James Edwards: Reasons for Optimism

James Edwards gave this speech at the Amren conference.

We have fresh evidence that James is correct that came out today from the Homeland Institute.

The results of the  Homeland Institute‘s (websiteTelegram) first poll have been released.

The results are intriguing, to say the least. For example, the accusation of wokeness has almost 70% of the power of an accusation of racism in terms of respondents’ willingness to actually follow through with boycotting a business.

Another major finding is that among white Republican voters, an accusation of wokeness being leveled against a candidate was almost twice as damaging as the charge of being racist.

But the most interesting finding was that 7.2% of white Republican respondents said that an accusation of racism would actually make them more likely to vote for a political candidate.

The full report is below. …

Surprisingly, though, among Republican respondents 42.6% said they were less likely to vote for a politician accused of being racist, compared to 79% who said they were less likely to vote for a politician accused of being woke. …

In Year 3 AF (After Floyd), it is now twice as damaging to your career on the Right to be accused of being woke as it is to be accused of being a racist. The charge of wokeness is also 70% as damaging as racist overall. The old taboos are crumbling and new taboos are emerging in their place.

Wrap your mind around that one.

John Ganz was getting at something like this point the other day. There has been such a dramatic level of radicalization on the Right since 2020 that social conformism is starting to work to our advantage. Among young White men, peer pressure works against the Left now.

As Sam and Matt discuss on their podcast, the success of the alt-right in taking over the right was not through organization or persuasion so much as acculturation and absorption. They pumped the entire atmosphere with propaganda until it just became the air the younger members of the movement breathe. They can’t even see it anymore. They just repeat and share the memes. I’ve called this process “groyperfication.” Again, this process is highly germane to fascist politics. Part of the enjoyment or the existential relief in it, is the automatism: traditionally, you snap to attention, you give the salute, you shout, “Heil Hitler!” This repetition of slogans, the mechanical adoption of poses and dispositions, and the spontaneous enactment of them is more essential than internalizing the ideas. You just do it. To borrow the concept of a Nazi philosopher, Heidegger, it’s behaving according to Das Man—The One or The They. It’s just what one does. What does one do if one if one is a young right-winger? Well, one follows and shares a lot of extreme right content. They do the memes. If you object, if you are uncomfortable about it or creeped about it, social conformism does its bullying work: you’re cringe, a squish, a pussy, a cuck.

The creation of a They or social conformism allows people to adopt the politics, to further its ends, without owning it. This lack of thought or depth of any kind is a political asset. As Hannah Arendt wrote: “It can overgrow and lay waste the whole world precisely because it spreads like a fungus on the surface”. 

I often like to tell James that he is the median Republican voter now and that he should consider running for state office or Congress in Tennessee. The Republican establishment has been reduced to a disaffected rump that ranges from 5% to 15% of Republican voters.

Note: The latest post-debate Morning Consult poll has Nimrata Haley clocking in at 3% support after her strong debate performance. David Brooks actually thinks she has a chance to win the primary. In fairness, she was once considered presidential timber less than a decade ago.


  1. Western civilization is well into decline for multiple reasons, not just racial but economic (our ongoing decline in living standards), geopolitical (rise of BRICS), even physiological.
    People are fatter, less fertile and unhealthier than they’ve ever been, if we’re really living longer it’s only because drugs, machines and surgeries that keep chronically ill people alive longer have improved, not because our health has improved.
    As civilizations fall, naturally people become open to new ideas, from the ‘far right’ to the ‘far left’, as well as ideas that don’t fit squarely into the left-right paradigm, like say naturopathy.

    And so that’s at least in part why white nationalism is trending now, for some whites and in some regions of the west, just because the status quo in general has been undermined.
    As society continues to unravel, we will have a window, however wide or narrow, to fundamentally change course.
    No one can predict tho what path the white race will ultimately take, perhaps different paths in different parts of the western world, but we do appear to be approaching a fork in the road with however many prongs.

    There’s ideas on the ‘left’ I find appealing too, like doing more to protect workers’ and consumers’ rights.
    I think we oughta get away from the idea that neoliberalism has anything to do with white nationalism, or Christianity, it doesn’t, in fact I’d say they’re nearly opposites.
    Neoliberalism is far more compatible with and complementary to mass immigration, consumerism, materialism and atomization.
    After all, neolibearlism is a form of liberalism invented by Austrian Jews like Mises.

    As long as the right = neoliberalism, I can never really get behind it.
    So I say, let’s take this coming opportunity to thoughtfully explore all sorts of alternatives to the way our society is being done now, not just one or two.
    There are far, far more options out there than either neoliberalism, or communism.

  2. “Are we turning the corner?”

    Yes, in fact we not only have turned several corners, we have actually left the track we were on for decades.

    Good thing, too, for we have sustained an incredible amount of damage.

    ‘Anti-Woke’ is just a thinly veneered way of saying ‘anti-White’, and now that this accusation is nearly twice as bad as that of ‘racism’ – being anti other than White, means that we have reached the point where tens of millions of those of European Heritage are locking together into a phalanx.

  3. The Way of Men by Jack Donovan makes the claim that being a “man” among a “group of men” relies on both challenging the authority, and conforming to the group’s ideals. It’s why old college fraternities had initiation rituals, why gangs have their own trials, and even religious institutions had rites that needed to be fulfilled before entry into a given order. If a man refused to get stronger to test their leader’s strength, then the gang stagnates and, potentially, loses the “war” with outsiders due to weakness. If a man refuses to engage in the rituals, rites, what have you, then they disrespect the gang by not expressing camaraderie.

    I say all that to say, supposing Donovan is correct, then giving a Roman salute is less an autonomic response, and more about showing one’s willingness to be in the gang. It’s not unlike bowing one’s head in a church (to be polite) or a woman showing her tits when asked to prove she isn’t a cop (to be crude). If someone doesn’t bow their head, can you trust them to carry the faith? If that woman on the corner doesn’t free the nipple, can you trust her to not pull a badge on you?

    Actions speak louder than words. I haven’t experienced a white nationalist refusing my handshake, but I have been on the muzzle-end of a black man’s firearm. Which gang -should- I be comfortable joining, based on the actions I have witnessed? Which gang should young, disaffected white men be expected to join when the pavement apes keep throwing full Gatorade bottles at their skulls in school hallways?

  4. The FBI hasn’t made public why they killed a guy in Tennessee last week. It’s claimed the dead man was a vet with ptsd.

  5. But the most interesting finding was that 7.2% of white Republican respondents said that an accusation of racism would actually make them more likely to vote for a political candidate.

    That’s probably the most important takeaway of all. Because it’s close to the statistic that Trump’s percent take among white men voters went backwards by 5%, 2020 delta 2016. All he would have needed to have done is to stay the same among white men, and all the fraud that happened not only wouldn’t have mattered, but mostly wouldn’t have even been attempted.

    And, because we know our own Hunter Wallace was part of that margin, and he already wrote here many times why, it doesn’t need to be rehashed.

    Which leads me to this point:

    All this cheerleading that some are doing over blacks, esp. black men, and this most recent Trump arrest and mugshot, is going to be counterproductive. That’s the worst possible way for Trump to get back that 5%.

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