UNC Shooting

Another day.

Another one of these shootings.

Lots of deranged people out there melting down as usual.

Guess which one is “a story about race in America” the president is talking about?

Note: If you are wondering what interracial killings look like in context, the full list of interracial killings for 2023 can be found at National Conservative. We keep track of these murders.


  1. Is it MK-Ultra season or COV-LARP?
    Karen needs to know what decorations to put up for the good of the collective in the spirit of egalitarian equity.
    Si se puede!

  2. I’ve discovered this site recently, the comment section is “diverse.”
    Funny commentators like Martin Lindstedt, but also the usual boring sanctimonious simpletons represented in this blog mainly by Jaye Ryan and John Bonnacorsi – asking people to be banned.

    Interesting the wise and intelligent for age Mexican Catholic school girl Cristina Romana. I remember seeing comments in some evil place of the internet circa 2016 from the same wise and intelligent for her age Mexican Catholic school girl Cristina Romana.
    Probably in 2040 the same wise and intelligent for age Mexican Catholic school girl Cristina Romana will be still posting in evil blogs.

    • Haha, I’ve long suspected Miss Cristina is merely a character someone’s playing, but she’s a nice character. I want to believe!

      • Give it a break.

        I didn’t kill TraitorGlenn Miller even though Katja Lane gave me a hard time over not doing so after I called her up asking who Frazier Glenn Cross was after he ran out of my office at 378 Rabbit Track Road in July 2000.

        In fact TraitorGlenn Miller croaked off last year in coonfinement on the Kansas State Death Row at the age of 80. I didn’t finck on TraitorGlenn Miller just being a drunken melungeon rat to break theys’ deal. I’d have sent him a pack of camels or fifth of Jim Beam so the drunken rat’s liver and lungs would have given out but decided not to push it.

        Tell WhiggerSwill Welas I’ve been a good little Mad Dog, although I do tell everyone that WhiggerSwill sold pierce’s farm back in 2018. Last seen Dilloway when he cum by back in March 2020 when Roxie was still alive.

        Hail Victory !!!

    • I haven’t asked for anyone to be banned, Akhenaton. If you’re talking about the recent comments having to do with a post by Pastor Marvin Lindstedt, what I said was that in the white civilization of the future, should it arise, sub-literates, such as Lindstedt, will be put to death. That’s true. There will be aesthetic standards.

      Since you misunderstood my comments and have misspelled my name, we have to conclude here that you, too, are sub-literate. I pray I’ll live long enough to be a spectator, at the cull.

      • It all worked out so well on Swindler’s List with Amon Goeth, didn’t it jewboy?

        A white civilization, should it arise, will promptly purge these crypto-kikes such as Boonacurski pretending to be a literate jew york lawyer instead of yet another jew in the synagogue slumming it out amonst the Southrons pretending to be so very smart it is bored. The comment that got it and another jew calling itzself Turdgonev pretending to be a Southron all het up was a comment about them being lackey heralds under Lord Humongus like in the Road Warrior.

        This particular jewboy sounds just like Meerkkkat Mark Clowney who was a Fibbie Klansman or Kludd of the Washington State Klan run by a Polish jew named Badinsky who made his wife and sexual mascot the “Klaiff” or second-in-command. When she got Willie Martin and the rest of the Dual-Seedliners banned off the fake See-eye Dentist yahoo.groups I demanded of my friend Hengist, “Get me some shit on that bitch — and I want more than a dry rat turd. I want a big stinking wet pile of shit.”

        Hengist was sort of sweet on a half-kikess named Lilly Gertrude and she told him about how Debby Downey divorced her husband and moved in with Meercat Mark — thus being an adultress. So I placed the e-mail on my yahoo-group called ZOGs_War that I established after Y3Kaos turned to be a bust. Said “You’re no Klan Klaiff — jew’re the Klan “Klunt”. And then thereafter “Klailiff” was known as Klunt “DunKlan” Downey.


        Over on Spermfart both Meerkat Mark ‘Kludd’ Downey and Klunt were allowed to run wild banning the Dual-Seedliners as “No Devils” who deny Satan exists and thus is not Father of the jews until 2013 when Don Black kicked Meerkkkat Mark off and then went with Baal Finck, the Jersey City spic-killer and known ZOGbot sponsored by Bryan Reo. Both of these tards insisted on me being banned — and I was on sight over at $permFart. But they’s long history of banning Dual-Seedliners and causing trouble gave them precious little support amongst a jury of theys past victims.

        Likewise with this jew. He is gonna have to show its snout to make a cum-cumplaint after jews getting a real Holohoax this time. In a world of warlords like myself hunting down jews and lawyers, this jewboy lawyer will be lucky to not have its snout rendered down for soap and lampshades.

        Is Christiana Roma Beaneress another name for “Raina” whom Bradifer went looking for pussy on a 1,000 mile journey in his Daddy’s SUV? Remember how many of us laughed about Bradifer if he wanted his cherry picked not having sense to just hit up a lot lizard at the Birmingham Truck Plaza? Instead ‘Raina” chose Brandon Orr, a known tranny shit-stirrer and shit-eater and no pussy for Bradifer.

        Neither of these jewboys asked for me to be banned. All they did was kvetch. It was Lying Ryan, a whigger feeb that wanted me banned over praising some whigger kid shooting three niggers at a Dollar General Store. The thread has 100 comments and tells you much about the state of the bowel Movement. See if you can put a link up at the new phorafags/feebs for a laugh.


        The beaneress has offered many times to self-deport because of my racism. She needs to offer to meet thirsty incel Jack Lyin’-Ryan either in a Juarez cathouse — go to the El Paso Petro and take the $10 ride and buy some trinkets from this old beaneress who gets a cut, and ride the van to “boystown” to take Lyin-Ryan’s cherry. Otherwise she will continue to be stalked by Lying-Ryan like Axis Skanky was until she married a Paki Derpa-Derpa and had her unruly clit cut off to make her behave.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • bwahaha terùn Bonaccorsi is proud of his surname and his command of English (his native language and the only language he speaks), English being my third language.

        “Put to death” “spectator of the cull”
        Southern Italian trash, 2 millennia of accomplishing nothing besides mafia gangs and tarantella should be much more respectful and grateful towards people who’ve welcomed you sub-standard types everywhere from Argentina to Canada, from Northern Italy to Scandinavia

        • Southern Italian trash, 2 millennia of accomplishing nothing besides mafia gangs and tarantella


          It’s been a long time (years) since I’ve read some classic, no-holds-barred WN comments like this.

          Politically useless, but highly entertaining.

        • “… English being my third language.”

          My—aren’t we defensive.

          Skulk back to your trailer, Teuton.

          • I’m mostly Northern Italian, a bit of Teuton and Slavic.

            We have a guy, Martin Lindstedt, who from what I understood is fighting the US government for decades – the most powerful organization that has ever existed – still standing and defiant. Only for that he deserves at least some respect.

            He posts a comments wich didn’t offend you in any way directly or indirectly, yet in response you come up with silly death threats by “firing squads.”
            Plus the “Teutonic trash” “Scythian trass” out of nothing. It was mainly the Teutonic trash that transformed the lands of the US into a cozy, functional, comfortable place, so that your illiterate miserable ancestors from Southern Italy could migrate to and enjoy much better lives in what they the Teuton trash built (your main contributions being pizza and mafia criminals).

            Better keep your mouth shut if you’re not capable of showing some gratitude.

          • No, Lindstedt doesn’t deserve any respect at all, Akhenaton. As I’ve just now said to our fellow commenter Robert Browning, in a post below, he, Lindstedt, has been defiling this blog with his witless prose for as long as I’ve been visiting it. In responding to his original comment, in the present post, I was addressing, at last, that.

            What do you think this is? Professional wrestling? You come to a blog like this because you think comments like those of Lindstedt are “funny”? Do you regard as potent rhetoric his banal insults: “Bradifer” for our host, “piglice” for (I take it) police, “jew york,” and whatever were his malspellings of the names of me and our fellow commenter Ivan? Have you ever seen nonsense of that kind deployed by a Jew, by which I mean a member of the breed that is effortlessly dominating you Teutons worldwide? I haven’t.

            How do you think the Jews react when they see diction like Lindstedt’s in a comment here? Do you think they quiver in their boots? “Oh, boy—this goy means business.” No, they simply make a note: “Another quasi-human, Teutonic variety. Easily corralled.”

            It is when I get frustrated by the ineffectiveness I see on display here, at Occidental Dissent, that I myself begin deploying vicious nonsense: “Teutonic trash”; “Scythian trash”; cheap, cruel guips about “trailers.” I despise quips of that kind. I didn’t grow up amid vicious remarks like that.

            This is a race war, citizen; and were I to observe that you Teutons—among whom I include Slavs—are losing on all fronts, I’d hardly be saying enough, because a new front, it seems, is opened by your enemy every year. If you think the likes of Lindstedt are anything other than a hindrance to your side, in this great contest, well, then, you and I think very differently.

          • “Lindstedt doesn’t deserve any respect ”

            Lindstedt has always been a disrupter, wherever he goes.
            He’s one of those people who gets psychic energy from creating arguments and the resulting hostil emotions they cause.

            Does anyone read his gibbering ?

          • How do you settle a grievance peacefully, without killing each other when one party is not allowed to speak? You don’t and you can’t, and the whole idea in shutting people up is making them frustrated and violent.

          • That question, Browning, which was at the heart of Lindstedt’s original post, is a reasonable one. I didn’t offer an opinion either way in reaction to the question itself. What I chose, at last, to do is to object to his obnoxious prose, with which he’s been defiling this blog for about as long as I’ve been visiting it. If you think the enemies of whites don’t delight to see such idiocy on display at a pro-white site, then you’re not thinking very clearly.

          • @ John Bonaccorsi

            He’s funny, “Bradifer” is funny..
            If you’re a witty intellectual with fine prose, good for you, there are ten of thousands of sites where you can read and exercise your abilities
            The very few sites that have the guts to allow raw speech should be celebrated and encouraged to maintain it, not the opposite.

            I remember when YouTube had very little censorship, what a great platform, the Jews destroyed it.

            Let’s see a bit of what the crazy semiliterate Martin Lindstedt posted:

            “As I point out jews and niggers have two attitudes towards the White Man. #1 is fear, #2 is hatred. Got stupid like most whiggers and eliminate these parasitic predator’s fear then you get to reap the fool coonsequences of theys’ hatred.”

            Is he wrong? what’s wrong with speech like that?

          • I’m not going to go paragraph by paragraph through Lindstedt’s prose with you, Akhenaton. If you don’t find it obnoxious, stupid, and a danger to whites, well, then, you and I disagree. If you think it appropriate that he address as “Bradifer” the man who oversees this site when he, Lindstedt, arrives to post his junk comments, well, then, you and I disagree on that, too.

            I’ll thank you to quit suggesting—as you have just now again suggested—that I’m somehow saying that Lindstedt’s posts should not be allowed here. I have said nothing of the kind. I have disparaged Lindstedt himself as a stupid bore.

          • Last post, Bonaccorsi.

            The main point that you still don’t get is that people like Lindstedt are very important to push the discourse further and further to the right, and there should be no limits in that direction, normalize everything that today is taboo.
            Pushing to the right what can be said, then people will start to think what today is restricted, then act.

            Despite you calling Lindstedt a semiliterate trash, he’s smarter than you.
            For example he understands why “Cristina Romana” is here – assuming that the character is a female – in this evil dangerous white supremacist blog, it’s “cheap thrills,” that’s why.
            You apparently take that character seriously, being gallant, deferential, using your “fine prose.”
            She probably says thank you, Mr. Bonaccorsi, you’re a such gentleman, but deep down she thinks a gentleman like you is a fool.
            Polite gentlemen don’t give her the cheap thrills she’s looking for.
            Same reason why many white women prefer negroes and not a white man, they think white men are boorish stupid fools.
            A Southern Italian should understand that above anyone else, but you sound like a lifeless British aristocrat from the 19th century.

          • I think we’ll have to agree to disagree, on quite a few things, Akhenaton. We’ve gone back and forth about this quite enough; maybe we’ll exchange, at some point, comments about another subject.

      • @ Marcel

        Richard Spencer? I know who he is, not a fan at all of him. Never heard of Mark Brahmin.
        Akhenaton is just a screen name, means nothing

  3. MAGAtards will blame Qi for spreading “The China virus” with his Wuhan bonafides.

    “Mostly White Asian.” WTF! He looks like one of the VC that made Robert Di Nero and Christopher Walken play Russian Roulette in “The Deer Hunter.”

    • > Even if it is fake, it’s quite believable because the (((gaslight media))) always manages to make it YT’s fault regardless. Remember the martyrdom of St. Trayvon of Skittles at the hands of the evil WHITE-hispanic (Peruvian octaroon) George Zimmerman – who was even a loyal Obama-voter? Now they routinely claim even negroid shooters are acting out because of white-soopremacy programming by honkies up in the mothership. There was recently a white-hispanic NAZI (different than the good-witch Azov nazis in New Khazaria you see) who killed some hapless folks. It all – and always – was and is YT’s fault, forever. Hopefully there is a special dark oubliette in the lowest pit of hell being prepared for the gaslight media and all who work for it. They absolutely have it coming.

  4. Related to East Asians yet unrelated to this mass shooting at the same time
    Mr. Wallace, have you ever heard about the killing of a Jap boy named Yoshihiro Hattori in Baton Rouge all the way back to 1992?

  5. You can clearly see the Nordic genetics in his facial features!

    Leave Brittany alone. Made me howl. Thanks.

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