Second 2024 Republican Presidential Debate

I didn’t watch the debate.

By all accounts, I am hearing that it was a train wreck, which is pretty funny because I was late getting home last night because I was stuck in traffic due to an actual train wreck here in Alabama. I watched the Tucker interview with Bill O’Reilly instead.

I saw a reaction clip on Twitter from Nick Fuentes which I agreed with. If it wasn’t for Donald Trump, this would be the Republican presidential field. No wonder he is crushing his opposition.


  1. Go to the next Republican puppet debate .

    Sneak in eggs

    Pelt the puppets with eggs

    Otherwise stay home , tithe for Orania

  2. It’s the same point I make.

    Because I can actually remember recent history, a rare affliction so it seems, I remember back before Trump rode down the escalator. The 16 Republicans that had already announced were collectively deemed by conventional wisdom to be “the strongest Republican field in a generation.” Yet, Donald Trump was able to beat “the strongest Republican field in a generation” and with little problem. What it tells me is that the “strongest Republican field in a generation” BS came from people that lived inside a bubble with no meaningful interaction with the world outside it. And I think it contributed to the level of contempt against him; He didn’t do it the “right” way, he didn’t “pay his dues.”

    Fast forward to now, and every prosecutor in the universe is bringing cases against Trump. His competition includes the most recent Vice-President from his party, the most successful current governor of his party, a former UN ambassador and governor, a sitting Senator, a sitting governor, and a former governor of an otherwise blue state. Not only is Trump so far ahead of all of them that their candidacies are a joke, some Desi millennial who wasn’t even a real public figure before now and whose name that most people couldn’t pronounce or spell properly to save their lives is ahead of them for second place in some polls.

    So, Nick is right. The American Republican Party would be a vast wasteland without Trump right now.

    Then again, the center-right parties and spaces all over the West are getting more and more vacuous. Here in Germany, there is nothing and nobody inspiring about the CDU/CSU right now, even in the minds’ eyes of oblivious normies. And I don’t need to begin with the Tories over on the island.

    • The Republicans have been fielding empty suit candidates since Nixon resigned in August, 1974. That’s the way Republican oligarchs like it. There isn’t an ounce of sincerity in any one of them. They are all corporate scumbags, for sale to the highest bidder, always.

  3. You know, one of the pivotal moments where I really took a hard look at my own political cowardice was when Ben Carson ran for president in 2016. (Before Trump kind of took off) I mean, I was already pretty savvy about a certain tribal group from the Levant, but I was still “open minded” about a person of color representing “conservative” political values.

    Before I settled on Trump, I was actually leaning toward Carson, and made arguments about “owning the libs” with a black guy. I was still in the in-between zone of Civic Nationalism aka “alt lite” and the “alt right”.

    To this day, I feel like the far, dissident, or populist right can be open about fellow travelers who are POC. We should even be allies at times. However, I was able to shake off the crazy idea that “beating the libs” could be accomplished through accepting the “superior morality” of their premises and implementing them, “but doing it differently”. (As in, promoting diversity as long as they’re “conservative”)

    This pool of candidates is a joke. Mike Pence is a tool. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a platitude. Christie is a fat slob who should be running a mafia gambling ring that covers as a pizza joint.
    And then the rest of the candidates are worse. A bunch of insincere brown neocons and a dago from Florida who is only marginally better than the rest.

    And sure, Ramaswamy is saying some of the right things, but he’s this cycle’s Ben Carson. I don’t need to hide behind a brown person to have my voice heard.

    • Well, I wasn’t going to vote for him, but Ben Carson does seem like a nice guy for a black. Herman Cain, he was a really nice dude for a black.

  4. This whole group of fools need to cool it with the Reagan crap. Reagan was pro gay marriage and pro abortion and he used Robert Bork to convince the public that he was some how a champion for unborn, when he was no such thing. Bork had no chance with Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden an cadre of Irish baby killers in the senate and Reagan new it. And Reagan got his fellow Irishmen Kennedy, and Kennedy forced the right to gay marriage on us.

    • Did you get the update that Roe vs Wade was overturned? Don’t you consider Gorsuch a Catholic? I seem to recall a lot of Democratic Senators from the South in 1987. I’m to take it they were Irish Catholics too, eh? You know some of the Census maps actually show West Virginia as part of the South East. Here I am in the Midwest, right across the river from Kentucky, the West Virginia border is South East of me, yet they count it as Yankee territory. Remember Robert Byrd? He’s from that state full of escaped white slaves who some pretend are “Ulster-Scots-Irish” but they don’t even know their ancestry and call themselves “Americans.” Howell Heflin representing that pro-abortion nigger state vote “no.” That state ostensibly voted against Roy Moore too. That dirty Irish spic Lloyd Bentsen who “knew Jack Kennedy.” Bumpers, Boren, Chiles, Ford, Fowler, Graham, Gore, Fowler, Hollings, Johnston, Stennis, Irish Freemason Sam Nunn, Pryor – must have been an Arkansas Irish nigger. JAY ROCKEFELLER THAT WEST VIRGINIA COUNTRY BOY – SCOTS-IRISH CATHOLIC from Ulster, Richard Shelby – another Irishman who told the Irish nigger state Alabama to vote against Roy Moore- look at all those Irish Catholics many from liberal Southern states that had “liberal” abortion laws in 1973. I guess the Kennedies done that.

      If we look at this map we can see that the main reason the South turned pro-life was deracinated sunbelt Catholics who turned Protestant (like Gorsuch). Indeed, the population of the South is less and less English. The number of white Southerners in this country was never more than a sizeable minority. And even then they had men like GT Beauregard in their highest ranks. The only reason Roe vs Wade was overturned was because there were people who taught in Catholic families the moral law – these sectarian “evangelicals” in the old days would just say SHOW ME WHERE THE BIBLE SAYS ITS WRONG – they have no authentic conception of the Christian religion any more than they do of their ancestry. Widespread Anti-Catholic sentiment and acceptance of abortion in the South was exploited to enable Roe vs Wade. Dr. Horatio Storer converted to Catholicism because he knew what these so-called “Christians” were like. Dr. Baruch, that’s your Southern doctor for you.

    • Bill O’Reilly has always been an insufferable, loud mouth, bullying, smug, arrogant, kind of dumb, lying, self-serving, rabble rousing fraud with nothing interesting to say. He hasn’t improved with age. WTF Tucker is doing with that idiot on his show is a mystery. Bill O’Reilly is a hot tempered moron at the best of times.

      I agree with Don, he is unwatchable.

  5. I thought it was okay. Some candidates were more aggressive, and it worked for some and less for others. It was fairly mediocre objectively, but that made some of the candidates who performed poorly in the first debate look slightly better and vice verse. DeSantis did better, Vivek mostly the same maybe slightly weaker, Tim Scott didn’t shut up, Chris Christie went after Trump a lot, Pence looked like he was half asleep, Doug tried to get into everything with his half prepared talking points, and Nikki was well Nikki, a shrill neo-con.

    In terms of what you would expect from a Republican debate, it was blah but Doug’s constant demand to answer questions not addressed to him, and Tim Scott interrupting everyone like Kanye at a Music Award show, prevented any great memorable moments from occurring aside from Vivek wanting to deport children of illegals.

  6. I remember in the 2020 election I watched the Democratic debates, just after there had been some kind of media thing over hispanics, and four of the candidates began speaking Spanish before they spoke English to show how in tune they were with the needs of hispanics and making us a rainbow nation. I looked at all of them, including vacant-eyed Biden, and thought if the ceiling had collapsed on the stage, there would have been no loss to the country. None whatsoever. It might have actually improved America, emptying intellectual rubbish.
    It was a debate of brainlessness.
    Same with this debate. Nothing there. it’s almost breathtaking how vacuous the political system is.

    My uncle’s widow, is a “conservative,” and says she likes Nikki Haley because “she wants a strong foreign policy.” Sure. Support Ukraine. Stop Russia. STOP China. The widow is 90, and I hate to say it, but I’m glad to see that generation go. I’m 71, and don’t feel much different about mine.

  7. > I looked at all of them, including vacant-eyed Biden, and thought if the ceiling had collapsed on the stage, there would have been no loss to the country.

    Absolutely true. Speaking of zero loss for the country (or the planet). Incitatex Di-Fi kicked the bucket. A thorough evil jewess is dead. We should give thanks I suppose. She’ll be replaced by another like herself as there is an endless supply of evil from California for their wicked governor to choose from. Maybe Gov. Gav will pick London Breed as his new Incitatex to be seated in Sodom-on-Potomac. Not only is she evil, but stupid – which actually is preferable to evil and smart. The Banana Senate needs more Fettermans.

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