Donald Trump Names The Liberal Jews Who Voted To Destroy America

Occasionally, Donald Trump lashes out at the American Jews or liberal Jews who he resents who for not voting for him in the 2020 election.

The Atlantic:

“Like most politicians, former President Donald Trump marked the occasion of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, by passing along holiday greetings to American Jews. Unlike most politicians, Trump used the opportunity to threaten them.

On Sunday evening, just as Rosh Hashanah was coming to a close, Trump posted a meme on his social-media platform, Truth Social, excoriating “liberal Jews” who had “voted to destroy America.” (Majorities of American Jews have voted for Democrats since before World War II.) “Let’s hope you learned from your mistake,” the caption continued, “and make better choices going forward!”

Trump’s Rosh Hashanah broadside was far from the first time that he had shared objectionable sentiments about Jewish people. But it was particularly ugly in the way it deliberately singled out a specific constituency during that constituency’s holiest season. As the conservative writer Philip Klein wrote in National Review, “Color me skeptical that Trump’s defenders would be so understanding if Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer were to post a Merry Christmas message … blaming Christian conservatives for destroying America because they didn’t vote for Democrats.”…”

Note: Is the era of the liberal Jew coming to an end?


  1. “No President has done more for israel than i have”

    Like bleeding in front of a shark. He’s just inviting predatory aggression from his predators.

    • When you want catch the shark, you must bleed to invite predatory aggression.

      In the army, this is called ” invisible factor” . The term details enemy hidden nature.

      For example when we put up the trap, is the shark careful and suspicious and ignoring obvious trapping methods ?

      Or is the shark reckless and just jump the Jew ?

      Russia put up his defense lines. Full of mines and artilley and everything else. Nobody with common sense wouldn’t attack those lines with frontal attack so all building job supposed be useless.

      Yet Ukraininians jumped the shark and Nuland, Soros,Kagan and other jumped the Jew.

  2. He clearly gets it. The JQ is now mainstream I would argue. Just in time for folks to realize its no longer even relevant.

    Funny the timing of that…

    Time for folks to realize the old paradigm is no more, and wake up to the reality of a greater adversary.

    We don’t need Jews as allies. Their neurotic nature makes it impossible anyway. We just needed to know the score, and clearly more folks are understanding that now than have in hundreds of years.

    Its all good progress I think. The recalcitrant fringes, bogged down in their old worldviews, will wither and fall away, while the normies become radicalized and increasingly militant and resentful.

    Its more comfy now than ten years ago to be a normie. There is safety in numbers. Comfort in knowing you aren’t alone.

    Its a good change. I’m glad of it.


    Many Jews know that.

    What many Jews do not wish to accept is that this comment, with or without the veil, is the truth.

    Damning folks to hell, for realizing, contemplating, and or speaking this truth, or some variant thereof, worked in the 20th century – when the media was controlled.

    Now that the media is mostly internet, which means that the media is not nearly so controlled, as it was before, this strategy is NOT going to work.

    There comes a time when you either fly right or something bad happens.

    If you take time to reflect, you can see that in your own life.

    You also can see this truth, over and over again, in a book, especially a book about Jewish History, like the one by the Finnish Jew, Max Dimont, which, though very very sympathetic to everything Jew and Jewish, makes plain what this tortured history has been.

    Though Jews are the most well-informed, brightest, and most articulate people I have ever been around, they still cannot seem to surmount the self-blindness God gives to us all.

    Doing such a thing would require some real inner work.

    Realizing that though the Jewish position in this country is the height of Jewish power accumulation in history, the reality is that history makes everyone Humpty-Dumpty.

    If you are atop the wall, you bes’ be nice, for one day you will fall off, and then you will need friends.

    By my reckoning, Jews and Jewry have burned through many friends in this country, and, indeed, if Trump is vexed with them, indicated that they are burning through him.

    The last group, Southern Evangelicals, have not yet stopped being pro-Jewish, but, at this rate, the writing is on the wall.

    Time is ticking.

    Will Jews be clever, as they have often been, and reassess, or will they continue down this same path of recent decades, which is leading to cataclysms that will not just touch them, but, many Americans?

    Will they continue to practice usurpation through deception, bribery, and intimidation?

    Stay tuned…

    • “Though Jews are the most well-informed, brightest, and most articulate people I have ever been around, they still cannot seem to surmount the self-blindness God gives to us all.”

      I don’t know the people that you know, but my experience with American Jews has been of shallow and neurotic tribalists. The Israelis I’ve known we’re more simple and direct. Either way, the Jews who wormed their way into power in the U.S. aren’t an impressive group, at least by results. They surely aren’t on par with the people who built and ran the nation prior to their usurpation.

  4. Cheetohead the Clown, forever a craven, shuffling shabbas-goy step-n-fetchit for the Synagogue of Satan. In other words, a typical Republican.

  5. Just a thought. Could the over the top Jew fellatio practiced by those such as Trump and DeSantis also be an attempt to provide some kind of “I’m not a racist bigot” cover as well as the obvious reason?

  6. He’s calling out Jews for not being ethnocentric enough though. His terminology “liberal Jews” implies that he’s not accusing Jews of in group loyalty. And he’s implying that they don’t support Israel. So it’s not the criticism of Jews we get from say MacDonald.

  7. The problem is the Js

    Not just “ liberal Js”

    Js in the USA do their White civilization destroying acts from the Left and Neo Conservative, Finance Capitalism , Bon Iger and Harvey Weinstein Hollywood J media mafia .

    It was is the same as J Communist Bolsheviks Leon Trotsky/Lev Bronstein , Beka Kuhn, Roza Luxumberg and their $ billionaire J financier financial bankers like Jacob Schiff , the Warmurgs , Rothchilds and history s most evil , most anti White $ money changer George Soros

    This J snake will change its name , change its White majority country , change its snake skin disguise .

    But it s always the sane J snake .

    • R,BROWNSTAIN, ” TRUMP sounds like a whore who performed a service and did not get paid ” NO, that would be your mother, BROWNSTAIN ……DON JOHN TRUMP, Just got jumped by a gang of poc, while is own people, hurriedly skulk by, hoping the gang doesn’t them, the thought of harsh language, or GOD forbid, physical threats,…….yes, watch BROWNSTAIN and friends SLITHER away,…….while DON JOHN TRUMP is embracing his inner ” DIRTY WHITE BOY ” and fighting for his life.
      …. So come on BROWNSTAIN, insult the WHITE WARRIOR a little more………you estrogen infused knob waxer…….

      • @Arrian…

        I do not think that President Trump is ‘stupid’ in issues involving Jewry, but, rather, he’s spent decades doing business in the preeminent Jewish town in the world,

        That has conditioned him to a certain outlook, and a certain feeling about where certain lines are.

        That said, to those of us who are not New Yorkers, his stance on this seems really peculiar.

  8. I disagree with many of the other commenters.

    In my view, Trump is, once again, clearly sending a message to a powerful network of jewish billionaires, most of whom represent the post-christian, hedonistc, “slightly libertarian” branch of our oligarchs. Trump is basically saying: “…you need me to bring stability back to the empire, so quit letting these liberal radicals attack me so much.”

    Why is this strategy wrong? Wouldn’t it be great to have our needs and the needs of our oligarchs aligned for a change? Imagine a world where Zuckerberg is called in and ordered to allow n-word rights on Facebook, and where Youtube actively promotes dissident ideals…

  9. Sigh.

    It didn’t work for Richard Nixon & Rev Billy Graham, it’s not working for Donald Trump.

    Very very biased, military, diplomatic and cultural support for Israel by American White Gentile Republicans, Conservatives, Christian Zionists doesn’t translate in to the American Je*ish power structure, media, academic, financial elite giving that White Gentile Conservative a pass or just defending them.

    Why was President Nixon who won landslide re-election in 1972, won 49 out of 50 states why was he brought down in a rather trivial scandal – Watergate where nobody was killed, beaten, robbed or raped?

    Richard Nixon and Rev. Billy Graham didn’t “hate the Je*s”, they were very very strong supporters of Israel – sent massive USA Military supplies to Israel to help Israel win battles, wars against Egyptian, Syrian Arab armies.

    No they and ex President Donald Trump didn’t, don’t hate the Je*s, but the Je*s hate them/us. Any White American political or cultural/religiouis leader who dares to defend the interests, heritage, culture or even the right of poor and working class White Americans to exist – the American, international J elite will hate them, work to destroy them/us – call them/us names like “NAZI, FASCIST, RACIST – You’re Hitler”.

    “An Anti Semite is not necessarily some White American or Black, POC that hates Je*s, it’s someone the Je*s hate”.

    That’s life.

    “All (Je*ish) men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm will be saved”

    Jesus of Nazarus, the Messiah, the King of the Je*s

    One of the greatest enemies of Judai*m in the Je*ish Babylonian Talmud says Je*sus is now boiling in hot excrement in Je*ish Hell.

    • “sent massive USA Military supplies to Israel ”

      Yes, diverted from our troops in Vietnam . resulting in deaths and injuries of US troops because they didn’t have the ammunition they needed.

      “Let the gentiles die, they are but insects.”

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