Jared Taylor: Historic Selma

Uncle Jared’s video on Historic Selma is out for the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. You have to come to Selma and see it yourself to understand why we have to keep marching toward MLK’s Dream. This is going to take a little longer than we thought to reach the Promised Land!

Note: General Sherman burned Atlanta and marched to the sea. John Lewis marched from Selma to Montgomery. Who do you think did more damage?


    • Yes, I brought up The Walking Dead when we were there. It could have been filmed there. Especially the opening scene when Rick wakes up in the hospital

    • Growing up with a mil dad, I spent a lot of time on the Ft Mac base in Anniston as a kid and the last time I was thru there in around 2014 I was stunned just how bad it is now.

  1. I was at Pat Godwin’s property in Selma for a fish fry in the summer of 2004. Several other people from my area and myself went. I’d say at least 200 people were there. No speeches were given. She was a nice looking lady then.

  2. Selma exists as a perfect symbol for what happened when Southerners allowed Northeasterners to take over Dixie, or,. if you will – what happens when those devoted to hypotheses usurp those involved with reality.

    Selma also exists as a perfect symbol for a political class that, though they pose as being full of compassion, could not be bothered with those they claim to have liberated.

  3. A golden black run utopia just like BRA. (h/t-PK)
    Up there with Detoilet and Chiraq as the Potemkin flagships of the KWA.
    Will the high speed rail run on time?
    Breaking-Selma is “historic” and a mecca is mandatory along with a visit to the McDonalds plaque in Chimpcongo where Barry kissed Big Mike back in 1985.

    • Have you noticed how they never fully collapse though? Take Detroilet as the shining example. If you followed Kersey back in the day, he pointed out that how the place has been a financial basket-case since the dindus took over in the early 1970s. Yet it always gets bailed out by various governments (state and federal) who borrow manufactured money from the (((usual suspects))) who always get paid. White tax slaves in MI and other states end up paying the (((bond holders))) for the bailout loans given to chocolate cities.

      With big talk of renewal from white shitlibs, the dindus in charge blow through the latest tranches of cash at least as fast as Hunter Biden can snort his way a round of coke (as in every corrupt African kleptocracy) and the place is soon back to the same old not-quite entirely collapsed shithole. I suppose eventually Schlomo will set off a dirty nuke for some more “urban renewal” to take place with a huge loan at “very reasonable” rates. Selma’s no different than Detroilet, Killadelphia or any other place in BRA. How much AL money goes there to keep it from going completely under? Mow much Fed money is coming in? Lots and lots – you can count on it. If any of these cities were actual private businesses they would have been out of business decades ago.

    • “. . . the McDonalds plaque in Chimpcongo where Barry kissed Big Mike back in 1985.”

      Yes, but where did Barry kiss Big Mike; on the lips, on the hand or further down where the sun don’t shine?

  4. You wonder if 500 years from now, what’s left of the Left, will be still making religious pilgrimages to Selma, which by then would be an old ruined bridge, and a few ruins , the visits would involve offerings of purple Drank followed by the Sacred Twerking Dance in front of the idol of JessieJackson with an Afro big enough to hide an old Buick in. There will be a sacred relic of MLK to pray to for forgiveness of racial sin. I know, don’t laugh, this is liberals we are describing…..

  5. In the late Soviet Union was the same. Only ours kept memorials in good order. Lenin mausoleum most known.

    We f..ed everything up, now we don’t know what to do and keep clinging to the glorious past.

  6. Wow! Weird Al and Jesse look like zombies. That crowd really does look like the walking dead shuffling and rolling over the bridge.

    Looking at the pictures of Selma reminds me of black areas near my home. If a historic black church, historical site, graveyard, school, or any site holy to them needs upkeep, they aren’t the ones to organize or do the work. Local scout troops do the yearly cleaning and maintenance of the holy slave and freedmen cemeteries, and colleges and non-profits research and pay to develop their civil rights and history museums-some of which are interesting, but not interesting enough for blacks to get out and plan, raise the money, and do the work thenselves.

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