Vladimir Putin: Joe Biden Is Persecuting Trump

Vladimir Putin is thrilled by the actions of the Democracy Defenders who are discrediting “liberal democracy” at home and abroad.


  1. Yeah, but where is Strelkov? (In prison with thousands of other Russian Nationalists ).

    Some of you know where Azov came from. Most of them were Russian Nationalists that fled Putin’s brutal persecutions, and wound up in Ukraine.

    Putin is the last of the Bolsheviks. He is no hero.

    • Nah fam. There were White girls in wheatfields and that means he’s our orthodox christian savior, the slavic Charlemagne who is just about ready to save us all from teh jooz.

    • @Rangewolf…

      #1. Most of Azov’s membership comes from Volhynia and Galicia – the two westernmost areas of the Ukraine, which, formerly of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire, respectively, have less than zero affections for Russia or Russians.

      #2. The Russian Communist Party has, for years, repeatedly called out Vladimir Putin for NOT being a socialist – but, rather, instead, someone who is ‘content to allow a small group of capitalist oligarchs to pillage Russia’.

      #3. For years, until the war, Vladimir Putin’s approval rating hovered between 53-58%

      Ever since the war in the Ukraine reignited, it has been between 77-83%

      So, clearly Russians disagree with you, on every one of your premises, which means that you are getting your information from unreliable sources..

    • I will say of Putin it’s really not that he’s a Bolshevik and more that he’s 5’3. Short dudes always have a real big chip.

    • Mr. Strelkov and other so called “nationalists” are clowns.

      You can not run amok in the middle of the war and piss off and pick up fights with people who Putin wants to be allies.

      Now when Arabs and Africans supporting our cause , is very bad time to piss off 2 billion possible allies. So let’s forget those muzzies and goatfuckers and niggers other compliments for a while.

    • @John…

      “In the ’60s, the hipsters would have presented something like that as horrid, in one of their leftist movies. Now, they probably think it great.”

      Yes, the CIA has completely usurped the Leftist mindset, the majority of them now full on government-believing and cheering totalitarians, as opposed to the 1960s, when Leftists were full on government sceptics.

      Now it’s the Right, particularly The Far Right, and some on the very Far Left, like Jimmy Dore or Dr. Cornel Wilde, who are the government sceptics.

      The Democrat Party does not resemble itself.

  2. The Church of Woke (Caved-Head Conserviletard denomination) likes to claim Putin is a new Stalin trying to restore USSR, which is utterly laughable. If Putin were anything resembling Koba the Dread, that ugly-ass tranny jew serving as the Jewkraine spokesperson would have been turned into a smoldering crispy-critter by a missile when it assumed its present position. Now that would be a way to send a clear message to Clown-World. If only….

    • @Exalted Cyclops…

      “The Church of Woke (Caved-Head Conserviletard denomination) likes to claim Putin is a new Stalin trying to restore USSR, which is utterly laughable.”

      You can say that again.

      We’ve reached an era where ignorance and dishonesty are so endemic, people say anything – without any relationship to fact.

      If Putin was Stalin, the Russian Army would already be in Warsaw, Bucharest, Riga, and Vilnius, if not Paris.

      People in The West are clueless as to what kind of restraint Putin exercises.

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