No Whites Need Apply: Corporate America’s Response To The “Racial Reckoning”

Did you hear the news?

It turns out that systemic racism exists after all.

In 2021, 94% of new corporate jobs in S&P 100 companies went to “people of color.” There is currently no data available for how things went in 2022 and 2023.


For a brief moment in 2020, much of corporate America united around a common goal: to address the stark racial imbalances in their workplaces.

Mass protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd led to a flurry of company promises, both specific and vague, to hire and promote more Black people and others from underrepresented groups.

Exclusive analysis by Bloomberg News shows how many of the biggest public companies did.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires companies with 100 or more employees to report their workforce demographics every year. Bloomberg obtained 2020 and 2021 data for 88 S&P 100 companies and calculated overall US job growth at those firms.

In total, they increased their US workforces by 323,094 people in 2021, the first year after the Black Lives Matter protests — and the most recent year for which this data exists.

The overall job growth included 20,524 White workers. The other 302,570 jobs — or 94% of the headcount increase — went to people of color. …

A comprehensive data set does not yet exist for 2022 because companies have until December to report their figures to the EEOC. …

The Great Replacement isn’t a conspiracy theory.

Whites are being replaced in Corporate America on the basis of race. This is also being reported by Bloomberg News, not by a pro-White group like the Homeland Institute.

My first thought upon reading this was to recall Christopher Rufo’s article last month called No to the Politics of “Whiteness.” Rufo has made the case that we are winning and some people on the Right “would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” by insisting that White people should start standing up for themselves. This is bad because it is playing a zero sum game of “identity politics.” We don’t need to do that because taking the high road of principled colorblind liberalism and trusting in liberal institutions like the justice system to produce race blind outcomes makes much more sense.

City Journal:

The main argument for this position is that colorblind equality is unattainable. Left-wing racialism has been embedded in our institutions, laws, and policies to such an extent that it cannot be rolled back using conventional means. All politics is friend-enemy politics, this faction argues, and given the demographic decline of European Americans, whites will eventually need to activate “white racial consciousness” to secure their basic interests. European Americans once had robust ethnic identities, but after generations of assimilation and intermarriage, those distinctions have lost their salience and consolidated into a homogenous, generalized “white identity.” If there is to be a racial spoils system, then each group must get its share—including whites.

Fortunately, such a political theory already exists: the natural rights theory of the American Founders, who argued that each human being was endowed with “certain unalienable rights” that applied to all as a universal principle; at the same time, they accepted that, because human cultures are contingent, not all groups will have identical capacities, expressions, and outcomes. …

As a practical matter, too, the politics of colorblind equality is vastly superior to the politics of “white identity.” …

The vision of racialists, whether on the left or right, is pessimistic: the first is driven by a spirit of vengeance, the second by a sense of inferiority. They are two sides of the same coin. …

Real liberalism has never been tried!

Colorblindness isn’t a failure that has been a disaster for Whites!

Actually, the Civil Rights Movement could have worked out differently in this fantasy world and alternate timeline that I have made up in my own mind!

Rufoism has aged like the Ron DeSantis presidential campaign. In the real world, Ethan Liming received hood justice. The family of Andreas Probst is speaking out against racism. The system is so anti-White that when White people are murdered in cold blood by blacks (and often acquitted) their family members feel compelled to speak out because failing to do so might harm their rosy public image.


  1. There are some who say that retreating from politics, public action, and avoiding protesting is the coward’s way.

    My argument remains that abstaining from participating in trying to save the unsalvageable means that I have no emotional attachment to it when it’s inevitably lost.

    Goodbye, Fortune 500. I hardly knew ye.

    • There is one category of employment that still welcomes Whites: the U.S. Military. Once you are in (eight year enlistment between active duty and Individual Ready Reserve) you can’t get out. The military has been missing their recruitment quotas because Whites, particularly southern Whites aren’t enlisting anymore. Without Whites the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire is all done.

      Here is a recent document from the U.S. Army War College regarding observations from the current Ukraine War:

      ” . . . Army theater medical planners may anticipate a sustained rate of roughly 3,600 casualties per day . . For context, the United States sustained about 50,000 casualties in two decades of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. In large-scale combat operations, the United States could experience that same number of casualties in two weeks.”

      These estimates are regarding a ground war against Russia or China assuming no nuclear weapons are used, an optimistic assumption if ever there were one.

      The military doesn’t have the numbers to field an appropriately sized force, they would need conscription:

      ” . . . the US Army is facing a dire combination of a recruiting shortfall and a shrinking Individual Ready Reserve. This recruiting shortfall, nearly 50 percent in the combat arms career management fields, is a longitudinal problem. . . The Individual Ready Reserve, which stood at 700,000 in 1973 and 450,000 in 1994, now stands at 76,000. . . These numbers cannot fill the existing gaps in the active force, let alone
      any casualty replacement or expansion during a large-scale combat operation. Large-scale combat operations troop requirements may well require . . . a move toward partial conscription. . . “

      The people running the U.S. Government (The Usual Suspects and their lackeys) are delusional. They have caused a great power conflict-by-proxy in Europe that Ukraine cannot win. They know that without an overwhelmingly White military they cannot hope to prevail in a high-tech conflict yet they wage war against Whites, particularly their most loyal Whites. It’s well past time for Whites to cut loose GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire and let it sink. They need us but we don’t need them.

      • @12AX7 – it’s even worse than that. Even if the ruling elite could concoct some sort of event to tug at gullible White patriotic heart strings resulting in a mad dash by White men for the recruitment office, we’d still be up a creek. We don’t have the industrial base to produce the weapons and ammunition required. As an example, China has the capacity to produce ships at a rate over 200 times greater than the US.
        The talk of “running out of ammunition” because we send everything to the Ukraine is quite accurate. In a ground war with either Russia or China, we’d run out in a matter of weeks. And there’s no significant industrial base making consumer goods that could be converted to producing war materiel. Our ruling elite are doubly delusional.

        • Absolutely true. The U.S. industrial base was decisive for allied victory in both world wars and now it’s a shadow of its former self while China is the largest manufacturing nation in the world. The Chinese economy is also the largest in the world once parasitical rent seeking is stripped out of U.S. GNP. Lawyering, politics, financial fraud, real estate flipping etc. detract from economic progress yet when money changes hands these useless activities are added to the fraudulent U.S. GNP.

          The most important shortage no one ever talks about is the shortage of skilled labor to build out the industrial base. There aren’t enough mechanics, machinists, welders etc. now, never mind during wartime. Skilled people are overwhelmingly White and blue collar, the very people the war mongering class hates and wants eliminated. Most of the geniuses in the U.S. Government and their supporters in the universities, the Lügenpresse, Wall Street, think tanks, NGOs etc. have never sawed a foot of lumber or turned a wrench and have zero understanding of the critical shortage of talent to build and maintain an industrial base.

          Their precious diversity isn’t good at these things either. No one wants to see big, 300 Lb. T’nisha or Manuel sporting face tattoos pull out his 15/16ths inch wrench and hammer it down on a bolt to turn it then give the ‘OK’ signal to the diversity pilot: “Ready for take-off now!”

  2. I had an Irishmen call me white trash today. They fzzxck their baby sisters, they get it on with young children, their men prance around in dresses and they think they are better than us. Somebody has to tell this filth they are no fzxcking good. I found my purpose in life. I have found what I was born to do. I will bring shame upon this shameless filth.

    • @Brobert Rouning,
      ……….and I’m sure you didn’t say anything to this Irishman to generate such a response from him? You obviously don’t like like them, so I’m guessing they mightn’t like you much either.

    • Lying will get you into hell, bobby boy. I suppose this alleged Irishman had a shamrock headband and was dressed all in green so there would be no mistaking him for anyone else, right?

  3. “94% of new corporate jobs in S&P 100 companies went to “people of color.”

    The economic consequences won’t be far off, as sure as night follows day.

  4. Corporatism is the baby daddy of Communism. If you are anti-communist you must be anti-corporatist. And no Judah Benjamins running the military and the finances next time arounnd, agreed?

    • “No Whites Need Apply: Corporate America’s Response ”

      My relatives warned me of this decades and decades ago.

      They said “affirmative action will lead to non-whites having jobs and whites being unemployed or in low wage jobs, thus encouraging whites to intermarry with non-whites in order to have a better life and form families. Race mixing is the goal”.

      They were right.

  5. Speaking of corporate America embracing the ghetto, here’s the fate that befell a smiley White tech CEO this week via a slashed throat, pictured here flaunting her “Tech For All” shirt. Makes one wonder if this liberal community savior tried to inform her massive killer “I can’t breathe” after the tracheal slashing commenced. This article is a bit hard to follow because it summarizes two different crimes this thug lifer did this past week:

    “The prime suspect in the brutal murder of Baltimore tech CEO Pava LaPere may have struck days earlier in a knifepoint sex assault and arson attack that left two people fighting for their lives, can exclusively reveal.

    Police issued an arrest warrant for Jason Billingsley on Tuesday afternoon along with a stark warning to the public that the convicted sex offender, 32, has a history of rape and violence.
    Billingsley faces charges of first-degree murder, assault and reckless endangerment in the killing of 26-year-old LaPere, a rising star in tech who made the prestigious Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list.

    The 6ft 4, 305lbs suspect had been jailed for 30 years in 2015, was set free [by infamous, now-indicted Marilyn Mosby] in October 2022 – just nine years into his sentence. It is unclear why he was released so swiftly.

    LaPere was found dead on Monday morning at her Baltimore apartment with blunt force injuries that one veteran officer described to as ‘absolutely brutal – some of the worst I’ve seen.’

    A police source told the attacker had initially targeted the woman, sexually assaulting her and slashing at her throat with a knife.

    ‘He will kill, and he will rape,’ said Richard Worley, the police commissioner, at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

    Billingsley has a long criminal history, dating back to 2009 when he was arrested for robbery and assault in the second degree. He was arrested in 2011, and again in 2013, for multiple charges to include sex offense, 2nd degree assault charges and robbery.”

    SJW Mosby of course let him go despite all these charges. In her defense, he probably had one of the smallest criminal rap sheets of any diasporic adult in Bmore.

    Frank Zappa’s song “The Torture Never Stops” comes to mind when thinking about what America gets inflicted upon her by her 45 million blacks daily.

  6. So much for the SCOTUS ruling against affirmative action being a victory. Corporate America will just double down, with just a little nudge from Larry Fink’s Blackrock.

    • I have been seeking work in financial services for several months. I’ve noticed that on company Career sites the smiling faces are 70% minority and 70% women. The recruiters are mostly black women. I have now started to identify myself as two or more races. Looks like i am finally going to be hired after categorizing myself this way. Another thing, recruiting head hunters that contact me through job boards are mostly Indian. So the gatekeepers at major firms are black women and Indians.

  7. This in not private entrepreneurship but self funding enemy political organisation. Time to think about massive nationalisation.

    Largest private company ever in the human history was Soviet Union Communist Party. They ran all their things on their own earned funds and got almost nothing from State budget.

  8. Anecdotally, as a union guy I have been doing pretty good, with a 13% raise to help off set inflation and I give some credit to Scranton Joe going to a picket line yesterday and saying that the UAW asking for a 40% raise was reasonable (CEOs & Execs have gotten similar raises over the years)

    However there is still all this anti-White stuff casting a pall over the Nation.

    Here in the Pacific Northwest they do not want to feed poor Whites!

    ‘Oregon Food Bank Says Sorry Timmy, You’re Too White To Eat Today’

    The Orange Man is going to give a labor-related speech today in Michigan, as he competes for the working class wote with Scranton Joe. Will anti-White discrimination be mentioned?

    • No, there is just so much crossover from Dissident Right Twitter these days that the same stories get covered in the same way. The old distinction between the mainstream Right and the Dissident Right has largely evaporated in recent years around the edges.

  9. These ‘European Americans’ we talk about here are letting this happen to themselves.
    We build societies which is the envy of the world, then become weak and complacent.
    Original slave importers……. Europeans.
    Most of the left……… European Americans.
    Much of the American government……… European Americans.
    Much of corporate America…….. European Americans.
    Jews play a large role, yes. Who let them arrive to begin with?…….. Europeans or European Americans.
    We know this is in our DNA because it also happens everywhere else where whites are the majority. We’ve become a simpy, over compassionate and silly race that feels the need to overcompensate for our past.
    Japan doesn’t encourage the world to overwhelm it’s borders…… the world doesn’t.
    When dindus, chop sueys and curries arrive on the southern border, they’re let in, then not removed when found to be non genuine.
    Foreign criminals remain at large once they’re released from custody, placing locals in danger.
    The different factions of the Right can’t agree on anything, so will never create a formidable force to sort out matters.
    As we fail to get our shit together, the hordes just keep arriving. It’s the one certainty.
    And………..they still call us ‘racist’ if we notice it.
    It’s not enough to be the most intelligent race on earth. It means nothing if we’re not also the the most assertive and protective.
    It begins with……….us!!!

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