RFK Jr. To Announce Independent Campaign

Great news.

We also need Joe Manchin, Cornel West and a libertarian candidate in the race.


  1. How long before the DS kills him? He knows damned well who killed his dad and uncle. Trump picking him as VP would actually be a smart move but I doubt Kang Jared or Queen Esther would allow it. Goy be a bit too uppity for their tastes.

    • “He knows damned well who killed his dad and uncle. ”

      His uncle was killed by a communist, while his Dad was killed by a Palestinian terrorist. The deep state killing JFK or RFK doesn’t pass the smell test since neither of them ever opposed their agenda.

      “Trump picking him as VP would actually be a smart move”

      I’m of the general opinion that Republican politicians generally should pick as VP people who endorse critical race theory. He’d have more appeal to the type of “white nationalists” who focus all their attention on denying the proven efficacy of vaccines, complaining about plastic making frogs gay, and calling people cucks for daring to believe that brown immigrants commit terrorist attacks. That’s a very small proportion of the population, though.

  2. I hope RFK Jr. has excellent personal protection and not from the Secret Service. After what happened to his uncle 60 years ago no one should trust the Secret Service.

    No doubt the Deep State is considering where and how to deliver 65 grains of lead from 300 yards away if RFK Jr. continues to ask forbidden questions and especially if he is opening the White House door for the Trumpster to walk back in. It is not permissible to advocate a negotiated solution to the Ukraine War or to question the very existence of the Warfare/Welfare state.

  3. Isn’t Cornel West running as green or independent as well? I was pretty sure he already said specifically he was spurning the donkeys.

    Anyhow, I think its a high probability RFK just fucked the donkeys, as this will peel votes off Biden in a big way. He will also get a ton of suburban White true conservatives from the Republican party, possibly a lot of donor money from Never Trump, but I doubt it because RFK is dabbling in anti establishment rhetoric and thats all Never Trump has ever been, establishment shills.

    Its hard saying, but its certainly bad for the donkeys. RFK better learn to LOS because his family of Mick bootleggers have a tendency to be bullet magnets.

    Now the Donkeys have two non whites running spoiler protest campaigns instead of just Cornel West.

    I pretty much won’t vote for non Whites.

  4. Well…. I guess its now pretty clear who killed Prigozhin.


    This looks to have been a decapitation of an independent and by all appearances overtly patriotic and nationalistic paramilitary force, which is now firmly under Putins control, and headed back into the meatgrinder in Ukraine.

    Just a reminder for the Putin ball fanboys. A dictator doesn’t give a damn how much of a patriot you say you are. If you don’t do what you are told, the way you are told, and say “please sir can I have some more?”, your ass is grass.

    I for one reject authoritarianism as a solution for Whitey. There are no good kings, only human ones, and I won’t bow to anybody.

    If you want to convert to orthodoxy and emmigrate to Russia by all means get the fuck out. Enjoy conscription, cause thats historically what Russia has used its ethnic minorities for, and over there, you are a minority.

    Russian conscripts are cannon fodder.

    • “Russian conscripts are cannon fodder.”

      That i don’t understand.
      Why does Russia forward deploy troops ?
      Why don’t they stand back 50 km and wreck ukraine with superior weapons, rockets, long range artillery etc. ?
      Seams a terrible waste of human life.

      • @Arrian…

        Apparently Russian conscripts are not ‘cannon fodder’ as, even by the extremely biased BBC reports, only 33,000 of them have died, when compared to the Western-NATO led Ukrainians, who, along with Western volunteers, have now lost over 500,000.

        As to Ironic’s accounts of foreign affairs : they are exactly what MI6/CIA want us to think.

        As to a waste of human life, what choice do the Russians have? : allow themselves to be overthrown as they were in the 12990s, or like we have been for nearing a century?

        No, they are not going to allow this.

        So, just as they clipped the Western invasion under Napoleon and Hitler, they have done it under Obama/Johnston/Biden.

        Kiev and Odessa will once again be Russia – as they ought be, and, indeed, as they were for centuries before.

        Hell, Odessa would not even exist without the efforts of Catherine The Great.

        But, of course, those who control The West think it is theirs to decide.

        Russia, however, takes their sovereignty seriously, and, sad to say, it is usually White folks who are the ones threatening that.

        All the best to you, Dear Arrian.

    • Russian conscripts aren’t even on the front lines. You need to read somethings besides gaslight media bullshit. Putin isn’t a dictator either. He started out as a liberal and still has that weakness. There are opposition parties in Russia, including the communist party. Their elections are less rigged than those of any “democracy” in Clown World. Yes there are fifth and sixth columns in Russia. Assuming Prigozhin is actually dead (he miraculously came back to life after a fatal air crash in Africa several years back), Putin had ample reason to liquidate him. Leading an army to overthrow the government in Moscow and killing Russian soldiers along the way will result in that. It’s not different anywhere else.

      Russia is not the west, nor is it in any way reasonable to expect the likes of Putin or Xi will be coming to our aid. Even if they wanted to (which they do not), they have far too much on their own plates. The tards from this country who travel over land and sea to fight the Russian army deserve to die, if nothing else because they’re just filthy mercs willing to kill on behalf of Globo-Pedo, which is the locus of evil for the entire planet. What’s even more outrageous are the Scofield-bible believing “Christians” who go over to support the filthy depraved Jew-run dictatorship of Zelensky. We have no business there. Nor do we have any business trying to defend Taiwan.

  5. RFK jr. is far more popular among Republicans than Democrats and I think and independent RFK jr candidacy would most heavily draw off Republican and independent votes from Trump. Watch out for RFK jr. However appealing he may seem, never forget he is 1. A Kennedy; 2. A liberal and 3. A Democrat.

    However honorable he may appear, never forget that he belongs to a family that has probably contributed more to the destruction of white people in American than any other family.

    • @Don…

      “Watch out for RFK jr. However appealing he may seem, never forget he is 1. A Kennedy; 2. A liberal and 3. A Democrat. ”

      In normal times I would say that this analysis, cogent as it is, would be uppermost in my mind.

      At this point, however, only one thing matters – is a candidate anti-establishment?

      Kennedy is profoundly anti-establishment, more so, as a whole, than is President Trump, though, not as much as Wilde..

      Either Trump or Kennedy are good candidates, for this time in history.

  6. “RFK Jr. To Announce Independent Campaign”

    Underlying this is one good reality – The Governing Neo-Liberal Establishment/Constituency, is cracking up.

  7. 3rd Party Presidential campaigns never amount to anything in our country in my lifetime. The most anyone did was George Wallace in 1968.

    Tom Tancredo almost won Governor of Colorado on an immigration enforcement policy platform as an independent. Otherwise it’s just entertainment, spoilers – Ross Perot spoiled things for George HW Bush in 1992, can’t say I was upset about that.

    Why isn’t RFK Jr running as a Democrat? With a strong showing in the Democrat primaries then he can split the Democrat party as an independent.

    This seems fixed. American electoral politics really suck. Our drowning people grasp for straws, meanwhile BLM Blacks take over all our cities and push for total control along with the worst Js like our fat J boy governor Pritzger here in Illinois.

  8. On April 15, 1994, Kennedy married Mary Kathleen Richardson (1959–2012) aboard a research vessel on the Hudson River.[301] They had four children: Conor Richardson Kennedy (born 1994), Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy (born 1995), William Finbar “Finn” Kennedy (born 1997), and Aidan Caohman Vieques Kennedy (born 2001). On May 12, 2010, Kennedy filed for divorce from Mary; three days later she was charged with drunk driving. On May 16, 2012, Mary was found dead in a building on the grounds of her home in Bedford, New York. The Westchester County Medical Examiner ruled the death to be a suicide due to asphyxiation from hanging.[302] Later it was reported that Mary had seen RFK Jr.’s personal journal from 2001, in which he recorded his sexual encounters with 37 different women

    • Just another Irish Roman Catholic blowhard looking to make a good living off of his politics.

      @Brad What’s Tim “Old Money” Mellon doing with his political dollars now that Richard Mellon Scaife is dead.

  9. RFK will hurt both Biden and Trump, but admittedly, probably Biden more. Trump will have his true believers, and many Democrats will want an acceptable non-Biden option.

  10. Hey remember way back in 2008 when Queen in waiting Hillary Clinton had the lead? Rush Limbaugh was getting bored with the primaries and came up with the idea of Operation Chaos: Folks should register as Democrats and vote for Barrack Obama just to create drama.

    Perhaps in tribute to El Rushbo it is time to launch Operation Chaos 2? Folks should get behind Robert F Kennedy Jr and Cornell West to cause drama!

    Maybe drive into the hood and drop of some Cornel West campaign tracts? Probably wouldn’t hurt to leave a few copies of ‘The Secret Relationship Between Blacks And Jews’ for the homies as well.

    RFK Jr is alright in my book. I will take a 1960s Classical Liberal over a raving lunatic Woke Progressive.

    • You’ve got it backwards, he was telling people to vote for the witch when Obama was in the lead. Supposedly to “promote chaos” but part of me thinks Limbaugh really didn’t want a black president but couldn’t come out and say this to his audience and keep his job on national radio.

    • Yep, I always found it odd the way Rush Limbaugh referred to himself as if he were a Mexican Wrestler named Seniore “El Rushbo” on his show. His passing pretty much occurred at the exact same time America came to an end in the 2020s and this new bastard nation inherited its name.

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