommend wasting as few minutes as possible on the Presidential Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior clown show.

  4. My vote for worst country patriotard song is “In America”, from 1980 by The Charlie Daniels Band. Lots of stiff competition, though.

    • Great nomination. I forgot about Charlie Daniels “in America”. If my memory serves me right, this was original written, recorded and performed in response to the Iranian Shiite Islamists storming the USA embassy and the J*w Ted Koppel hosted a nightly American humiliation TV News show “America Held hostage Day 157, 180 etc”

      The White American haters in Iran and in the USA liked to perform for the camera. The Iranian hostage situation was one of the main reasons Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election.

      Here’s a music video of the Charlie Daniels band playing that patriotard song ” In America” which he’s doing after the 9/11/01 Arab/Paki Islamic slaughter of our people in New York City and DC – pretty standard stuff “oh now ya done making is mad, we’re comin’ to get ya like we did to Hitler”…. No way in Hell Charlie D then or any other C&W pop rock band would do a music video singing:

      “Like duhhhh, end all Islamic immigration, end all student visas to Pakies and Saudis or any Ay-Rabs that look, smell and think like Muhammed Ata. Yeah, the Je*s will call us NAZIS, RACISTS, fuc* these Je*s.”

      Remember when another terrible NRA, “rah rah America patriotard rock and roller Ted Nugent was doing propaganda for Iraq war II “We gots to get Saddam Hussein, he’s another Hitler, leading an Axis of Evil”? Ted Nugent was entertaining lots of patriotards shooting his crossbow at statues of Saddam Hussein and Hitler.

      Thanks again TW – great comment.

    • Hard to argue with that pick. Still, “Proud to be an American” doesn’t actually advocate bad policy like slaughtering our Russian, Serbia or German White kinsmen, or prostituting ourselves to ZOG. It’s more like wishful thinking to remember when America was still a nice place our place.

      But, your nomination of “Proud to be an American” – might prove to win the worst Patriotard song award on TBC. Thanks for the comment.

    • Well, I was listening to my car radio and heard what is perhaps Australia’s worst song. The “Let’s give it back” subversive crap from that Midnight Oil with that creepy bald guy who looks like Jared Laughner playing some harmonica like the Pied Piper and suggesting Australians just “give back” their nation to the stone age Aborigines. Could you imagine Chinese radio allowing some pop band to play over and over some song urging Chinese to “give Tibet back”? No strong state would ever allow that, censorship was around for a reason, any King who let such subversive messages circle around ended up getting their heads chopped off…and the new King very much learned the lesson of what not to do to keep their heads atop their shoulders.

  5. Worst Patriotard Song: Real American by Rick Derringer. Seeing Hulk Hogan’s shenanigans get so many trailer trash whites pumped up by one of the most shallow, hackneyed pieces of garbage never ceased to make my skin crawl. “Hot doggin’ and grandstandin’.”
    Worst Feminist Song: The Man by Taylor Swift. I adore it when women who make it huge catering to the romantic, young male audience at the start of their career (You Belong With Me) turn around and spit on them after they were willing to push them to the top and vocalize their love for the artist. I doubly love uber-rich women complaining they aren’t uber-UBER-rich because their vagina is holding them back.
    Worst Homo Song: I genuinely have no idea. The “best” and “worst” fag song I can think of is Gay Bar by Electric Six because it’s the only one I’ve heard with gay lyrics, even though it was merely a shock song with the band being stupid to cater to my lizard brain wanting a cheap laugh.
    Worst JPop Song: No clue. The only JPop songs I know are from those 80s and 90s anime I watched on bootleg VHS tapes because their novelty, and I’m not about to shit on Fist of the North Star’s You Wa Shock. I squat to that love song.
    Worst Globalist Song: You nailed it with Imagine. I don’t think it can get worse than that.

    Worst “I’m Not A Racist” Movie: The Blind Side is popular right now, but I’m picking The Green Mile, Driving Ms. Daisy, and Anthem for a solid anti-Southern trifecta of pure shit.

    • Great Comment Hugh. One of the best ever on OD.

      I confess I wasn’t familiar with “Real American by Rick Derringer” I just checked it out and I almost tossed my lunch!

      Also, look at the fag photo of Rick posing with his guitar trying I guess he’s trying to look like Michael J Fox in “Back to the Future”.

      I was unaware of the Taylor Swift’s feminist rant “If I was a man”

      IMO it’s more a comedy music video, tongue in cheek not to be taken seriously. In contrast Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” seems more sincere – giving her middle finger to Conservative fan base that they are all White trash losers living in motor home parks and she has a lot of pro faggotry in this song video.

      I’ll share some really bad J and Gay pop songs I know. Just try to hear them on an empty stomach – this is puke territory.

    • Gay Bar (Electric Six) – the version set in the Old Railroad Shyster’s 1863 White House – was required viewing for a relative’s Confederate re-enactment unit. Being a longtime Copperhead, I appreciated it as well. There is another version featuring the noted Islamic theologian Jorge W. Busheron (aka Imam al-Dubya, Mahdi of West-Texas) and Tony Blair staring longingly at one another.

  6. @ShoeGazer

    Actually the title is “God Bless the USA”. Along with perhaps most people, I used to think it was the title you wrote.

  7. Mr. Ryan,

    I could not resist reading your article. I respond with a positive song and how things should be and are for every girl I know.

    Neil Diamond -Girl You Will Be A Woman Soon

    • November got the worst J song ever right.

      “Coming to America” by the (gentile, stage name) Neil Diamond.

      Boy do the Hebes love to push that Emma Lazarus lying propaganda poem about how White America is only great because:

      “Thou Shalt Have Open Borders” (the leading national American Conservative (Je*) NewsPaper the Wall Street Journal would editorialize that every July 4th in the Reagan 1980s and of course Amurikun wave the flag Reagan patriotards fell for it hook like and sinker. That was the break I had with Neo Conservatism, Militon Friedman free market economics – I was going to grad school off Wall Street getting an MBA then from the #1 MBA program in the USA – I was supposed to get a job offer of over $100,000 upon graduation… I did not.

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