And the Winner is…..

“(Judeo Christian) religion is the opiate of the masses”
Karl Marx

“American tackle football – college (in name only) football and NFL (Negro Felon League) football is the opiate of the White American masses”
Jaye Ryan Occidental Dissent

Thanks to everyone who participated in our “worst patriotard song” contest. We noted so many patriotard songs recruiting White boys in small and rural towns to
… sign up as Janissary slave warriors for the Emir of Kuwait, the House of Saud and especially that certain people that we’re not allowed to notice or name…

“Why can’t we talk about the J….s (link great song)

Yep patriotard prostitute C&W singers such as Toby Keith, Clint Black and ex rock and roller Ted Nugent got down on their knees, performed shameless acts of patriotard, prostitute war mongering perversions; they earned their “30 pieces of silver” . Amurkun poor White boys went off again to kill, be killed or maimed all for the benefit of the Zio globalists, Military Industrial Complex and their (not so) “New World Order”.

Many OD commentators argued that these Zio Neo Con warmongering songs were very dated and the Iraq Wars I and II, attacks on Syria were pretty much over with ; true, these C&W prostitute singers like Toby Keith, Hank Wiliams Jr, Clint Black havn’t (yet) promoted the latest Neo Con war to slaughter our Russian kinsmen in Ukraine and Crimea. IMO, if the price is right, they WILL promote any wars against White European Nationalists, Arab or Persian nationalists (neighbors of Israel) or yeah … us – you and me. If we’re identified as the latest Hitlers, NAZIS, Conservative Inc, mainstream C&W radio stations will feature songs screaming at the ATF, FBI, US Marshall Service to do on to us what was done to the Randy Weaver Family, the Branch Davidians and Charlottesville VA torch paraders.

My decision on THE WORST patriotard song in fairly recent years isn’t a Pro Zio Neo Con war song. Instead, it’s another Hank Williams Jr propaganda song, propaganda music video:
“Are You Ready For Some Football?” Link

Yep, the masses of White Amurikuns are worshipping Black A American Football for ~ 5 days a week. We’ll probably get many more magic Negro conservative political saviors like Hershall Walker or ex SEC football coaches as US Senate and Southern Governor candidates. It is what it is… the opioid of the White Amurikun masses.
For the rest of us and our children, let’s break or not start the Amurikun football addiction.


  1. The irony is that Disney gave him and that song the heave ho from MNF because of the purported excuse that Hank Jr made a pro-South song. Which he did *before* reworked versions of “All My Rowdy Friends” started being used as the MNF theme. So ABC (pre-Disney) knew about it. Which means that the “pro-South” thing was a manufactured excuse, probably the real reason is that Hank and Disney started haggling over royalties, and Disney said F it.

  2. “””….White boys in small and rural towns to… sign up as Janissary slave warriors….”””

    Enemy training is also training. Refusing collaboration is glorious thing only until freedom fighting starts. Then you have nobody who knows enemy from inside or art of war in general.

    Chechoslovakia in 1968 came down this way. Few concrete blocks on airfields would have avoid surprise attack but poor untrained Chechs didn’t knew about Soviet airlifting capabilities, considered new reformed Soviet army as renamed WW II Red Army and Soviet new huge transport planes were by their opinion a
    ” kremlin propaganda”

  3. Just think of all those Caved-Head Conserviletards listening to that clap-trap week after week. No wonder they’re on Fentanyl. The (((Sacklers))) got away with all their opioid-peddling thanks to Cheetohead’s team.

  4. I go to watch high school football, where 31 of 32 players are European Americans, and the one colored player isn’t playing. If it was a lot of blacks, I wouldn’t go.

    • William Clough writes
      SEPTEMBER 15, 2023 AT 4:02 PM
      “I go to watch high school football, where 31 of 32 players are European Americans, and the one colored player isn’t playing. If it was a lot of blacks, I wouldn’t go.”

      I respond:

      Fair enough – makes sense. But also understand that pretty much all those 31 White European American young men are now condemned never to making it up the ladder to higher College (in name only) or professional levels. It’s the same as it now is with basketball. White Europeans are doing very, very well in the NBA because they are allowed to develop, get the ball, be stars when they are 16, 18, early 20s, White Americans are no longer allowed to do that – it’s a racial caste system.

      I’m repeating myself (again) but our White American people have a bad habit of holding on to loyalties, traditions that once worked good, well in the past but have changed and don’t work for us now. It’s the case that White Southerners held on to their loyalty to the Democrat party for over 100 years after the Civil War and Reconstruction.

      Same with loyalties to once White churches – Southern Baptists now LDS Latter Day Saints.

      Also, keeping grudges to other groups of White people – Irish to the English, White Americans to the Russians. Communism especially the worst forms of Je*ish Bolshevism fell in Russia and Eastern Europe a long, long time ago but too many Boomers still have a view of the White European Russians given from dishonest 1980s Reagan Conservative years like “Red Dawn”, “Rambo III”.

      Why not contact the high school football coach, the principle the White Republican officials to start making the transition away from American tackle football to rugby. Rugby is a better game and is nominated by White Europeans, British, South Africans, Australians and New Zealanders.

      That’s my advice.

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