Hillary Clinton Calls For Camps To Deprogram MAGA Republicans

I’m not that upset about the demise of my congressional district.

If I am correct about the trajectory of American politics, it is going to be the least of our worries about a year from now. Nearly everything that is happening in politics these days – the most recent example being the demise of Kevin McCarthy – is a bright flashing light about our civic health.

Newsweek has a new story about the new jargon that the FBI has created to target the MAGA Republicans who Hillary wants reprogrammed.


The federal government believes that the threat of violence and major civil disturbances around the 2024 U.S. presidential election is so great that it has quietly created a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump‘s army of MAGA followers.

The challenge for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the primary federal agency charged with law enforcement, is to pursue and prevent what it calls domestic terrorism without direct reference to political parties or affiliations—even though the vast majority of its current “anti-government” investigations are of Trump supporters, according to classified data obtained by Newsweek.

“The FBI is in an almost impossible position,” says a current FBI official, who requested anonymity to discuss highly sensitive internal matters. The official said that the FBI is intent on stopping domestic terrorism and any repeat of the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol. But the Bureau must also preserve the Constitutional right of all Americans to campaign, speak freely and protest the government. By focusing on former president Trump and his MAGA (Make America Great Again) supporters, the official said, the Bureau runs the risk of provoking the very anti-government activists that the terrorism agencies hope to counter. ..

But the FBI went further in October 2022 when it created a new subcategory—”AGAAVE-Other”—of those who were a threat but do not fit into its anarchist, militia or Sovereign Citizen groups. Introduced without any announcement, and reported here for the first time, the new classification is officially defined as “domestic violent extremists who cite anti-government or anti-authority motivations for violence or criminal activity not otherwise defined, such as individuals motivated by a desire to commit violence against those with a real or perceived association with a specific political party or faction of a specific political party.” …

Are you an AGGAVE-Other?

At the end of the day, when these people are bold enough to start talking in public on national television about political reeducation camps, will it even matter if you supported Trump?


  1. This is why so many, eh, “self-help pamphlets” encourage being part of a sports team, a religious organization, or a sizable hobby group. If no one knows who you are, then everyone will believe reports that you were an unhinged individual and a danger to society prior to being ventilated during a Nighttime No-Knock.

  2. Thanks I like the video “Danger Will Robertson” from Lost in Space. I think it’s the same then child actor who played the role of the spoiled, demonic powered boy child in the in one of THE best Twilight Zone episodes who put his sister and others he didn’t like in to the TV set.


    I’m ready to post my blog regarding Rachel Maddow. Is that OK Hunter?


  3. Hillary – the “Hilda-Beat” has apparently jointed MSNBC’s Lesbo Rachel MadCow Maddow as an official GOP, mainstream Conservative gate keeper, though policeman/thought police Lesbo/creature who somehow has the right to tell all White American men and women what they can and can not say, write or think otherwise they will be cast out of Conservative Inc mainstream, sent “somewhere” to be “deprogrammed” or forced to live and work like John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, Joe Sobran, US to try to eek out a living selling banned VHS tapes of Hitler Speeches, bootleg copies of banned books such as Respail’s Camp of the Saints, or original Walt Disney movies like the original 1937 Snow White with a Snow White princess and a handsome White prince who has the power to wake her up from her death sleep given by the evil ugly witch in the forrest (J hook nose) wicked witch. The bitc* woke actress hired by Disney J CEO Bob Iger to play the Woke, anti White live action of Snow White Rachel Ziggler (J name there) says she couldn’t watch the original 1937 animated Snow White movie because it gave her nightmares, said the White prince was “Stalking” Snow White.


    That’s what we’ve got now by the likes of ugly bitc*ses Hillary, Rachel Ziggler, , Bob Iger, CNN, MSNBC’s Rachel Mad Cow Maddow, Dylan Mulvaney Bud Lite.

    I’ve still got my anti Hillary banner from 2016 “Life’s a Bitch, Don’t Elect One” I plan to fly it in Obama land maybe on Columbus Day which has been reinstated in Chicago on October 9th

    Hunter I’m going to post my Rachel Maddow blog this hour if that’s OK.


  4. This is called genocidal rhetoric and the purpose is rally up their supporters to launch citizen activism based violence. Like in the Rwanda back in the 1994.

    Now this is good news and bad news at the same time. Good news is that Regime became so weak that they must rely random thugs to force people into submission. Strong Regime has Gestapo or NKVD for that and citizen activism is not tolerated.

    Bad news is that some sort of violence is on the way. They sending out signals that citizen violence is tolerated and as random murders demonstrating, that some communists are responding.

    Next it goes worse. Single attackers will be replaced by professional hit teams, like in Aaron Danielson killings Maybe foreigners joining in, for example criminal refugees from Ukraine or from Middle East. Lot of sabotage is underway. Weaker liberals working in shadows like in Russia where every day something blows up or burns down.

    But 4Gen warfare has also downsides. 4 Gen demands very organized fighters. Communists don’t have many of those. We have seen this many times. Seattle Autonomous Zone was not Liberal fortress but one big mess and collapsed without outside force.

    4 Gen demands clear plan and exit strategy. Every last resistance group must clearly know what the plan and outcome is. Without clear plan, 4 Gen collapses. Fighters will waste resources and time and manpower for attacking random and pointless targets. We see this in Ukraine where Ukro drone attacks destroy many different targets but those attacks are not weakening Russia even a little bit. Small damage here, little damage there but no choke points to really hurt Russia.

    Without clear plan, sooner or later manpower and resources run out. Also motivation. Guerillas will be bored and understand that random mosquito bites don’t hurt Bear even not a little bit. Every Guerilla war has this problem that Death by Thousand Cuts turns out “the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”

    4 Gen war is very ineffective in alien neighborhoods what guerillas don’t know. Also in small neighborhood’s where people know each other and fighting team from outside will be immediately noticed.

    Then people can organize. With strong and popular leadership like Assad in Syria, people make neighborhood watch, divide resources only to trusted people so guerillas will starve, also citizen based spy network like in Iraq where every coffee shop owner was resistance observer and so on. Strong and united society with competent leadership will end 4 Gen pretty soon.

    I predict some sort of 1991 Soviet Coup like event. They mobilize all their forces and launch Coup with attempt to rally up their supporters in hope of revolution. Some supporters come out but every participant is shocked, how few people are ready to defend communist regime. Then whole liberalism collapses like Soviet System when came clear that nobody really wanted to fight to preserve regime.

  5. After the Trumpers they will not stop and eventually even fellow Democrats who just happen to support Vaxx sceptic Robert F Kennedy Jr will be sent yo the Hillary Camps as well.

    People made fun of Glenn Beck for all his clips on the FEMA camps, by he looks like a prophet now in hind sight.

    With the announcement of the incident creation of Hillary Camps comes the realization of the need for preparation. I will be attending to my Bug Out Bag snd getting some new BDUs (camouflage outfit) for usage in evasive maneuvers.

    Perhaps the first purge of American Patriots will be referred to as ‘The Day Of The Cackle’.

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