9/11 Anniversary

We’re getting old.

I was a 21-year-old college sophomore on 9/11.

I’m now a 42-year-old middle aged dad with two sons.

9/11 was half a lifetime ago for me. I am starting to get gray hairs. I am old enough to remember when George W. Bush was president and Dick Cheney was vice president. If you are a Zoomer in your twenties in 2023, you have little to no memory of what the country was like back then.

In those days, the neocons at MSNBC and The Atlantic were Republicans and were at the peak of their power on the Right. Conservatism, Inc. and its ideology of conservative liberalism was dominant. National Review and The Weekly Standard defined the Right. The ADL and SPLC were still considered highly respected “watchdog” organizations. Mainstream politics was a boring contest between the center-right and center-left. It was extremely damaging to be accused of “racism” on the Right. “Journalists” were still trusted and taken seriously. Most Americans believed Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Vivek made me laugh the other day when he said that Mike Pence had stepped out of his Delorean and was running for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2004 election. Pence is a living fossil of this era. It is like watching the Rip Van Winkle presidential campaign. He acts like the Trump era never happened.

I vividly recall old William Pierce thundering against the complacency of the White middle class. Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccermom had turned inward and were indifferent to the mounting problems facing the nation. Pat Buchanan wrote about these trends in The Death of the West, but the country was in no mood to listen as its leadership class hurtled toward twenty years of war in the Middle East and Central Asia. The goal was to transform Iraq into a liberal democracy and Afghanistan into a feminist paradise for women’s rights. This was part of a larger American crusade to end “tyranny” and “evil” in the world.

In some ways, you know, the world was better back then. It was a much whiter country without tens of millions of Third World immigrants who currently reside here. Relatively speaking, faggots were still in the closet and the 20,000 new genders hadn’t been invented yet. Political correctness, which we now call wokeness, wasn’t nearly as bad because the concepts of “harm” and “trauma” still meant things like surviving a terrible car accident. We had cell phones and the internet, but no social media. OnlyFans and Tinder were still in the future. There wasn’t as much animosity between the sexes. There were not nearly as many lonely incels as there are today. New York City was locking up criminals instead of prosecuting good samaritans like Daniel Penny. Rudy Giuliani was America’s mayor. Mainstream politics wasn’t this toxic. Politics seemed to matter less than salacious stories like Fred Durst and Britney Spears.

A few days ago, Jaye Ryan posted a playlist of old patriotard songs. Today, you have to be middle aged like me or older to remember that spike in patriotism after George W. Bush vowed to go get the evil doers. My wife was 13-years-old when W. invaded Iraq. America in The Unraveling era was super patriotic, but also vacuous. George W. Bush exhorted the nation to go shopping to fight the terrorists. The creators of South Park parodied the cultural rot and emptiness lurking beneath the surface in Team America World Police. Toby Keith now sings about whatever is left of America in the past tense.

Back then, I would say the country had all of these obvious mounting problems and the response was to put them on the backburner and to hope it would all work out. It seemed like it was hard to rouse anyone to care much about anything. Today, we are in a completely different era, the chickens have come home to roost and those mounting problems are front and center. Politics has rarely been this intense. In spite of predictions of Cold War 2, domestic politics matters much more than foreign policy.

The void is ready to be filled. The rot is ready to be dealt with. Both sides are increasingly militant. Polarization and balkanization, however, stands in the way for now. Neither side is powerful enough to impose its will on the other. So we are stuck for the moment in a stalemate. Eventually, a constitutional crisis is going to break the logjam and the flood is going to begin which will permanently remake the country one way or the other. It doesn’t look like it will be long now.


  1. If you don’t think things through, it’s easy to give Trump credit for breaking the patriotard wing of the Republican party. But then you think back and realize that in those days, Trump was on Howard Stern supporting the Iraq War and donating to Hillary Clinton before he was a Presidential candidate. So it really wasn’t Trump, it was public opinion that changed. When it was popular Trump was an Iraq War supporter. Trump even in his 2016 campaign said we should have taken Iraqi oil, so he really wasn’t anti-imperialist. The Republican Party as a whole just got sick of patriotards. Likely because a lot of military veterans become Republicans.

  2. I was 13 as well. I recall being in English class trying to read my book and being irritated because the teacher turned on the TV and all the girls were crying and being idiots. I went to the library.

    In hindsight, I wasn’t particularly interested, way too young to understand the importance of the event that most adults probably didn’t even understand at the time.

    It really was a watershed moment where the Empire dove down the slip and slide of foreign adventurism that has doomed so many empires past.

    There wasn’t anything I could have done differently. I’m just glad I never joined the military. Lost too many friends to it.

    • @Ironic…

      I’m glad I served, because America, back then, seemed to be a country worth serving.

      That said, I can understand your feelings, because if I had known then, what I know now, I doubt I would have served.

  3. “Political correctness, which we now call wokeness, wasn’t nearly as bad because the concepts of “harm” and “trauma” still meant things like surviving a terrible car accident.”

    Hahahahahahaha! I’m literally laughing at this. What a weak, soft, feminine world we live in now. A single sentence that puts it all in perspective. We’re so screwed.

  4. I’m not american but i agree with you that ” the world was better back then”, USA and the rest of the western world were better than today. There wasn’t wokeness, less faggots and gender obsession, less fire from university and less politically correct movie and tv series. Monuments were still standing and the obsession for systemic racism was not as today. I heard that even the TV series Dukes of Hazzard is banned in america today (in my country no and sometimes i watch it).

    P.s this is a discussion about Ban the ADL


  5. Hmm—linking a Toby Keith song. You might want to examine your identity, Mr. W. A month ago, in the comments on your post “Oliver Anthony: Rich Men North of Richmond,” I was informed, by a true son of Dixie, that “nobody takes the notion that Nashville is somehow an organic cultural extension of the South seriously.” This was in a discussion prompted by me about an old Toby Keith record. “I’m trying to be polite,” my Southern friend told clueless me, “but that’s just funny.”

    See https://occidentaldissent.com/2023/08/10/oliver-anthony-rich-men-north-of-richmond/#comment-3658336

    PS Greetings, Todd.

    • Organic or not, Toby Keith’s music was what passed for Conservatism back then if you look at his entire volume and not just that one song from Jaye Ryan. Nowadays people would find the idea of “Your bar’s token tranny” as reprehensible or “We just need to support our police to fix crime” as laughable. Even the song American Ride would be seen as both quaint and irresponsible as the problems listed in it are bad but nearly as bad as it is now, and instead of laughing about how crazy things are and driving past them on your motorcycle living your best life, people want these problems fixed and now.

      A lot of what would piss me off in the 00’s was the permissiveness of Conservatives, and how since things weren’t “that bad” for them, it was simply a sideshow to laugh at and you’d be laughed at to for caring.

    • It’s propaganda directed at women. That is how they see the world. Why do you think tens of thousands of Ukrainian men are dying. Putin doesn’t want them to live like western women. That is the beginning and the end of the psychological motivations for these white feather suffragette inspired wars.

  6. Joe Biden was in Hanoi at the John McCain memorial today. You maybe wonder Why TF there is a John McCain memorial in Hanoi and why TF is Joe Biden going to visit it?

    The memorial is not a tribute to John McCain. The inscription reads——

    “On 26 October 1967 near Trúc B?ch Lake,
    the citizens and military of the capital, Hanoi, captured Pilot
    John Sidney McCain. The US Navy Air Force Aviator
    was flying an A4 aircraft, which crashed near Yên Ph? power
    station. This was one of the ten aircraft shot down that day.”

    “I my be Irish but I am not stpuid”, think again Slow Joe.

  7. 9/11 Anniversary was the conspiracy that gave those who conspired the perfect opportunity to end what was left of a Constitutional United States.

    We, American Citizens who no longer feel comfortable in the land which we once so loved, have paid a steep price.

    Now they, those who designed, and those who exploited the design,, are reaping the whirlwind..


    Because Our Lord hath wrought a world where what goes around comes around.

    No one is exempt from this – not janitors, nor racketeers and gangsters, and not oligarchs and oligarch-owned bureaucrats – though I repeat myself.

  8. Ryan Dawson is the one who does the most exhaustive 9/11 coverage, down to dancing israelis, their names, money, fake id papers to sabotage the WTC sprinklers 2 weeks before 9/11.

    Speaking of Dawson, he does an exposé of Handsome Truth and the GDL.
    If the videos are accurate, HT and GDL are pure poison.

    • “How could it (a plane) possibly go through the steel?” Trump

      High velocity, just as a tornado can embed a paper straw into a tree trunk.

      • It was the fuel i the wings that provided the momentum to go through. At the speed they were going fuel in tanks might as well have been concrete.

  9. 911 was the last gasp of American patriotism as the West began importing terrorists, creating more restrictions for the domestic population at airports and the people were asking why they kept bringing in Muslims when Muslims were the ones attacking America. There were other problems as well, rising concern over crime, illegals and panics like SARS which were all the fault of American border policies.

    This is where the elites messed up by becoming mask off indifferent to the wants and desires of Americans and where the discrediting began in my opinion and they really messed up their power. Closing the Mexican border and banning Muslims from entering America would have let their system chug on for another decade or two, but they didn’t and decided to punish the people instead. It would be like letting in Germans and Japanese during WW2 with them attacking Americans and FDR just let it slide and imported more of them. It didn’t make any sense whatsoever. I think a lot of Zoomers don’t realize that the problems of today started in the post-911 period, where the elites thought they could start to push their most radical agendas by waving the American flag over them and promising them they could get what they want if they could just unite over the flag.

    Pence’s disaster of a campaign is indicative of how an elite of yesteryear would fail in the 2020’s.

  10. Even putting conspiracy theories about 9/11 aside, the Bush regime wasn’t that liberal.
    After 9/11, Bush gave Americans an ultimatum; ‘you’re either with us or the terrorists’, not very liberal of him.
    Through the creation of ‘homeland security’ and the ‘patriot act’, Bush undermined the people’s constitutional rights.
    At the time, they were mainly used against Muslim Americans and suspected terrorists, but it set the precedent for the Biden regime to rob Christians, nationalists and Trumptards of their freedoms, which Cheney and the neocons approve of.
    The Bush regime weren’t really liberals, instead they took measures to radically and permanently expand the security-surveillance state.
    The political/ruling class aren’t above authoritarianism, they’re in favor of it, just so long as they’re the ones that get to be the authoritarians, not outsiders.

    • So if our ruling/political class aren’t liberals, what are they?
      Are they Marxists?

      No they’re Machiavellian, narcissist sociopaths, that’s what they are.
      They’re not ideological.
      They found a system of socioeconomic control that works for them, one they’re continually tweaking/updating/grading.
      They make it up as they go along.
      They wear masks, libtard/shitlib, patriotard, whatever works, whatever they think will get the masses to lower their guard.
      They co-opt organic movements, insofar as they are any, they lead the opposition.

      It’s not ‘our democracy’ it’s theirs, their oligarchy.
      And insofar as they are ideological, they’re Zionists, they’re Zionists because about half of our oligarchs are Jewish and the non-Jewish white oligarchs have 0 loyalty to whites.

  11. Of course, no one mentions that USZOG customs agents let the terrorists in, they had their names right in front of them, on a list .

    Affirmative Action at work ?

  12. “but it set the precedent for the Biden regime to rob Christians, nationalists and Trumptards of their freedoms,”

    Just as the RICO laws are being used.

  13. What I recall about 9/11 is the jewsmedia repeating like a broken record about the (((international financial services firm))) Cantor-Fitzgerald having offices from the 101st through 105th floors of the North Tower. As soon as I heard the word “Cantor” and financial services in JYC, I knew the narrative was already shifting to mournful cello music accompanying that jews are the real victims of 9/11. If 343 JYC firefighters had not died that day, 9/11 would have been framed as “anudda shoah.”

    My question is how many military age Southerners sprinted to their nearest USZOG recruiting office to fight the “ragheads,” after the heart of the “Yankee nation” Jew York was attacked?

    The ‘Southern Question’ in regard to fighting and dying for the interests of their enemy’s wars and battles needs to be addressed. It is no wonder that the JQ/JP doesn’t resonate in Dixie, as it does elsewhere because cluelessness about the JQ is endemic to the modern Southern consciousness.

    • @November…

      “My question is how many military age Southerners sprinted to their nearest USZOG recruiting office to fight the “ragheads,” after the heart of the “Yankee nation” Jew York was attacked? ”

      For the same reason that we dashed to the office to fight in 1917, 1941, 1949, and 1965… because we love to shoot at things, and we do not much bother ourselves to wonder if it is best.

      It never has occurred to us that this New England Nation, run by Jews, is actually something that only includes us, from the point of view of fieldhands.

      We are not a questioning people, or, at least, have not been over the last century.

      That’s a fatal flaw in Modernity.

  14. Yeah we were somewhere but the federal/isreali/cia/mossad/fbi/epa/pentagram government did that shit to American innocents and we should definitely not forget that.

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