Tucker Carlson Interviews Javier Milei

Good choice.

I have been wanting to learn more about this guy.


  1. So this is the Argentinian Ronald Reagan.

    He endorses Trump. I wrote earlier that the truecons know Trump is on their side, even though Trump displays himself as something else.

    Notice how the rich love law enforcement, because it’s the only thing that keeps them safe.

    I see he’s pro-Israel too.

    • “The rich.” Your resentment is the lever by which the Jews move you in any direction they prefer.

      • In using the term “rich”, one must distinguish between the concept of what was earned through honest labor and ingenuity versus what was skimmed from money creation and taking advantage of something like covid or the bank bailouts, going back to 2008. I always use or sordid story of corruption when attacking the “rich”. One must use the proper technique. It’s a complicated landscape out there, with both racial and class warfare being waged against so many whites.

    • Law enforcement needs to be loved. Who’s side modern NKVD is, this side wins.

      Sometimes NKVD changes sides and then old regime will fall. So when rich love NKVD, we need to love them more, just like Stalin did long time ago.

    • @DB,
      ‘hes this, he’s this, he’s that, blah, blah’.
      That’s why our side can’t get anywhere. As soon as someone comes along whose talking sense, we find fault, and look for any little thing we might disagree on.
      Sometimes their position on some issues are strategic, and not a true make up of their private beliefs. What does pro Israel even mean in that context? He could be running Argentina some day, not Israel.
      Geopolitical issues are complex. Sometimes political figures must make concessions to suit certain circumstances.
      Jews have to be somewhere. I wish they were ALL in Israel, and out of the West. So in a way, I’m ‘pro Israel’.

  2. Not at all like Trump. That is a fantastic interview. The demons inside that skank jewnalist were angry. Viva Milei!!!

  3. Greetings Hunter Wallace. I am from Argentina and I have been a reader of Occidental Dissent for months. If it helps, I want to share information about Javier Milei.

    Milei, is a phenomenon that began in 2016 with the government of the ex president Mauricio Macri. Regarding Milei’s positions, he has a speech that in terms of tone is the same as Trump’s and has the same policies as Trump and Bolsonaro (Zionism, civic nationalism, etc.) but the big difference is that Milei is a follower of the libertarian ideal in the economics (something similar to Ron Paul and Ryan Paul) The latter has allowed him great popularity in the country, since he talks about fighting against caste, reducing the size of the state, etc.

    If you are interested, I could tell you about the nationalist movements or the so-called third position, in this country.

    • Please do.

      I don’t know much about Argentina.

      As for Milei, his politics are familiar. He is a classical liberal like Ron Paul. What is the context though? Is the economy as bad as it is presented here? Who has been in power there?

      • Hello Hunter sorry for the delay. In Argentina the party who most represent the third position was the Peronist Party (justicialista) with and during the leadership of Juan Domingo Peron. He was a fellower of the Mussolini ideas and his first goverment, has a stable and prosperuos economy and social policíes. But after, in his second goverment was dispose by a coup d’ etat by the same military forces and for that begins what is called the exile. Peron try to return to Argentine Until the 1970s, Peron tried to return to the country, so he supported various factions that would allow him to return to power. Among these factions were the left-wing Peronists (guerrillas such as Montoneros, the Peronist Revolutionary Armed Forces, etc.) and one on the right led by the Triple A (Argentine Anticumunist Alliance) C.N.U (National University Confederation) etc. who led the country to who a couple of revensionista historians called a civil war. Nowadays, there is no longer a third position Peronism, those on the “left” evolved and became the party that governs, called Union por la Patria ( the main oposición is party called Juntos por el Cambio) today, and in the case of the, “right” they were relegated from the public eye; An example of this is Alejandro Biondini (Bandera Vecinal Party) who according to them are the third positionist or the authentic Peronists. Other curious facts are that the nationalist discourse is based on the denunciation of English influence on the country, criticism of Zionism and Christian nationalism (mostly Catholic).
        Other thing is that are Argentine identitarians who maintain that they are from La Plata (planteses) and not Latinos. Here is an example https://x.com/RioPlatense2000/status/1667917020627714048?s=20 Sorry if was so long to answer and sorry again by the grammar (I have a half english level of study)

    • ” Milei is a follower of the libertarian ideal in the economics”

      Just wait, if he cuts the electricity subsidies. That will be the end of his libertarian popularity.

      Is it true that all big ticket purchases are in dollars ? Does he plan on full dollarization, like Ecuador ?

      • About the first question, yes the Peso (argentina coin) is very devaluate and so the people used dollars to buy that anything else. On the second question, yes he does, but as the Baglini’s Theory (this theory maintains that as a political party approaches to the power, its proposals become more moderate) would do, in the second or third generation.

    • @Robert…

      What do the Argentinian People think of him?

      It’s a legitimate question, the answer for which I do not have, because, like our host, Mr. Griffin, I do not follow Argentina.

      I ask this because, as someone who DOES follow Russia and Hungary extensively, from Russian and Hungarian sources, I am keenly aware of all the Western opinions on Vladimir Putin and Voktor Orban, I so often see, which hold no little or no relationship to how their own countrymen think of them.

      That is key – get the opinion from the source – not ourselves, and not those who have a vested interest in moulding our opinions to their craven ends..

  4. Had lunch at an Argentinian restaurant in Las Vegas just today. Great food, good people. Their culture is known to be huge beef eaters, all of their cuisines involve steaks ect. They are a mix of Italian and Spanish (Spain). They are basically Southern Europeans without the indigenous influence/mix.

    • “They are basically Southern Europeans without the indigenous influence/mix.”

      From what I’ve seen, give that a second thought.

  5. Sounds like another globalist, neoliberal wanker to me, just like Bolsonaro, Trump and Meloni, definitely not a nationalist or populist.
    Argentina is not a socialist country, it’s just another globalist, neoliberal country like America, Britain and Canada.
    Reagan, Thatcher and Mulroney for over 4 decades, tax cuts and deregulation for corporations, borrow money like there’s no tomorrow to subsidize wall street and the military industrial complex, that’s why things are crap.
    Things were better before mass immigration and neoliberalism took the world by storm.
    None of this generation of politicians are nationalists or populists.

    The left versus right thing isn’t intensifying because the right became populist, it’s intensifying because when you know you have nothing tangible to offer the people, you lie, you overcompensate, you promise the moon and deliver nothing, you smear your opponent, call him a Marxist, fascist or Nazi, you have nothing except cutting the other guy down, scapegoating, passing the bunk, 0 accountability, you can’t build so tear the other guy down.
    And that’s why western civilization is through, this is the best we can come up with, soulless corporatism, capitalism and militarism.

    • In America, Reaganite Republicans allege the Democratic Party is socialist because it in some ways makes concessions that favor poor people but makes those concessions with the idea of preserving capitalism more long term. I suspect that this is what happened in Argentina, but I don’t know. I suspect he’s misrepresenting the center left (which is capitalist but makes concessions) as “socialist” when in reality it’s probably capitalism that is ruining the country.

  6. Sounds like a mix-bag to me. Archaic laissez-faire, trickle-down economics. He may be more socially conservative than most libertarians. Basically a failed liberal-conservative vision of a type well-known to us. Things must be really bad in Argentina if someone like this has traction. The sweet spot in politics is left-of-centre economics and social conservatism. Maybe he’s just someone who people think will kick up the tables and destroy the dysfunctional status quo.

    • Context is key.

      I don’t know nearly enough about Argentina to have a firm opinion about Milei. I can imagine there are situations when some degree of liberalization might be a good thing. We can’t assume what is going on there is comparable to American politics. Whoever has been in charge of that country has obviously failed though.

  7. What has the middle class to show for the last fifty years of libertarian economic policies? The transfer of wealth from labor to owners of capital. Owners of capital have kept all the wealth generated from gains in productivity.

  8. Ron Paul wanted to abolish the bank, like Andrew Jackson did. Milei could be the Argentine Andrew Jackson. He certainly seems to want the bank ended.

  9. Does anyone actually believe the world controllers will allow an actual nationalist, someone who really cares about the people, into power?

    All the world’s a stage. And the production company is named ZOG.

  10. @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia——No problem with the rich. But it is and always will be the morally just who shall rule, not the rich. Mitt, the WEF and the Moshiach lovers wish to rule because they are rich. But they lack the necessities as Al Campanos would say.

  11. He’s a strong supporter of Israel. So in other words, he will be another Meloni. He won’t do shit because his masters are in Tel Aviv and DC, not Buenos Aires

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