September 11th

It is September 11th again – the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11/01 Muslim terrorist attacks. The Islamic terrorists (treasonously let in to the USA on student visas) slaughtered 2,000 plus of our people, including 343 overwhelming White New York City firemen. While everyone else was fleeing the burning, collapsing World Trade Center, these 300 modern day Spartans were marching up the WTC. Thousands of years ago, 300 White Spartans faced the dark, swarthy Asiatic hordes from hell. The 300 Spartans of old gave their lives to save Western civilization from destruction, or worse, Asiatic slavery. Our 9/11/01 FDNY 300 Spartans did the same.

Mass Islamic immigration, mass 3rd world migration – “the Great Replacement” should have ended on 9/11/01. But nothing changed. Instead the dumb as* George W Bush administration and his Zio Neo Conservative advisers (David Frum, Max Boot, Paul Wolfowitz, Jonah Goldberg, William Kristol etc ) spun 9/11/01 in to yet another Amurikun patriotard war in Iraq. We were told:
“We’re figthin’ for freedom and democracy , – against an Axis of evil” (clear reference to World War II – the last “Good War”) . With the help of patriotard C&W, Rock &Roll Singers like Ted Nugent, Tobey Keith, Hank Williams Jr. and Clint Black Red State White Amurikuns fell in line, waved the Amuricun flag, supported the US troops and went back to sleep or worse wasting 5 days a week watching N football.

US American conservatives never made stopping terrible immigration our #1 issue or even a leading issue (it’s still abortion, guns, corporate taxes etc). But other intelligent European countries/societies did: the Swiss People’s Party became the #1 party in Switzerland strongly referencing 9/11/01 so did the Polish Law and Justice Party and Victor Orban’s Hungarian Nationalist ruling party. Nobody is making jokes about dumb Polaks anymore; instead the those jokes are on us. The Great Replacement of our people continues.

I wish all our OD readers and anyone left behind in North America a September 11th Remembrance Day. Please don’t waste it watching Monday Night football. Remember this worst ever Hank Williams Jr Monday Night Football intro? This gets my vote for this worst patriotard music song ever!

The answer to both questions is no.

What will you do this Sept 11th?


  1. I’m near you american fellows for this sad anniversary, even if i was a child, i remember tv news talking about the attack….

  2. “Thousands of years ago, 300 White Spartans faced the dark, swarthy Asiatic hordes from hell. ”

    Many of the Persians were still unmixed by then and I recall reading accounts of the Greeks mocking the Persians for their fair, untanned skin, considering it effeminate.

    But I get what you’re saying.

    • Yes, you are correct – in particular the nobility of the Persians were very tall, fair, called themselves Aryans and had a beautiful, racially conscious religion Zoroastrianism. There is a remnant of these people now called “Parsis” . I briefly dated one in New York City.

      But this post that I did isn’t about bending over backwards to be “fair” to other peoples, especially not to the nastiest, ugliest Paki, brown urine skinned Orcs such as Muhammed Ata and his murderous 9-11-01 terrorist killers.

      We need to get so much better at propaganda – identify the enemy as ugly, alien looking, murderous terrorist, rapists etc and boy did/do the 9/11/01 crew fit the bill. Look at the photos of the Egyptian blind Islamic sheik that organized the first Muslims in American bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

      I couldn’t have come up with a better, ugly, alien looking propaganda enemy if I made one up.

      So that’s really my main point.

      Life isn’t complicated, do the easy things like the Swiss People’s Party did with their street posters that were, yeah, heavily influenced by 9-11-01 – oppose letting millions of ugly, dark, hairy Muslim extremists migrating in to our resuming White countries, White societies, White neighborhoods and letting them murder us or sexually groom our daughters like they did/do in England>

      That’s so easy to do – the Swiss People’s Party did it now they’re #1 in Switzerland, the Polish Law and Justice Party did it, now they’re #1 in Poland , Victor Orban’s Hungarian Nationalist party did it, they’re #1 in Hungary.

      But for some inexplicable reason, our side didn’t do it, still doesn’t do it.

      For those of here and elsewhere that are very aware of real JQ attacks on our people, then just focus on the Js like George Soros, Adam Schiff, Jonah Goldberg, the ADL leading the movement to dissolve our borders, replace our people though mass migration, including mass Islamic migration. The Js did the same – took the Muslim side in 15th Century Spain, sold our Spanish White Catholic girls in to sexual slavery and when our side won the reconquest – we expelled the Js or forced them to covert to Catholicism Christianity under the Spanish Inquisition.

      This all is so easy to understand for me. But, for some reason our people can’t do the easy things – maybe it’s J Hollywood, J TV or 5 days a week of worshipping N football, but our people didn’t and don’t do what our winning kinsmen in Switzerland, Poland, Hungary did/do.

  3. Mr Ryan, the only muslim involvement on 9/11 was in the role of patsies. The event was a 100 per cent ZOG production. General Ralph Eberhardt of NORAD is not a Muslim. He is though a traitor who helped facilitate the event.

    Research the Oded Yinon plan from the late 1970’s, about how Israel would redesign the Middle East into smaller ethnic statelets, thus giving more legitimacy to Israel as an ethnic state, whilst also creating a new country called Kurdistan.

    The (((neocons))) were calling for the destruction of Iraq before 9/11. Breaking up Iraq was the first stage of the Oded Yinon plan.

    The prize, whoever controls Kurdistan controls the China BRI (Belt Road Initiative) with Russia to the North, the Middle East and Africa to the South, Europe to the West.

    9/11 was the ignitor of a grand geopolitical design. The idea it was pulled off by some ragheads from a cave in Afghanistan is laughable.

    ZOG did 9/11, along with traitors in the US system.

    • Sigh.

      How about the 1993 Islamic extremist bombing, slaughter against the World Trade Center – I predicted this attack as I went to MBA graduate school only 2 blocks away from the WTC and noticed all the hostile Islamists.

      How about some other minor problems with Muslims/Arabs like:

      The Sack of Constantinople, surviving Whites dragged off as slaves?

      How about the 1963 turn over of French Algeria (part of France not a colony) to Arab Muslim majority rule? 98% of French Pied Noir and other White Europeans were ethnically cleansed, forced to leave now Arab Muslim majority ruled Algeria with just a suitcase – their choice was:

      The Coffin or the Suitcase.

      How bout the 700 year Arab Muslim Moor invasion and occupation of Spain. 700 years is a rather long false flag operation there mate!

      We/I have written repeatedly about the Muslim Moor occupation of Spain and the Js strong collaboration with the Muslim Moors – that’s why the Js were expelled from Spain or forced to convert to Catholic Christianity under the Inquisition in 1492.

      Here’s our/my article on this subject:

      Or if you need more evidence about Muslims behaving badly to Whites, especially White British and American Anglo Saxons, here’s Christopher Hitchens explaining to Bill Maher that Ottoman Empire Muslims openly took over 1 million White slaves from Europe, from British and American ships – and the Muslims were very open about it, actually bragged about it to American leaders like Thomas Jefferson in 1788. Thomas Jefferson asked the Muslim Ottoman Ambassador to London “Why do you take our sailers as slaves, we weren’t in the Crusades, we’ve never harmed any Islamic people”. The Islamic Ottoman Ambassador was honest in his reply:

      “Because the Koran gives us permission to do so, because you are infidels”.

      Thomas Jefferson replied, that the USA Navy would then be sent to break up these Islamic states in North Africa and stop our people from being enslaved.

      That should have been the response to 9-11-01, should have ended all Islamic migration, student visas or just young Muslim male migrations to USA, UK, Europe, but that didn’t happen. Lib Leftist said that would be RACISTS and all kinds of confused, idiot conspiracy mongering lunatics here and elsewhere insist that Muslims had nothing to do with 9-11-01 that Islam is a religion of peace and if we just leave Muslims alone in their countries they won’t bother us.

      NO, NOPE!

      100% of the rapes of White women, girls in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are done by Muslim migrant males – these Scandinavian countries have never invaded Islamic countries, had colonies there or taken the Israeli side against Palestinians.

      It’s just what Muslims do to White infidels. We’re the infidels.

      This seems so obvious, but…

      Our side can’t see obvious things and we get blinded, become puppets for powerful lying Js.

  4. Never would have happened if I was in charge. Those guys wouldn’t have been allowed in the country and our foreign policy wouldn’t be subservient to Israel.

    • Tikkun Olam states:

      “Never would have happened if I was in charge. Those guys wouldn’t have been allowed in the country and our foreign policy wouldn’t be subservient to Israel.”

      I respond:

      OK, fair enough. But, our policy then and now is terrible as bad as it can get from two/three sides:

      A) Invade the world for Israel, J Neo Con do wars, slaughters of anti European Nationalists, anti Arab Nationalists (Iraq, Syria, Serbia and now Russia)

      B) Invite the entire world including the entire no skilled young Muslim men of military raping age.

      C) In hoc to the world, to the Je* Fed to pay for A and B

      But B) alone without being pro Israel would still be terrible suicide for any White nation, society like Sweden, Denmark, Norway or not so Merry Old England.

      This idea that : “Oh the only reason the Muslims hate us and try to kill us like 9-11-01 was because of our sins our insulting Muslims for our pro Israel, anti Palestinian policies – it’s just not true. 100% of rapes of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish girls are done by young Muslim males, Black African migrants, some Muslims. It’s just what young Muslim, Paki, Algerian, Sudanese males do to our young, beautiful White girls/women.

  5. Mr Ryan, I am not in any disagreement with the historical details you described, and fully endorse your view on mass immigration into the West as being terribly destructive.

    In this regard, once again we see the handiwork of jews. Research a hideous monstrosity called Barbara Lerner Specter and listen to her views on why Europe MUST become multicultural or it wouldn’t survive.

    “Jews are at the forefront of this great transformation so they will be resented.”

    She certainly got that right.

    • Yes ET, I’m very familiar with Barbara Lerner Specter had her promotion of the Great Replacement of our people everywhere in the world. It’s what Je*s do everywhere in still majority White Countries.

      But it isn’t all Js do and most normie, football addicted Amurikuns are unaware of the Js leading roll in destroying our borders, championing the Great Replacement of our people. I’ve had face to face heated arguments with Conservatives, good ol boys, Charlie Daniels Rednecks who justifiably hate Muslims, hate Ay-Rabs, hate rag heads and they will not accept my argument, my prove that leading Js, including so called “Conservative Js” like Neo Conservatives Js at National Review, former House GOP Majority leader Eric Cantor all get F grades from NumbersUSA and the Js overwhelmingly support mass Muslim migrations to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe, moreover as in the 15th Century Spanish history lesson I/we repeatedly post, this is nothing new.

      Je*s have taken the side of invading Muslims against local Whites forever – our side expelled the Js in 1492 or put them under the Spanish Inquisition because Js were taking the Muslim Moor side against local Whites, being the Muslim’s tax collectors, selling local White girls in to sexual slavery to Muslims same as the Js do now running the porn industry.

      Again it’s what Js do.

      But our concern, my concern is what White Americans do, have done and are doing, which is basically nothing effective to stop the Great Replacement, to secure our borders. Pandering to the ugliest, nastiest Afro Arab, Pakistani White children sex groomers or Islamic extremists, saying “Well it either isn’t happening, didn’t happen on 9/11/01 or else we deserved it”

      No that’s sure fire losing, defeatism.

      And again – look at White European people who are handling Islam migration right.

      The Swiss People’s Party #1
      Polish Law and Justice Party #1
      Victor Orban Hungarian Nationalist party #1

      None of these 3 very effective Islamic immigration restrictionist parties are going for J Zio Neo Conservative wars like we have done. We don’t need to lecture these successful White European nationalists about the JQ, they mostly understand it. We do not, or else the JQ makes us go crazy causes us to simply abandon common sense actions that must be done against Black crime, BLM, mass Mestizo, Haitian, Islam migration invasions.

      My god look at Ron and Rand Paul – they supposedly are one of the very few to resist AIPAC, resist ZIO Neo Con J wars, intrigues but….

      They took BLM rioters side! Rand Paul sponsored the Justice for Breonna Taylor act, called for all Black A American males in jail for hard drug possession to be released!

      An Antifa BLM mob tried to attack Rand Paul and his beautiful blond wife in DC, instead of fighting back, going over the video tape to identify and arrest, punish the BLM, Antifa attackers, he tried to reach out to them to say he was on their side, it was a misunderstanding and he sponsored the Justice for Breonna Taylor act (Breonna Taylor was a Black A American involved with the largest heroin trafficking gang in Louisville, she was killed in a shootout with police).

      So my point in this blog is a simple one:

      Do the easy things. Oppose mass migration of ugly, hateful Islamic terrorists like Muhammed Ata, oppose Pakistani Islamic sexual grooming, rapes of poor White English girls. Oppose Islam takeover of London/Londonstan. That’s easy and it’s the right thing to do.

  6. I am in full agreement Mr Ryan and I want the traitors in the political class to feel the pain. I want that really bad.

    There’s a YouTube channel called podcast of the lotus eaters. A Brit channel which features Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of akkad. They did a piece last week about rich people in England making massive bank by hiring out properties and hotels to the UK government to house all the new boat people. I would have these people stripped of everything and then executed. But that’s just me.

    All the best to you.

    • Very good. I recommend identifying one particular rich enemy that is making massive bank hiring out property to the UK government to house the Muslim illegal alien boat people.

      Find ONE specific propaganda enemy and make him/her the face of treason.

      Find out where they hang out, get photos of them living it up with Champaign and caviar – the idle rich include the Judas quote “30 pieces of silver”.

      Confront them in person.

      This is one of THE key points of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” make the conflict person. Don’t just complain about impersonal institutions like “The Government”, “The Liberal Media”, “The Corporations”. Real traitors and enemies can be fought, they can be outed, forced to hide in shame for what they do.

      Our choice is never limited to the 2:

      1) Do nothing but complain
      2) Use guns or fantasize about revolutionary fantasies

      All kinds of weapons are practical – rotted vegitables, eggs, pigs blood, piss, blong water.

      Try to turn the traitors’ children against him/her.

      Have some fun out there.

  7. My point in this Sept 11th blog is to keep our propaganda and our activism

    Simple – easy to understand

    Our regular poor and working class White American people watch way, way too much J television, 5 days and nights of N worshipping Football, watch porn, J Hollywood movies about “Saving Private Ryan” how we defeated the Evil NAAAZI Wascists, how the Russians are the new Nazis.

    We wish our poor and working class White Americans didn’t get all their news and information by the J TV, J Hollywood but they do.

    And our high IQ activists read too many, long books and fall in to various race denying cults like most forms of American Judeo Christianity, Liberalism, Libertarianism. I bet there was some Liberals/Libertarians on those 9/11/01 doomed airline flights trying to discuss the US Constitution, hard money monetary theory and Ayn Rand/Milton Friedman “Free to Choose” free market economics with the Muhammed Ata Al Qaeda mass murderer terrorists.

    We need propaganda that works, that is simple – that reaches the mind, body and soul of various types of our White American peoples – poor, working class White Americans, Southerners, Midwesterners and/or high IQ college (mis) educated White Americans.

    Just show photos, posters of “This is the Enemy” nasty Islamists, Black rapists, BLM opioid drug dealers like Saint (not) George Floyd.

    Take a look at this guy – should be our #1 propaganda enemy.

    Abu Hamza – the blind Egytpian Al Qaeda terrorist cleric with a hook for a hand – “Captain Hook”:

    I couldn’t have created a better propaganda enemy if I just made one up.

    Just present yourself, your group, your leader as the ones who will keep this guy and guys like him out of our countries, out of our societies, out of our daughters’ schools. Quote the worst parts of the Koran where it justifies his kind murdering our kind or enslaving our girls – “we’re infidels”. It’s not a misunderstanding.

    Don’t try to confuse regular, poor or working class Whites by trying to get them to read 300 page books about secret societies, J banking cartels, weird conspiracy theories where nothing is as it seems. Oh no. Abu Hamza and those like it really are what they appear to be.

    If your main focus is the JQ – fine. Just present the ample real proof that pretty much all important Je*ish pols, tax exempt societies like the ADL, SPLC, Lib Leftist Dems like NY US Senator Chuck Schumer, CA Rep Adam Schiff, that J in Sweden Barbara Lerner Specter are working everyday 24/7/365 to flood remaining White societies with the likes of Abu Hamza, Pakistani sexual grooming/rapists of poor English girls. It’s what the Je*s do.

    And as for the likes of Abu Hamza, Muhammed Ata, Sirhan Sirhan (Palestinian Arab murderer of Robert F Kennedy) – they look really really ugly, alien, and they act the same.

    Life isn’t complicated. Don’t try to make it complicated. When you/we are offered a free throw – take the free throw.

  8. That’s why I said they wouldn’t have been allowed in. I’m well aware of what Muslime scum like to do to White women. Semites and Semite/Khazars should be left to their own conflicts and excluded from White countries.

    • Yours T O Is Coming for U, yours is a very common response “Why don’t Arabs, Pakistan, Muslims, Js stay in “Their Own Countries” and leave us alone in our White countries”

      That’s a very understandable way of thinking but sigh, it’s just historically doesn’t apply to pretty much all Islamists and Js.

      “the Nation State, Nationalism” is a White European concept and was brought over to majority White European/British colonies in North America (Canada and USA) and Australia. It’s never been an Islamic concept – the one majority Muslim state that embraced European/American style Nationalism was Kemal Ataturk’s Turkey -the Secular Turkish Republic – Kemalism. This happened in Turkey after the Turkish Ottoman Empire lost all their possessions outside of Turkey after World War I.

      Islam has always been “international” recognizes no borders and visions the entire world including all of Greece, Spain (The Muslims invaded, conquered, occupied all of Greece, Greek Anatolia, Spain for ~ 700 years). The average White American watching SEC and NFL football doesn’t know this – but Muslims and especially Js know this.

      Js have always been “international” jewish anti Semite critics like Martin Luther, AH, Benjamin Franklin predicted that the establishment of a Je*ish ethnographies state in Palestine, now Israel would not solve the JQ, because most Js would not choose to go live and working in an exclusively Je*ish state – at best most Js would do like Rahm Emanuel and his J father who was in the J terrorist anti White British terrorist group the Irgun did, move back and forth from Israel to the USA, Europe, UK – now Rahm Emanuel is the American Ambassador to Japan.

      Who is Rahm representing? He’s certainly not White auto workers in Ohio and Indiana.

      We must, MUST get over the idea that everything will be alright with ethnic, racial, religious “relations” if the 2 billion plus non Whites including all Js and Muslims agree to play “fair” like White people – stay in their own countries, respect us and our women, our traditions.

      Js and Muslims and the untermenschen, Shudra hordes in hells like Haiti, Congo, Pakistan, Algeria or Paki, Algerian, Black slums in France, England, USA are not going to play fair, leave us and our women alone if we agree to leave “their countries”, their women alone.

      We’re under attack, all out invasions and the Js and Islamists are doing what they have pretty much always done.

      That’s life

      Deal with it.

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