• Have you seen the murder rates during Biden’s admin., they are skyrocketing.

      Of course, the managed media is completely ignoring it.

  1. “Donald Trump Is Determined To Destroy American Democracy”

    . . . if only it were true. He just wants vengeance upon his real and perceived enemies, which is not a bad strategy to have in politics. Oderint dum metuant (Let them hate so long as they fear)

    • I love watching the two old geezer-goys at work against their respective Jew groups, destroying a nation in the process. Now, if only we can reach total JEW CONSCIOUSNESS among the WHITE SHEEP before this nation collapses utterly, it may be worth it……

      Let’s make it 110, and DONE.

  2. The Donalds campaign has let it be known that he will address UAW union workers on strike in Detroit.

    As an Independent and a life long union worker this is his big chance to show that Biden has failed.

    Liberal Democracy is an abstraction I am willing to dispense with if the Donald is prepared to usher in more tariffs and economic protectionism and isolationism. Those are concrete things I can actually see. Like thousands of American soldiers getting on airplanes coming home. Steel mills filled with union workers working to make America great again. I can’t see ‘Liberal Democracy. Let’s toss it aside like a red headed step child.

    • Redheads are the genetic equivalent of a blue diamond- rare and beautiful.

      Make it nigger spawn, and I’m with you…..

  3. Hi Hunter,

    I have a blog in draft mode, pending review ready to go – more comedy, observations about Mike Pence, Dan Quayle, Dick Lugar Indiana Conservatives.

    Have a look.

    I’ll post tomorrow evening if I don’ t hear “Nay”.

  4. Recently Musk attacked Soros and accused him to be responsible of the mass immigration in Italy that is occurring in these days and also accused him to want the fall of western civilization.

    • Hello Marcel;

      I checked Google Maps and after figuring out Google’s deliberate, dishonest obfuscation I learned Lampedusa is only about 65 miles by boat from Africa. No wonder it’s been overwhelmed by Africans. Sicily is likewise only about 220 miles from the African coast so it’s getting swamped by the Third World too.

      Giorgia Meloni, PM of Italy has as her first responsibility the protection and safety of Italy. Italy has a navy. Has Giorgia Meloni ordered the Italian Navy to stop this invasion of Italian territory by turning back the boats?

      Impounding George Soros’s fleet of NGO ships then towing them out to sea a few miles and sinking them would also put a stop to this criminal activity. Arresting the crews of the NGO ships and making them serve terms in prison as examples for others would immediately discourage this activity. It’s one thing to transport these monsters 100 miles then drop them off as someone else’s problem, its another thing to serve a prison term with them as cell mates.

      I’m sure Italian naval vessels have radar which would make it easy to find small craft, even in bad weather, The large NGO “rescue” vessels are impossible to hide and expensive to replace. Arresting the crews of these vessels and putting them in prison with their African friends would have a salutary effect. Like the U.S. problem with our 2,300 mile long southern border with shithole Mexico the solution is easy but the political will to do the right thing is lacking.

      • @12AX7 Exactly, when Salvini back in 2018/19 tried to stop the ONG of captain Carola Rachete (a german antifascist activist who led a ONG ship) he was sued and prosecuted only because he was defending our italian borders……..Giorgia Meloni is in difficult now but i understand the difficult…..if she try to stop the invasion the will sue also she as was done with Salvini………We are slave of this fucking globalist system.

  5. 1. We aren’t supposed to be a Democracy, anyway.
    2. A healthy Democracy is impossible with a low-IQ, mis-educated, mis-informed, propagandized, ignorant population.

    • Or a jew/fag/liberal IMMORAL people.

      What did President Adams say “….only possible for a moral and religious (i.e.,Protestant Christian) People.”

      He was correct. Make it so. Again. MAWACA

    • Let it burn. It’s not salvageable. Sinners can repent but stupid is forever. No bailouts. Let them drink the flavr-aid of their own evil and retardery in full. Re-name as Jonestown.

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