Brett Kavanaugh’s Alabama Disaster

In between all the celebrating over recent Supreme Court decisions on abortion and affirmative action, the Supreme Court laid a huge egg this summer in the Allen v. Milligan case, which affirmed a lower court decision that struck down Alabama’s congressional map. In a 5-4 decision, Brett Kavanaugh joined John Roberts in affirming that Alabama was in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.


A federal court on Thursday approved a new Alabama congressional map that expands the voting power of Black residents in the state.

Why it matters: The new map punctuates a lengthy legal battle and puts Democrats in a position to pick up a House seat next November as they vie to reclaim the majority in the closely divided chamber. …

Driving the news: A panel of judges approved a map that includes a majority Black district, as well as a district that is about 49% Black, in response to concerns about the state’s Black vote being suppressed. …


The Supreme Court handed down two very brief orders on Tuesday, informing the state of Alabama that no, it is not allowed to defy one of the Court’s decisions on gerrymandering.

In June, in one of the most surprising decisions the Court has handed down in years, the justices voted 5-4 to affirm a lower court decision striking down Alabama’s congressional maps. The courts ordered the state to draw new maps that include at least two districts where Black voters can elect their candidates of choice. …

On Tuesday, the Court told Alabama that it wasn’t going to accept this defiance. Because there are technically two separate lawsuits challenging Alabama’s maps, the justices handed down two identical orders informing Alabama that it must comply with the Court’s June decision. Both orders are only one sentence long — “The application for stay presented to Justice Thomas and by him referred to the Court is denied” — and no justices publicly dissented from this order. …

The issue has been tied up in the courts ever since.

Alabama Republicans drew a new congressional map and bet that it would be good enough for Kavanaugh would flip, but he didn’t and the end result of this fiasco is that my congressional district in Southeast Alabama has been redrawn by a three judge panel from a Trump +29 district to a Biden +11 district in order to empower black Democrats. The new district now stretches to Mississippi.

A federal court on Thursday approved a new congressional map in Alabama that significantly boosts the Black population of a second district and could represent a pickup opportunity for Democrats in next year’s elections.

The action by the three-judge panel – along with the outcomes of several other closely watched redistricting cases around the country – could help determine which party controls the US House of Representatives after 2024. Republicans currently have a narrow majority in the chamber. …

The court’s decision to pick a map that creates a district in a southeastern swath of Alabama with a 48.7% Black voting-age population also concludes a legal saga that saw the US Supreme Court affirm a key part of the Voting Rights Act, a landmark civil rights law that has been chipped away by conservative justices in recent years. …

The 5-4 opinion was penned by Chief Justice John Roberts, who drew the votes of fellow conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh as well as the court’s three liberal justices. …

If this wasn’t bad enough, there is already an effort underway based on this precedent to challenge the congressional maps in other Southern states like Louisiana and Georgia to redraw maps in order to create more black hole districts. This sort of creative redistricting by judges could singlehandedly flip control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats in 2024.


  1. With a signature, Selma has arrived at your doorstep. Halloween came early this year! I wonder if this decision will lead to an uptick of ghost costumes?

  2. We are just like you. We are hungry. Our potatoes are no good. Please, please help. Please, we are starving.

  3. Whose law are they upholding, Gods law or Jew law? Gods law is protect and defend the weak and the innocent. Jew law is we gotta be fair to everybody, predators and vultures included. Kavanaugh and Roberts, they are anti-God.

    ”So the angel swung his sickle to the earth and gathered the clusters from the vine of the earth, and threw them into the great wine press of the wrath of God.”

    God help these poor stupid bastards, they are going to hell.

  4. Let me tell you another story about Zion Don backstabbing a former friend. Trump promised Judge Andrew Napolitano that he would nominate him to SCOTUS, but reneged, and instead nominated drunken deep state frat boy Brett Kavanaugh, and niglet adopting Amy Comer-Barrett who are both center-left at best.

    Napolitano is not without his blemishes, but he would have made a much better Supreme Court Justice than any of Drumpf’s 3 Stooges.

    Here is a 4-minute video of Judge Napolitano detailing Brett Kavanaugh’s role in drafting “The Patriot Act,” and other unconstitutional opinions that Kavanaugh holds.


    SCOTUS expansive federal authority was set in motion at the beginning of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency with Marbury v Madison.


  5. Federal Judges drawing state district lines is the height of judicial tyranny and a concept least supported by even the broadest, most liberal readings of the Constitution.

    Conservatives are worse than any other kind of politician/judge (I repeat myself) because of the rank hypocrisy they add to their list of sins. At least vocal and shrill libtards aren’t deceitfully inconsistent about their views.

    Fuck you, Kavanaugh. Fuck anyone who said we have to vote for Trump because “muh judges.”

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