FOX News: LA City Council Votes for Lawsuit, Criminal Probe Against Texas Over Migrant Busing Program

Polarization is going to get worse.

Everyone seems to agree on that. What does that mean though in practice?

FOX News:

The Los Angeles city council voted unanimously to pursue a lawsuit and criminal probe against Texas over its migrant busing program this week.

The Wednesday vote came just hours after the eleventh migrant bus since June arrived in the city’s jurisdiction carrying 42 migrants. The council requested that the city attorney’s office investigate whether Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had committed any crimes through the program, and whether there is justification for a lawsuit.

Abbott’s program has delivered a total of 435 migrants to Los Angeles since buses started arriving on June 14. In all, the program has sent more than 30,000 migrants to Democrat-led cities across the country, including New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. …

Los Angeles Times:

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to look into whether the city can sue the state of Texas and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for sending a busload of migrants to Los Angeles on June 14, and to investigate whether Abbott’s actions violated any criminal laws.

These motions are about investigating whether Gov. Greg Abbott committed kidnapping, human trafficking or any other crimes when he sent vulnerable families on a 23-hour bus ride with little or no food or water,” Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martínez said shortly before the 13-0 vote. …

I saw this while driving home last night.

When I read this article, it occurred to me that “The Collapse” that so many people in our movement have speculated about for decades is underway. It began several years ago.

We are in “The Collapse” which can be conceived as a slow motion breakdown of the civil order, political order, economic order, cultural order and global order. Norms are melting away. We have a folk memory of previous collapses that our ancestors have been through. We imagine “The Collapse” as either a revolution, a civil war or an economic depression because these things have happened in the past.

Today, we are at the point in “The Collapse” where the former president of the United States and frontrunner for the Republican nomination is facing nearly 1,000 years in prison and the governor of Texas could be facing criminal charges in California for transporting illegal aliens to Los Angeles. We are invited to believe that this is perfectly normal and something called “the rule of law.”

California currently bans state-funded or state-sponsored travel to 23 states:

What are they going to do?

Will Gov. Greg Abbott be wheeled into Los Angeles to be indicted and arrested like Trump? Will Abbott have to face “a jury of his peers” in Los Angeles? If Abbott is going to arrested for transporting illegal aliens to California, then Ron DeSantis has to be arrested too for that stunt in Martha’s Vineyard, right?

Note: In the future, we will be covering new developments in “The Collapse” here as it unfolds in real time. The Bolsheviks are currently seizing power and arresting and incarcerating their opposition.


  1. More evidence of the development of an Intra-State War, the likes of which has not been seen since the 1870s.

    The Blue States are hellbent to prevent Red States from protecting themselves from any aggression or imperialist move the Blue States consider stylish.

    It is not going to work.

    What it will do, however, is ratchet up tension and hostility – all a preamble to a national split.

    The Globalist Left is, however, completely unaware of the seeds that they are actually sowing – the very opposite fro,m what they think.

    • “Globalist Left is, however, completely unaware of the seeds that they are actually sowing”

      Don’t be certain.
      They probably have several contingency plans to turn chaos to their advantage.
      Just beware.

      • @Arrian…

        Good point, Arrian.

        We must always be watchful.

        That said, I think they have lost control of the battlefield, and are both grasping at straws and having knee-jerk reactions.

        The cleverness that marked their long distance calculations for many decades, seems to have completely left them.

        In this I refer you to my first comment – that they can win impressive battles, many in fact, but, the war no.

        Never forget how George Washington only won one clear victory, and that ended the war.

        Also never forget that the Vietnamese NEVER won a battle, BUT … they won the war.

        We are starting to win this fight, but, again – it will be no cakewalk.

        A Rattler backed up against a stone will always strike – again and again.

    • You know how to make me furious.

      The GD churches have been doing this since the Vietnamese ‘boat people’ started in 1975.

      Why don’t the damn churches pay for their welfare, schooling and compensation for crimes caused. Oh no, the f churches throw the burden to the over taxed American.

      Easy to be generous wi other people’s money.

  2. Bolsheviks?

    I dunno fam. Nobody alive besides like 12 geeks and historians even know what bolsheviks were. Need new nomenclature up in here HW.

  3. I’m sure Abbot is just shaking in his wheelchair. These kind of things are stunts. Makes Lefties feel powerful. Accomplishes nothing. The buses will keep coming I’m sure. The productive will keep moving away, to places like Texas. This is like the reperations vote in California, noise….

  4. The American empire is collapsing, internally and externally.
    Red states are going their own way and BRICS are going their own way.
    The EU may be breaking up too in slow motion.

    Ideologically speaking, the rift here isn’t between Bolshevism and the free world, that’s 20th century thinking, the rift is smaller but still significant, between neoconservatism on the one hand and national/traditional conservatism on the other.
    Neoconservatism is acceptable to blue states, nat/trad con isn’t.
    Conversely social liberalism is acceptable to red states but cultural Marxism/woke isn’t.

    The American empire had its day, and now it appears to be over.
    It has grown corrupt and decadent.
    The rest of the world has adopted what was objectively superior about the west, its industry, much of its economics, science and tech, but not much of its culture, the rest of the world doesn’t want much to do with its culture.
    And so the rest of the world has caught up and are reasserting their sovereignty.

    The unipolar ‘liberal’ world order is unraveling, slowly but surely, meanwhile a new multipolar world order is emerging.
    Multipolarity is the norm, unipolarity an aberration.
    America was in a unique position after WW2 and the cold war, first one of two superpowers, then the sole superpower.
    America is no longer in that position and never will be again or at least for the foreseeable future, no country will be.
    And so 5 centuries of history are coming to a close.
    American and western hegemony is over.
    The USA and EU will collapse and break apart like the USSR before them.

  5. “We are in “The Collapse” which can be conceived as a slow motion breakdown of the civil order,”

    Yes, slow motion, right now.
    However these systems collapses tend to be slow motion at first, then at some unpredictable point abruptly cascade into total failure. Like a dam that has a minor leak that becomes a slowly increasing stream and then the dam suddenly collapses.

    I think the slow motion lulls people into inaction when there’s still time for a remedy.

  6. Soon economy will crash and then economic borders will go up.

    Counties must defend their resources, also economic migrants will be rejected. Our jobs for our people

    Then central government orders will be ignored, foreign relations appear. For example, our county does not enforce climate madness or other stupid rules, we will trade with Russia and Iran.

    Then finance kicks in. Central government refuses to provide finances and county own money will be issued. Or foreign currency will be used, at least temporarily.

    Soviet Union came down this way.

  7. Wow, the comrades solved homelessness, crime, drug zombies, shoplifters, and they don’t have anything better to do than worry about Texas?
    Read about a comrade commissar in the glorious people’s republic of Denver, California East, that was elected to the council after getting fired from two Marxist EDU schools for having open whitey must go curriculum and agitprop.

  8. Was not Los Angles an asylum city? Red versus blue is not always across the board. Democrats and Republicans both support the proxy war against Russia.

  9. Abbott gets indicted in LA and defies Cali and the feds to come and get him. That would precipitate some excitement. Feds attempt to extradite and are met with force. I don’t think it would happen since a failure on the feds part would probably bring it all down .

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