Serbia Masses Forces on Kosovo Border

Are we on the verge of another war in Europe?

New York Times:

The White House called on Friday for Serbia to roll back its troops amassed on the Kosovo border, United States officials described that military presence as “destabilizing” and a worrying sign of potential escalation in the tensions between Serbia and Kosovo.

The announcement came five days after an attack in northern Kosovo in which ethnic Serbian gunmen stormed a village and then barricaded themselves in a monastery, a violent episode that led to the deaths of four people, including a Kosovar police officer.

John F. Kirby, a spokesman for the Biden administration, denounced that attack on Friday and said that American officials had reached out to the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to urge them to engage in diplomatic dialogue.

He also said that more NATO troops would be deployed to the area, although he did not say whether American officials expected the flare-up to devolve into a military conflict. …


  1. “more NATO troops would be deployed to the area,”

    Once the heavy domineering hand of America is removed, the former Yugoslav countries will go full slaughterfest.

    Artifical peace is just that, artificial.

    (The same holds true for America’s forced racial equality. Just a matter of time.)

    • I don’t know ,bro …here in SW FL, some of the best people I’ve met in the last 10 years are from Serbia man
      I’m not even kidding you man down here in southwest Florida, A lot of our immigrants are either from Mexico or Haiti but the rest of them come from Eastern Europe especially places like Macedonia or Georgia or Romanians but once in a while, we get Serbians ,who are far superior and j wise than any other group that comes here.

      Idk if i believe that without jooz that Eastern Europeans would behave this way..
      Care to elaborate on why ?
      I always respect the knowledge and opinion of people on this website… you are one of them.

      You guys are far more knowledgeable than my dumb ass. Lol
      Hey, I grew up in Los Angeles county for fucks sake, cut me some slack lol

    • Indeed. I want to see some LGBTQ US Army thing go to prison for refusing to wear a blue Nato helmet and taking orders from some cis-gendered male Balkan commanding officer.

  2. Easn’t it Bismarck you said that European conflicts get started because of some damn fool thing in the Balkans?

  3. “Kosovo is Serbia”

    Yes, Kosovo IS Serbia.

    Yes, let the jimmy-rigged post WWI European map fall.

    East Prussia back to Germany, Austro-Hungary back together, Galicia out of the Ukraine, and, perhaps, independent.

    In any case, let the 20th century wither away.

    Long live a united Serbia!

    Oh, how those in control of The United States’ and British governments do hate the Serbian Orthodox Church!

    Long live the Serbian Orthodox Church, keepers of the faith – NOT the latest cultural fads!.

  4. We got lucky the last time, the Serbs after the NATO bombardment, still had 90% of their tanks, heavy equipment, and artillery intact! Bad news if the US and NATO had launched a ground attack.

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    As to Serbia, it is slated for total genocide. Many Rabbis and sons of Rabbis have said Serbia needs to be completely genocided. Karl Marx among them. That is the big picture concerning Serbia. But they need to win this war. Serbia is now landlocked. They need an outlet to the sea

    • Not according to the police, who said there was no connection.

      Plus, the darkie had just recently gotten out of prison. He must have been a fast worker.

    • Nope again.

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      You’re to dam quick to condemn women/victims.

    • I’m so tired of some ppl on this site automatically condemning victims, especially blaming women.

      They just condemn women without knowing the facts. This is their excuse for abrogating their natural male duty to protect the tribe, as all social mammals do.

    • “She buzzed him in to burn some coal.”

      Those were the company offices.

      I’m familiar with blk behavior.
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      There are consequences to not making your kids race-wise, deadly consequences.

      ( What the fool would willingly live in Baltimore ?)

  6. NATO fags will bomb them again to save the precious Kosovoan drug dealers and sex traffickers.

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