Poll Watch: Support for Arming Ukraine Plummets

Total support: 41%, down from 46%

Democrats: 52%, down from 61%

Republicans: 35%, down from 39%

The truly surprising number here is nearly half of Democrats oppose arming Ukraine while 100% of Democrats in Congress are supporting the war. Bernie Sanders is even having his own supporters arrested while Marjorie Taylor Greene is happy to meet with them and support them.


WASHINGTON, Oct 5 (Reuters) – Support is falling among Americans of both major political parties for supplying Ukraine with weapons, a warning sign for Kyiv, which relies heavily on U.S. arms to fight against a Russian invasion, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The two-day poll, which closed on Wednesday, showed only 41% of respondents agreed with a statement that Washington “should provide weapons to Ukraine,” compared to 35% who disagreed and the rest unsure. …

Support for U.S. weapon shipments is down from May, when a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed 46% of Americans backed sending arms, while 29% were opposed and the rest unsure. …

Some 52% of Democrats backed arming Ukraine in the most recent poll, down from 61% in May. Among Republicans, support for sending weapons to Kyiv fell to 35% from 39% in May.

Some 34% of Democrats in the poll agreed with a statement that Ukraine’s problems “are none of our business and we should not interfere,” compared to 56% of Republicans. …

Here is a good article in The Bulwark about how Reaganism in Congress is going the way of Mike Pence 2024 presidential campaign. We are winning.

The Bulwark:

In July, 89 of 219 House Republicans (41 percent) voted for a different amendment, proposed by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, that would have deleted $300 million in Ukraine security assistance from the NDAA. Last week, Rep. Andy Biggs offered a similar amendment to delete the $300 million, and this time 104 of 221 Republicans (47 percent) voted for it.

Republican opposition to the money for Ukraine has become so intense that last Thursday, to rescue the NDAA, House GOP leaders removed the $300 million from the bill. When they put that money up for a separate vote on the floor, 117 of 218 Republicans (54 percent) voted against it.

On every one of these votes, House Democrats have stood unanimously with Ukraine. …

BUT THE BIGGER STORY is that even Republicans who claim to support Ukraine are now treating aid to that country as a concession to Democrats. …

That instrumental view of Ukraine hasn’t ended with McCarthy’s ouster. It’s broadly shared by congressional Republicans. Those who claim to support arming Ukraine are now using, as political leverage against Democrats, their Republican colleagues who oppose arming Ukraine. …

REAGANITE FOREIGN POLICY—the idea that America should play a moral and forceful role in the world, particularly against Russian aggression and in defense of democracy—isn’t dead. You can still see vestiges of it in the House, the Senate, and the 2024 presidential campaign, where several Republican candidates continue to make the case for Ukraine.

But that faction no longer dominates the party. Today, Reaganites are outnumbered by Republican isolationists. And Republican leaders won’t continue to aid countries like Ukraine unless—from the party that still stands firmly for democracy—they get something in return.

It is not just on Ukraine.

Pretty much the entire Right has chimed in on the deaths of Ryan Carson and Josh Kruger. The Ethan Liming verdict got traction. When I was driving to Auburn on Saturday, Glenn Beck was talking about the de facto ban on Whites in Corporate America on his radio show.

Note: Jim Jordan might become Speaker of the House and we might end up in a government shutdown caused by Senate Democrats over Ukraine aid.


  1. Gridlock in DC should be the goal. This is the environment in which states will be forced to step into the vacuum to fill the void, and reassert their sovereignty.

    This is the first step toward balkanization and a good start.

  2. “House Democrats have stood unanimously with Ukraine.”

    There is something very wrong in that.
    To have absolute unanimity among that many people shows some hidden control.

    • Of course. This is a crime ring with absolute submission.

      In Russia in the 1990thies, there was a criminal gang, where only murderers could become a members. Want good life, nice cars, girls and money ? Well, go kill someone and bring the videotape. Life is good but no way out and no personal thinking anymore.

      Today at least in EU they use pedophilia. Fly to Thailand, have a lot of fun with 7 years old boys and don’t forget to record that. When you have a really nice movies, important people will take care that your career will flourish.

      And of course Stalin administration. You just can’t walk away with all insider information. So you may have 2 heart attacks but you still in the Stalin administration and make 16 hours work shifts or you will be dead and your family also.

      Dictators, tyrants, criminal leaders and other nice people know human psychology, for example when things go ugly , many people want to jump the ship, retire, move to another post or just run as far as possible. So they take preliminary measures to prevent this happening.

  3. Before Pearl Harbor, 90% of Americans were against going into WW2. After, close to 100%. One false flag will change things on a dime.

  4. Support for going to war for Taiwan or Our Greatest Ally is even lower. All the rotten propaganda from the Ministry of Lies and their stepin fetchits in the Lügenpresse cannot change this opinion either. The U.S. Government will have to resort to force to raise a military sufficient for its war mongering needs to maintain the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire and that means conscription of White, Christian males.

    Third World invaders can’t meet military standards. They are too stupid and primitive to operate computerized weapons and communications systems and they are also politically unreliable. The Third World has come to the U.S. since 1965 for the gibs, not to be killed or maimed for some stupid cause that is immediately forgotten once the latest war goes tits up.

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