Ancient Aliens Displayed In Mexican Congress

Good morning.

We’re doing aliens again.

Note: Tucker needs to get to Mexico and get to the bottom of this.


    • @Terry…

      I doubt we will, Friend – there’s just too much money involved.

      A dirty little secret in this country is that it is neither Masons nor Jews hold as much sway over this country, as does The Chamber of Commerce.

      This is The New Eng;land Yankee slave economy.

      The difference between our former Southern System, was that we dared to call our system what it was, and we also were required to take care of our slaves.

      The Jew England Yankee System does not believe in either.

      If you pronounce a Man free, pay a Tan Negro a subsistence wage, and allow him to freely shuffle between plantations, then that is okay with them.

      • Lol the freemasons. I haven’t heard a good masonic conspiracy theory in forever.

        Almost makes me nostalgic for the good ole days before everybody overdosed on red pills and went autistic over the JQ.

        These guys have had these little aliens for years. Its nothing new. The question invariably is, so what? What does this change?

        We still have no power to do anything, and if the Russians and Chinese aren’t gonna save us, aliens sure as hell won’t.

        If it comes to it though, I think I’ll side with the aliens in the coming invasion if it means ending all this nonsense and returning the world to some order.

          • Nah, but its nice of you to say so.

            I’m nearing my nadir as a shit poster I think. Can’t even muster the energy to argue with HW lately, which has literally never happened before in the history of ever, or at least as long as since I started haunting his posts in the halcyon days of Gab way back in the day.

            At some point I’ll hit my stride and be back to long form contrarianism, which I feel is my natural medium.

          • Nah,. Dear Ironic – the notion that you are only valid as a Contrarion’, is not necessarily ‘a stride’.

            How about just bein’ who you are – and lettin’ the chips fall where they may?

            If that’s sometimes agreeable, if, not, then fine, too…

  1. The “old school” American tabloids, which I suspect most of you here are too young to remember, used to run stories like this all the time. Along with stories of portraits of the Virgin Mary crying tears of blood, Bigfoot/human hybrids, etc.

    • And they just happen to resemble, almost exactly, the stereotypical MSM/Hollywood conceptualization of what Aliens look like, weird coincidence right?

        • @12Ax7…

          Miss Hillary was quite a Looker, when young.

          Oh, yes, she surely was.

          President Clinton was not into wallfowers.

          Most of us do not age well, not as far as looks goes.

          Somehow my wife is still a Looker, but, I cannot accuse myself of that!

          • Hello Ivan;

            You may be right about Hillary when she was young but imagine rolling over in the morning and seeing Hillary’s scowling, angry, countenance looking back at you. Yikes! Hillary looks like she has been angry at the world her entire life. No doubt Bill’s giving her STDs on occasion didn’t brighten her mood.

            Except for their mutual lust for power and jointly committed crimes thus joining them together till death do us part Big Bill would have told her one day: “I’m going out for a quart of milk, I’ll be right back” as he drove from Arkansas to parts far removed from Hillary’s bile. Perhaps he would have ended up in Alaska or northern Nova Scotia to avoid her clutches.

  2. “Did you hear about the Mexican aliens?”
    “The ones crossing the US border?”
    “Mummified aliens can’t cross borders…?”

    • I’ll betcha they can vote – early, by mail and often – just like the ones crossing the “border”. Three guesses (((who))) directs their votes, and for whom they vote.

  3. Eric von Daniken, world’s greates historian, anthropoligist, and archeologist!

    Even if you may have suspected it 60 years ago, you would not have had balls enough to write an article let alone a book about ancient aliens.


    • I agree that Daniken was great, but, his thinking was formed by the professor who taught him – The Russian Jew Zachariah Sitchin.

      Daniken had a knack for publicity, and, in particular, publicity, so he was, for many years, more well known than Sitchin, though, that changed in the last two decades.

      Though he died in recent years, Professor Sitchin’s long series on the real history of Mankind

      His first book, ‘The 12th Planet’, ought be a mandatory read for everyone in high school

      Such a brilliant archaelogical and social anthopological work.

      • What are you talking about Jewperson? I’ve never seen your fellow Jew Sitchin ever mentioned in any of von Daniken’s writings.

        There maybe some similarity to Jew Imanuel Velikovsky, but, not von Daniken.

  4. That “alien beings” can have any currency at all in the atomic age is really scary, that people can be so stupid.

    • What makes it leap beyond the pale of believability is that in the history of ever, no alien seems to have remained in Mexico.

      Now for them to find the remains of aliens in Mexico just beggars belief.

  5. Werner Von Braun, late of NASA via the NSDAP told his secretary in the 1960’s that TPTB would use a fake alien invasion scare as an attempt to ‘unify’ the world against the threat.

  6. Whenever there is bad news for Biden (impeachment inquiry this time) the drive by media rolls out another alien story as a distraction.

    It is an obvious pattern

    Also the aliens look like Yoda!

  7. Funny how aliens look exactly like Hollywood has described them for many decades.

    How the movie Jews knew how “they” look like ? Do Jews know what we don’t or is this another psyops to mone our attention to something else ?

  8. I’m totally open to the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
    Hell I’m open to the possibility of life from the 4th dimension or another universe within the multiverse.
    However, I don’t trust my or any other government to confirm or deny such things.

  9. I also don’t trust the scientific community, especially if it’s a part of the scientific community deeply interwoven with big brother and the oligarchs.

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