Senator Robert Menendez Indicted on Bribery Charges

Did you hear the news yesterday?

Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey has been caught again. This isn’t the first time that his sleaze has been dragged out in public view. Last time, he was accused of having sex with underage prostitutes in the Caribbean. He was indicted by DOJ for bribery nearly a decade ago.

Note: Menendez is like the living embodiment of what Americans think about politicians in the latest Pew poll.


  1. Gasp! A politician taking bribes. I’m shocked, shocked I say!

    Is he any different from the rest of the political parasites and prostitutes in the West?

    Methinks not.

  2. I guess this scumbag knows something most of the public doesn’t about the U.S. dollar. He has been taking a portion of his bribes in gold bars instead of all of it in bank deposits. The gold bars are difficult to spend (at least for now) and there is a danger of leaving a paper trail when sold but that’s what he wanted.

    This Bob Menendez character actually represents the best of the best, the elite, the top 1% of all the societies south of the border. If he is the best of the best and such a scumbag, imagine what the average wog crossing the southern border is like. Actually the neck, face and hand tattoos tell these gangsters’ stories, that is the purpose of their tattoos.

    Demography is destiny and these people need to be deported once this iteration of the political system, this wonderful “Our Democracy” fails. There is no alternative. They are civilization destroyers just as much as The Usual Suspects but in a different way.

    • “The gold bars are difficult to spend (at least for now) and there is a danger of leaving a paper trail ”

      Only in America 😉

  3. Sean Caddle killed Michael Galdieri for Robert Menendez. Phil Sellinger refused to prosecute Menendez for murder. They are just like us, don’t you know?

  4. I don’t doubt that he is corrupt, I pretty assume everyone in Congress is. The question in my mind is what did he do that warrantedbeing singled out for it by the DOJ

    • “question in my mind is what did he do that warranted being singled out for it by the DOJ”

      Yes, or is he just very clumsy ?

      Most are sophisticated enough to use intermediaries to channel funds, some use several layers.

    • He is being prosecuted by the (so-called) DOJ as a distraction from the Hunter Biden/Dementia Joe corruption scandal which is much more serious. Both Dementia Joe and this Menendez character sold out the country for thirty pieces of silver but Dementia Joe is in a position to do far more damage. Sen. Menendez has been consorting with criminals all his life, even before he entered politics.

      He actually beat the charges last time he went to court for having sex with underage girls (amongst other things) in the Dominican Republic. The jury in NJ voted to acquit because “he is one of us,” the same mentality as the OJ jury. The English/U.S. type legal system cannot function in areas with mafia type ethnic loyalties; blood is thicker than water.

      The DOJ is also trying to rehabilitate its bad name because of its various political persecutions, incompetence and dishonesty. The persecution of the Charlottesville protestors, the J6 defendants, internet censorship, the various hoaxes against DJT, ignoring crimes committed by BHO, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Hunter/Dementia Joe et al., selective prosecutions such as J6 while doing nothing about Antifa have shined a light on how horrible the DOJ has been for decades. Sen Menendez’s prosecution is low hanging fruit, the DOJ’s attempt at redemption, they could get him anytime they wanted.

      They want him now because there is another 100 foot high tsunami of bad publicity that is going to drown them soon. These scumbags will point to their completely justified prosecution of Sen. Menendez and say: “See, we aren’t total scumbags like everyone thinks. We did prosecute one Democrat criminal.” No word yet on the cruel and unusual treatment of the J6 protesters in the DC jail but Ray Epps and his FBI handlers are doing fine.

    • That’s the only real question here. There’s an old phrase about someone being “as corrupt as a Senator” after all. The classic comedian Will Rogers noted that we had the finest congress money could buy as century ago. Being corrupt is practically a badge of honor for senators. So why is Merrick Garfinkel’s DOJ after the old crook? Garfinkel’s enforcing some unstated rule, as there is no longer any such thing as genuine law.

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