“Youths” Go On Looting Spree in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is another Blue Zone metro with a Jewish progressive prosecutor. He was reelected. The George Floyd rioters also won a $9 million dollar settlement and a pledge to demilitarize the police. Philadelphia has one of the highest murder rates in the country.

FOX 29:

PHILADELPHIA – Several retail stores were looted when police say a large group of people, including many juveniles, terrorized several sections of Philadelphia during an 8-hour crime spree that spilled over from Tuesday night to early Wednesday morning.

Interim Commissioner John Stanford told reporters the looting began around 8 p.m. when police responded to several reports of looting at businesses. 

A massive police presence swarmed a stretch of Walnut Street between 15th and 18th streets. Videos posted to X, formerly called Twitter, shows retail stores like Lululemon, the Apple Store and Footlocker ravaged by what police called a “coordinated attack.” …

Perhaps the looming government shutdown caused them to do this?

Strangely enough, I have never seen this happen in Birmingham or Montgomery, which are two of the blackest cities in the country. They shoot and kill each other in their hoods like Lord of the Flies here, but have never been bold enough to, say, sack The Galleria or Eastchase.

Note: As I watched these clips on Twitter last night, I couldn’t help but think of the Jason Aldean song. This shit is normal in Blue Zone cities like Philadelphia and Portland where Target is closing a bunch of stores. It is striking how their counterparts in Red Zone metros lack the same boldness.


  1. It’s all about Black Rock, (who really steals the property in the end?)

    Which will never Rock!

    Stay out of the big cities and win!

    Stay Safe!

    • “Stay out of the big cities and win!”

      Yep, if you have the ability.
      Not everyone is so fortunate.

      When you see a firm, company, business that supports alien races, find an alternative.

    • This has been the jwzish method for centuries, wreck some enterprise then move in and buy it for pennies.

      Read “THE RIDDLE OF THE JWES SUCCESS” by theo Fritsch
      It gives manifold details on jwzish methods.

      (When allies conquered NS Germany at the end of WWII, troops were given orders to seek out all works by FRITSCH and destroy them.)

      • I have an English translation of this book. I wonder if it’s still available, except perhaps as a “rare book” costing a small fortune.

  2. Putting Blacks and Browns in jail is like sending them to a class or family reunion! That’s the reality of the situation everywhere in the US.

    In Alabama you don’t have the numbers of Catholics and Jews, that most other places in the US have. Catholics talk tough, but, don’t do anything to control crime, and Jews are just Jews.

    Actually, Catholics are more problematic scum than Jews, because there are 40 times or more Catholics than Jews.

    Meanwhile Blacks and Browns run wild in our cities and towns.

    Btw, Philadelphia has been a black hole since the 1960’s. Italian Roman Catholic Frank Rizzo was a good example of a Catholic politician who talked tough, and accomplished NOTHING!

    • , Catholics are more problematic scum than Jews, because there are 40 times or more Catholics than Jews.

      Oh contraire, you’re not accounting for the toxicity of jwz.
      1 jwz can cause more harm than 100,000 Catholics, ie Kissinger.
      And their isn’t the intentional deep institutional malice among Catholics.

      • The facts are the Jews don’t have the numbers, and the Catholics never turn down Jew money. Plus, the Catholics always support Jews like Kissinger etc. etc.

        Like hell there isn’t the intentional deep institutional malice among Catholics. I guess you believe that “no dogs or Irish” blarney, or that Al Capone was a Catholic Saint.

        • The power behind Al Capone was Jake Guzik.
          Capone was just a nobody street thug front man that Guzik elevated to take the heat while Guzik ran the organization and took the money.

          There’s always a gentile stooge to cover as front man.

  3. It’s the flip side of anti-Southern rhetoric. On one hand, everyone believes we are a bunch of illiterate sister-screwing meth heads. On the other, they believe we kill blacks for fun, and a dead black can’t collect a payout.

    • Yet another example of inversion, which coupled with subversion is what Jews are forever at work doing. Satan’s loyal servants all.

  4. Each time you shop, you’re paying the ‘diversity’ tax, in higher prices for loss, security, insurance, lost productivity etc.

    You pay, WHITEY !

  5. There is nothing that says cut food stamps to the poor like a mob of rampaging super buck predators swarming like locust. There was even video of a bystander saying, “they gotta eat”. How TF do you eat an iphone? Yep yep yep they are going to cut food stamps for the poor and them fat Irish generals are going to get their budgets increased. And you are going to have Irishmen in congress cross the isle to get it done.

  6. Jason Aldean – Try That In A Small Town

    Lying by omission
    It should be “Try That In A Small WHITE Town.
    Small black and Hispanic towns have terrible crime rates.

      • Yes that was always a falsehood which Kersey liked to peddle. He admitted it wasn’t really true when buttonholed on the issue, and explained it should be ‘America run for Blacks’ – because there’s no way in hell blax can run much of anything besides their mouths.

  7. “She has 182k followers, posts pictures of her butt, and sells her own clothing line called “Aint Nuffin.”……She has reportedly been charged with inciting a riot by the Philly PD.”

    When high technology is in the hands of creatures adapted for rocks and sticks this is the result.
    You might as well put a case of grenades in a monkey’s cage.

  8. This is North America, Not central or South America, I’m sending a artificial intelligence message from white
    Majority Canada 666


    Bring out your Nights on the Chess ??


    Win shall you?

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