The Death of Ryan Carson


The full video is out.


The BLM girlfriend who couldn’t describe the groid to police is holding a fundraiser on GoFundMe.

I assume that most of you have heard by now of the unfortunate loss of social justice poet and policy wonk Ryan Carson who was stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend in Brooklyn.

NBC New York:

A Brooklyn man described as a rising star in the world of public policy was stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend while sitting on a bus bench early Monday morning.

Ryan Carson, 32, was waiting for a bus in Bed-Stuy with his girlfriend after attending a wedding when a man started kicking what appeared to be trash on the street, surveillance video showed. The man could be heard cursing and threatening Carson saying, “I’m going to kill you right now.”

Carson could be heard on the video trying to de-escalate the situation as the man approached him.

“Chill, chill, chill,” Carson said …

Originally from Boston, Ryan Carson moved to New York City in 2010 to attend the Pratt Institute. He became involved in various leftwing non-profits in Brooklyn focused on climate change and preventing drug overdose deaths. He once walked 500 miles across New York “to raise awareness to pass legislation for the institution of the first overdose prevention facility in the state.” He was best known for crusading for open injection sites in New York state. He was heavily involved in the New York punk scene and jokingly described himself as the “COO of Antifa” on Twitter.

Ryan and his girlfriend below were out for a stroll on Malcolm X Boulevard in Brooklyn at 4 AM on Monday. They were waiting on a bus when a disheveled groid clearly on drugs walked past them. The groid began to make a lot of noise by kicking scooters parked on the curb. Instead of crossing the street or walking in the opposite direction, Ryan Carson and his girlfriend walked toward him. The unhinged groid turned around and growled “What the f–k are you looking at?” before screaming “I’ll kill you!”

The groid then pulled out a knife and stabbed Ryan Carson to death. He bled out in the arms of his girlfriend, a BLM activist, who was unable to provide a description of the groid to the police.

Note: Daniel Penny wasn’t available to intervene.


      • Hey Ryan; other than getting stabbed multiple times, your idiot girlfriend with her witch tattoo getting spat upon, how did you enjoy the wildlife and diversity on Malcolm X Boulevard?

    • ““Chill, chill, chill,” Carson said …”

      Yeh bro, just chill……..

      This reads like a comedy script , every single point.

  1. Hatred of the innocent is the spirit of anti-Christ. I do not subscribe to the idea that these young people who have been led astray, some how deserved to be killed. The innocent deserve better. They must be led into the light.

    • @Robert Browning

      I don’t have the time or inclination to try save every lost sheep. If thats your calling, go for it. Nobody lead him astray. He was an adult who made his choices and earned a Darwin Award.

      The fux I have left to give are reserved for me and mine.

      • @IronicSockAccount—-DEI is the religion of the anti-Christ. He was led away from Christ… are you.

        • @Robert Browning

          I live the best life I know how, and mind my own business. I know my place and that I’m ultimately not important. I haven’t asked for any favors and I accept the consequences of my actions for better or for worse.

          If Christ wants to be in my life, he knows where to find me. I don’t plan on begging anybody for anything, least of all salvation, favors or guidance.

          I’m a reasonable guy, I just don’t have any interest in being on my knees.

          • @IronicSockAccount—–You hate innocent and hatred of the innocent is evil. Show us your horns and tail Christ killer. Don’t be shy.

        • @Robert Browning

          His friends think he would have sympathized with the orc and seen him as a victim of a bad system.

          Its ironic just how much your argument and his worldview sound alike.

          Maybe its you that’s been led astray.

          Anyway. While you are out leading people to Jesus, watch out for lost black sheep who are just jogging. They carry knives apparently and have +10 to stealth. You can’t even tell they are there and then bam, you’re knifed on a bench after dark on Malcolm Orx Blvd and your shit lib girlfriend, who you are a true ally to in her empowerment, is scrolling through her cell phone looking for the number for 911. All because that orc didn’t want you to lead him away from the “spirit of the antichrist”, which is the city orc’s natural state.

          • The morality of Christianity is the protection and defense of the week and the innocent. The purpose behind racial segregation and Jew ghettos over in Europe were inline with Christianity, the protection and defense of the weak and the innocent.

      • “The fux I have left to give are reserved for me and mine.”

        Yep, that hyperbolic altruism has killed countless chump WHITES.

        YES, take care of your own and help deserving WHITES, if you can.

    • This commietard was a grade a a-hole and tier 2 level card deck enemy of the Constitution. He wasn’t innocent but rather a clear and present danger to our people. If the French or early Vietnamese Republicans had eliminated shit heads among the Vietnminh like this guy was, you probably would never have gone to Vietnam, boomer. We must give praise to God in the unbounding justice He gives to his people.

  2. If you haven’t done it, you need to watch the video of this effete shitlib try to defend himself. 

    Look, any one of us could be put in this scenario. However I’m smart enough (and non-idealistic/ racist enough) to know not to be anywhere near the part of town where there are bus stops after about 7 pm. (And if it is during daylight hours, only when absolutely necessary)

    Notwithstanding, put up a real fight you homo. Lmao 

  3. “Ryan and his girlfriend below were out for a stroll on Malcolm X Boulevard”

    I couldn’t have scripted this any better hahaha. Who the fuck takes a “stroll” on a street called “Malcolm X Boulevard” haha

    This country deserves everything that is happening. 

    • @Racissrealiss—–Young whites like them Brownstones. Bedford Stuyvesant is a white area now.

    • I couldn’t have scripted this any better hahaha.

      Totally. I was literally cackling with glee reading this.

      Absolute fairytale ending!

  4. We don’t have to worry about Whites killing communist-socialist activists, their own colored pets are doing it to them.

  5. ….who was unable to provide a description of the groid to the police.

    I’m dead. Hahahahahaha.

    On top of the fear of racism, She no doubt was afraid to misgender him, or body shame him for being diminutive or skinny, or, come across as an ableist because of his obvious mental or drug related issues. 

    Y’all we have reached the nexus of clown world and wokism. I feel not one ounce of shame in laughing at this. 

  6. The g-word strikes again …,_Brooklyn
    (“Since the early 2000s, Bedford-Stuyvesant has undergone significant gentrification ….”)
    (“US congressman held up at gunpoint by Washington carjackers”)
    (“[C]ensus tract 72 has gentrified. It may even be the most gentrified neighborhood in the nation.”)
    (“Woman robbed, dragged through street in Oakland”)
    (“While all previously low-income neighborhoods in Oakland exhibited some signs of gentrification, West Oakland and parts of North Oakland and Downtown Oakland experienced the highest intensities of gentrification.”)
    (“LaPere was found dead with signs of blunt force trauma at a Mount Vernon apartment building Monday morning, according to police.”)
    (“Some people think property-tax assessments in Baltimore’s gentrifying Mount Vernon neighborhood are too low.”)

  7. “Note: Daniel Penny wasn’t available to intervene.”

    That is as hilarious as a comment I’ve ever seen. LMAO

  8. ??? “Daniel Penny wasn’t available to intervene” awesome Brad………Interesting that sometimes the left woke squad turni against itself (in this case antifa/BLM activists VS a negro)

  9. He was a 32 year-old man, Robert. He had been immersed in the baptismal font of cosmopolitics since he was at least 19. There is nothing any of us could have done to turn him from his road paved with, I presume, good intentions, and made his hardened heart be contrite.

    • @Hugh—-he deserved to die because he had an opinion or ideas and thoughts……that were not good? God how on earth I am still alive?

  10. Why did the Antifaggot attack the bench? All in all an uplifting video. Two honkies walking around Bedford Stuy unarmed. One gets the expected. The other just gets spit on. That is suspect. Most detectives would consider that Morales girl very suspect.

  11. I’ve walked these same Brooklyn streets many, many times – and never let down my guard to sit down at night on a bench, then follow a deranged young Black male in dreadlocks probably high on crack cocaine.

    Here are some tips.

    Always remain calm – NEVER, EVER SHOW FEAR. Urban Blacks are like wild dogs, they can smell fear and be all over you in a few seconds. 

    Always have some weapon on you that isn’t a gun, even if you do have a gun, which I never had when I was in Brooklyn. Anything is better than nothing. 

    Never try to talk to such creatures, engage in a conversation, that let’s him, them in to your world – if they ask for a light – simple shake your head, say something like “sorry don’t smoke.”

    Knife attacks are brutal, the worst places to get knifed are the neck and mid section, ribs, liver. If you are using a knife for self defense use it in those areas, stick and turn as opposed to just slashing. 

    If I was waiting for that bus, I would have been standing up scoping the street for creatures exactly like him coming my way, try to move slowly away from his path looking at him only out of the corners of your eye.

    Again, don’t show fear or engage him. He looks like a crack cocaine, crackhead to me. 

  12. When stepping to a wild out of control nigger one has to be ready to not just defend themselves, but to take it all the way if need be. This young man clearly underestimated the savage nigger and paid dearly for it. Never approach a nigger unless you are ready to put it down.

  13. Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust (yeah)……

  14. Let this lady male be an example to all:- life as a leftist groveller won’t groid proof your life.
    They won’t like you anyway, so you may as well be a logical race realist.

  15. Killed on Malcolm X Boulevard, how appropriate. Anti-White brainwashed fools will learn nothing from this. I almost feel sorry for them but not quite.

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