Joe Biggs Gets 17 Years In Prison

William Fears is not alone.

Note: If Joe Biggs had rioted on behalf of BLM and Antifa in New York, Philly or Denver, he might have been eligible for millions of dollars.


  1. Jews and communists do not stop. Support Trump or get ready for more.

    In the Soviet Union, lot of people laid low and just wanted to survive. They got 25+5.

  2. I wonder if things will get so intolerable, both with an oppressive injustice system and inflation, that a hot war with Russia will seem like a reasonable choice. They already want people desperate enough to enlist but what if things are so bad that any antiwar movement would be too demoralized to act. Like nuclear Armageddon would be a white pill in some ways.

  3. NY, Philthy, Denverstan?
    CPUSA (D) occupied territories.
    Don’t stop for commies, keep on rolling.
    The black/brown shirts (BLM/Antifa) should be activated anytime now as the most “historic” and important (s)election evarz gets going.
    Forward, si se puede!

    • I heard he was the only one of them who defended us after Charlottesville. I seem to remember him having mixed race kids though

  4. Wow 17 years for trespassing and sort of giving the ADL some “vibe” that you might.. talk about the Js (as the song goes)

    Hey Hunter, I’ve got a blog ready to go in draft mode, it’s the nominations for the worst patriotard songs – hope to make this a subject of a/some TPC radio shows.

    Can you look it over? I should be fine. I’ll post in an hour 8 :15 PM Central Time Thursday.


  5. Hello Brad:

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    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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