Poll Watch: Americans’ Dismal View of the Nation’s Politics

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I have included a few highlights below.

As I have argued in recent weeks, “The Collapse” began a few years ago. We are currently living through it. The system is breaking down and losing legitimacy. Overwhelming cynicism and pessimism about politics is the norm. The people who still have faith in the system are the real fringe. Over 60% of Americans have little or no confidence in the future of American politics.

Personally, I believe the polarization and gridlock will be resolved in the near future. At some point, political brinkmanship will devolve into violence and one side or the other will be vanquished. The winner will redefine the country for the rest of the century. We are near the end of a pre-war era. I know that is dark, but that is how I see it going. The present state of extreme gridlock is a passing phase.

Pew Research Center:


  1. Wise leadership of the Stable Genius destroyed legitimacy of the whole regime. As we see from the polls and also in real life, their own supporters are also demoralized.

    Participating in rally is much safer and comfortable than fighting war. Yet nobody from regime can’t draw rallies with tens of thousands participants.

    Where are those fearless fighters who will defend homosexuality, poverty and mass immigration ? Antifa filth, criminals, College students and the rest of the bottom of society can pull up random violence but the can’t form disciplined army. We saw already in Seattle Autonomous Zone how good their organizing and management skill are.

    Regime only force are insiders who can pull up Coup similar to those fanatics who wanted to preserve Soviet Union back in the 1991. But this Coup will end up like Soviet one did.

    They don’t have even top level leaders. Uncle Biden and gay Obama are definitely not Prigozin or Assad like warlords. And they don’t have field commanders. And they don’t have Grand Strategy with long time outcome. Current Regime has exactly the same problems what all collapsing regimes had. They can’t tell even their own supporters for what they fighting for and after victory, what they get.

    I predict insider Coup followed by spontaneous violence against Trump supporters but this ends immediately after trumpsters fight back. After this, total collapse and secession because of economic factors.

  2. It’s not just in the US. There is a great deal of cynicism in Britain and I assume In Europe also.

    Anyone who doesn’t recognise the media and political class are enemies of the people certainly has their head up their arse.

    The system is doomed, and here comes the pain.

    • The anti-Whites won a long time ago and have been destroying the country for years. We’re in or approaching the end stage. The anti-White end game is White Genocide. Until we get over our fear of being called “racist”, “Nazi”, “anti-Semite” or other hate slurs they remain in power. Voting D or R is useless. We need a party that specifically represents us. This won’t happen until we get over fearing their hate slurs.

    • Some years back I saw a television news episode about a “school” in Atlanta that taught Southern “young professionals” how to speak without their native accent. I’ve heard my voice recorded when I did my best not to sound Southern, but still did!

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